Posted by: masterwarlord | June 19, 2011

Warlordian Sunday Recap #6

Playstyle Summary: "When Majora gets the smash ball"

This week is the most active MYM 10 (No, I’m not going to compare it to one of the worst games ever made by calling it MYM X, regardless of this MYM’s quality) has had by far, with a gigantic set output. While indies (Namely Majora) still are spamming sets with no end in sight, this week still had some actual veteran movesets from BKupa, Nick, LoL, and surprisingly, Tirkaro. The week was also an extremely active one for minis, making this pretty much the most active week we’ve ever had since the Christmas break for MYM 9.

Blast-o-Matic by Davidreamcatcha was posted immediately after the mini notice was posted and as a result is rather rushed. David claimed he wanted to get in a second better mini, but he never bothered. This Event Match has you play K. Rool against DK and Diddy on the DK Isles from DK64, but the Kongs have infinite stocks. To win, you must defend your Blast-o-matic on the right side of the stage from the Kongs until time runs out and it destroys the island, as well as, y’know, not die.

David then immediately posted another mini right afterwards, but this mini wasn’t an entry into the weekly contest. Derry, Maine by Davidreamcatcha (Because every Stephen King novel –must- take place in Maine, so says the Stephen King drinking game) is the new home stage of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The stage has a stream of water getting sucked up into a drain (It’s the scene where Pennywise kills that brat in the rain coat), and if you stand over the drain an evil hand will come up and drag you down for an insta KO (Though it is thankfully quite laggy). Balloons come up from the storm drain en mass that explode into blood when destroyed, causing the blood to get mixed up into the stream getting sucked into the drain. Anybody who gets caught in the stream trips and gets further dragged towards the drain. . .

Next up is Random Tingle Event Match that Katapultar was too retarded to name by Katapultar. In this event match, Katapultar implies that the Japanese actually have taste, which is a horrible lie. In any case, this event match deals with the fact that Tingle will inevitably get into SSB4 (Contrary to those who are mindlessly optimistic like Smady) by having him kill his two former representations of himself – his appearance on the Great Bay stage in Melee, and his Brawl assist trophy. Killing the first Tingle is overly complicated due to you having to pop his balloon when he’s over water, but to do that you have to kill the turtle, who is randomly a boss with absurdly magic-syndrome esque attacks. Afterwards, you kill assist Trophy Tingle who has his broken hammers of death.  At least the randomness –there- is in character. . . .

Yet another mini shows up before the storm of movesets comes in – Trouble in Paradise by BKupa666. This event match has you play Bowser Jr. against Mario on Delfino Plaza and requires you to cover a large percentage of the stage in goop (The stage remembers where previous goop is as you scroll around). Mario has infinite stocks and spams FLUDD to hamper Jr.’s progress in messing up the stage. The chuckster piñatas also show up in this event match to do what they do best to make Jr.’s life as annoying as possible.

It’s Not Very Effective by Smashbot226 is a very simplistic stamina event in which you play as Lucario against Pokemon Trainer. Ivysaur is booted to put in Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and Victini, though (Yes, he now randomly has legendaries), and you have to kill each and every one of them individually with their own separate damage meters. It takes place on Spear Pillar, but at least the gigantic legendary hazard Pokemon are gone if nothing else. Considering Smashbot later posted a much better mini, this one will probably die to vote split.

Taokaka by Majora 787 was then finished, adding in aerials and a grab-game. They don’t particularly change her existing gameplan of generic comboing and general genericness all that much and the set already received its reception the previous week in its uncompleted form. This is why posting incomplete movesets and finishing them later is a bad idea.

Sinking Feeling by MarthTrinity is an event match that has you play Starfy against Wario on Toon Link’s Pirate Ship. It’s a coin match and Wario starts with 250 coins, but Starfy can’t actually pick up the coins – his goal is to simply attack/push the coins off the stage into the sea. Why? Because Wario is already overweight and with all that gold he’s weighing the ship down, causing it to repeatedly sink whenever he’s standing on the stage. The ship sinks, you lose. Keeping Wario in the air/in the water is the key to beating this event match (Much less considering if he’s in the water he won’t have to knock the coins into the sea when he attacks him).

