Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 6, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Episode X12

Howdy hoes and welcome to March! Yep, we left good ol’ February in the dust this past week and moved right along! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a huge increase in activity…but we did get a few minis here and there as well as a few movesets by various MYMer’s. Cool stuff, no?

Anyway, first off this week we had a series of minis by Junahu.  The first mini in this batch is for Scrooge McDuck, everyone’s favorite stingy water fowl from the classic cartoon Duck Tales! Scrooge only appears in Coin matches that game mode exists? which we all know are tons of fun! He loves to steal your coins though so watch out! Also, Junahu reminded me that Great Bay isn’t in Brawl which makes me very sad.

Junahu’s second mini happens to be for Scanty and Kneesock of Panty and Stocking fame. When these two bright red sisters appear on stage, they start making trivial rules that the players must follow…or else they get hurt. Obviously.

Finally as far as Junahu minis go, we have Pingu, the loveable claymation penguin who doesn’t do much but wander about and go “Meep, meep.”

We then had a moveset; yay movesets! Oh God, it’s for Flame Hyenard. Why would you do this to us Nicholas1024? In case you’re uneducated in terms of MegaMan bosses (or didn’t read the set), Flame Hyenard is infamous among MMX fans for being one of if not the most annoying thing in the entire universe (seriously, that voice is AWFUL). To make matters worse, Nicholas actually based parts of the set OFF of that annoying nature. But of course, aside from just being annoying, Flame Hyenard also lights bits of the stage on fire with his attacks and can also summon clones of himself to make even more noise cause even more chaos. Overall reception for Flame Hyenard wasn’t so hot (#jokedrum). He only got one really comment saying that while his annoying noise based attacks were something clever, his other attributes felt like they brought nothing new to the table and that it had many filler inputs. Nicholas himself admitted however that the set was rushed so that he’d have something else out in the contest.

Our new go-to mini guy Davidreamcatcha made a return to the mini scene this week with four minis for us, groovy. The first of which happens to be for the Music Meister from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. As a fiend, Music Meister makes everyone on the stage start randomly dancing to his tune as he comes out. Only the person with Bat Ear Plugs can escape his tune and harm him however. Reminds me of something Adam West would do. . .

Next up is Johnny Bravo which still stands as one of Cartoon Network’s greatest shows. When summoned from an Assist Trophy, Johnny apparently performs his best Midnight Bliss impersonation as everyone is turned into chicks. Johnny himself will then appear on stage doing…well…typical Johnny stuff.

Going from the wacky antics of Johnny Bravo to the incredibly…not wackyness of Dr. Phil may seem like a weird transition but…ya know, that’s what you get. Dr. Phil appears on stage, he flies across it attempting to loop people into one of his long and mostly preachy conversations. It’s basically Mr. Resetti on crack.

The final Davidreamcatcha mini for this week is for the Bikini Bottom Resturant District stage. A pretty fun little representation of the Spongebob universe in game, it features the Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab as th primary focus of the stage and has some fun little interactions with Mr. Krabs and Plankton.

peeup (creator of Me and Chernabog a few  MYM’s back) returned to MYM with a moveset for a Raw Shock from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii. Fun fact, in the past I also debated making a moveset for one of these guys. Funny huh? In game, Raw Shock’s do little more than chase you down and latch on to you where they proceed to literally dry hump you sap away your heat until you shake them. In Brawl, peeup used this as sort of a life-leeching power. Raw Shock didn’t get any comments unfortunately, but I may just comment it right now! How strange, no? Basically, you more or less used what Raw Shock can do in game as a basis for the set…but it still feels like some stuff is missing. Now I’m sorry if this comes across as a “This is how I would’ve done it” but…well, this is how I would’ve done it. In the game, Raw Shock’s change depending on your actions, they physically shape themselves to look differently depending on how you play the game. In the concept I had for my Raw Shock idea, the Raw Shock would change depending on how you played as well and get appropriate stats boosts. For instance, if you played more offensively, the Raw Shock’s claws would grow out and they’d become more powerful or faster (or have better range). It would’ve been nice to see their changing used in a way like that instead of just as random apperance changes in the Smashes. That and, Raw Shock’s are all about their “teamwork”. You kind of touched upon that in the Side Special but it would’ve been nice to see a move that maybe summoned more of them (like their nightmarish screams in the game that call them to the area).

