Posted by: TWILT | February 11, 2011

TWILTHERO's MYM'er Interview #6: Bkupa666

Annnnddddd Welcome to another episode of the MYMer Interviews! Yeah, you’re probably wondering why this interview was a week late. I was busy as heck with school, and Warlord didn’t want to be interviewed so yeah (also, i’m a lazy jerk lol)…BUT THE INTERVIEW’S HERE NOW, RIGHT?! This week we have veteran leader Bkupa666, the K.Rool fan himself. I could say something snappy right now, but that would just stall the interview, and here’s Bkupa right now!

(Also, has a side note, I already promised someone else that he would be interviewed, so no poll option for that this week. Sorry. )

1. What do you consider your best moveset and why?
Well, in terms of results, it’s tough to argue against Mr. Potato Head, my highest placing set so far and the only set of mine to get to the Top 10 since Bowser Jr. back in MYM5. I still love Potato Head’s mix of simplicity and originality; he has simple attacks, but they’re actually palatable to the reader. In my opinion, movesets are much like comedians – if you’re not entertained, you’re going to be throwing tomatoes.

As of right now, I would have to say Kaptain K. Rool is my best moveset. I had a blast (no pun intended) writing the moves that had cost me countless life balloons as a child into an awesome combo-heavyweight playstyle…All jokes aside, Kaptain may not achieve as highly as Potato Head (or other MYM9 sets of mine) due to that damn grab, but without a doubt, he is my personal favorite so far. Earlier today, I was discussing the importance of in-character playstyles with Smady, and I believe Kaptain is a perfect example of this. Him being able to pummel you, pull you in, and send you flying, combined with lethal fear tactics, is about as K. Rool as it gets.

2. What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?
Still to this day, Jafar runs circles around the other sets I enjoy…or rather, walks smoothly, leaning over slightly in his haste. His stage-control combined with mindgames fits like a glove into the category of in-character playstyles that I discussed last question. Into Red Smoke inspired me during the development processes of both Stanley and Kaptain (and continues to inspire me…obscuring playstyles still “obscure” quite a bit of potential). The fact that I got moist at the mere mention of Disney villains at the time didn’t hurt his ascent to the title, either. Off the top of my head, I would also point anyone in search of amazing sets toward Dark Bowser, Lemmy, Negative Man, Super Macho Man, n88’s Kamek and Hariyama.

3. What do you look for in a moveset?
It’s a prerequisite for any sets I am going to read to look readable. While not every set needs to be divinely organized by the angels above, if any set is an eyesore, I’ll close off MYM on Mozilla and switch to a porn site to view something prettier, likely forgetting about the set in the process. Otherwise, I love to see new ideas for playstyles, as I am constantly searching for these myself.

I also enjoy seeing how an author can take an genre of playstyle and add his own flair or unique touches to it. In an age where we’ve milked so many ideas from Smash Bros., great new ideas become a rare yet valuable commodity. These really hook readers, because oftentimes, great ideas are right under our noses, and readers will respect a writer who can uncover these ideas and add something new to the table of trappers, campers, and combo characters.

4. Where do you get inspiration for movesets?
As far as I can tell, I’m one of the few MYMers who still play Brawl semi-regularly. Although I’ll still play with my friends or brother in order to stroke my ego by three-stocking them, most of the time, I’ll pick up a random character, play on a random stage, or god forbid, turn on a few items, all in search of new ideas to contribute to MYM. I came up with Necky’s primary KO option from Falco’s Landmaster. In terms of characters, I’ll often take a basic idea and apply it to a character on whom it would be fitting (such was the case with Necky). After I’ve created this base, I’ll add in “trademark” moves that are more character-specific. Because, after all, I’m making moves and a strategy that my specific character would use, not just a strategy with the character of my choice slapped on as a skin.

5. How often do you cut movesets?
For a long while, I made it a goal to finish every and any set I started, but after MYM7, this trend came to an end more abruptly than a guy during virgin sex. Back in MYM6, the Punch Out!! movement was started in an attempt to make the best set for some of the most one-dimensional stereotypes in gaming. I had began to work on an Aran Ryan set to contribute to the movement, but got caught up in writing other sets that had -priority- at the time (Disco Kid in particular…see what I did there?) So some time later, I decided to finish Ryan’s Smashes and Aerials and just finish him off. Finish him off I did, but it left a bad taste in my mouth even before the mediocre (or worse) comments came in. From that point on, I stopped finishing sets that were dead.

