Posted by: masterwarlord | May 15, 2011

Warlordian Sunday Recap #1

MT in Pokemon DND

With the coming of a new MYM and MarthTrinity having resigned from leadership there comes great change – Warlord of all people is now running the recap, ready to smother it with as much biased propaganda to brainwash the masses as possible. Junahu didn’t want it, and lord knows we don’t want a recap run by our even more unbiased Smady, now do we? I decided the recap had been too static of a MYM tradition to lose none the less, though, and decided to ensure it sticks around.

As previously stated, this week marks the opening of MYM 10. Not much has changed from that generic old original post which has been copypasta’d from MYM to MYM beyond one rather notable change – MarthTrinity has resigned from leadership and n88 has taken his place, with the ever so fitting Ode to Minions from Brawl in the Family as his theme. That lazy ass Warlord was too lazy to change his theme while Kupa picked a token Kremling theme, though Smady seems to be going through a pessimistic phase, for whatever reason having chosen the theme of Dan Hikibi, an iconic joke character. . .

After the original post by BKupa, Junahu posted the theme of the mini for the opening week – thievery, in “honor” of the Playstation Network being hacked and mass amounts of personal information like credit cards being public domain now. Way to go Sony, putting that stuff in .txt files. Way of the future in security technology right there. The minis were limited strictly to assist trophies, making the mini much less broad than most of those from MYM 9.

Until the first moveset, there was a surprisingly low amount of token posts for “link-up spaces”, only Darkslash, Kholdstare, Davidreamcatcha, and BKupa bothering to claim them. Thankfully, the first moveset, Spider Man by Nicholas1024, was posted before any more of them could devour the thread. The moveset is exceptionally heavy on move interactions, having an approach not unlike Agidius’. Spiderman focuses on covering the stage in lines of webbing, with one of the most notable of the many interactions being swinging foes/giant globs of webbing tied to the end of a line around to assault foes. The moveset was universally praised as a massive improvement from Nick’s previous works and received positively in general, most particularly for having a fairly large amount of versatility despite having so many interactions. The only recurring complaint being that performing a classic Spidey Web-Swing was difficult due to Spiderman being unable to tether his web line to the top of the screen and thus relying on stages with large complicated layouts, or at least the presence of platforms. The moveset did spark some controversy, however; when J. Jonah Jameson stole David’s computer and bashed the moveset for not being villainous enough, and thus OOC.

Almost immediately after Spider Man, Ashley by Chaos Swordsman was posted – it was his first moveset, and one he’d been alluding to during the last pages of MYM 9. Ashley has a surprisingly complex playstyle for a newcomer moveset involving stage control, able to defend her little imp, Red, from incoming attackers with her portal-like Down Special and her bair barriers (Unfortunately not reviving the pun from harbinger’s version back in the day) so that she can use him in her own attacks. These positioning techniques can also be used to screw with the foe, though she has extra incentive to play defensive and buy time with her ability to heal herself. The moveset received mixed reception, there being a good degree of praise for Ashley’s characterization, mostly the in-character writing style of the moveset, as well as praise for Ashley’s Heavy Hex spell that increases the foe’s falling speed. However; the same people wished there was more focus on the heavy hex spell, and some commenters also disliked that Red was required in order for several of her moves to have any function.

Next up was an assist trophy mini, Pentagon Thief by DarkSlash, the so-called chat leech immediately leaping straight into the fray. This mini involves the thief rushing up to foes to steal stocks/100% worth of damage from them, which was found rather scarily overpowered by Kupa, the sole commenter whom I unsurprisingly agree with. However; the stock can be stolen back by the player who was stolen from, minimizing how much the pentagon thief could interfere otherwise and making him an intriguing assist trophy to play with – the thief’s summoner will be doing the best to defend the thief to prevent the foe from getting back their lost stock.

