Posted by: MarthTrinity | January 30, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Episode X7

Howdy hoes. You know the drill, Recap time for all you boys and non-existant girls down in MYM-land! This week we had three sets including one by Kholdstare and one by LegendofLink. Aside from that, we had a good turn out of MYminis this week which is all good in the hood. So, since I’m not feeling particularly talkative this evening, let’s get straight into the movesets.

First off, we had Castform by LegendofLink. The last time we saw our good friend Castform was probably back in MYM4 when Baloo made a set for the little blob of clouds. Needless to say, Castform has all of its various weather related forms and weather changing moves to create weather zones where some of its moves vary depending on the weather zones. Basically, Castform is a nifty little stage control character whose weather effects can cause major problems both for the opponents and for the stage itself. Overall reception for Castform was pretty decent. It did get some complaints about the tilts and how some sections felt a little barebones…but other than that, it got complimented for having some unique ideas.

Wananananannana. Then we had The Scout by Kholdstare. Much like Hazama earlier in the contest, The Scout is written entirely in first person making it a very entertaining read to say the least. Focusing mostly on his hit and run tactics, The Scout makes use of his various drinks such as Bonk! to power him up or to potentially heal as well his trusty bat to bash the brains out of those freakin’ morons. Oh, and this set was written in just three hours; pretty great effort considering the time…that and the first person writing style just leaves it full of personality. Overall reception for The Scout was fairly well and was especially praised for the writing style athough criticized for not exactly meshing well overall.

We then had a moveset for Hideaki Kobayakawa by ieyasu tokugawa that was originally, and accidentally, posted in MYM8 before being properly posted in MYM9. Whoops! Anyway, Hideaki is one of those characters who “accidentally” beats up his foes and then feels bad about doing it because he didn’t really mean to. He’s also from Sengoku Basara so only tirk has ever heard of him ever.  Overall reception for Hideaki was pretty bad; Smady gave it quite the negative comment, feeling that there was no real structure to the set, grammatical errors and the fact that it was missing many necessary details. The Down Smash also deals 25% per hit. For four hits. Everything else is surprisingly weak damage wise aside from this oddly enough…

Junahu then gave us our first mini of the week, a Final Smash for Plusle and Minun. Taking the Brawl route, Plusle and Minun obviously have Volt Tackle as their Final Smash, causing the two electric types to fly about wildly, clashing  into each other to deal greater damage than just smashing into the foe.

Not a mini but certainly bonus content, Pikmin3000 gave us a slew of random Assist Trophies for random characters/people including Morshu, Chris Crocker, BEN, Horatio Caine and Landon Rickkets. Great to see people making extras for the fun of it!

After that came Roy’s Final Smash by gcubedude. Here, the noble Fire Emblem Lord causes a massive explosion from his sword, much like his fully charged Neutral B in Melee. It also differs slightly in midair.

Marioman19 then randomly appeared and gave us a Final Smash for Dr. Mario. Here, the good doctor throws a huge amount of megavitamins at the foe in order to add up damage. He can also shock foes he approaches with a difibrillator to KO them.

i8pie also showed up in thread for this MYmini, posting a Final Smash for Plusle and Minun as well. Here, Plusle and Minun join together via THE POWER OF MAGNETISM in order to provide a nice little boost to their attack power as well as providing an electrical shield of sorts around them. it also keeps them from being seperatated, assuming they could be seperated like the Ice Climbers.

Another Dr. Mario Final Smash was then posted, this one by SmashDaddy. This one plays off of the puzzle aspect of Dr. Mario far more than the other one did by having the opponents take on the role of the nasty Viruses while Dr. Mario attempts to stop them in classic Dr. Mario gameplay with his megavitamins.

Next up is Mewtwo’s Final Smash by Katapultar which features none other then, yep, you guessed it, Ronald McDonald. Transporting the foe to a weird Ronald-based stage, the opponents are then forced to avoid Ronald’s death beams or some stuff like that…I’m not sure if I understood this Final Smash’s true hidden meaning.

Finally, we had Toon Sheik’s Final Smash by myself. Wanting to make it nothing like the in-Smash Sheik’s Final Smash, I used something actually…ya know? Relevant to Sheik’s character? Sheik can alter the battlefield by playing her lyre; instead of transporting the player to the location desired…it transports the location, and its hazards, straight to the Brawl!

MYmini #8: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Simple MYmini this week boys and girls! This time we want you to make a Pokeball Pokemon. It could be any Pokemon you want from any generation you want. Obviously give us a little information about the Poke you’re making and tell us what it does when it gets summoned from its Pokeball home!

Now I know, I know. Choices are limited…I mean you do only have 649 Pokemon or so to pick from. I must lay down a few ground rules however. We will not be accepting Digimon or Monster Rancher characters and anyone who makes the ice cream cone will be looked at funny for the entire week. So yeah, do what you want with this one peeps!

And that’s all for this week everyone. Hope to see lots of minis in this upcoming week  and of course, keep posting movesets; that is what we’re about, remember?

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. I like how half of this is black, like Barack Obama.

    Enjoyable recap. Though I wish The Scout would write these, it would be damn epic, no?

  2. This recap is black from the waist down. (HIPPO)

  3. I’d have to enlist help from Khold for that one, sure he knows Scout far better than I could attempt xD

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