Posted by: TWILT | January 3, 2011

TWILTHERO's MYMer Interview #2: tirkaro

And welcome back to another episode of the MYMer Interviews! Yeah, I decided to have 2 interviews this week because I have nothing better to do feel like a nice guy and yeah. Just for future reference though, starting next week, I’m gonna have interview up every Saturday, and yeah. If I have like a day off of school or something, I might be able to have 2 that certain week or something. Anyway, enough about me. Time for the crazy, yet awesome tirkaro!

1. What do you consider your best moveset and why?

A personal favorite of mine for the longest time was Mekuri Master, just because I still can’t believe I went from the complete mess that was the original Robo-Link to THAT in less than a week. But upon reading it again, it’s quite obviously imperfect in many ways. It feels far too complicated, and there’s plenty of aspects that make me bite my tongue in disgust just because I know a lot of ways some moves can be fixed. But what’s done is done I guess. ┐(‘~`)┌

But in 100% seriousness, my best moveset in my opinion is Tohru Adachi, a rather overlooked one. I made it really because I absolutely LOVED the character, but even I never thought I’d be able to write something so hefty, yet so classy. I absolutely love everything about it, the only exception being the down B. I dunno, something just feels…off about it. Guess we can’t win em all.

2. What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

I may be incredibly biased here, but one of my favorite all-time movesets was Nandaba Naota. Yes, in MYM3, way back during the roaring ’08s. It was one of the first “real” sets I’ve ever read, and it truly showed me the extent of what could be done with a set. Pretty much the thought of actually playing such a character in a fighting game blew my mind. And it worked absolutely PERFECTLY for the choice of character. This wasn’t just another throwaway moveset. This was the first set that taught me that sets could be ART, and not just a silly thing to jot down when you’re bored. Also, the fact that I ❤ FLCL probably had something to do with it.

Minus the nostalgiafajitry, Videoman.EXE is both my favorite and least favorite moveset. Favorite, because the concept is brilliant and well pulled off. Least favorite because I WAS MAKING A SET WITH NEARLY THE EXACT SAME MECHANIC.
(╬ ಠ益ಠ)
And what boils my britches even further is the fact that that Meanie Darth pulled off said mechanic faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than I ever could have hoped to do. (CRYING)

Anyway, on a more hipstery side of things, I’ve always had a soft spot for Bullet Bill Blaster by Koppakirby. Yes, it has some major flaws such as his Down B pretty much being infinitely abusable, and his Down smash rendering his Forward Smash useless.(Seriously, how do you miss that ****?) But otherwise, I find it a pretty unique and charming guilty pleasure. In fact, I kinda feel that way for almost all of KK’s sets. I dunno, they just have their own unpointoutable charm to them, akin to movies by The Asylum and Gameloft’s ripoffs for iDevices. They’re short but sweet, and show a pretty honest amount of effort, even if they technically aren’t that good.

3. What do you look for in a moveset?

I have pretty….specific standards, you could say. I mostly read whatever catches my eye nowadays, but I mostly like unique and fun movesets that aren’t too complex. I really don’t know.

4. Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

When coming up with the moveset itself, I mostly just make sets for characters or concepts I particularly like. It’s hard to point out by itself, so I’ll just try to look back for a second.(Yay, flashbacks time!!!!)

DS-tan was created because I felt somewhat obliged to make SOME moveset for MYM3, and I chose DS-tan (who was my signature at the time) just to make something that would be simple and stand out.

I wanted to make something real fancy for my first “real” moveset with Robo-Link. The actual conceptual process for Robo-Link was interesting; 30 internet-years ago, back in 2008, I wrote an “interactive fanfiction” for SSBB. Basically, you would read the fanfiction and play out the essential battles on your SSBB game. How you did during the battle would effect what path the story would take. (Hey, it was all the rage back then.)
My particular story was called “Mario’s Nation of Mechas” (yes, it’s every bit as retarded as the title suggests.), in which Robo-Link would reveal himself as a major villain later on. The first parts of said fanfiction actually DID get posted in Smashboard’s Creative Minds section, but lack of interest from both me and everyone else caused it to pretty much be cancelled. As for why Robo-Link was just a lazy edit of Robo-ky, well, he was like that in the original fanfiction plans too. However, the only time you would actually battle him was when he obtained some ultimate power I never thought of yet, and could transform into a perfect replica of Link. Also, you had to fight him with 100% stamina, while he had 999%. (HIPPO)

BUT ANYWAY, for my big MYM comeback, I decided to dig up Robo-Link from his grave, change his backstory to be more Guilty Gear-like, and go from there. Neat, huh?

