Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 20, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Episode X14

Howdy hoes and welcome to MT’s Sunday Recap Episode X14. As I probably mentioned last time, we’re slooooowly winding down to the end of MYM9. In fact, we have less than two weeks left of this contest, so if you have any movesets you have in the works, try to wrap them up quickly or you may just miss the deadline! Of course, that’s not to rush your work or anything; take your time and make the best set you can possibly make…just keep the time limit in mind. With that said, we had a fairly slow week this time with a handful of MYmini entries and two movesets.

To begin, we had Mr. Minecraft’s fiend; Creeper by Kholdstare! Staying true to its Minecraft origins, the Creeper exists to do little more than be a dick and explode on people zing. When it does explode however, the Creeper will actually blow chunks out of the stage, allowing players to place them where they please or to simply rebuild the broken stage to its former state.

Following that mini came the Fertility Shrine by Katapultar, a stage for MasterWarlord’s Landlos moveset! As one may expect, this stage has crops similar to Landlos’ own crops that players may use to heal themselves. Certain characters can also go to the shrine in the middle of the stage to pray for the crops to restore…unless Landlos is already in the match. As another hazard, Tornadus and Thundurus will also show up to cause chaos and attack players…except Landlos. In short, this stage would be banned in a heartbeat for making an already overpowered character even more broken.

Next up was another stage, the Luca Concert by Junahu. While a Final Fantasy X-2 area would be a mini representing Auron from Final Fantasy X is a weird to me, what’s even weirder is that this stage doesn’t have the song Real Emotion. ANYWAY. . .the stage itself is fairly basic and the only real “hazard” is the fact that the spotlights obscure the screen allowing the perspective the stage is viewed from to switch from the front to the back.

Junahu then gave us another MYmini, this time for Ronald McDonald. The Golden Arches really has very little to do with McDonalds at all (but then again, how often does McDonalds’ based stuff in MYM actually related to McDonalds itself. . .?)). Basically, random stuff happens at random times. That’s. . .pretty much the only way to describe it. Stuff happens.

Davidreamcatcha then gave us a mini for The Scout; the Mann Manor stage. A fairly basic stage layout wise, in the center is a Control Point which adds something unique to the gameplay. If a character controls this point (by standing on it for 30 seconds) they gain an automatic advantage in the match and will instantly win in the event of a tie (skipping Sudden Death). Also worth noting is the Horseless Headless Horsemann, an axe-wielding character who will chase after whoever is marked by a skull symbol.

Kholdstare gave us another mini, this one being for Junahu’s Air Man moveset. Item-2 acts very similar to how it does in the actual Megaman games, essentially acting as a floating platform for a small amount of time. Very suiting for Air Man to get this as an item.

Up next we had Reginold by me, a mini for Keith, our only audio moveset in MYM history! Reginold basically makes no sense and is based upon absolutely nothing from the Keith moveset itself, he’s just really creepy looking. MS Paint doodles can be so amusing, no?

It seem so long ago now that we had our moveset for Tetris posted. As a mini for Tetris, Davidreamcatcha gave us The Man Who Arranges the Blocks. Considering Tetris itself doesn’t really have a full moveset, The Man has his own little moveset that involves…ya know? Arranging blocks?

I then posted the worst abomination known to man, Weepinter as a Poke Ball Pokemon loosely representing Victreebell. Essentially, it’s Haunter with Weepinbell’s face, but shhhh, don’t give away my creative secrets. It attacks using its powerful Hypnowder and Dream Leafer attacks! It also looks hilarious.

Davidreamcatcha then posted another mini, this one for Boolossus, a minion for King Boo. Boolossus attacks by hopping across the stage (much like he does in Luigi’s Mansion) and will split apart into a multitude of Boos if attacked for enough damage. Interestingly, King Boo also happens to have some cool interactions with Boolossus including the ability to power up the behemoth Boo with his own Boos or vice versa.

Warlo-er…DiamondFox then gave us a mini for The Pyro who ignites other players with her his its flamethrower forcing them to stop, drop and roll if they wish to put out the flames.

Our first moveset of the week (yeah, we’re almost done with the Recap but we just got to the first moveset) is part of a little project SmashDaddy and MasterWarlord have been working on for the past two or so weeks. For his part of the project, SmashDaddy made Vegeta, the Saiyan prince from the Dragon Ball Z series. Based upon his earlier appearances, Vegeta unfortunately lacks his more signature moves (such as Final Flash or becoming a Super Saiyan) but he does make up for this by having his Oozaru transformation and many expected traits of a DBZ character including the ability to teleport about whilst charging some of his moves. As expected from a SmashDaddy set, the set is full of well-done images that help the reader visualize the attacks as they read them. Currently, Vegeta has received no comments so there’s not much reception to speak of.

Finally, we have MasterWarlord’s part of this collaboration, Nappa. Much like Vegeta, Nappa also has access to his Oozaru form thanks to his artificial moon attack (a similar attack to the one Vegeta has). As expected, Nappa is much more about brute strength than his more royal counterpart. As such, Nappa has some nifty stuff in the set including his ability to grab multiple opponents at once with his grab game and breaking up parts of the stage to smash at opponents. Focusing mostly on gimping, Nappa has plenty of ways to force the foe off stage and finish them off early. Not only does Nappa also have an Oozaru form, he also has a 3-vs.-1 boss moveset that gives him some additional buffs if one wishes to play that way. Reception for Nappa hasn’t been a whole lot (he’s only gotten one comment) but the comment did praise the moveset for its creative ideas and good execution.

MYmini #15: YOU Decide!

First of all, yes, I’m totally lazy. Like. . .incredibly lazy. I’ve got NO good ideas for this week’s MYmini and, since it’s our last one (I really should’ve saved last week’s for this week. . .), I want to make it something special! -SO-! When you send in your votes for this week’s mini, include (if you feel like it that is) a mini idea you’d like to see for our final MYmini week of MYM9! Once the votes are all in tomorrow night, us fancypants leaders will get together and select the best mini you guys sent in! Of course, you’ll be credited for your hard brainstorming work. Good luck! Also, in case you want the truth. . .I didn’t think past last week’s mini and just have no good ideas at all; yerp, I’m that lazy!

Anyway, that’s all for this week peeps!  Remember to get your votes in and your MYmini suggestions! Also, don’t forget that MYM9’s ending date is rapidly approaching! Get your sets in everyone!

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Perhaps in the future this spot here and stuff which we can say stuff can suggest minis. Be nice to put them to some good use.

  2. We should totally have a Final Boss theme for the Final Week. Oh wait, we already did that. (CRS) We could just do an extra based off the final boss of another game, I suppose.

  3. That sounds like a great idea, way better than mine

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