Return to the Beautiful Dark by Junahu pits you (Simon Belmont) and Mario against a powered up Bowser on a new Castlevania stage. The stage is essentially an elevated Bridge of Eldin meaning there’s no walk-off edges, but more than just the middle of the stage can be destroyed, leaving potentially nothing but two tiny platforms on either side of the stage for a while before the stage respawns. In the event match, one of the best tactics is to bait Bowser into using his Down B over destructible parts of the stage, which he’s more willing to do at easier difficulties.

Revealing that he has access to the internet on weekends at his Boy Scout camp where he is essentially stuck for the entirety of the summer, we got Commander Shepard by LegendofLink. Shepard’s playstyle revolves around him using singularities (Awkward portable force-field like things – just add water) for spacing and gimping, more often than not both as he uses said spacing to get foes off-stage in the first place. He can use the singularities to pull or push the foe in pretty much any direction on several of his inputs, make barriers, as well as freeze the foe in place. The moveset was met with harsh criticism for its lack of flow, awkward inputs, and bland playstyle. If nothing else, it got praise for the writing style. Due to LoL’s limited internet access, the moveset unfortunately had to be rushed.

Next up is Mewtwo Strikes Back by Getocoolaid. The Event Match has you play as Squirtle on Spear Pillar with the legendaries –again- being off like in the other Spear Pillar event match. You fight against awkward recolors of the other Pokemon that are supposed to be clones, before fighting the MYM 6 broken as hell Mewtwo moveset that has been reduced to a meme with level 12 AI. Nevermind the fact that as you go through the fight, random Pokeball Pokemon will spawn allied to Mewtwo’s army, with 10 of them being up at a time by the time Mewtwo spawns at the end – and by then, they’re all legendaries to boot. You’re given 5 stocks, sure, but you have 7 enemies in total. Have fun with that.

The first of Majora’s many movesets that were done entirely this week is Arakune by Majora 787. The moveset has as few redeeming features as Taokaka what with all the non specials being one line, with the most interesting things he has being a generic Invisibility Special and a Special that lets him spawn bugs on top of the foe on will if he hits with it. Criticism for the moveset outside generic complaints o no flow was directed at how anything interesting in the moveset was directly ripped from Blazblue, and how it was essentially dumbed down from said game when Smash is a better engine for those sorts of crazy things to happen in the first place. Combined with the potential of the character and how the invisibility wasn’t taken advantage of at all, the moveset flopped.

At the start of page 18 is Meta Ridley by vVv Rapture, which doesn’t particularly claim to have a playstyle despite having a much longer section for the summary than most newcomer movesets. The moveset has a large array of projectiles and close range attacks, with Rapture chooses to focus on Ridley’s speed rather than his power. The moveset was praised for having actually detailed descriptions of the moves (Despite lacking damage percentages. . .), and was attacked for lack of flow. If nothing else, it’s not as bad as most random Ridley movesets.

Damsel in Distress by MasterWarlord is an event match where you play Bowser and have to guide a horribly stupid Peach through a series of fights against essentially every character in the Mario universe as they attempt to stop you/kidnap Peach for themselves. Peach’s damage percentages carries over from fight to fight, so you’ll have to guard healing items for her so she doesn’t die horribly, and make good use of your Side Special to save her (The ungrateful whore is unallied to you the whole time) from inevitably dying on some of the scrolling stages.

