Posted by: MarthTrinity | May 19, 2011

MT's Moveset Graveyard Revival #1

Alright bitches and hoes! We’re reviving the Moveset Graveyard…-BUT- we’re going to need your help to do so! You know the drill, PM me your movesets you have no real intent to finish for whatever reason! Please include in the PM the general direction you were going with the set, what other ideas you had, why you dropped it and any other random little details you may want people to see! Remember; this article lives or dies by your submissions so only -YOU- can prevent forest fires the death of this article!

So MT…what sparked this revival? I mean, you’re not even a leader anymore! Who the fuck cares what you think? Well, to be honest, I’m a tad bit weirded out. You see, Chaos Swordsman just recently posted a Belome set that more or less had every idea I had for the same character (and have been working on for a while now) but…ya know? Actually finished? Now I’m not gonna say Belome was “OMG! THAT WAS GONNA BE MY FIRST ENTRY IN MYM10!” but it was a set I had on the back burners. So for a quick comparison, let’s see how I handled it, shall we? I mean, I can’t really think of another character the ideas fit soooooooo…might as well put it to rest, no?


Belome is a large multi-eyed tiger like monster who appeared as a somewhat reoccurring villain in Super Mario RPG. First encountered in the Kero Sewers by Mario and Mallow, the hungry beast attacked the team, devouring Mallow several times during the battle. Upon defeat, Belome leaves them with an ominous message of “beware the flood.” Later in the game, Belome is encountered again inside of Belome’s Temple. Here he confronts the group one last time displaying the newfound ability to create clones of Mario’s teammates (or Mario himself) to fight alongside him in battle.

Traction: 10/10
Size: 9/10
Fall Speed: 8/10
Weight: 8/10
Recovery: 4/10
Jumps: 3/10
Movement: 2/10
Aerial Movement: 2/10

Heavyweight male antagonist stats ahoy! Needless to say, Belome is big, slow and heavy. Size wise he’s on part with the Koopa King. His jumps are fairly rubbish and his recovery is rather situational so in all honesty, Belome is pretty much screwed off stage (especially coupled with his fast fall speed). With all that in mind however…Belome is fairly powerful and, obviously, has numerous tricks up his sleeves for taking care of opponents.

Neutral Special: Taste Test
Belome’s most memorable feature is his insatiable hunger, especially in the second fight against him. With a tad bit of start up lag, Belome’s body will begin to sway as he glances to both sides. A moment later, Belome will stick out his tongue and attempt to swallow anyone within a Bowser width of him. If he does so, Belome will cough them out a moment later with low set knockback and 9%. However…the main draw to this move is that, immediately after spitting up the opponent, Belome will cough up yet another person; and exact duplicate of the swallowed foe! Well, almost exact: the duplicate will have a weird spiral over their head and be slightly pale…other than that though, they have access to anything the foe has access to and will proceed to assault the opponent with the intelligence of a level 6 CPU. A -VERY- useful move considering Belome’s unfavorable stats; if the odds are against you, call for backup! Only two clones can be on screen at a time (per Belome that is) and each have 50% stamina; if you use this move while two clones already exist on stage, the opponent will only take the knockback/damage and no clones will be created.

While the CPU partners will normally just go all out against an opponent, they aren’t without limited intelligence and actually act as Belome’s main source of recovery. If Belome is knocked off stage, the CPU partner will then leap off the stage and actively attempt to knock Belome back onto the stage. If two duplicates are available, one will attempt to knock Belome back onto the stage while the other “guards” the opponent. This however does come with obvious downsides; if the CPU duplicates for whatever reason decide to spike you or knock you in the wrong direction, you’re as good as toast.

