Posted by: MarthTrinity | February 6, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap X8

Howdy hoes and welcome to one booming week in MYM9. This week we had quite a few sets and an absolute ton of minis. Pretty awesome work guys, give yourselves a pat on the back! So yeah, not a whole lot else to discuss up here; let’s get straight into what happened this week! Oh but first, yes, I didn’t put the entries for this week in the original MYmini post. However…all of the Poke Balls made this week will be listed below; use this if you need a quick refresher on which Pokemon popped up this week!

To start off the week, Kholdstare gave us our first mini; a Poke Ball for Torterra. Torterra acts much like you’d expect form the massive turtle Pokemon, acting pretty mellow until it’s attacked in which case it will unleash a powerful Solarbeam attack against foes. He can also be used as a giant platform.

Immediately after Torterra came Spoink by Clownbot. Essentially acting as a mobile item, Spoink spawns with an item upon is head and begins hopping about. Players can then take this item and use it as they normally would. Fairly basic but it makes sense for the little spring pig.

Up next was Ninjask by Zook. Ninjask appears on the battlefield and uses Swords Dance to raise its Speed and Attack…but what good does that do? Well, Ninjask then uses Baton Pass, creating a baton shaped item on stage that can be picked up by characters in order to increase their speed and attack as well! Pretty clever here.

In the same post came Sunkern. Sunkern is a little…less serious. After spawning, Sunkern plants itself in the ground, providing an annoying little tripping trap. It then, obviously, evolves into Kernthulu and begins devouring Smashers. Wait. Wut.

Following that…strangeness…came Kyurem by Katapultar. Kyurem is that one nifty little Dragon/Ice Pokemon who will no doubt be the mascot of the 3rd game in 5th Gen. Kyurem spawns from its Poke Ball pretty much to ruin the match with its insanely powerful attacks and the fact that players must physically knock the beast off the platform while its frozen…or have to endure it for several more seconds.

DM then decided to give us a Poke Ball too, this one for Gold-…Zoroark. Zoroark, the mast of illusions, appears on the stage in the form of a helpless Goldeen. This is of course just a clever ruse used to lure in foolish victims for him to finish off with his Night Burst attack! Pretty clever use of Zoroark’s signature ability.

Katapultar then returned to give us a moveset written in one hour  for Steelix. Steelix is, as expected, quite the large character. Surprisingly however, the beast is incapable of moving…like…at all. It also has permenant super armor and cannot be grabbed. It does however have a unique mechanic called “Pursuit Mode.” Once Steelix is struck five times, the massive Pokemon becomes enraged, actively chasing the foe down against the player’s control. This acts as the only real way to KO Steelix…but also acts as a prime way for Steelix to KO his foes considering he can still use his standards/grabs while chasing them. He can also use his Down Special to dig around the stage, providing at least one form of control during Pursuit Mode. Reception for Steelix turned out to be quite bad. There we many complaints about the lack of inputs and the blatant disregard for any playstyle section at all. Also, playing as a character who not only can’t move but, when it can move, cannot move under your control doesn’t sound very fun to me…

Junahu then gave us Jelly Donut which, to my knowledge, isn’t a Pokemon. It is however a way to get Pokemon to turn against their summoners using a tasty treat as a bribe. Pokemon are such fickle assholes.

flyingfilipino then gave us a MYmini contribution with Pachirisu. The random little squirrel Pokemon with no evolution and no relation to Emonga appears in Brawl to use its powerful Super Fang attack! Super Fang doubles the damage % of any victim unfortunate enough to get chomped by the rodent so watch out for this little guy.

Up next we have King Boo by BKupa666. Well this totally ruins my plans of finishing Boolossus, thanks Kupa. Kidding aside, King Boo provides an interesting mixture of offense and defense. King Boo’s shield acts as, essentially, a much, much better version of everyone elses’ shields. True to character however, the king of Boos gets his defense from hist ghostly minions. Using his Neutral Special, King  Boo can summon his Boos to drain away at the opponent’s shield in order to reduce their defenses or put them into a dizzy state. This does however reduce King Boo’s defensive options creating an interesting sort of tug-of-war between the offense and defense games he has going. King Boo can also do some other crazy stuff like lighting his Boo minions on fire, cause a ring of Boos to prevent the foe from spot dodging or slather them in salvia causing them to spin about in place (allowing his Boos to move in) or end up tripping themselves repeatedly. Overall reception for King Boo was very positive; SmashDaddy gave the set a very positive comment and MasterWarlord placed it at second on his moveset ranking.

Coming up right after King Boo came another ghostly set, this one for Spiritomb by n88_2004. Spiritomb in a way reminds me of Ultimate Chimera due to his little mechanic. Spiritomb cannot die directly…only by throwing his keystone off the edge of the stage can one defeat Spiritomb. Spiritomb however can carry his keystone with him adjusting his stats slightly as well as some moves…this however makes him much more like a normal Brawl character…an incredibly light Brawl character that is. Spiritomb however attacks via lots of little trickery and status effecting moves such as Memento, Torment and Taunt, many of which are used to keep foes away from its keystone. Overally reception for Spiritomb was decent although it did get some complaints for having so many status inducing attacks. DM however said it was one of his favorites of the contest so far.