Managing to rake in another moveset on the first page, Weston by BKupa666 was posted. Weston is a very campy character who prefers to stay inside a block of ice as he sets up the stage to his liking, which is essentially a un-grabbable shield with stamina. Once he’s set up, he uses the icy terrain he’s created to bring up spikes from to camp as well as stick the tongue of prone foes to the ice in order to deal major damage to them. While there wasn’t so much as a word to question the moveset’s flow, the moveset was criticized for not introducing much to the campy trappy genre beyond the ice block, which some of the commenters weren’t terribly fond of anyway. Even Junahu commented on the moveset’s lack of originality, if indirectly, by making many comparisons to Bowser Jr, who managed to have a more interesting set-up phase than Weston by getting the foe to help him with his set-up phase. While there was a desire for new ideas to be brought in, the moves that Kupa brought back from previous movesets were at least recognized as having some fresh new takes done on them.

On the next page, we received a mini for Cheatyface by Koj,  a veteran who hasn’t graced us with his presence since the spectacular Gecko Moria from MYM 3. Cheatyface appears to be another assist trophy at random when summoned, but this is a mere illusion as it won’t do any actual damage. If enemies can figure it out they can stop Cheatyface straight in his tracks, but otherwise they’ll take a significant amount of damage, and keeping a look out for Cheatyface in the middle of an items on Brawl is quite difficult to say the least. Kholdstare reposted the Pentagon Thief as Cheatyface on the same page as the Cheatyface mini, attempting to mindgame people into that he was reposting Cheatyface and seeing who’d pay enough attention to pick up on it. Well played on both their parts.

Next up, one final moveset was posted on the first day, Dry Bowser by n88_2004. Dry Bowser excels at approaching and getting into people’s faces, most notably with his skidding dashing attack that enables him to attack while moving, and is impossibly hard to shake once he closes the distance, crumbling into bones and becoming temporarily invincible. Dry Bowser was praised for having a significant offensive game despite having a large array of projectiles, them being used well to both aid his approach and to gimp off-stage enemies, even luring out Hyper Ridley from the dragon cave to give it a hearty recommendation. The reception was mixed at best, though, when Dry Bowser was criticized for being too offensive and speedy a moveset for the Koopa King, skeletal or not. The largest aspect the moveset was bashed for, though, was the grab, compared to the infamous grab of Kaptain K. Rool. Commenters felt the grab felt very awkward on the input and even n88 himself admitted he should’ve put in traditional throws instead.

A mini was then posted that wasn’t part of the week’s theme, Aperture Science Laboratories by Chaos Swordsman. This is a scrolling stage from the Portal series which is narrated by Glados, much like how Chaos Swordsman’s Ashley moveset on the previous page was narrated by the character in question. The stage is rather chaotic, with several items that can be picked up throughout the various phases of the stage, the most intruiging one being a portal gun in the first phase that essentially gives the character a standard portal recovery. In the final room Glados can be found, and while Glados will attack anyone back who dares think they can challenge her, will reward players who do not attack her with a chocolate cake. Surprisingly this cake is not a lie and heals 20%, despite presumably containing injector needle guns, fish shaped organic compounds, and sediment shaped sediments.

Grabbing the last post on the page for whatever reason, the next moveset posted was Enrico Pucci and Whitesnake by LegendofLink. The moveset is a tag-team moveset, but finds a middle ground between being able to move the characters separately entirely and binding them together by making them play mostly like the Ice Climbers, but having some moves to space Whitesnake away from Pucci. Whitesnake also has several exclusive moves that Pucci cannot perform, most notably some moves relating to discs which can either give the foe simple commands such as “fall” or “explode”, or outright steal moves from the foe and add them to his own moveset. Taking advantage of the fact there’s two characters involved, the duo can then proceed to use the stolen moves better than the foe ever could. The moveset was praised for the relationship between Pucci and Whitesnake for the most part, but there was some controversy over the stealing of moves. While Darth Meanie did not criticize this directly, he commented on the fact that having the ability to steal moves on a dual character was too complicated.

Stealing the first post of page 3 from Pucci, we have Gon Freeces by koolerkid, another newcomer moveset. Gon has a fairly standard issue ammo bank mechanic – Nen Points. This ammo bank mechanic doesn’t have any obligatory charge move and instead goes up automatically over time, encouraging Gon to play defensive for it to build up, most notably by keeping the foe restrained with his grab-game, before he unleashes all of the built up Nen Points onto the foe with his specials, most obviously his non-laggy Falcon Punch-esque Down Special. While the moveset was bashed for a large amount of filler, mostly in the standards and aerials, it was praised for being surprisingly conscious of playstyle for Koolerkid’s first outing – and not just in the playstyle summary, but regularly talking about Gon’s actual interests throughout the moveset. It certainly seems Koolerkid’s going to be one to look out for in the future. . .

