Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 27, 2011

MT's Sunday Repcap Episode X15

Howdy all and welcome to what happens to be the end of the last full week of MYM9! As you read this, we’ll be only a few weeks away from the end of the contest; intense, no? Yes, this is the home stretch guys! We’re but a few days from the end which most likely means final rush time! Of course, this isn’t the final Recap of the contest; you can still expect one after the whole deal is over! With that, let’s begin with this week!

First up this week we had a move set by Katapultar for Keldio, one of those new-fangled 5th Gen horsey Pokemans we all keep hearing about. Anyway, Keldio has the ability to walk on water which effectively makes him Jesus pony and also makes it so that he can create water by running around thanks to Rain Dance. Keldio also has the ability to power up its movement speed with its Down Special, increasing its own mobility while decreasing the foe’s with Rain Dance. The water unicorn thingy can also magically attach opponents to its back (not sure how exactly but whatever) which can be used as sort of a mobile grab as well as a way to drown foes faster via some other combinations of moves. Overall reception for Keldio was…relatively unknown! Nobody actually commented this set unfortunately so I don’t know how anyone felt about it. On the plus side, I do know that Hyper_Ridley found it at least enjoyable to read.

Our first MYmini entry of this week, and of the final MYmini for MYM9 was emergency by n88_2004. In Smash, emergency appears as the Sandbag item but with incredibly buff Disco Kid-esque arms. emergency then begins beating himself up brutally, causing items to fly every which way. On the plus side, you get items! On the down side, merge beats himself up! You can also give merge an item which he maaaaaaaaaay accept (or may not) and repay you with a similar (but far better) item within the next few matches.

After emergency came CrazyWigglytuff by darth meanie. Based on SkylerOcon’s relatively unchanging chat persona, CrazyWigglytuff does very little but sit in the background, leeching and waiting. That being said, getting too close to CrazyWigglytuff can end up quite bad as it constantly damages you and drains away at your shield. Fortunately you can kick him if you get crazy enough. Pretty accurate description of the MYM Xat actually. . .

KingK.Rool by Junahu was our next MYmini entry for this week. As the master of lurk (watch, he’ll comment on this Recap now because he was summoned ;D), Rool appears from Assist Trophies to pass comments on the match, analyzing it with his analyzing brain of analysis. He also appears to one of many themes based off of his movesets. Goodness there’s a lot of them.

Up next we have kirbywizard by Katapultar. kirbywizard appears much like Kirby and tries to inhale a foe. If he’s successful, he’ll give the opponent’s Neutral Special to the person who summoned him…but with an added effect based upon one of kirbywizard’s classic, unintentionally hilarious MYM quotes. These range from bits of Bear Hugger to the now infamous Oliver rap music quote. It is however missing one thing. . .I’ll just leave this here. . .

Kholdstare then gave us MYmini entry for Half_Silver28, creator of the MYM Awards and all-around cool guy. Much like many other MYmini entries this week, this one capitalizes on many of the memes based around Silver including grapings, gentle fondles and his signature nickname of SilverStrike (Kibble (cry2)). Plus he looks like Cammy merged with the smirk2 face which is vaguely eerie to be entirely honest.

And our FINAL MYmini of MYM9 is for Plorf! And it just so happens to be me! In short, Plorf appears on stage and, if he’s provoked, will turn into the Incredible Plorf. Like the other MYmini entries this week, this one is based heavily around a lot of Plorf’s memes ranging from photoshoops to his headphones to his fond love of Robot Masters and tragic events in history.

And finally for the week we have Rita Mordio by half_silver28. From Tales of Vespira, Rita comes loaded with a whooooooole bunch of spells with her Specials that have a wide variety of uses and effects. Rita can also cancel and “store” the charge time on her spells via Spell Canceling in order to unleash a spell with minimal charge time. Of course, Rita isn’t just limited to that. She also has her Over Limit ability/meter which she can charge by attacking foes and unleash in order to give her numerous benefits including the ability to cast spells uninterrupted thanks to super armor buffs and such. One of the main catches of Rita seems to be the ability to use a lot of her spells in combination with one another, find various creative ways to KO your foe with a multitude of spells to choose between. Overall reception for Rita is non-existent since it was posted tonight and hasn’t gotten any comments. Awww…

Anyway guys and gals, this is it! We only have like. . .four days left of the contest really. Crazy huh? With that in mind, get your final sets in soon! No rush or anything. . .

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Those are King Hippo’s arms, actually (WARY)

  2. It’s almost over! We so exciiiiiiited! We so exciiiiiiited! Fun fun fun fun fun partying partying YEAH!

  3. oooooh no

  4. KingK.Rool is the equivilent of Beetlejuice.

  5. And this is why I respect Rool so much.

  6. You respect him for lurking?

  7. Lurking is underrated.

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