Posted by: MarthTrinity | April 3, 2011

MT's Final Recap

Yep…you read that correctly. Before I get into the actual Recap itself, let me explain the title. The Sunday Recap has been going on for about…77 episodes now I believe? Granted, not all of them have been written by me as I’ve had some wonderful guest hosts do it for me (including Junahu, agidius, TWILT, Khold and GW)…but even so, The Recap is the longest running article in MYM; period. Stretching from the very early stages of MYM6 right up until this Recap at the end of MYM9, the Recap has been a consistent article always informing readers of what went down that week…with mostly consistent quality (AKA crap until I forced someone else to write it).

Joking aside, the Recap has been an excellent experience. I may joke about how it makes me lose a lot of sleep, but in all honesty, it’s been a very fun thing to be involved in for the past three MYM contests.

This brings me to what the title actually means. This will be my final Recap. Some of you may have been hinted of this thanks to miscommunications, but if you haven’t, don’t feel like you’re behind. Right here in my final Recap I’m announcing that I will no longer be a leader in upcoming MYM contests. This decision was one I came to on my own with no other guidance or suggestion from the other leaders. It has truly been an honor being a leader of this fine contest, but as of now, I don’t put in as much of an effort as I used to. My commenting, excluding this Recap, has been near non-existent and I rarely make sets as often as I used to. Plus…well, I’m sure it’d be nice to see some change in the leadership, no?

Well, there will be change in the leadership. With me stepping down for MYM10 (or MYMX, whatever they decide to call it), there will need to be a replacement. We as a leadership have decided that n88_2004 has proven himself to be a very worthy leader. With mostly consistent comments and a ton of sets and minis, n88 is without a doubt one of MYM’s rising stars when it comes down to it. Thus, it is with great honor that I welcome n88_2004 into leadership!

As one final note on the topic, n88 will not be stepping in immediately. Just because I’m stepping down for next contest doesn’t mean I’ll be stepping down in this one. I’ll be a leader till the very end of this contest and will still serve as your Vote Guru. And, just in case this wasn’t made clear; I do -not- plan on leaving MYM. I simply will not be a leader in the future. I will continue posting movesets and being an overall chat leech πŸ˜‰

With that said, MYM9 is now over! Shocking, no? For our closing week, we had a pretty solid amount of sets from a variety of MYMer’s. Also, with all these sets coming in…we got pushed over the 100 set mark! Woo! So yeah, we’ve got a lot of movesets to cover in this Recap so let’s get right through it; we’re gonna power through to the end!

Our first set this week just so happens to be for Obi-wan Kenobi and is by Nicholas1024. After enduring the many crashings of Safari and being forced to rush the second half of his the set, Obi-wan was released with some interesting features about him. Essentially, Obi-wan is a defensive character who “wears down” his opponents via clever dodging and then uses his buffed start up speed to retaliate. Obi-wan also has the ability to move left or right slightly during his ground attacks so as to make them safer or to space himself properly. Adding onto his list of tricks, Obi-wan also borrows Espeon’s ability to create an illusion of the foe that strikes before the foe does, effectively creating “mind-reading” within the limitations of Smash.Β  Overall reception for Obi-wan was fairly poor. The set was criticized for being rushed (although it was understandable since he did lose a good chunk of it due to crashing) and for having the Down Special directly state it was “ripping off” a previous moveset.

Finally, you didn’t have Bizarro by meanie_darth. Bizarro is a terrible moveset with no redeeming features at all. Essentially, this moveset doesn’t make use of Bizarro’s anti-Superman powers such as Freeze Vision, Vacuum Breath and Fire Breath. It also doesn’t have anything to do with shield-breaking at all, Bizarro terrible at that. Bizarro also lacks any real KO methods; he certainly can’t grab the foe, transition into free flight and then fly around with the foe or juggle them off the top of the screen. He also has no form of gimping game whatsoever which makes him even more lame. Overall reception for Bizarro was pretty terrible. MasterWarlord left a very positive comment about it saying how it was so terrible and easily one of the worst entries of the contest. Bizarro now sits within the bottom five of MasterWarlord’s ranking. On the positive side however, there was lots of Bizarro speak everywhere within the moveset which pleases most everyone.