Shortly after Gon, Alexandra Rovias by lordvaati was posted. This mini causes one of several effects to happen at random, such as slowing everything down, speeding it up, setting everybody’s percent to 0, afflicting characters with slow poison damage, or essentially calling a no contest and immediately ending the match. This seems to be some sort of sanity attack or something or other, but any assist trophy that just instantly ends the match is too much for me to blatantly remain neutral on, seeing nobody’s commented on it anyway. In addition, assist trophies are supposed to show at least some degree of loyalty towards the summoner, if you want to create something that causes chaos everywhere, that’s what fiends are for. . .

In the middle of the page, an incomplete moveset for Spongebob Squarepants by GreatKingBowserKoopa was posted. The moveset only has 2 token specials which are but a few sentences in length, and the bubble blowing Neutral Special doesn’t even involve characters getting enveloped by the bubble in the cliché we’ve come to expect in MYM. NEXT.

Immediately after Spongebob, we were thankfully saved from his lack of effort with Mulch Diggums by Kholdstare. Mulch is a dwarf who digs with his bloody teeth as if he were some sort of Pokemon, and greedily steals any valuable items/coin mode coins from people in typical dwarven fashion by digging up under them and grabbing it with his pearly whites. However, Mulch isn’t some item destroying competitive faggot like Munchlax – you can get the items back by attacking where Mulch buried into the ground to reveal him and get your item back from the dwarven thief.

Next, we a mini for Kay Faraday by Getocoolaid, with half of the mini’s length being dedicated to telling us who the character is. The other half, showing what she actually does in Brawl, showcases that when summoned, she will roll back time to when the summoner of the assist trophy was last KO’d and enable them to have another crack at the person who KO’d them, with the person who killed them helpless to repeat the same motions while the former victim gets a chance to turn the tables around on the foe. Apparently Kay has time travel powers, yet the best she does with them is helping out some random lawyers. . .She seems to be a bit un-ambitious for a so-called thief.

Next we have yet another mini for The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha. After established for a good paragraph that we are all terrible people who did not have childhoods and were born as man children because we apparently did not watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Is that even physically possible?), David gets into the assist trophy, which only appears from Thanksgiving to Christmas. When summoned, the Grinch stashes items and weapons from characters before going to bash characters over the head with them, dealing more damage based off how much he’s collected. These items are kept in-tact over multiple sessions, though, causing the Grinch to become more and more powerful as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. If summoned on Christmas day, the Grinch will go to dump all the presents off the stage, but get a change of heart at the last second before dumping all the items on-stage he’s collected for player use, leaving Brawl until next Thanksgiving comes around. Quite easily my favorite of the minis for this week, even if it’s a rip off of Roomba.

Because Koj coming back wasn’t enough, the next moveset we have for the opening week is Storm by Tanookie. The entirety of the moveset was made during MYM 6, but Tanookie apparantely withheld it because of my top 13 leadership screw ups bashing him. . .Nevermind the fact that was posted in MYM 8. In any case, Storm largely is a elementary camper character, preferring to fight at a distance with her long range laggy lightning moves, most notably with her Up Special cloud serving as an excellent perch high in the sky to rain hell down on foes. Commenters felt that the moveset lacked flow, which is something rather hard to do with such a simplistic playstyle theme, but praised the writing style. The moveset also gave a much larger amount of attention then most modern movesets to FFAs and items, which was received both as a positive and negative thing, depending on which commenter you ask.

Next we get Kasumi Goto by Darth Meanie, after he commented every moveset in the thread up to that point, This assist trophy is more simplistic like the ones actually in Brawl, performing a single simple action – Kasumi goes forward at the nearest foe and attacks them with a Shadow Strike to deal 18% and break the foe’s shield. If it misses, though, she doesn’t end the attack there, and proceeds to throw a flashbang grenade at the foe which also breaks their shield, after which she leaves the fight for good. Kasumi seems to leave the foe open to punishment for her summoner more than do much of anything herself, as even if she doesn’t force the foe into a dizzy state she’ll force the foe to dodge twice in quick succession, leaving them predictable.