MODOK by Smashbot226 is largely based off his MvC3 appearance (Like pretty much all other Marvel movesets) in that he directly rips the Analyze Cube/Level of Understanding mechanic from said moveset. How said mechanic works is Modok gets powered up every time he lands his analyze cubes, getting a passive bonus, but he is also able to use up the units he acquires by powering up specific moves extensively. Modok largely plays defensive and abuses his heavyweight air-game (Which lacks a fair and uair for no good reason) and range to stick around until he can become powerful enough to overwhelm the foe. Criticism for the set included –too much- detail (Better than too little), the bonuses provided by analyze cubes being generic, and that the playstyle summary hardly classified as one, nevermind it being located at the front of the moveset. While Smady bashed the moveset for its lack of flow, I personally feel the playstyle does flow enough to exist in this moveset, regardless of it being very simplistic.

The next in the very long stream of movesets by Majora, Emidius by Majora 787 is a completely and utterly zany moveset that Smady provoked Majora into making. Aside from retaining random effects in the Neutral Special, it has an Up Special which either does 999% to the foe or heals them of all their damage at random, with nothing forcing you to ever use the move again if it does indeed take them to 999%. Because that move didn’t invalidate the rest of Emidius’ moveset as is, all moves outside the Specials and Smashes are entirely admitted to being useless in the playstyle summary and should “not be used in a serious fight.” Smady praised the moveset above Majora’s other works because there is a semblance of playstyle thanks to a couple moves that put the foe in prone and just general generic creativity that Majora desperately needed after his previous painfully bland efforts.

Mach Rider Rides Again! by Tirkaro has you play as Mendez’s superb Mach Rider in an event match on a scrolling stage that goes along as fast as Big Blue. Along the way you’ll run into Quadrunners who try to slow you down and get you killed, but the real highlight of the event match is the gigantic landmaster boss at the end, presumably manned by Wolf. The interesting thing about the boss is that the stage still continues to scroll during the boss, and you only get a chance to attack it briefly as you zoom past the thing on it’s plane – the loop back to the Landmaster has the Landmaster in the background firing at you all the while for added fun.

Klobber by BKupa666 is Kupa’s second set this contest and universally accepted as better than Weston. Klobber is a gimper, with the main thing different about how he gimps being that he oftentimes needs to use the foe to recover back to the stage – he actually is a gimper without godlike aerial prowess. Considering this isn’t always possible, he has some methods of suiciding with the foe off-stage to ensure that his death isn’t ever in vain. Klobber also has more interesting methods of getting the foe off-stage in the first place to start up the gimping process, as the range of his Kollision Special enables him to set up grenades in-between himself and the foe enables him to keep the foe too far away to do anything, but still be able to threaten with said Kollision move. Klobber received rather positive reception, most-so from Nick and Junahu, though Nick didn’t actually say that much positive about the set while Junahu mainly just praised the characterization (Which, granted, is a massive compliment from him). Smady and I liked the moveset’s basic sense of flow, but felt the moveset had more potential with the Ka-Boom aspect of the Kremling species that Kupa only barely touched upon in the moveset.

HR took the chance this week’s mini gave him to make a Ridley themed mini – Size Matters Not by Hyper Ridley. This has you play Ridley on electroplankton with the goal of killing the stupid things as they come across the stage. . .After killing enough, he enlarges to massive proportions and he spawns on Distant Planet against Olimar and Louie at normal size – he was actually there the whole time. After killing them and eating some Pikmin, Ridley enlarges again, only for the garden Olimar and company were in to be revealed to be a tiny little section inside of Yoshi’s Island. After killing Yoshi, it’s revealed that “Yoshi’s Island”, was in fact just some park inside of Fourside, where you now must fight a gigantic Bowser as gigantic Ridley. Ridley can –NEVER- be too big.

Everything Must Go! By Smashbot226 has you play Tom Nook on a slightly altered Smashville stage in a FFA, with several items already placed on the stage. Your goal is to use up all the items, throwing them off the stage or otherwise, though more keep rapidly spawning. Of course, it can be very annoying if one of the cpus holds on to a battering item for 5 hours, requiring you to get your hands dirtier than need be. If you don’t get rid of it all in two minutes, good game for Tom Nook.