Mekuri Master was one of those quirky little “wtf japan” flash games I got addicted to for a while, so I felt naturally obliged to make a set for to follow up the disaster that was Robo-Link. MKII was just Super Robo-Link Galaxy 2.

Pikachu Remix
was made a few weeks after having read SkylerOcon’s Mario Remix. And I’ll simply say I didn’t really think that highly of Mario Remix, not only because it bashed what was easily the best Mario game ever, but also it far overcomplicated super freakin’ Mario. Y’know, the balanced, easy-to-use one! It really started to create an impression that MYM would only accept movesets that strove to be as unnecessarily fancy as possible. Pikachu remix was pretty much made as a direct parody as a result, though it became something a bit more during development.
Mara, as much as it may come to a surprise, wasn’t actually chosen because of the shock value. I was actually just really getting into the SMT series, and I found Mara to be one of the more interesting demons in the series. And likewise, I was the most familiar with him at the time, so I chose him for an SMT-themed moveset.

Other than that, my initial ideas for sets just came from characters I happened to like. Not much else.

When it comes to the development of a set, I tend to get a lot of move ideas from various sources. If I’m feeling some movesetters block, I tend to watch various anime or video game clips for move ideas. But most of the time, moves just magically come to me in my head, and I just stick in what fits.

5. How often do you cut movesets?

A whole lot, actually. However, I never actually rule out sets 100%, as Adachi and Ganondorf were the result of dead sets brought back to life. That said, I still have loads upon loads of unused set ideas left at the drawing boards. Hell, I could even bring back the one that happened to be too similar to VideoMan.EXE with some alterations.

6. How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

Fawriel recommended it to me way back during MYM1. Yeah, I’m that oldskoo’.
I tend to be really depreciative of the concept of sets a lot, but believe me, I still love writing them. Mostly just because I just love writing….things. Movesets are pretty fun to write, but I’m still kinda bothered by the fact that only about 9 people will ever read them at most.

7. What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

It’s no real secret that I’m a complete weeaboo, but I tend to hang out with pretty lowest-common-denominator types. People that try really hard to act cool, but are mostly oblivious to everything else that isn’t on MTV. Among my circle of friends, I’m mostly a dispenser of really strange made-up stories and non-sequiturs. But other than that, I do the same mostly wannabe-cool attitude when hanging out with the boys. It also helps that I’m a shade of black too. (Our town is mostly hispanic.)

I’ve always wanted to make comics, but I’ve never quite found the time to draw whenever I could. I must have, like, 50 ideas floating in my head that I’ve been too lazy to put out, hehe.

8. What’s the inspiration for your username?

My username comes from quite a while ago, when I was addicted to WWE: Shut Your Mouth for PS2 back when I was a wee laddy. One of my favorite create-a-wrestlers I made back then was a funny Tribesman named “Terkaro.” Terkaro was mostly a nonsense word that just sounded somewhat exotic.
Anyway, it became the basis for my username back when a (totally awesome) local Cyber-cafe called Maingear opened up, and I went to sign for an account there. My username for everything else up until then was “Hikariemi”, which came from some of the lyrics to the ED of an Anime DVD I had called “Crest of the Stars.” Of course, I wanted to think up something simpler since I kept misspelling it back then, so I went with the more memorable “Terkaro.” However, I was a complete idiot, and accidentally mispelled it as “tirkaro” (complete with a lowercase t), so I’ve just kept it that way for the sake of tradition.

9. Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

GoldWyvern no doubt, though it kinda sucks his computer has been effing up as of late, so I can’t talk with him on Xat for a while (cry2)
Other than him, other people who I think are cool are Monkey D. Awesome, KoppaKirby, and Marth Trinity. Though I love everyone here as well (HUG)

10. Who is your favorite Pokemon?

When I was young, I loved the **** out of Pikachu. Man, I had Pikachu toys, a Pikachu lunch box, Pikachu stickers, Pikachu errything up in here. It’s the main reason why Pikachu has always been my main throughout the Smash series.
But as of now? I think I view the entire 1st generation with the same amount of respect. Everything about it was perfect, from the Mewtwos to the Magikarps. But if I had to choose, it’d probably be Gyarados. Yes, he’s amazingly scrubby, but I DON’T CARE. He’s one of the few truly badass-looking Pokemon, and something about hanging out with a gigantic sea-beast is just amazingly awesome. 2nd place would probably go to Cloyster, 3rd would probably be Haunter.

11. What’s your favourite video game of all time?

I have loads of them, but a few that stand out are Super Smash Bros. Melee, Samurai Shodown 2, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Gotcha Force, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core+. Out of them all, I’d say Samurai Shodown 2 wins out, just because it was the first fighting game I’ve ever played. (That, and Cham-Cham gave me the first video game induced boner ever.)

12. Not trying to sound racist or anything, but what’s it like being the only black guy in MYM?

I quite enjoy it, just because it gives me an excuse to act as stupidly black as possible. (I’m pretty normal IRL.)

13. You’re practically the only person that participated in the original MYM and lived to tell the tale; what’s it like being a veteran for that long?

Even if it had it’s faults, MYM1 absolutely amazing. It did have some competition, but most of all, it was just people having fun, creating whatever smash movesets for whoever people. There were no standards of quality, anyone could make anything in 2 hours and be done with it. Sure things are kinda fun now, but I certainly wish I could have participated more during those less serious days.

14. Have you ever stole anything?

Umm, I used to steal some Potato chips from the corner store back in Middle School when I was super-hungry during lunch time lol. But other than that, the only things I’ve ever stole was Sony Vegas, Adobe Flash, RPG Maker VX, and various other programs. Hey, Piracy counts as stealing, right?

15. Looking back at Pikachu Remix and all your other ones, any chance you’ll consider doing another remix?

Well, I did make Ganondorf Remix, right? *laughs*
I HAVE been meaning to make another set in the spirit of Pikachu remix sometime, someday, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to one. :/

16. Any chance we’ll see another tirkaro style comeback in the future at all?

Well, Ganondorf Dragmire was certainly a thing that existed, but I’d say my real comeback already came in the form of my Darkslash vs the Aliens Mini.
Though if you want a REAL comeback, believe me, I’ve been writing one since September 2010. If I ever get it done(IF), it’ll easily be the biggest thing I’ve ever made, ever. It just might rock the eyelids off MYM forever, but that’s just me. Perhaps by the time I finish it, it’ll be old news.

Sundance Question: What is the first word that comes to your head when asked to find rhymes for the following words?
A. Mother Trucker B. Trigger C. Maggot

医者のチーズ, 雄弁, and 世界と今日間違っている何が!


  1. Funny thing, Naota was the moveset that inspired me to get into MYM. You can see my earliest movesets tried to copy some of its style.

    Great interview TWILTY!

  2. You could spice up the interviews by extending the personalized section/making it more directly interactive. What I mean by interactive is more along the lines of a conversation, rather than “answer these questions I send”

    The first ten general questions are fine as is, but I’d like to see the section that really focuses on the MYMer be a bigger part of the whole package.

  3. Remember that you can put me on the interview guest list thing as well. I’ve love to be interviewed. Besides, I don’t think anyone here knows much about me.

  4. God these interviews are amazing. Can we get like, one a day or something? I think everyone wants that. Absolutely stellar job, Twilt.

  5. Whoa, tirk’s black? Good job TWILT. -_-

  6. Whoa, Tirk made DS-Tan? Hooray MYM3! Good job TWILT.

  7. I voted audience question, but I think both that and audio interview are both pretty cool ideas.

  8. You should interview a certain sexy mymer who’s name rhymes with meadow school jade.

  9. “doctors cheese, eloquence, what is wrong with the world today”

    Interesting rhymes there, Tirkleton.
    (Google translate so don’t sue me if I’m waaay off track)

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