Almost directly after, we received T.A.C. by Gcubedude, his only post in the thread for the opening week. . .Thankfully it’s only a mini and not a repost of Smeargle from Rool. Tac goes about and attempts to steal the most used special from all of his summoner’s enemies, attacking them a set amount of times before he will leave and prevent them from using that special for 30 seconds. Attacking Tac can make him cower and spam dodges, but you have to stall him out for 30 seconds if you don’t want to risk attempting to dodge his attacks, making this somewhat pointless.

For the seventh and final moveset for the opening week, we have Viewtiful Joe by Chaos Swordsman, leaving CS as the only user to post two movesets in the opening week. Joe relies on his VFX meter which he has to keep from running out less he be forced to revert to civilian mode, with which he fills up by getting kills. His 2 core specials involve Joe speeding up time for himself and slowing it down for the enemy, causing him to be a rather extreme rush down character. Darth Meanie, the sole commenter of the moveset, preferred it to Ashley if only for the better organization, but disliked the lack of flow, how Joe’s mechanic makes him more powerful in matches with more stocks, and how he can potentially lose access to his Up Special forever. I, on the other hand, find the moveset worse than Ashley due to less flow and a less interesting premise as a whole.

Unintentionally grabbing the next page is Yuffie Kisaragi by Half_Silver28, an assist trophy with so many moves it could be mistaken for a small moveset upon scrolling past, or at least a boss moveset. Yuffie has a large amount of attacks to hit her foes, some generic melee attacks including a random flipkick as well as a large assortment of projectiles. Her most notable ability is to steal materinas from foes which represent various properties, such as the ability to use elemental moves, non damaging moves, and use props. To get their abilities back characters must damage Yuffie for 15%, but this only helps Yuffie, as once she gets under half health she can use her all powerful limit breaks which include things such as uncharacteristic heavyweight male antagonistic earthquakes, bombs, and gigantic laser beams.

After faking that he was going to post a moveset, we instead get Swiper by Katapultar. The mini is for the most part too busy rambling on about nothing to actually get around to what the hell Swiper actually does in Brawl. The fact that Swiper is not defeated by rapidly shouting the phrase “Swiper no swiping” is abominable, causing children who watched Dora the Explorer to have to resort to violence of all things to have to deal with the Spadefoxian thief. What he actually –does- is steal a random object on the stage (Not necessarily an item, apparently) and hides it in a ball, throwing in several decoy balls for you to fish through in order to find it.

Shockingly, the next post directly after Katapultar’s mini was McDonalds related but was –NOT- posted by him. It seems the Katapultar plague is infectious. . .Either way, we got The Hamburglar by MarthTrinity. When summoned, hamburgers rain from the sky en mass before the Hamburglar spawns, which can be eaten like normal, but then the Hamburglar comes on stage, dealing 10% to all who come in his way before he goes to nab up as many burgers as possible. When he goes to flee, you can attack him to get him to drop his sack of burgers and gorge it down all at once for a meaty 60%. . .God, now that somebody other than Katapultar has posted McDonalds related crap I have a craving for some nice burgers and fries. . .

Next up, some lazy asshole decided to sneak in a mini at the last second, resulting in Popple and Rookie by MasterWarlord. Popple steals items in a stereotypical fashion not unlike pretty much all of the other minis posted thus far, but if nothing else he actually –uses- the items, god forbid. Rookie on the other hand is more complicated, as if he’s hit by a strong attack he’ll regain his memory and change his allegiance to the person who cured his amnesia. If he gets hit by another strong attack, though, he’ll be working under Popple again. It’s your call if it’s worth participating in a political battle to convince the hefty Koopa to stay on your side, but if you’re afraid of the team-up attack Rookie has with Popple you could always just take out Popple instead.

In the first of 2 minis we have Raine Sage by Junahu. Raine creates an aura of healing of 2% per second where she’s created, but if the person gets attacked an orb will fly out of them at a random trajectory, most probably closer to the person who attacked them. This orb heals however much damage the attack dealt, meaning standing inside the healing aura is rather a double edged sword.