Next up on the moveset list is Electro Gamma by phatcat203. From what I gather, Gamma is some kind of crazy pool playing cowboy from space. Or something to that sort. Either way, Gamma has sort of a give-and-take deal going on here; while many of his moves are initially unavailable to the player, using his Neutral Special essentially shifts his movesets around (IE, some moves become usable then, some get locked however). Gamma also has some other interesting things going for him such as the assistance of his two fox buddies (Cocoa and Wiggles or something like that) that allow him to use his aerials and his grab game. All in all, Gamma’s got lots of fun stuff to do with his balls; playing with Gamma’s balls is a good strategy for characters who want to get good with him.verall reception for Gamma was mixed. Rool in his massive comment wall praised the set for having excellent concepts but felt the playstyle was overly complicated and that some of the interactions were unnecessary (such as being forced to use the nair in order to use the other aerials).

Up next we had the long awaited Amaterasu by TWILTHERO. TWILT’s first moveset in the contest since Dante waaaaaaaaay back at the beginning came as a surprise to many not expecting TWILT to post another one (as he had previously said he has lost interest in MYM’ing) either way, it’s great to see Ammy finished. Amaterasu comes with much of what you’d expect of the goddess if you’ve played Okami including the ability to paint certain attacks using the Celestial Brush including the Cherry Bomb, the Power Slash and even ability to simply scribble on the foe in order to stun them. Ammy also comes with her various weapon types including the Reflector, the Rosaries and the Glaive which is a mechanic similar to the one Amaterasu has in MvC3 as well allowing Ammy to change weapons on the fly in order to vary up her Smash attacks and strategies. Overall reception for Amaterasu was pretty good; Rool claimed it to be a positive note for TWILT to go out on .

After Amaterasu we had Doctor Strange by n88_2004; seems the good doctor finally made it in before his enemies did. Well, at least one of them. Anyway, Doctor Strange is an interesting character whose main feature happens to be his Astral Projection attack. Essentially, Doctor Strange can separate his spirit from his body, allowing him to float about as he pleases in order to…do what he please, whether it be setting up his Down Special in handy places or whatever. You do have to be careful of your body getting smacked around while you’re doing this however, but a good player should be able to manage both carefully. This brings us to another nifty move Strange has; his Side Special Illusion. Essentially, Strange can use this, perform an attack and then have a duplicate attack with the same move at the same time. Striking the illusion won’t do you much good…but getting hit by the illusion will hurt just the same! Overall reception for Strange was pretty good and it was praised for having a solid playstyle especially considering it was somewhat rushed.

Going off his love of Team Fortress 2, Kholdstare gave us a moveset for The Medic. Probably the most unlikely TF2 character to receive a moveset, The Medic is obviously quite the help in team matches considering his ability both heal his partners and make them invincible thanks to his Ubercharge ability (which he must heal partners/opponents in order to use). Alternatively. . .The Medic could also switch with his Down Special and instead give his partner/himself an increased boost in both speed and damage. Basically, Medic wants to hurt his foes via bleeding damage and such in order to coax them into getting healed. Getting healed however backfires when it’s actually giving Medic invincibility so it creates a sort of conflict of interests; you’re getting healed but you’re also helping your opponent get stronger and vice versa. Medic’s an interesting set and, while some comparisons to Nurse Joy do come up, it’s unique enough that it can be excused (especially considering that the character probably has the least going for them as far as TF2 sets go). Overall reception for The Medic was mixed. Rool felt as though the set was interesting enough but felt the connections to Nurse Joy were a bit too much. Oh, and he turns them into the goddamn HUMAN-FUCKING-CENTIPEDE in his boss moveset.

And last of all for this page we had Shuma-Gorath by MarthTrinity. Based heavily on his Vs. Series appearances (considering he has so few appearances in actual comic books), Shuma joins the brawl with his impressive grabbing reach and multitude of special moves including the fan favorite Chaos Dimension. Shuma-Gorath is also capable of dividing himself in two in order to blitz the opponent with attacks, stick them with delayed damage projectiles or block off certain KO methods with his Up Special. Overall reception for Shuma-Gorath was okay. Rool felt it was a fun read but said it didn’t flow together very well which I disagree with but whatever it’s my own set of course I’m going to disagree with that rawr. Also, who would’ve thought that three movesets representing the Doctor Strange comics would be posted in the same MYM let alone two on the same page?

