Posted by: MarthTrinity | January 16, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Revenge of Phatcat

Howdy hoes and welcome to a rather dead week in MYM9! Even with our slightly less than notable turnout this week, we did get three sets and a number of minis including a set by MYM9 OP Junahu, yay/(tipsy)! Also, I’d like to apologize in advance for not keeping track of the minis this week, with the multitude of entries including some doubles by various users, it became quite the pain to keep track of. As such, feel free to vote for any of the mini entries listed in this Recap. Yeah, it’s a little unorganized which I apologize for…but I promise this week’s mini will be much more clear!

Anyway, our first mini of the week played off of Kitsuneko’s Pokemon Mode; a Pokemon set for Ronald McDonald by Katapultar. Another strange Ronald entry that presents the McDonald’s clown as a Psychic/Dark type Pokemon. We’ve still yet to hear why Kat seems to love Ronald so much…but of course, that wasn’t the only Ronald extra from Kat. He also gave us a Fatality (shooting the foe with a rocket launcher as they’re distracted by Candy Grandpa) and three Minions, Grimace, Birdie and Hamburgler. We’ll group these together as Ronald Extras  if you care to vote for them.

Gcubedude then gave us some more Pokemon related goodness with Pokemon sets for both Sothe and Sanaki. Pretty nifty conversions of his movesets into Pokemon form. If you care to vote for these, let’s put them as say…Fire Emblem Pokesets.

Silver gave us a Fatality for what many consider one of his best sets, Raven. Anyway, here Raven pretty much tentacle rapes the foe with darkness before they’re devoured alive by shadowy ravens. Pleasent, no? If you care to vote for this mini, vote Raven Fatality.

Kat then gave us a Fatality for Banette in which the evil doll Pokemon causes the foes own clothes to eat them before he stabs a giant pin directly through their heart. Pretty weird if I do say so myself. While we normally only accept one MYmini entry per user…I’ll make an exception for this mini just because of how confusing it was (for me personally). If you want to vote for this mini, vote Banette Fatality.

Continuing the train of death, Warlord posted a Fatality for Sloth. Considering it’s Warord…you can expect this one to be quite grusome. Pretty much…Sloth tears the foe in half before proceeding to beat the living shit out of the foe’s upper body with their lower body. After this he chains them to his foot before slamming them into the ground over and over and over again, horribly squishing them to death. Pretty nasty stuff here…and Warlord even included a tiny extra in case the match just so happens to be a three or four person Stamina match. Sloth Fatality is your vote ticket here if you so please.

And hey! Our first moveset of this week, XP-Tan by Junahu. Based off of the popular online personifications of Windows operating systems, XP-Tan is essentially Windows XP…but alive! And adorable and anime to boot. XP-Tan however is a memory hog, consuming lots of little bits and bytes to keep her powered up and in the Brawl. She of course has moves to boost her “memory” up, including some that eat items, some that eat the stage and some that eat her foes! She also has a grab game that revolves around her ass. Seriously. She can also set up various windows to teleport between. Did I mention that she grabs with her ass? And that her boobs get bigger the  more she eats? She even has a ton of extras as well; you can vote XP-Tan Extras if you wish. Overall reception for XP-Tan was fairly mixed as it received some praise but also some complaints that her grab game was too weird and that her eating foes and chunks of the stage seemed oddly out of character (for a character with no real character).

MasterWarlord then posted a Minion of N.Brio’s, Koala Kong. This long forgotten Crash Bandicoot baddie helps N.Brio by either pummeling nearby opponents or tearing up chunks of the stage to punch at foes. Of course…he does have several interactions with N.Brio’s slime that can both hinder him and make him all the more deadly at the same time. If you care to vote for this mini, vote Koala Kong Minion.

Immediately after Koala Kong came a Minion for Hazama, Mu-12 by Thrice. Written once again from the point of view of Hazama, Mu-12 summons little laser turrets that constantly harass the foe with repeated homing shots. Plus, ya know? Dat ass. If you want to vote for this mini, vote Mu-12 Minion.