The second mini of the pair of minis is Aika by Junahu. Aika functions as a standard aggressive assist trophy like Samurai Goroh or Grey Fox, but will also steal items, not unlike the many, many other thieves that did the exact same thing this week. If she is attacked, she has a random chance of dropping the items, but notably she will betray her summoner if they attack her, leaving them to have to rush Aika to items they want if they want to keep Aika loyal to them.

MYmini #2: Pig Power in the House!

For those of you who are lucky enough to not know about this rap number, it comes from Gordy, a rip off of Babe (That one Disney flick about a talking pig). . .Well, technically, Babe ripped off Gordy, but that’s besides the point. The film stars a talking pig who inherits a fortune because a random old businessman is a massive troll and left his inheritance to him. Great film premise, no?  Nostalgia Critic thought so too.

In any case, you don’t actually have to make a mini about the movie or even about pigs, but it has to involve animals in some form. In addition, the minis are restricted to event matches – yes, -those- things which we haven’t made in forever. Hopefully we should see some new ground covered with this rather unexplored extra category and not end up with ten thousand assist trophies that steal items.


And that concludes the end of the first Warlordian recap, as well as the first recap of MYM 10, seeing Kholdstare was forced to attend a wedding and couldn’t get out his Saturday paper. Not a lot has happened in the chat, though several of the newcomers have entered it for the first time during this week and don’t show much sign of leaving – even Tanookie popped in to say hi briefly. In addition, the chat has been unusually dead, which you can partially blame on the Pokemon Dungeons & Dragons game that’s been going on between LegendofLink, Phatcat, HR, and MT and I’m observing for god knows what reason – presumably boredom. You can more specifically blame LoL, the game master, who has repeatedly been trying to kill the group by getting them eaten by random Ariados hordes and having random psychotic cops which have electric arms like Spencer from Bionic Commando beat them to death.


And now for an exclusive segment for the Warlordian version of the recap – a match-up between two of the movesets posted that week. If we somehow sink back down to the levels of MYM 8 and have to have KK save us with a Dunsparce quality moveset, then I’ll use movesets from the previous week for the match-up.

Dry Bowser Vs. Ashley: 65/35, Dry Bowser’s favor 

Dry Bowser is able to pressure Ashley pretty well considering the fact that he has a large quantity of ranged attacks that can hit both Ashley and Red at the same time, and he can force Ashley away from her Down Special circles by skidding along the ground as he roars, giving him little to fear from the witch. Dry Bowser can also rob Ashley of the majority of her moveset if he can manage to separate Ashley from Red, which Dry Bowser’s grab is absolutely superb at as it creates a fiery wall hitbox to block him off in addition to its usual purpose of preventing Ashley from running. Considering that Ashley needs Red for her recovery to work at all,  this also makes her very easy for Dry Bowser to kill, much less when she already weighs so little.

If Dry Bowser fails to force Ashley away from her down special circles, though, things get significantly more complicated for him, as the circle will contain Dry Bowser for a disturbingly long 8 seconds, letting Ashley rack up more than enough damage to kill Bowser with his mere 5 weight. While Ashley’s KO power isn’t all that great, her bair barrier is unpassable in the air, making it a very broken gimping tool with which to finish Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser is still able to dodge and potentially even fight back at Ashley while in her Down Special circles, though, so Dry Bowser’s ability to collapse into bones will enable him to stall a decent bit and minimize how much damage he’ll take from it, leaving the match-up firmly in his favor.



  1. So what, now Warlord has total control over our opinions? The Recap was the saving grace of the old MYMs; it gave people something not Warlord-related to copy comments off of.


  2. Pretty much like an MT recap written in Warlord-style, good job.

    Also, Rool’s totally returning for 1 top-5 set then disappearing only to make giant comment walls occasionally. (chew)

  3. (chew) Good work here Warlord.

  4. Excellent job.

  5. (HIPPO)

  6. ^^^^^^

    And there’s his contribution (HIPPO)

    But seriously, great job with this

  7. Khold didnt repost it, I did…I “stole” the two first minis and made my own (D)

  8. In other words, you decided to not do any work at all and steal other people’s work.

    Also, good job Warlord.

  9. Exactly 😛

  10. and then rool hippo’d everybody

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