And then I basically went insane and posted five Poke Ball Pokemon at once. The first Pokemon was Zuruzukin, the pantslizard who summons his posse of other Zuruzukin to help him kick the shit out of opponents. He also has baggy “pants.”

Nageki and Dageki come up next, looking much like the Ernie and Bert of Pokemon. These two constantly train with one another but aggressively attack those wo disrupt their training with Overhead Throw and Karate Chop respectively. 

After those two came Baibanira, the double scoop ice cream cone Pokemon. Baibanira floats about, freezing foes who get in close or causing massive avalanches if it’s struck twice.

Mebukijika was my fourth Poke Ball in this post, using its signature Wood Horn attack to drain the life from its foes and heal its summoner.

Finally for my mini, we have Haderia, an adorable little mustachioed dog who aggressively bites down on the legs of his opponents, leaving them wide open for a follow up Smash attack!

Phatcat then also posted a MYmini for Minccino, that adorable little chinchilla Pokemon. In the mini, Minccino waxes the floor of the stage with its tail making that portion of the stage have terrible traction.

n88_2004 then celebrated his birthday by giving us a few new sets (in addition to Spiritomb), the first of which being Cable…er…Fantomex. Anyway, Fantomex is a character I’ve never heard of who apparently has his nervous system within a semi-sentinent female UFO. Fantomex seems to act as a good ol’ fashion projectile hell character, locking the foe down with his projectile game while EVA (his little UFO) makes sure the opponents stay ground (as she has all the Smash attacks). Fantomex also has a nifty and non-traditional “grab” game which doesn’t really act like grabs at all (other than in their inputs). These “grabs and throws” are mostly about providing more bullet hell for the foe while quickly dodging their follow-up attacks. Fantomex didn’t get many comments really but DM disliked the set, saying it didn’t feel like much else beyond a projectile spammer.

n88’s birthday continued with a moveset for Chain Chomp. I kept typo’ing that as Chain Chimp by the way. Anyway, Chomp is exactly as you’d imagine him, tethered down and barking like mad. That is…until it pulls the tether out of the ground and can go on a full on destructive rampage. This is both a good thing and a bad thing however. While tethered down, Chomp is impossible to KO. The foe must damage Chomp to the point of KO’ing then break its tether to finish it off. Break the tether too early or allow Chomp to pull it out…and yeah, you’re fighting a fresh Chain Chomp and are likely to get raped. That and many of his moves bite. He bites a lot. Seriously. DM gave Chain Chomp a positive comment  Except he did point out that Chomp is kinda screwed on say…Rumble Falls?

And why the heck not? How about some more n88 guys?! Aron, his Poke Ball Pokemon, acts much like a combination of Piplup and the Soccer Ball item. Aron will charge ahead, attempt to smash into foes…but will also fly through the air if you hit him with an attack, acting like a heavier, stronger soccer ball.

MDA then returned after a rather long hiatus with a mini for Shibirudon, that weird electric eel/leech Pokemon who isn’t half Water type. Shibirudon acts, strangely enough, like a throwing item, curling up as soon as its released allowing people to pick it up and throw it at their foes where it’ll then perform a certain series of attacks depending on how long the player left Shibirudon to coil.

MasterWarlord then created a Poke Ball for Magikarp/Gyarados. Taking a role similar to that of Goldeen, Magikarp flops and derps about stupidly while everyone else fights. Players can pick up and throw Magikarp but he doesn’t really seem to do much. Hitting Magikarp however causes it to evolve into Gyarados and attack the foe who attacked him with a powerful Hyper Beam!

SmashDaddy also submitted a Poke Ball this week, Snorunt to be exact. This strange little 3rd Gen Ice type will unleash a Powder Snow attack which…doesn’t seem to do much really. Snorunt will then use either Icy Wind or Blizzard at random. Players can also interact with Snorunt in order to minimize damage against themselves.

Kat then gave us yet another moveset, this time for weird 5th Gen Pokemon Beheeyem. For…whatever reason, Beheeyem is written to make absolutely no sense at all. Now I know this guy can rewrite memories and all that, but is this really in character at all? Even the translated version however is full of weird moves and somewhat choppy writing. According to Kat, this was yet another very short time-frame set. DM gave this moveset a very negative comment, saying it was full of moves that are incredibly (and unnecessarily)complex causing the set to rely on individual move creativity rather than playstyle.