A word of advice to any newcomers; don’t feel obligated to finish something unless you’ll find enjoyment in doing so. That said, just because you’re out of ideas at the time, don’t kill off a set completely; both Bowser Jr. and King Boo had been in the works for upwards of a year before I posted them this contest. Learn which sets to call it quits on, and which sets to shelf until later.

6. How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?
I had lurked Smashboards for the past year prior to Brawl’s release, kind of like one would lurk the Facebook page of a sexually-attractive female – I observed what aroused my interests, but never actually joined in on the fun. I was on the boards primarily to seek out spoilers in the SSB4 thread, and never actually checked out MYM until after Brawl’s release, when I saw that a third contest would be starting soon. My curiosity got the best of me, and as they say, that’s how the cookie crumbles. I made an account to make sets because I believed I would find enjoyment in doing so, and here I am, two and a half years later because I -still- enjoy doing so.

7. What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?
In real life, I am more-or-less the same as I am in MYM; a middle-of-the-road guy with a few quirks. I don’t have any incredibly close friends, but there’s no one I simply can’t get along with…I’m a fairly amicable individual, if I do say so myself. I dedicate the majority of my life to my interests, which include swimming, running, and writing. I am an editor on my school’s newspaper, and thus am learning writing skills I hope to use to my advantage as a journalist later in life.

As far as my sex life goes, I hardly have any good stories, or even boring stories. Currently, I am looking to build a strong connection with this girl two years older than me who I care very much about over the next few years, as a relationship now is out of the question (she lives in another county and I’m jailbait). Who knows…maybe down the road, we’ll be bonding in more ways than one.

8. What’s the inspiration for your username?
Now here’s some interesting trivia…originally, my intended account name was BKupa66 (BKupa after Bowser Koopa, my favorite video game character, and 6 from his team number in Mario Strikers Charged). However, as a computer moron, my past self had initial difficulty signing up on Smashboards, and ended up creating a new account when the first one didn’t allow me to post (for whatever reason, I’m not sure what I was doing wrong at the time). The second account was BKupa666, which ended up working for me. I learned approximately a day later of the satanic undertones my username held, which I had no idea of earlier. Looking back, I’m ecstatic the first account never worked out for me (I searched for it after this writeup, and it’s not listed…), for obvious reasons.

9. Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?
As in real life, I’m not exceptionally close to any one individual in MYM, but I’m on good, friendly terms with pretty much everyone out there. I feel I share a closer connection to MW, Smady, and HR than I do to most others, likely because we all share similar ideologies on what makes a set -good-. I am able to read their sets and have a fairly good idea of why each move does what it does, and I feel they are able to do the same with me. These three also know their DKC, so when I start PMSing about Kremlings in the chat, I don’t -always- feel like I’m speaking Latin.

10. Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Most MYMers know my Pokemon knowledge is somewhat limited; if you try to talk to me about the series, I’ll likely get a look on my face similar to that on my parents’ faces after I took them to see Inception. That said, through the years I’ve spend in MYM, I’ve come to grasp the basic gist of the series, as well as exposure to plenty of obscure Pokemon. Swalot -obviously- takes top honors, but I’m also a fan of Camerupt…I came close to making a one-day set for him, but withdrew due to not wanting to butcher the character with an abundance of Pokemon Syndrome as a result of my Pokemon ignorance (I later gave his core mechanic to Rex). Although the set isn’t my cup of tea, Mewtwo has also grown on my, largely as a result of MW’s multiple portrayals of him in his various SMs.

11. What’s your favorite video game of all time?
This one won’t be a surprise to anyone…everyone knows about my obsession over the Donkey Kong Country series, and everyone who doesn’t know could deduce as much from the sheer number of sets I make for the series’ enemies. In particular, Donkey Kong Country 2 stands above the other games in the trilogy (or four-gy?), for its top-notch atmosphere, music, and difficulty, among other things as well.