Then MasterWarlord and SmashDaddy made my final Recap hell on Earth by posting FIVE back to back sets for the entirety of the Ginyu Force. These sets also made me realize that neither of you use Peach ever because the Ginyus have ridonkulous float times.

That aside, the first member of the Ginyu Force is Burter. He’s the big guy so you know he was made by MasterWarlord. Burter’s a pretty fast guy and he also happens to be the biggest member of the Ginyu Force which makes him an awkward combination for a character. With that said, Burter can use his incredible speed to dash about the stage, leaving only afterimages of himself as he does so in order to mind game the opponent into being unsure of where the brute is. Burter’s float is also unique in the sense that he actually gains speed and momentum, thus making it all the more important to his playstyle (especially considering the fact that one can use both their aerials -and- grabs whilst floating). Overall reception for Burter was pretty good. Rool praised it for using old “Warlord cliches” with an interesting twist and compared it to Hannibal Bean in terms of them both being solid momentum based characters.

Next up came Recoome. Despite being the next biggest, this guy was actually made by Smady. Essentially, Recoome is an interesting character that we really haven’t seen much of; a taunt based character. Yes, Recoome is full of laggy attacks, always feeling the utmost need to show off before he does just about anything. He can however reduce the lag on his attacks via clever use of his super-armored taunts. Recoome also has some other nifty attributes, the most obvious one being the fact that Recoome cannot grab a foe normally. Instead, Recoome must counter-grab the foe -or- he can hold the input in order to grab a grounded/pitfalled foe. Overall reception for Recoome was also pretty good. Rool praised it for being a nearly entirely taunt-centric character and claimed it was pulled off well despite it being rushed (as Recoome was the last member to be finished).

We then had Captain Ginyu himself, once again made by MasterWarlord. Obviously Ginyu has his classic Body Swap ability but he also has some nifty abilities such as creating Levitation Fields in which opponents are constantly pulled towards a specified spot of the field allowing Ginyu to essentially control their movement by limiting it. Couple that in with some clever projectiles to use in combination with the Levitation Field and you’ve got a character with lots of deadly potential. To further this, Ginyu also has a particularly deadly gimping game thanks to his float and his various tools to guide the foe where they really don’t want to be. Overall reception for Ginyu was quite good, Rool claimed it was his favorite of the group and one of Warlord’s top contenders for the contest.

Next we have the fourth member of the Ginyu Force and also SmashDaddy’s final moveset of the contest, Jeice. Now this guy was always my favorite in the anime, probably because of his kickass accent and the fact that he was randomly bright red. Anyway, Jeice has some cool tricks up his sleeves including the really nifty Crusher Ball attack which has a few different effects depending on how it hits the opponent. Not only this but Jeice can interact with these projectiles in more than a few ways specifically with his Side Special and his Up Special. Jeice (like Doctor Strange earlier in the Recap) also has the ability to visually clone himself in order to cause some tricky mindgames as well as catch unsuspecting foes off guard. Overall, Jeice was received well, gaining praise as one of Smady’s strongest sets of the contest.

Finally for the Ginyu Force we have our final MasterWarlord moveset of this contest; Guldo. Now Guldo’s more of what you’d expect from a MasterWarlord set; he’s a stocky, heavyweight male antagonist. Oh, and he can control time. Yeaaaaah…as long as Guldo holds his breath, he can essentially stop time. Crazy, huh? Basically, Guldo is about punishing as Warlord puts it. He can stop time to capitalize on your mistakes or he can bind you in place to finish you off when he has to. Guldo can also use his mental manipulation abilities to grab foes from a far or grab the spears he creates via his Up Special. Overall, Guldo was also received fairly well, Rool praised the set for its concepts but felt the playstyle was too specific and too “tightly-wound.” Oh, and check out that massive match-ups post after the sets for an in-depth look at how the team stacks up against one another and against the other DBZ characters!

