Posted by: TWILT | January 11, 2011

TWILTHERO's MYM'er Interview #3: SmashDaddy

Because without Smady, we probably wouldn't be using this smiley. =)

….And welcome to another exciting episode of the MYMer Interviews! Yeah, I’m your host TWILTHERO, and here’s your show!

Ahem, anyway, this week we’re gonna be interviewing Smash Daddy (chosen by popular demand!) Some people like him, while others hate him. He’s made sets including 2nd placing Raiden, and 10th placing Weezing! You might argue that the former set doesn’t deserve that glory, but hey, that was then, and this is now! I’ll just shut up now and here’s the interview!

1. What do you consider your best moveset and why?

In terms of literal best playstyle, I’d say it’s a tie between Weezing and Pyro Jack. Both use similar concepts, but in ways that both make logical sense and work sublimely well for the character. Of course, it’s hard to really judge a moveset I more-or-less just posted like Pyro Jack; certainly with Weezing, I was able to construct something tangible where every move is interconnected. That’s probably the set I’ve made that flows the best.

In terms of favourites, I’d have to say Raiden, and it’s not even close. I’ve always been into making very different experiences in movesets – even now with Auron, which seems incredibly divisive. What I still adore about that set is the way is pays absolute homage to Metal Gear Solid 2 and the character: through the presentation and playstyle. There were downsides to its actual execution, which is why it isn’t as good as the aforementioned works, but I doubt I’ll ever find a moveset that just clicks like that one did, at least in terms of making a piece of writing as opposed to a strict playstyle-centrepiece.

2. What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

For a while that title would go to Cutesy Beau; the moveset is beautifully in-character with an expressive and inspirational mechanic that is so utterly reflective of the [invented] source material, surmising much of the imagination we came across in Make Your Move 5 while combining it with actual talent in Junahu’s artistic abilities. It has been a while since then – avoiding just naming off Dark Bowser, as that’s too obvious, movesets I’ve liked a lot include VideoMan.EXE and Miracle Matter. There are so many I’ve enjoyed in Make Your Move 8 and 9 that it’d be impossible to list them all.

3. What do you look for in a moveset?

Usually, I’m on the look out for unique mechanics or something that works to distinguish a character from others in the roster… though at the same time, I dislike mechanics that are so out there they break Smash and completely change the game. The perfect combination to me is a set that works perfectly, even in Brawl, while still bringing something new to the table. This is a hard criteria to fit, but there have been several sets that have managed to surpass my expectations in recent memory. Good examples being Dark Bowser and Octillery in Make Your Move 8. It’s sort of a running gag between Warlord and I that I hate most of his Make Your Move 7 sets for containing ridiculous concepts, that are genius by themselves, but not suited for Smash Bros. at all in my humble opinion.

4. Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

Almost always from a character. The only exceptions would be recently, as all but Auron in this contest are movesets I have no tangible connection to. Raiden, Yamazaki, Vivi and Weezing are all my favourites from their respective games or series, with the ideas being built around what I like best about each of them. I feel like much of the time, this is the best premise you can have for a moveset – finding what you prefer, and using that as a base for a personality and playstyle, which I believe go hand-in-hand. More recently, I have tried my hand at playstyle-first movesets like Muk or Pyro Jack and had some success; for example with Pyro Jack, as soon as I remembered his lantern, I knew what the moveset would be.

5. How often do you cut movesets?

Not very often anymore – I used to be terrible when it came to cutting movesets back in Make Your Move 5 and 6, especially in 7, but now I have the working philosophy of finishing what I start. So more often than not, I will get an idea, yet not work on it until I’m absolutely sure it will work out fine. Of course, this led to some lesser quality submissions like Wiz & Kupa 2, but also aided in bringing out those three movesets this contest which I actually have an affinity for. Much of the time I’ll also simply not cut something like Mr. L or Raiden, and just work on it for months or even years. Eventually, they will come out, though sometimes with ideas already explored by other Make Your Movers.

6. How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

I was part of Smash World Forums back in 2007 when we were first making movesets, as far as I’m concerned, along with notable members like Mendez [who played a minor role, unlike my initial misunderstanding concerning his movements back then]. It was a fun time – the quality of work back then was, even by Make Your Move 1 standards, absolutely awful – it was not uncommon for there to be a dozen missing inputs, tilts left out, or just weird stuff that made no sense. All of this, as well as almost no detail at all beyond a sentence, or half a sentence per move.