12. How did the fad, “It’s time to haul ***, truckloads of it” come from?
Last year, I made a post on Facebook with the intent to inspire my swim team. The latest Facebook update at the time had removed “is” from statuses; before the update, every post a user made would require the word is after your name and before your post, even if it made no grammatical sense. After “is” was removed from statuses, I began including the word in my statuses, even if it made no sense, for kicks and giggles.

So, before a swim meet of mine last year, I posted that I was “is time to haul ***. Truckloads of it.” Various MYMers who were also Facebook friends of mine confronted me on the possibility of me being “time.” Once it spread to MYMers who weren’t on Facebook at the time, they asked me the same question, and it stuck like glue. Now, it’s more or less a throwaway expression I’ll throw into sets here and there, just to catch the attention of a reader. And occasionally, I’ll repost it on Facebook, just for old times’ sake.

13. You’re probably the most looked down leader of the leadership so far…what are your thoughts on that?
I assume you mean currently, as Wiz is no longer a leader…my theory on the matter is that, first of all, I have less noteworthy credentials than the likes of MW and Junahu, both of whom have won a contest, and both of whom are no newcomer to having sets place in the Top 10. I’m hoping to bolster my record with another successful contest here, but only time will tell if vote split will spit in my face, yet again. In addition, I feel I am a fairly quiet presence in the contest overall.

My suggestions are often less contest-changing than those of other leaders, and I prefer not to make waves over ideological differences with other MYMers, which leads to the perception that I’m a mindless sheep who does jack for the contest. Although I strive to uphold my record for most sets (which I have been successful at so far) and keep the contest active in times of need, I rarely comment other sets because in many cases, I feel that I am ripping off of other comments unless I post first, which is not always possible, especially if multiple sets are posted in a row. Yeah, school is a major time-sink, but hey, on the bright side, at least I’m not storming out and claiming everyone in MYM has no life because of my coursework, unlike another past leader…

14. What’s your opinion on vore? (smirk2)
To be honest, my whole vore obsession has never been entirely serious, but…how to put this…it’s never been boring to pretend I’m serious, either. I’m not actually turned on by things eating each other, but it’s fun to pretend that I am, especially when I’m designing a set for a voracious character such as Fat ******* or Wart. I’ve found that by giving the characters over-the-top moves such as eating other characters, I can capture the attention of readers, piquing their interest over the set if the rest of it is good enough (as Fat ******* ended up being). Oh, and vore is the Lucario Remix of fetishes; the process is an absolute flowchart, so it’s easy to go into chats with people who are legitimately obsessed with eating people and play along. Or play along when they stalk me into the MYM chat…

15. You’ve made a lot of Disney sets in the past; any reason why?
I made a lot of Disney sets up through MYM5, because up until then, I had enjoyed watching Youtube montages of the various Disney villains. In addition, I actually found potential in several of the villains, such as Scar having a good ledge-game and having hyenas at his disposal for moves. My non-villain, non-MYM3 Disney sets, Zazu and Sebastian, were made because I wanted both Tiki Room birds despite Iago being a fine standalone character, and because I wanted a crab character after my trip to Florida, and Clawgrip (from SMB2) had far less potential, respectively. Disney sets were a phase for me that, for the most part, I’m done with (although I’ll still all for cuddling up on the sofa for The Lion King with a cute girl…).

By the way, I don’t count Hades 2.0 as an additional Disney set, as he was already introduced way back in MYM4, while Andy’s Toys are Pixar, which is clearly leaps and bounds above anything Disney pumps out nowadays, and therefore doesn’t deserve to be lumped into the Disney genre.

16. Any sets from you in the future?
Right now, I have a few concepts I’ve been toying around with for a while, but I’m strongly considering holding off on them until MYM10. Considering how everyone seems to have drastically different opinions on my four current sets, I don’t want to further complicate matters by throwing in another set. However, I’m not counting out the possibility of a joint which was proposed to me a few days ago by a MYMer who shall remain unnamed for now. MW and I have also batted a few ideas back and forth on a possible joint…if this project comes to fruition, hopefully it will be more successful, now that we actually have a chat through which to communicate.

Sundance Question: If it is 0 degrees outside and it’ll be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be?

Cold enough to make me stiffer than my fingers after handling erectile dysfunction cream


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