The I decided to get off my lazy ass and posted some minis for my favoritest of favorite OC’s, M.Trinity. The first mini was a Minion for her, Generic Anime School Boys. Providing excellent stress relief for M.Trinity, she can use them to heal herself (via cake of course), recovering or defense. But they may just “turn” on her if she happens to leave herself vulnerable. I then posted three Fatalities for her, one for males, one for females and one for other. They’re all quite violent and two of them involve the mutilation of geneitals. Joy! If you want to vote for these, vote M.Trinity Extras.

Crewx then gave us a bit of his long awaited reasoning as to why Godzilla is pintsized in his Smash moveset in a boss battle between Godzilla and Gigan. This comes with some pretty fun SSE additions and is generally a fun read. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really fit with the theme of this MYmini…so it’s not really eligible for voting. Sorry Crewx…

TWILTHERO then gave us another mini, Dante’s Minion, Lady. Appearing as her vastly superior DMC3 self, Lady changes her battle tactics up depending on Dante’s style. For example, with Trickster, Lady fires missiles at the foes…or with Swordmaster, she uses a grappling hook to drag the foe in close, leaving them vulnerable to comboing. If you want to vote for this mini, vote Lady Minion.

We then had a very strange entry, Gelatinous Cube by Zook. A strange moveset to say the least, GC only has four attacks (excluding Final Smash); jab, one tilt, one smash and one Special. As you may expect from a Gelatinous Cube, this moveset is about absorbing foes and dissolving them in your gooey body. Gross. Oh, and GC doesn’t actually take knockback…instead, the large cube slides across the stage as he takes damage, the only way to kill him being to shuffle him off the side. This moveset got only a two comments but was generally considered in character but a little on the skimpy side with only a small handful of attacks (where it possibly has more potential).

Finally, we have Fawful by Nicholas1024. Seemingly based off of his Mario and Luigi 3 appearance (which I still have not played), Fawful’s gameplay revolves around walling the opponent out whilst he searches for the Dark Star in order to become Dark Fawful. He also has another move that revolves around making the opponent fat. Was that in the game? Regardless, getting fat means your character gets vastly worse (which angers MasterWarlord greatly I assume) meaning that Fawful can pretty much ruin his foes once he’s gotten them fattened up and become Dark Fawful. The moveset also has a first person point of view being that of Fawful. Fawful only received one comment (by half_silver28) but was praised for having some creative ideas in there yet there were some complaints against the writing style as it seems to fade in and out of character at random.

Oh, and Thrice revealed to us last night that he was actually Phatcat this entire time, much to the shock of most everyone in the chat. You may remember Phatcat from several MYM contests ago providing you’ve been around here a while.

MYmini #6: Final Boss

So I got thinking after the backlash about last week’s MYmini that we needed one to show that we’re not running low on ideas already. So here’s a mini that should appeal to you (hopefully). Basically…what we want you to do here…is change the SSE. Now, while I personally don’t mind Tabuu as the big bad of the SSE, I want to know who or what you would like as the final boss encounter in Brawl’s adventure mode. You don’t have to feel limited by the fact that this is specifically Brawl based either; you can pick a character from any game/series/anything you want, even an original character!

What we want you to do here however…is tell us about this character. We want to know -WHY- they’re the big bad final boss of the SSE, give us some backstory on the character prior to the events of the SSE, tell us their motives for what they’re doing…hell, tell us what they -ARE- doing diferently than Tabuu. Maybe they lurk within a totally different place than Subspace? Only you know and only you can tell us! Once you’re done with that, why not give us a boss set too so we can know how the boss fight itself plays out. Be as creative with this one as you wish; have fun with it though!

And that’s all for this week boyos! Hopefully next week will have more activity than this one; keep getting those sets up peeps!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. This sounds like a killer idea.

  2. “Oh, and Thrice revealed to us last night that he was actually Phatcat this entire time, much to the shock of most everyone in the chat. You may remember Phatcat from several MYM contests ago providing you’ve been around here a while.”

    I am sitting on a pile of bricks right now.

  3. No really. Thrice = Phatcat should not make as much sense as it does.

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