Posted by: MarthTrinity | February 27, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Episode X11

So howdy hoes and welcome to a slightly more lively than last week MYM! This week only gave us two new movesets, but it also gave us quite a few mini entries which are always fun, no? With the MvC3 hype wearing off a smidge and with the return of SmashDaddy, here’s hoping more activity to come!

First off, we had our first moveset of the week; Dormammu by n88_2004. As one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful foes, Dormmamu is the master of the Dark Dimension and, more notably for a lot of MYMer’s, a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In the moveset, Dormammu is a campy guy who roots himself (not literally) right in the middle of the stage and controls/shuts down the foe his crazy projectile game. Dormammu also acts as one of those spiffy 3-vs-1 movesets with an additional list of buffs of you so desire to play that way. Dormammu got very few comments considering we were kinda slow this week aside from minis. . .but the comment he did get was pretty positive saying it was probably one of n88’s stronger entries of the contest. It did however get some criticism due to being overpowered and the fact that the 3-vs-1 buffs at the end seemed tacked on (despite the fact that Dormammu is canon-wise quite deserving of a 3-vs-1 set).

Our second moveset of the week was by Koric and for Schezo Wegey. On top of having a funky name, Schezo has some cool stuff going for him including the ability to disarm himself (allowing his sword to fly at foes) as well as several other types of projectiles including one ranged attack that actually increases in damage depending on how far the foe is from Schezo. Of course, without his sword, Schezo’s moveset isn’t really cut down or anything…so it might be a useful tactic to just keep the foe on their feet with projectiles. Schezo only got one comment however and moderate reception. Some criticism was drawn by the fact that Schezo’s overall playstyle seems a bit all over the place as he can’t seem to decide what range to fight from.

We then had our first mini of the week thanks to n88; The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing. Strange taste in music you’ve got there n88 but whatever! This item makes your character into a potato head (what happens if Potato Head gets it…?), decresaing their traction but also healing them for 10% a second if they stand still (and randomly start dancing). Real strange thar n88.

Moving right along, we have a sane entry by half_silver28. Oh wait, no we don’t. This entry is for Pony who really doesn’t have much to do with the song other than his name but…whatever. He’s a crazy guy who forces people to have ponytails whilst wearing a horse head. That and Silver’s been waiting for freakin’ ever to use this guy in a mini. Pretty weird stuff but pretty amusing none the less.

Then DM decided to throw his hat in the ring with Guile’s Theme. Basically, the song starts playing whenever you start kicking some serious ass after being beaten down pretty badly. It’s also fairly complex to keep track of but what the hell, it’s GUILE’S THEME bitches; you know you’re in for hell when that song kicks in.

We then had a boss mini by Katapultar for Dragula. Literally going line for line for each of the bosses attacks, this boss , needless to say, has a lot of them. They do however go with the song which is not only kinda cool but helpful to the player…at least if you know the song, you know what to avoid. He also radomly turns into a skeletal T-Rex for some reason. Of course, our good friend Ronald makes an apperance alongside his buddy Pennywise for a few of Dragula’s attacks.

To follow up the longest mini of this week, we had what may be the shortest; Smooth Criminal by getocoolaid. Basically, a giant Michael Jackson appears, starts dancing (which can damage you) and is then attacked by the mafia…so he shoots the fuck out of them and then leaves. K.

Koric then gave us another submission this week, this time however it was Johnny Cash’s song Ring of Fire. While the song plays, a ring of fire blocks the bottom blast zone and rises upwards everytime someone falls into it. Pretty nifty but I’m not entirely sure what kind of extra this is…

Junahu then gave us the Ozmiana Church stage that apparently relates to the Revolutionary Etude…so I guess it’s kiiiiiiiiiind of music related. You sneaky rule breaker you. Anyway, this stage is pretty basic with only one real hazard being the soldiers. Other than that it’s pretty much really, really depressing Battlefield.

To lighten the mood a little, I posted a fiend representing Sin With Sebastian’s awesome song Shut Up And Sleep With Me. If you like oily men rubbing up against you, this mini may be for you! If not, you may still find it amusing to read. Seriously, what’d you expect from an extra based on Sebastian?

flyinfilipino then gave us a massive slew of minis based upon several famous female singers as of late including Ke$ha, Willow Smith, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Each one does their own unique thing that relates to either their persona or their annoying ass song about whipping their hair about musical careers.

DM then posted another mini for this week based upon the WKUK song about a  Hippo In The City. This means that the trolly hippo appears only on New Pork CIty (or so I gathered) and wanders about the city boucing people away or pitfalling them when he flops over. He can be killed however resulting in the obvious; a long drawn out trumpet solo.

Davidreamcatcha returns after his first place tie victory last week. This time his extra is a new game mode based on The Monster Mash. It was a graveyard smash afterall. Anyway, your character gets a Halloween themed costume for this mode and the main point is to cause more chaos and destruction on the stage than your opponent. Nifty.

Fun fact, I always get 3 Doors Down and Three Days Grace mixed up. Wacky huh? Anyway, Monkey D Awesome gave us a mini for the 3 Doors Down Three Days Grace song Animal I Have Become. Basically, some guy appears on stage and randomly turns into a Monty Python-esque killer rabbit which tries to maul players. Yerp. . .

Hyper_Ridley then gave us an Assist Trophy for Scatman John, the famous and totally awesome scat singer who has that bitchin’ stache. Anyway, in this Assist Trophy, Scatman John encourages the Smashers to scat with him. If the players time their button presses right, they get a nifty little power boost. RIP Scatman, you truly are a legend.

Finally, we have Caramelldansen by Kholdstare. Living up to the fucking annoying catchy as hell song, this actually turns out to be an Assist Trophy that causes the song to begin as soon as it’s “summoned”. Once the song starts, everyone is forced to do that little Caramelldansen dance. High octane nightmare fuel right here.

MYm #12: The Tube

Another simple MYmini with a lot of options to it, this time we’re focusing on TV! Yes TV, if you’re like me, you don’t watch it much anymore…but there’s usually that one show that you never like to miss. Basically, we want you to pick out one of your favorite TV shows (or maybe a show you hate, yay for parody!) and make us an extra based on it! Nothing specific here, so long as it’s a TV show it’ll work. We will -NOT- be accepting movies for this mini however. I don’t care if they air Saw 2 every freakin’ Saturday night on SyFy, it’s still not a TV show and thus, will not be counted.

Nice and easy this week, no?

That’s all for this week boys and girls! Here’s hoping that this upcoming week will be all the more active!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Great recap as always

  2. Is there a limit to how many minis we can make? I was gonna submit three this week, but I wanted to make sure that was alright with everyone.

  3. MT is officially married to the recap

    I am astonished and delighted that, in a week devoted to music, NO ONE posted Pingu Red Zone. Well done everyone, keep up the good work of not incurring my ferocious wrath.

  4. You can submit as many as you like. @ddc

  5. Originally it was one per person per week…but we kinda said screw it to that and just submitted whatever lol

  6. Also, the guy behind Oily Rainbow Men thinks -my- mini is strange? (LOLWUT)

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