Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 13, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Episode X13

Howdy hoes and welcome to the lucky 13th edition of the Sunday Recap for this MYM! The contest is winding down to a close at a rapid pace and this week was a little bit dead for the most part…but, if you’re in school, it’s probably because of finals being around this time…at least mine were. Anyway, that didn’t stop us from getting some nifty MYmini entries this week and we even got a new moveset thanks to Nicholas1024.

To begin, Junahu gave us a freakin’ boatload (no pun intended for those of you who looked ahead) of MYmini entries based upon the meme mini for this week. Junahu’s first entry was for the Mikuru Beam. Basically, Mikuru appears on stage (summoned from an Assist Trophy) and stands about for a while before obliterating everyone with a giant laser. But she’s so cute and innocent; how can she slap could she fire death beams from her eyes?!

Next up is Junahu’s second MYmini entry; Nice Boat (see? I told you a boat pun was coming). Nice Boat pretty much replaces any Fatalities performed by a character with an image of a really nice boat. How calming. Urge to kill…rising…

Based on the fan-favorite CD-i Zelda games, Junahu’s third MYmini entry this week was for Morshu. Essentially, Morshu appears from out of nowhere (totally random) while you’re playing a Coin match and will set up shop. Players can then purchase items from Morshu at random…which is a little counter-productive when the goal of the game is to get as many coins as possible. Either way, nobody plays Coin matches anyway so you’d be likely never to see Morshu ever.

Junahu’s fourth MYmini entry this week just so happens to be for the vaguely nightmare fuel-esque Mega Milk. A refreshing drink or a vaguely arousing meme about giant boobs and incest; you decide! Either way, it’s essentially a slightly worse Maximum Tomato that gives you massive tits and some stun. At least it gives you some good photo-ops…now if only Brawl had jiggle physics…

Continuing the ride on Junahu’s train of wonders, MYmini number five came in the form of Roomba. For this Fiend, Roomba does something hyperhopper could never do; improve itself. Constantly making itself better, Roomba powers itself up in various ways that last FOREVER. Zounds.

With yet another MYminii by Junahu we have Nidoking Clefable. Based on the old MYM meme Unlike Clefable, Clefable emerges from its Pokeball and performs its signature Metronome attack. Metronome will then result in one of eight effects with a wide variety of totally non-Nidoking attacks.

Junahu mini number seven, yes, number seven. Goo Chain, the classic Xat meme based upon everyone posting (GOO) after one another and concluding it with (star). Usually someone end up breaking it either by purpose or by randomly talking. JOE! also likes to start these at random which can be a hazard for actual conversations. Either way, this item heals you and anyone you throw it to so long as you keep up the chain. Are you going to be the guy who breaks it?

Up next is Waru, a humorous spelling error whilst trying to type (WARY), (WARU) quickly became a good substitute if you felt like being different.  (WARU) acts kind of like a gooey bomb, but instead of exploding you in a horribly fiery explosion of death, (WARU) simply knocks you out with sleeping gas. Wat.

Finally for Junahu’s ONE POST we have The Warlordion, a thinly veiled Warlordian-esque acordian that exists I assume because Junahu was incredibly drunk or something, not sure. The Warlordion likes to stamp pits in the stage where he waits to capture characters with his lasso(?) and hold them there until they die. Indeed. . .

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower after Junahu blew his MYmini load all in my hair. While you wait, do enjoy Weegee by MasterWarlord. A strange Fiend indeed, Weegee will attempt to make you one of him via his insane nightmare powers or some shit like that, never really understood this meme but it’s still creepy none the less. Warlord even included a hilarious image of the transformation in action; funny stuff here.

Katapultar then gave us another TMoHS based MYmini with smoked cheese and Churuya-san/Tsuruya. Essentially, smoked cheese is a healing item that can be stored within your character’s very soul (or something like that) or eaten to heal yourself. Churuya-san will appear from an Assist Trophy when this smoked dairy product is active and will try and get the cheese or ask for it from the player. Giving her smoked cheese will cause her to perform one of a few actions or actually become Tsuruya who will perform even more actions depending on the situation.

Our only moveset of the week comes from Nicholas1024 and is for The Soldier of Team Fortress 2 fame. To start us off, The Soldier comes with a variety of weapons from TF2 that he can select via his Down Special. These range from his primary weapon the rocket launcher (with some rocket launchers that heal you or some that do more damage against foes knocked into the air) to his secondary weapons including a shotgun (that probably does more damage at close range, just like a real shotgun!) and some various “stat” boosts. Similar in a way to Lucario’s Aura mechanic, The Soldier gets stronger melee attacks and becomes faster the more damage he takes with his Equalizer weapon in use (but he also starts off considerably weaker). This moveset also came with some nifty extras including the ability to craft hats (M.Trinity could use some new hats to go with her Bison one…) and the Domination dealy. The Soldier only received one comment (from Kholdstare) but was praised for being faithful to his character and for having some unique concepts and extras. One negative about the set was that the weapon selecting Special interrupting the game so blatantly felt really out of place for Smash Bros.

And what would be a MYmini without our newcomer Davidreamcatcha posting something? This mini just so happens to fit in quite well with The Soldier posted not long before it (gee, I wonder if that was on purpose…) and is for the Demopan. Basically, you give him two refined metals and he gives you a swell hat and proceeds to hit people with his frying pan (unless you’re wearing the Stout Shako he gave to you/the other player). I think I’m missing out on this one because I don’t know TF2 stuff. . .

Finally for this week we have lolchillinz by Kholdstare. Acting sort of like Minions, lolchillinz are character specific summons that are, what else? Chillinz. Each character has their own unique lolchillinz based on the game/”side” they’re from/on (be it good or evil) or are based on a lolchillinz version of the character if no such character applies. The example given for us was Young Link as Link’s lolchillinz.

MYmini #14: MYM9 Extra

Holy easy extras Batman is this MYmini simple. Basically, we’ve had a ton of movesets this MYM which is totally awesome! But not every moveset/movesetter likes to include extras in their work! To make up for that, your MYmini this week is to make up an extra (again, any extra, real or otherwise) for a moveset this MYM! The only rule for this MYmini is that the moveset you make the extra for cannot be a moveset that you made yourself! Yep, that means you’ll actually have to take a looksie at some of the other movesets; sorry guys!

And with that, MT’s Sunday Recap Episode X13 comes to a close! As just a little reminder, MYM9 is also coming to a close on March 31st! Get your movesets in people before it’s too late! I’m off to sleep now and don’t forget for you American MYMer’s (unless you’re in Arizona), Spring forward; you just lost an hour of sleep! And don’t cram another nine MYmini post into me again Junahu; it’s too big and now my throat hurts…from all the talking of course D:

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!


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