There is also one more use for the duplicates that can aid the massive target that is Belome quite a bit. If you use Taste Test upon a duplicate, Belome will devour them and heal himself for 15%. Eating items can also restore health but usually very small amounts (1-3%) unless it’s something big like a box/barrel (5-6%) Explosives however still harm him considerably. Quite handy if your CPU buddies are about to die or if items are on (for whatever silly reason)…

Belome will also say how the opponent tastes after he’s devoured them but those will be in the extras. . .(see the end of the set for those…)

Down Special: S’crow Funk
Weird sounding move, I know but it is one of his most commonly used ones as well. Belome bounces in place for a moment before exhaling a mysterious spray all over his opponent. If this move successfully connects, once the spray settles…the opponent will now be a scarecrow! Yes, as weird as it sounds, Belome has the canon ability to transform his foes into scarecrows. The opponent will basically have no feet and will have their arms outstretched whilst wearing a silly hat. This does quite a few (negative) things to them…for one, the scarecrow’d opponent will, for the next five seconds, be reduced to only having their Specials, throws and shielding/dodging. Not only this, but they won’t be able to walk or run. Yep, they have to get around by hopping.

While scarecrow’d, the opponent’s stats will also change. For the full five seconds, they’ll weigh about the same as Pikachu whilst being a target of similar size to Luigi (both height and width). Their jumps will be cut down to those of Ganondorf’s…but they’ll still have their own respective recoveries to use. Especially useful against those speedy characters who love to outrun your CPU partners or Taste Testing but also very useful for preventing opponents from using their aerials/smashes to KO.

Up Special: Sleep Sauce
Another commonly used move in SMRPG; Belome hacks up a Kirby-sized orb of goo which, upon making contact with a foe, will burst and put the foe to sleep. The orb will fly in an upward arc much like Yoshi’s eggs at about the speed of Samus’ Neutral Special and will deal no damage or knockback. If a foe is struck in mid-air with this, they’ll instantly begin to fast fall where they will then fall asleep upon touching the ground. This, surprisingly, has quite a few uses; for one it allows Belome to close the inevitable gap between him and his opponent where he can then devour them…or he could put the foe to sleep and allow his CPU partners to tear them to pieces. Alternatively, Belome can also use this move on his CPU partners to put them asleep long enough so he can devour them to heal.

Side Special: Eye of the Tiger
Belome has two sets of eyes and, if you’re like me, you probably never noticed that due to the weird looking sprite. Anyway, upon pressing the Side Special, Belome will lean forward and open his eyes wide whilst roaring. Anyone within a half of Battlefield (on the same level of Belome) will now be affected by this move. Now, this will do one of two things depending on the current standings in the fight. If the opponent currently has a lower damage % than Belome, they’ll get cocky and run head long towards him a Battlefield platform before they regain control; just close enough to s’crow or devour.

If the opponent currently has more damage than Belome, they’ll fear for their safety (and rightfully so!) and flee the opposite direction up to a Battlefield platform away (they’ll stop short if they’re about to run off the edge). This puts them in a pretty good position for a Sleep Sauce or otherwise just leaves them vulnerable enough for your CPU buddies to beat them up.

Speaking of the CPU partners; if one of them is in range when this move is used, they’ll run towards Belome regardless of their health. This is not only a good way to regroup if one of your CPU partners is going a bit too aggressive…but it’s also a great tactic to use if you want to eat them and heal.

Neutral Combo: Slurpin’ Sway
Belome does exactly as the name implies, he sways slightly with his tongue fully extended. If he hits an opponent with his tongue, he’ll deal a weak 4% and “GTFO” knockback. The real benefit of this move however is that it’ll allow Belome to slurp up any projectiles that come near him. As long as you hold down the button, Belome will continue to sway. Any projectiles that hit him from the front will be swallowed regardless of whether they’re physical or energy…just keep in mind that any explosives will still hurt him. A very useful move considering Belome’s relatively hard time against projectile users.