And finally for MYM9 as a whole, we had two last movesets by Junahu. Since they’re similar in structure and I’m very tired/lazy, I’ll cover them both briefly. First we have Blaze...again. Please, please, please for the love of all that is good and holy, please SPECIFY which Blaze you’re voting for if you decide to vote this Blaze or Blaze the Cat. Anyway, Blaze has a lot of little nods to the Streets of Rage series including the ability to pick up various weaponry and the ability to call in your police support to launch a grenade at your location. The police car however acts as a nifty little “roadblock” if you will, essentially disabling the ability for characters to roll or spot dodge in that area. Blaze also happens to have the classic beat-em-up grab mechanic of walking into the opponent in order to grab them. Of course, she’s no Mike Haggar…

And finally finally, we have Mona and Lisa, the other half of Junahu’s Streets of Rage project. Mona and Lisa are essentially a co-op character; you can either play with player 2 as Lisa or with the CPU; it’s kinda like the Ice Climbers if they could both essentially be individual characters and were given the ability to co-op. Lots of Mona and Lisa’s moves involve working together with your partner for the best results. I could only imagine how wonderful that could work with a human teammate…and how freakin’ painful that’d be with a CPU partner. Blaze was praised for her wonderful execution when it comes to fitting her into Smash whereas Mona and Lisa were praised for being something -outside- of Smash. Weird, no?

And…that’s it guys. MYM9 is over. We got 107 movesets in all posted this contest and it was truly a wonderful one, both in terms of sets and participation! We saw all kinds of nifty stuff and we had some fun thinking up movesets and minis alike. But all good things must unfortunately come to an end. Make sure you check MasterWarlord’s most recent post in the thread for details on how to make sure -YOU’RE- qualified for voting.

Before I go…I’d like to close with a little bit of personal stuff. As I mentioned way up at the top of this now massive Recap, I won’t be a leader in MYM. That -MAY- mean that the Recap will not continue on. We’ve discussed the idea of the Recap changing hands (which I’m okay with but I’m not sure who’d want to do it) so there’s a possibility this will live on even without me but at this time, we’re still planning stuff out.

I’d truly like to thank the wonderful members of MYM for making my run as a MYM leader so awesome and I’d of course like to thank my fellow leaders for all the hard work and effort they put into these contests. Once again, I’d like to thank Junahu, agidius, TWILTHERO, Kholdstare and goldwyvern for making the Recap possible even when I wasn’t there to do it (or were too lazy to do it ;P)

And so…with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the Sunday Recap. It’s kind of like saying goodbye to a child in a weird way; it’s a strange thing to think that the thing you thought up and have been doing for almost two years now is gonna be…well…gone…Sorry if this seems kinda weird to get emotional over…I guess it’s just kind of weird that I won’t be doing this anymore.

But of course…this isn’t anything to be sad about. I’ll certainly still be around in MYM, I have no desire to leave the community or even to leave movesetting itself. I’ve still got ideas in my head and as long as you’re willing to read them (or at least fake it ;P) I’m willing to write them up for you. With that, I say my goodbye to the Sunday Recap. As always….

I hope you enjoyed~<3

MT’s Sunday Recap…signing off.

Much love MYM. Much love~<3



  1. Goddamn Rainbow Dash (D) And ponies in general (D)

  2. Confound those ponies! They drive me to drink!

    Thank you so much for keeping the recap running as long as you have been doing.
    What a touching end. And the fact you finished with Rainbow fucking Dash… you’ve been probing my dreams again, haven’t you?

  3. >ponyfags

  4. *Salute*

  5. @PC: (cool)

    @Junahu: That’s not the only thing of yours I’ve been probing while you’re asleep (tipsy) But seriously, it’s been fun doing the Recap for this long. And yeah, the ending was meant to be a smidge over-exagerrated but, for the most part, it’s how I feel. I also wanted to end it on a lighter note, I’m not one to leave people upset (hence the pony).

    @David: >Implying Rainbow Dash isn’t totes manly and amazing.

    @Geto: Cheers.

  6. Question: if you’re not going to be a leader anymore, what will happen to the minis? Will you still do those?

  7. A job well done, MT. Your recaps will be missed.

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