Posted by: MarthTrinity | January 9, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Starforce 4

Howdy hoes and welcome to the 4th Sunday Recap of MYM9! Today we’ll cover week five of MYM9 which had a pretty severe slowdown in terms of movesets but still had a steady supply of minis to power us through the week which is always welcome (unless you’re Smady).

Well, we did have two movesets this week to accompany the minis, the first of which being Yamato by Koric.  Originally an enemy from Streets of Rage 3, Koric adapted this character by giving him a Strike Man-esque “volleying” of projectiles and doing stealthy ninja counter stuff via his Down Special…even though he’s a samurai. And it’s this Down Special that actually gives him a lot of versatility. With a variety of follow ups, this move is great for keeping the foe guessing. Overall, Yamato got some positive comments here and there but got some complaints due to the organization and the needing of some proofreading.

After that we had Brawl 4 Dead,  a Left 4 Dead inspired game mode by Kholdstare. This mode pits four “Survivors” against a legion of undead drones with certain “Special Infected” movesets showing up here and there as the 4-player team attempts to survive for as long as possible.. Pretty fun read for any zombie lovers (in any sense of that term).

gcubedude then gave us another mini, character specific summons called Minions. Acting sort of like character specific Assist Trophies, Minions provide their “master” character with a variety of benefits, whether it be Toad’s ability to sell Mario items or Cranky Kong giving DK some much needed vertical help in the recovery department. A totally random personal thing but; maybe Helpers would be a more appropriate term? Minions comes across as such a negative term to me really…not to say anything bad against this mini of course.

After the Minions came Crate Enemies by Junahu. Playing off of the existance of these guys in Melee, Junahu brought them back or Brawl! Essentially, random Adventure Mode enemies would sometimes pop out of crates that you broke open. Junahu however gave us several unique crate enemies that may appear randomly as well. Nifty!

Up next we had Team Search and Destroy by getocooaid. Essentially a team-based super-sized Stamina match, players are put on teams of 12 and forced to…what else? Search out the other team’s memebers and destroy them by reducing their HP to zero! Oh, and did I mention it takes place in huge 30+ room areas? I didn’t? Well now I did so screw you (CRS)

And then immediately after we had Edge of Heroes, a siege mode of sorts where various factions battle amongst one another in order to destroy each others bases. Similar to Warlord’s previous Capture the Flag mode, this mode is set within huge new stages and the mini itself shows off three unique examples for the minions, tricks and traps you’ll have (coming in Warcraft, Mario and Pokemon flavours). Pretty impressive stuff here really.

Our next mini came from Kris121, Achievements! In a world where random little bleepbloops give you instant gratification for doing meaningless task, Achievements truly are an amazing savior for gamers. There’s also some fairly humorous ones here and there that Kris has made.

My MYmini this week was for Fatalities, based off of the over-the-top finishing moves from the popular Mortal Kombat series! Lots of blood, guts and bad Photoshop jobs here!

We then had Rush, a mode where you blow stuff up on teams…or something like that. Splitting players into two teams (attacking and defending), the attacking team attempts to destroy the objectives while the defending team attempts to…defend them. Duh. Lots of team events showing up this week, huh?

Skipping the moveset posted there so I can discuss it last…we had Pokemon Mode by Kitsuneko345. Here, Kits took three MYM sets (four if you count both of Micaiah’s) and made them into Pokemon movesets, complete with new attacks, Types, abilities and stats! To start us out with Kits gave us examples using Bowser Jr, Micaiah and Thanos; nifty stuff here.

And now we’ll go back to the set! Blooper by n88_2004! Yay! Blooper…well…I’ll give you two guesses what Blooper does. Go ahead. Just take a stab in the dark. Didcha guess inking shit up? If you did, you’d be right! Yes, adding another set to the pile of gunk/slime/other bodily fluids movesets that have shown up in MYM9 so far. But enough mocking of this MYM’s goo fetish, Blooper uses his ink to screw over his foes when they try and recover, making it impossible to grab edges and just generally screwing them over with his gimping game. Not being that particuarly strong however, Blooper needs to work with his stage-covering  ink moves in order to force the foes into a much better position for him. Oh, and this nifty little set was made in only a few hours. Good stuff here n88.

MYmini #5: Extra Extra Extra

Okay, I promise that from here on out I won’t make these titles so confusing. This mini however is going to require that you did a little bit of research on last week’s minis however. We want you to make an extra for an extra that someone made last week. This means you could make some Minions, Fatalities, an Edge of Heroes faction, Crate Enemies…anything of that sort! You’re not just limited to whichever mini wins for that week so if you like an extra that you saw last week, feel free to make this week’s mini for that one! Oh, and if you’re…say…MasterWarlord, feel free to make more factions for EoH; yes, you can even add to your own mini from last week!

And that’s all folks! Short week is short, especially compared to the Recap I wrote up last time. Mini turnout has been excellent as of late but don’t forget that movesets are the real meat of MYM…so keep those coming guys! As always, thanks for reading and all that!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I actually was thinking about extras for their extra so this is cool.

  2. Just admit it, you guys have no ideas for MYMinis already and you’re just gonna keep making “lol whatever” themes for your minis. =P

  3. MYmini #5: Extra Extra Extra

    Let’s see how long we can drag this out before Valentine’s Day!

  4. I can see it now: mini week 6: Extra Extra Extra Extra

  5. Yeah right. Next week’s mini is going to be “Create a Mode for Torturing the Infidels who Mock our Minis” (WARY)

  6. Valentine’s Day MYMini: do anything, but mention valentine’s day at the bottom in spoiler tags to make it seem relevant

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