Dash Attack: Dine ‘n’ Dash
Belome’s maximum run speed is pretty lackluster…but with a tap of the A button, he’ll get a good bit faster (at least Mario’s dash speed). Upon tapping the button, Belome will get a sudden burst of speed and run full bore forward. If he runs into a foe during this, he’ll snap them up whole, turn and then spit them out. This’ll deal 10% and medium knockback. If Belome misses however…he’ll enter a tripped state and be perfectly vulnerable to retaliation. Pretty good if you either want to get a speed boost away/towards a foe OR if you want to spit them out into your CPU buddies.

Side Tilt: Swarm Lick
Belome looks downward before doing a great sweeping lick with about the range/speed of Marth’s side tilt. If Belome connects with the lick, he’ll scrape his cat-like tongue up the foe, tossing them airborne with mild set knockback and 6% damage.

This move has a much more important than just a mild bit of damage though. Once licked, the opponent will be covered in saliva, gross huh? Well…for the next 7 seconds, any CPU partners you have will actively and aggressively swarm the opponent, attacking far, far more aggressively than they normally would. After seven seconds, the saliva will wear off, leaving any CPU partners with a bit of stun (they look around as if confused). Best used while your CPU clones are at maximum health.

Down Tilt: Saliva Lure
Belome opens his mouth to let his long fire hose-esque tongue flop out. Breathing heavily, Belome will begin to drip saliva all over the ground directly before him. After about a second has passed, he’ll shake his head as if he were in some kind of trance leaving behind a Kirby width pool of drool.

So…what does this do exactly? Well, first and foremost if an opponent steps onto this gooey puddle of saliva, they’ll automatically trip! Although Belome or any CPU clones he may have are not immune to this so make sure you’re not slipping in your own spit. The main use of this attack is a simple one; organization. Upon spewing the puddle of saliva out, any and all of your CPU partners will immediately be attracted to it, hovering around it until it dissipates five seconds later. This however can be all the time you need; if your opponent is slipping around in the spit and is surrounded by your partners, they’re going to be taking quite a pummeling for sure.

Grab: Belome does, what else? Gulps the opponent down after grabbing them with his tongue! Belome’s grab is, more or less, identical to Yoshi’s both in lag and reach.
Pummel: Digestion
Don’t worry, there’s no digestion mechanic here like with Swalot, instead, the opponent takes a steady 2% per half second they’re inside Belome’s gut. Tapping the pummel button, instead of pummeling the foe, will hold them in your grab longer. The faster you tap, the longer they’re stuck and the longer they’re stuck…the more damage they take obviously! Do be aware however that the maximum grab time is three seconds; after that they’ll be coughed out. Any clones you have active will actually attack the now swallowed foe while they’re still in your stomach! This will deal 1/3rd of the attack’s damage to Belome and the rest to the opponent making this particularly damaging to trapped foes. Fortunately, it’ll deal no knockback to Belome or the trapped foe…

Forward Throw: Tongue Twister
Belome coughs the opponent up but…what the?! Somehow the opponent has become tangled up in his tongue! For the next two seconds (shorter if they rapidly tap buttons to break free) the opponent will be perfectly vulnerable to any and all attacks…from your CPU partners only; Belome is meanwhile struggling frantically to break loose. While this may seem like a flawless way to allow your CPU partners to wail on the foe, because his tongue is in the way, Belome will take 4% from each hit that strikes the tongue-tied opponent. This does no damage on its own however.

Down Throw: Sweet!
The opponent tastes pretty good surprisingly! Instead of spitting the foe out, Belome holds them in his stomach essentially resetting the grab timer! Well, only somewhat. This allows Belome another three seconds (max) of digestion/pummel time…but once the time is up, Belome coughs the up. Be aware that after you’ve done the down throw, you will be unable to use any other throws until you’ve grabbed the opponent again; all this really does is allow you to pummel longer…which is hardly a bad thing really as it lets your buddies lay on the punishment…just don’t get too beat up yourself!