Still, I loved the experience of the forum back then in that pre-Brawl hysteria, with the daily Dojo updates and a myraid of “support” threads for characters like Skull Kid or King K. Rool who never made it in. They each had their cheerleaders and trolls who would argue incessantly about how “deserving” a character was. Sometime in early 2008 I stopped visiting Smash World Forums unfortunately, I wish I had stayed as I lost many friends I had made here and would have probably enjoyed Make Your Move 1, but after Brawl came out I just lost all motivation to talk about Smash Bros.

I found Make Your Move 3 later on, during 2009. I was obviously very impressed to see this kind of thing – it was a major improvement over the mess of earlier Smash World Forum moveset making, so I was eager to give it a try. My first moveset, Vivi, I actually considered good enough at the time that I thought I would be heralded as some kind of hero, but apparently I was about three months too late for that. Movesetting had apparently significantly changed over time. For a while I lurked Make Your Move, but then left to go on another hiatus for a few months.

I returned in Make Your Move 4 at some point, mostly hanging out in the chatroom [I think?] and posted Yamazaki eventually, a two/three-day binge set that I honestly felt was quite revolutionary in its handling of inputs and mild mindgame playstyle. For Make Your Move 4 it was in fact quite decent, but the writing style – as always – was its downfall. It went down like a lead balloon, as history shows, and I honestly feared for my future in the contest. I may have gone on another hiatus after that, but eventually I came back and after months and months of on and off work, Raiden was finally posted in Make Your Move 5 to an amazing reception. Since then, I’ve been a regular participant.

What mostly keeps me around is the community and the depth of history I have with this place now; even when I was a kid, I’d be drawing up pictures of characters for made-up video games and inventing backstories for them, so Make Your Move is like a childhood fantasy brought to fruition. Perhaps one day, I will make a moveset for that vacuum-cleaner-turned-killer-robot.

7. What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

I lead a pretty boring life. Last year began with catastrophe in my personal life, leading up to and including me failing half of my courses and landing another year of school just to give myself a fighting chance to get into university [college]. Right now I spend most of my time on the internet, with some minor time off of it to play some video games, go to school and a short interlude once or twice a week where I spend time with friends. More and more now, I find myself playing Warcraft 3 – Warlord and I just inherited EDGe of Heroes, so hopefully that continues to have good luck and have fun experiences. I have a house cat that I have to walk everyday, a pretty retarded family and my school schedule is amazingly lax. That’s really about it. Yawn.

8. What’s the inspiration for your username?

It was about the time in my life when I had grown tired of my old username – ps2muse – for how it constantly landed me accusations of being a fanboy on numerous other gaming forums like IGN and even if not, people would still rightly ridicule the name for how stupid it was. Coming to Smash World Forums, I decided I’d have a good name for once; I basically just took Smash from Smash Bros. and combined it with an authoritative, but soft noun in Daddy. Looking back on that decision, it was a wise one and I still like the name. I also like the abbreviation to Smady, as that’s actually a good nickname. Unlike Muse, which would sometimes lead to people talking about the music band, which that name was based on. But that’s obviously not for this interview.

9. Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

That’s a tough one. I have lots of friends in Make Your Move, including some that go a while back like Flyin Filipino – even back to just before I entered Make Your Move and had transgressions on other sub-forums where I acted like an idiot apparently. A lot of my favourite users like Cruxis, Spadefox, Sonicboom and Mendez all died off, went insane or left Make Your Move for greener pastures. There are honestly very few people left that I’ve known for that long, but I suppose people like Warlord and Wrk are probably the ones I spend the most time talking to due to our interests. I do try to keep somewhat of a casual profile, though, so I am lacking in BFFs compared to others, which is a big loss.

10. Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Quite clearly Weezing or Meowth. Both owned / working with Team Rocket in the cartoon, which is likely where my opinion stems from. Weezing is just such a great design and I love his slothful personality – a true slouch infects all those around him, which can be attributed to Weezing. With Meowth, I think I’ve always been a fan of cats, and Meowth is the only one from the series which I don’t think looks too weird and resembles a real cat. Along the same tracks, I’ve always been a fan of Persian as well. The Exploud, Slaking and Hariyama lines are all also personal favourites of mine.

11. What’s your favourite video game of all time?

Final Fantasy IX – it has everything I’d want in a game, down to the sweet storyline, the intuitive and unique battle system, the very personalised and individual characters who each develop over the course of the plot. It descends a little into debauchery once you get to disc three, due to the game’s individual characters become vessels in a journey that seems to transcend anything approaching personal issues. I mean, it’s like every other Final Fantasy – they spend the last ten hours fighting God or some nonsense, which is awesome, but “the game” really ends earlier than that. For what it’s worth, Kuja, Vivi and Steiner are all absolutely [f-word]ing great characters who I absolutely plan to make movesets for at some point.