We then had a newcomer set by Tenodera for Tyranitar. Tyranitar is pretty well written, shows some good voice in its writing style and has some nifty ideas here and there that are quite suiting for the big ol’ dinosaur. TTar also has access to a nifty damaging dash animation, adding to its destructive persona. Tyranitar didn’t get many comments, athough DM did happen to give it one, praising it for its in-Smash nature while also presenting some clever ideas.

half_silver28 then gave us a Pokeball for Warilord, ya know? That one really, really huge Pokemon? Yeah, anyway, Warilord takes the often talked about concept of using the massive whale Pokemon as a stage and..ya know? Actually does it. Pretty good stuff here Silver.

Following suit of Getocoolaid’s Tetris moveset, Nicholas1024 surprised us with a moveset for Pong. Unsurprisingly, the ball acts as your primary method of attacking foes whereas your paddles act as your primary method of saving your ass. Of course, hitting a  ball back and forth wouldn’t be much fun in Smash, so Nick gave us some unique moves for Pong to toy around with including the ability to change the ball’s direction, increase its speed, replay the last few seconds and even become invincibile momentarily. Pong  got some praise for being a faithful and fun adaption of Pong into Smash. A fun read for sure.

Phatcat then gave us another Poke Ball, this time for Espeon. Espeon appears on stage and uses its Skill Swap move to give the summoned character a nice little present, Magic Mirror. It’s a pretty situational Poke Ball but it does allow you to screw over those status effect characters by turning their effects against them.

darth meanie then gave us a moveset for Luviagelita Edelfelt from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. And you have no idea how long it took me to spell all of that correct, jeez. Luvia makes use of several elemental jewels (including Fire, Water and Air) in order to perform some nifty stage controlling tricks such as freezing the foe then blowing them off the edge with wind. Using all three jewels cleverly can cause some major chaos on the stage (Nero Chaos even!)…and coupled with her aggressive grab game, the foe is forced to sort of play into how she wants them to play. Combine -THOSE features with the ability to trap foes via Down Smash and you’ve got some crazy controlling going on. Oh, and she can footstool people on command. How often do you see that? Luviagelita Edelfelt didn’t get many comments but she does beat out DEATHTANZ MANTISK when it comes to retardedly long and silly names.

Our final moveset for the week is Keith by…n88 again?! Seriously? Jeez man, that’s four in one week, you’re makin’ me look bad (not that that’s hard). Keith is a nifty little OC wizard made entirely out of geometric shapes. So what makes him worth reading? Nothing. Because you don’t even have to read him! Yes, Keith the wizard of geometric shapes is MYM’s first and so far only audio moveset, congrats n88. Also, you’ve got a pretty kickass voice if I do say so myself.

Next up on the list is Excadrill by gcubedude. Single handedly (pawedly?) breaking the metagame wasn’t enough for this angry mole, now he has to break up the Smash Bros’ stages with his digging. Excadrill makes lots of little holes across the stage (which act as nasty little traps) before using Drill Run to dash about the stage.

Kits then gave us a Pokeball for Zubat/Golbat. Zubat basically does what Zubat does best. Be really goddamn annoying while spamming moves like Supersonic and Leech Life. Under certain circumstances, Zubat will evolve into Golbat, performing more really goddamn annoying moves such as Confuse Ray. Stupid caves…

And FINALLY for this week (phew this was a long one) we have Misdreavus by Koric. Misdreavus appears and decides to use its Pain Split attack. Creating a funky aura, Misdreavus takes the damage % everyone has, adds them all up and then evenly distributes it out to everyone. It’s kind of like Mario Party’s Battle Minigames but less dickish.

MYmini #9: Pokemon Stadium 53649

For this week’s mini, I demand you make me -MOAR- Pokemon. Nah, I’m joking…although something leads me to believe that you guys really wouldn’t mind that much. Anyway, last week you all made lots of nifty Poke Ball Pokemon to summon…but wouldn’t it be even more nifty if you had a shiny new Pokemon stage to Brawl on? Well how about that for this week’s mini! For this week, we want you to make a stage for Brawl inspired by Pokemon.

Notice how I said “inspired by.” This doesn’t have to be a straight up Route 132 stage or whatever. You can pick any location in the Pokemon world or even a fictional one. If you wanna make Pokefloats 2, go for it! If you wanna make Pokemon Stadium 3? Why the heck not? If you want to make Lavender Town, that’s good too! Just something Pokemon based!

And that’d be all for this week boys and boys and boy was this this a long ass week. Great to see this much activity though, even if it means working a smidge longer on the Recap.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Holy Recap. Well Done MT

    Why am I still awake?

  2. GO SLEEP DM :@/hypocrite]

    *goes to sleep*

  3. Nice work, MT. This mini sounds like fun, I might participate. Now get some damn sleep, dude.

  4. *makes Wailord stage* (SMIRK2)

  5. Hmmmm….inspired BY Pokemon. This sounds like a lot of fun. Possibly even BETTER than the last minay.

  6. *expects Ronal McDonald Gym stage from Kat*

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