Final Smash: Hunger Illusion
Upon grabbing the Smashball, Belome glows! With a tap of the B button he…stands there? Upon pressing the B button, Belome will stand there, blinking his eyes a few times. After he blinks three times…it becomes evident just how hungry he is; all opponents are now controlling food items in the shape of their character! Yes, the basic outline of your opponents will be made up entirely of food items. Now if you walk up to your tasty foes and press the A button, Belome will eat a piece of the food just like the normal food item.

If you keep tapping the A button over a food-like foe, Belome will continue eating bits of the food, healing himself and damaging the foe. If Belome manages to eat every last bit of food that makes up the opponent, it’ll count as a KO. Each opponent has 30% of food on them and are unable to eat other opponents or attack for the entire duration of the move. After a grueling 11 seconds are up, Belome will shake his head to see that the opponents are back to normal.

Mario: Ack! Sour!
Luigi: Huh…has no flavor?
Peach: Yum! Tastes like peaches!
Bowser: Spicy! Spicy! My poor tongue…
DK: Tastes like bananas…do you eat anything else?
Diddy: Peanuts! Where are my crackerjacks?!
Wario: Garlicky! I’m gonna be sick…
Yoshi: Scrambled eggs? Sunny-side up?
Link: Bleck, this guy hasn’t aged well!
Zelda: Sweet and sour, huh?
Sheik: Sour and sweet, huh?
Ganondorf: Urk! I’m gonna be sick…
Toon Link: Sea-salt! I want ice cream…
Kirby: Cotton candy with eyes?
Meta Knight: Light but filling, I suppose…
King Dedede: Tastes like chicken! Or penguin…
Pit: Angel food cake! Needs whipped cream…
Samus: Crunchy? Urk…I didn’t take off the wrapper…
Zero Suit Samus: Delicious cake, must eat!
R.O.B.: Bleck, this tastes like plastic…wait…
Ice Climbers: Sherbet? Ice cream? Frozen yogurt…?
Fox: Nasty! S’all tough and chewy…
Falco: Tastes like bread! Pizza? Cake? I’m confused…
Wolf: Reminds me of takeout…
Olimar: Gotta remember to eat my veggies…
Ness: Reminds me of steak…I’m homesick…
Lucas: All I can taste is hair, urgh…
Captain Falcon: It’s good to be full!
Marth: Tastes like chocolate and…caramel?
Ike: Salty, salty, salty! Bleck!
Mr. Game & Watch: Urk, are you stale?
Sonic: Not everyday I get fast food!
Snake: Tastes smoky…barbecue?


And yeah! As you can see, I was pretty far along and just never bothered finishing off the moveset really. The general direction I was heading with this was to use and abuse your clones while also inflicting foes with status conditions like Sleep and S’crow. The tilts were mainly about managing the clones while still being damaging moves/hindering moves to the opponent. What I really liked here was that, not only did the fairly stupid clones depend on Belome to help them in the fight, but Belome depended on them for his recovery and, because he’s a big target, would probably have to eat his clones to stay in the battle too.

The Smash attacks I hadn’t totally decided on nor did I finalize the aerials but they probably would’ve provided a good KO method so you wouldn’t have to rely on unreliable CPU players to KO the foe. The CPU partners were mainly there to rack up damage on the foe when they were most vulnerable (usually after Belome messed with them…). The reasons I ultimately cancelled this set should be fairly obvious; I’m not gonna make the same set as Chaos Swordsman or something like that, especially since we had many of the same ideas. But seriously man, you’re like reading my mind here or something; I’ve been mulling over ideas for Viewtiful Joe -AND- Belome for ages now and just haven’t gotten around to it and a lot of your ideas for Joe were similar to mine. So get outta my brain dude ;P
So yeaaaaaaaaaah…that’s it for the first Moveset Graveyard Revival! Remember to send in your dead movesets to me and I’ll post some of  ’em up next Thursday!

Hope you enjoyed~<3 (<-I almost miss doing that…)

MT out!


  1. He’s making Adam West Batman.

    You should totally post him now.


  2. That was pretty cool.

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