12. What are you trying to prove with sets like Wiz and Kupa?

I’m not trying to prove anything – both of the sets were basically just a bit of fun, with very transparent and humorous finger-pointing and fun poked at the two users. The first was a legitimate moveset in many ways, though also a bit of a parody of sets around that time. The second is simply a joke moveset I threw together in record time, with no playstyle and missing several inputs. So no, I wasn’t trying to achieve anything political with them – Make Your Move can get bogged down in serious business at times, but I sometimes do feel like just having some fun and posting some ridiculousness, which comes in the form of Wiz & Kupa movesets.

13. Why do you always insist that MYM7 never happened?

Haha, I don’t insist it never happened… I believe you’re referring to me saying it is getting more and more irrelevant as time goes on. I’ve given up on arguing with Warlord, or Trinity in the chat about this; Make Your Move 7 was a bad time for me personally and in this contest, with the role of OP basically forced onto me as there was no one else who wanted it. However, I came back in Make Your Move 8 and hopefully have redeemed myself by now. Though I can be hard on them for being so stubborn, even someone like Warlord has the capacity for forgiveness and has been very considerate upon letting me back into leadership, and I’ll make sure not to neglect this contest like that again, or at least to make the right decisions if I do start to slip.

14. How come you always act like a racist in the chat?

You weren’t joking when you said these questions were personal, huh? Heh, um, I have very strong political beliefs, and sometimes they do pour over into the chat, simply because I’m surfing the net and gathering information conducive to my beliefs at the same time. Much of the time, my thoughts are ignored, probably for the better, but sometimes there are instances where people disagree and lash out at me for what I say. As you know, I’m not one to back down unless proven wrong, which can lead to ugly situations. Since the contest began, I have tried to cut down on bringing political debate to the chat, just because it’s probably a massive distraction and de-rails any discussions being had before it.

15. You’ve caused quite a bit of contraversy in the past…what’s your thoughts on all this?

I don’t go out of my way to cause controversy, but I do feel obligated to state my opinion and be heard if I really feel it can help the current state of affairs. I think partly what landed me a position in leadership twice was my will to basically do whatever I want, which led to things like the user rankings, moveset ratings, the short-lived Sundae Summaries or just audio reviews in general. As much as I can appear to be a rude [a-hole] at times, I am just as aggressive when it comes to pursuing new ideas no matter what effort it requires as long as it benefits the community, and will gladly give my time away to help others if necessary. So in all, the controversy mostly does act as a nuisance, but I’m not surprised at the amount of attention some of the stuff I do obtains. I mean, Make Your Move 7 happened.

16. Do you have any sets for the future?

I have plenty. I’ve been a little more cautious for the past couple of weeks and with school starting, my initial explosion of activity has died down somewhat. Warlord and I have discussed possible Warcraft 3 sets, I’m working on a joint with Baron, I have some ideas for a time-mechanic set that I’ve put on the backburner for now… there’s plenty still left to sap. Considering how long I’ve been doing this, I’ve actually made only a fraction of the sets I would like to, so I’m very much a small number on the clock with plenty of mileage left. So don’t think you’ve seen the last of me, not for a long time.

Thanks for interviewing me this week, Twilt.



  1. A Plorf interview?

  2. I remember back in the day when Smady was kind of mean to me. There was a particular quote that I kept in my signature for a while, but now I can’t remember it.

    But then he made buttons for Yugi and Chilly and all was forgiven. (A)

  3. Ah, yes, I do remember that, FF. I think at the time I genuinely was just making a silly comment, but we had so many arguments back at that time. Thankfully, that didn’t last long and you entered Make Your Move 4 with great gusto.

    Thanks again for the interview Twilt. I have to say, you open up the interview particularly critical; I wasn’t expecting that, given you just go into it with the past two. And I have to say, a couple of your questions were maybe a little misguided, or “personal,” as you told me. Still, I’m very glad you asked.

  4. What is this injustice that I’m the only one who has voted for Karas? You people need to play Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

  5. Your reasoning is invalid, as, I’m afraid, are you.

  6. Also, I dislike myself. (chew)

  7. Haha, that’s it; thanks, Anonymous.

    Don’t dislike yourself SD!

  8. Karas all the way.

    And K.Rool on the forst one. Judging by the way his name is ALWAYS IN CAPS?!, I’d say you want to interview him the most.

  9. What’s a Karas

  10. I am a little bitch I’m not even CONSIDERED for the interview. That said, Kholdstare.

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