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MT's Sunday Recap Episode X9

Howdy hoes and welcome to the 9th Sunday Recap of MYM9. Lotsa 9’s, yay. Anyway! This week gave us quite a few movesets and a handful of MYmini’s. It also just so happened to be the week in which we had the 5th Gen Pokemon movement! It wasn’t nearly as successful as the original One Day Poke-Set movement but it did get us a handful of quality sets!

First off this week however we had something that was neither moveset nor mini! n88_2004 kept up his massive activity streak by giving us a Character Select Screen for the MYM8 Top 50. It’s lookin pretty good so check it out if you haven’t seen it already!

Our first moveset of the week came from gcubedude however, a moveset for Cody of Final Fight/Street Fighter fame. Based mostly upon his SSFIV appearance, Cody comes with most of the moves you’d expect including his Criminal Upper, Ruffian Kick and of course, his knife. He does however make major use out of his Neutral Special, his Focus Attack, in order to add some extra unique stuff to his gameplay including EX attacks and Focus Attack Dash Cancel. Kinda confusing for those not educated in Street Fighter terms but a nifty representation for those who are. Cody however got mostly mixed comments. The set was praised for having a well written and clear playstyle but criticized for having lots of filler moves and confusing mechanics.

After Cody came out first 5th Gen Pokemon of the week, Klink by LegendofLink. Klink’s whole dealio is the fact that it’s more or less two gears in one Pokemon. LoL puts it  best when he says that Klink is a trap character whose main traps are actually himself. Klink can Rev-Up to become an active hitbox, or use the same move to power up its other gear based moves. You can also split the gears up using the Up Special in order to have two seperate hurtboxes to attack with. This makes you a way easier target to kill, but also gives you more options when it comes to attacking. Overall reception for Klink was pretty good, Warlord gave it a 7/10 on his moveset rankings and it gained several other positive comments.

Next up we had the long awaited follow up to MasterWarlord’s N.Brio set with Landlos, a 5th Gen genie-like Pokemon who apparently makes crops grow or some weird shit like that. Anyway, in the moveset, Landlos can create big ol’ pillars to either camp from or trap your opponent between. Landlos also has quite the crazy gimping game going on…but unfortunately, he can only have access to half of his moveset at any given time. If he plants his tail in the ground, he can use standards/smashes…but then he can’t use aerials or his grab game. Landlos got some great reception…but he did get of concern due to the fact that he’s kinda a little overpowered. Aside from that minor complaint however, most people were just glad to see Warlord movesetting again after a break (and retaining the same quality as before).

Following Landlos came Jellicant by darth meanie. The first of two DM Pokesets on this page, Jellicant is a big ol’ jellyfish with a big ol’ curly moustache. I’ve now used “big ol'” three times this Recap, not counting that last one. Anyway, Jellicant makes use of his tentacles in order to poison the foe and rack up crazy amounts of damage. Jellicant also has some other moves to help him out such as Ominous Wind to blow foes around and Bubble to trap them ala Burst Man last MYM. Jellicant received very negative comments, mostly from MasterWarlord who complained that the set felt very unpolished and was full of scattered ideas with a bland playstyle. Other complaints revolved around the balance of the set and the mechanic which to many seemed rather pointless and untouched. DM later claimed that the set was rushed and that the core concept of the poisonous tentacles were a leftover from a Tentacruel concept he had.

As a double header, DM then posted Crustle, a 5th Gen crab-like Pokemon who tries to replace Kingler in all of our hearts. Needless to say he fails at it. At heart, Crustle is your typical trap character; he hates his foe being in the air and wants to drag them down where all of his nasty traps will keep them where he wants them. In Crustle’s case, these traps are pits and boulders which he can trap foes in and squish them with respectively (or smash into them). Crustle’s (somewhat) signature move Shell Break also appears in the set to provide Crustle with a recovery as well as some major stat changes. Like Jellicant, Crustle was also received negatively. Warlord declared the set a basic trap character with basic traps and was greatly angered by the downplaying of Shell Break within the set. DM also claimed that this set was rushed as well. It is worth noting however that Junahu praised both of these sets for their in character nature.

MDA then attempted to win this week’s MYmini by posting a Pokeball stage. This stage is just a Pokeball. Yeah. Needless to say, this made people spring into action and post their own stages. . .

Like Meowth’s Delusional Fantasy World by darth meanie! Based upon Meowth’s vaguely homoerotic fantasies about his boss Giovanni, this is a fairly basic stage surprisingly. It does however feature Pokeballs that automatically generate…except Giovanni instantly drags them into the background to use for random purposes. Also Giovanni rides Deoxys into space which is pretty nifty.

Immediately after this came the Safari Zone by Kholdstare. Based upon everyone’s favorite area of Pokemon (remember trying to catch a Chansey?), this stage is full of wild Pokemon who often times interact with and also features both the classic Rock and Bait! Now you can chuck rocks at Nidorans in real time! Every boy’s dream.

Following Safari Zone came Glitch City by MasterWarlord. Based upon the whole MissingNo glitches and such, the Glitch City stage follows two seperate routes, both of which accurately go through the steps of accessing  the glitchy stuff in Red and Blue…they also make for quite the humorous stage.

Kat then gave us two stages in a row, the first of which being for Ancient Castle. Basically it’s a pyramid-esque stage with lots of Desukan and even more sand. Or maybe I should call him Cofagrigus. Probably not. Anyway, this has some interesting stuff when it comes to actually KO’ing the foe on this stage.

Kat’s second stage was for Ronald’s Balls. Ya know? A ball Ronald has thrown? What did you think I meant by that? Anyway, it’s complete gibberish and makes no sense at all.

After that I posted The Distortion World stage based upon Giratina’s homeworld. It’s got some nifty appearances by Giratina as well as some crazy gravity bending stuff going on. Some good stuff here if I don’t say so myself.

We then had Emolga by Junahu as our final 5th Gen Pokemon of the week. Much like Air Man, Emolga trolls teases us by constantly refering to an electrical projectile that doesn’t get fuckin’ explained is fully explained to us at the very end of the set. Being a little flying squirrel, Emolga has access to a hover, a wallcling and even a wallrun. I originally wrote up a lot more on Emolga but WordPress felt the need to sign me out and deleted the entirety of the Recap. Anyway, Emolga didn’t get any comments since it was posted particularly late at night for us and nobody’s had a chance to read and comment it yet.

Finally, we have Hoenn Sea Route as our final mini of the week brought to us by Koric. Putting players on the back of a Wailord, this stage travels across the land, searching far and wide…er…it has a lot of Pokemon cameos and is an incredibly long mini. Yays.


So. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out this Tuesday for us folks in Amuricuh. Needless to say, we want a mini to revolve around what is quite probably the biggest release for MYM since Brawl itself.

Your mini for this week is incredibly simple. Just make an extra revolving around Marvel and/or Capcom. Simple as that really. Just be aware that we maaaay not get a lot of entries considering a majority of the people actually interested in MvC3 will be getting it Tuesday and will be dead to the world for the next couple of weeks because of it. I know I will be! =D

Anyway, that’s all for this week boys and girls!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. What the hell’s wrong with Landlos being -OVERPOWERED?- He’s a Legendary Pokemon for God’s sake. It only makes him BETTER.

    Also by the way Ronald’s Ball was not a actual submission, though it’s okay if you mistakened it for one……those were actually comments on your wonderfully wonderfully wonderful products.

  2. You guys thought Kat’s admittedly weird comment was an entry ololololololol

  3. mym exists hello mym

    hello k. rool

    hello plorf


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