tirkaro then returned tot he MYmini scene with a mini for Hakushon Daimao, the one Tatsunoko character unfortunate enough to get cut from the english release of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Anyway, Hakushon is a genie who gets summoned whenever someone sneezes who then grants them a wish! Yay! But he’s kind of a goofball about it and tends to screw up…Hakushon, upon being summoned performs one of five magical acts depending on how the battle is going. These “magical acts” however usually end up in wackyness…

Up next we have the Crimson Cowl by n88_2004. According to n88, back a few weeks ago, he had plans to make five movesets and an EoH faction for them within one week. Wowsers. However, the sets apparently came out rushed and n88 didn’t like them much, abandoning most of them or reusing their ideas in later movesets. Crimson Cowl was apparently the boy who lived one set to rule them all who survived that week and was posted now! Much like Fantomex (who borrows some of his concepts from Crimson Cowl), CC can detach herself from her cloak and use it much like Fantomex’s little UFO nervous system dealy. Anyway, Crimson Cowl must use her cloak carefully to lead her opponents into a KO move with its spacing skills…but also has to be careful considering it’s…ya know? Just fabric. Crimson Cowl didn’t get any comments sadly and I haven’t had a chance to think one up like I did with Raw Shock, sorry n88 =(

Next up we had a mini from half_silver28 for a steel chair from that one episode of The Boondocks. Basically, the steel chair works as a battering weapon…until you throw it. Upon being thrown, the characters will engage in beating the living shit out of one another (as throwing a chair in theory will incite a riot…according to the show). This more or less makes everyone really fast and hyper aggressive against one another. That and it’s hella funny if you’ve seen the episode.

I then posted two minis, yay! The first mini I posted was for the Iron Chef Chairman who loves to shout random ingredient names as well as BEEEEEEEEEEER! All players then engage in a “contest” to see who can eat the most of the ingredients. It totally goes against the show but whatever; everything goes in Kitchen Stadium!

My second mini was for everyone’s favorite actor from that show Two and a Half Men (and some other random shit) Charlie Sheen. Basically, Charlie Sheen is insane. And it’s hilarious. If you enjoy people ruining their own lives that is. Which I do. Yay.

And finally this week, we had an Assist Trophy by n88_2004 for The Crimson Cowl Chin from Fairly Oddparents. When summoned, The Crimson Chin uses his mighty chin of might to bring down your opponents with great speed! He also proves to be the gift that keeps on giving as he’ll be the ONLY Assist Trophy you can use for the rest of that match, returning to his superhero persona each time an Assist Trophy is used.

MYmini #13: Pick Meme!

An idea originally suggested by TheSundanceKid a while back and suggested again today by Phatcat, hows about you make an extra for your favorite meme, MYM-based or otherwise? Considering we’re all very familar with the internet here in MYM, this shouldn’t be particularly hard at all to come up with a meme to use. Just pick your favorite one and have fun with it! Of course…ya know? Try and keep it appropriate though; terms of service on SmashBoards and all…

And that’d be all for this week boys and girls! Join us next week for the exciting conclusion of next week!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. One set to rule them all = WIN. I love LOTR references.

  2. “An idea originally suggested by TheSundanceKid a while back and suggested again today by Phatcat, hows about you make an extra for your favorite meme, MYM-based or otherwise?”

    I so know which one I’m doing…

  3. as always, stellar work on the recap.

    I feel rather bad for not being more involved lately. But I’ll make the excuse that I’m taking a holiday at the moment (WARU)

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