Concrete Man by Nicholas1024 has some defensive elements with his stage construction mechanic in his cement blocks, though he has more freedom in how he builds it thanks to his grab letting him build more unique concrete structures. You can take advantage of more specific shapes when you combine concrete blocks together and use them as battering weapons, enabling him to eventually go more offensive – the stage control aspect of his playstyle buys time for him to prepare. The set received positive reception from all who commented (The leadership minus N88), with praise going to the playstyle, characterization, and the defense to offense transition. Criticism for the set was minimal but consistent, with what filler inputs there were in the set sticking out very painfully.

To ensure his dominance this week, we have Majora by Majora 787. Majora has significantly more creative inputs than his previous movesets, and he has an interesting mechanic where he automatically shapeshifts to another form to use aerials, and he has to use his Down Special to transform in order to use his grab-game (Which comes across more as an awkward handicap – why not just let grab transform him into that?). Smady felt the moveset wasn’t creative enough due to the potential of the character, and also felt it awkward that Majora could transform between his forms freely when they are supposed to represent him breaking down.

At the bottom of page 19 is Ditto by Junahu, which is but 4 paragraphs and is nothing more than a glorified random button. What makes this so awkward is Junahu has a complete, vastly superior and far more elaborated on Ditto set already made, but randomly felt the need to create this garbage. Furthermore, Smashbot would like you to know that this Ditto does not have alternate colors, making this moveset a crime against humanity.

Redead by Majora 787 was made directly after Majora, and the signs of any lack of improvement are very apparent, as the moveset is actually a large downgrade from Majora what overly generic inputs. The playstyle summary is short even by Majora’s standards with him having nothing to say but that he’s a tankier Bowser, with the only notable feature even he can come up with being that Redead is a heavyweight that can heal his own damage. Aside from generic criticisms, Smady specifically bashed the moveset for not taking advantage of its ability to heal itself which had plenty of potential.

Rakansen by Barbasol is up next. If you don’t remember, he’s the guy that made the incomplete Gamma moveset. The most obvious thing that makes this stand out from other newcomer sets is the fact that it’s an image moveset, but the moveset itself has more conscious playstyle than a lot of other newcomer sets as well with Rankasen’s aerial affinity. He also has the ability to knock a foe up into the air and teleport up to them almost immediately to start up his aerial rape, and his teleport can also be used to get space for camping and to set up his “Traps”. Smady’s criticism for the moveset was very generic with the usual common newcomer critique.

Coming in with his token moveset of the contest is Robo-Link MKIII by Tirkaro. Robo Link has mechanics within mechanics within mechanics in a fashion that mixes MYM 4 “creativity? with Tirkaro’s own joke style of movesetting. What does Tirkaro come up with as a solution to link these random moves together into a playstyle? Versatility, of course. Smady bashed the moveset for having a very bland playstyle for how awkwardly random/creative all of the individual moves were, as well as how much Tirkaro’s writing style made the moveset a gigantic slog, much less with the massive amount of mechanics within mechanics.

Want more Majora this week? Trace by Majora 787 has you goddamn covered. Trace plays somewhat campy with several projectiles that can go through walls (Not that he can create his own) and with the ability to become invisible in order to make space/use surprise attacks. The moves are slightly more creative and detailed in this moveset in a manner similar to Majora. The playstyle summary, on the other hand, assumes Trace is in a FFA. Yes, seriously, despite him just being a slightly campy character with no other specific qualities. Searching for a generic compliment to put on Majora’s next set which he pumped out without taking criticism into account, Smady praised the writing style and gave his usual negative commentary on it.

Journey to Talys by Kitsuneko345 is his token mini posted this week. This has you play Caeda, Marth’s wife (Insert generic Marth is a woman joke here), and requires you to survive against a Dark Link, Tink, and Pit for an extended period of time with the power of their bows doubled due to that being the weakness of Caeda’s class. At the end of the event match Marth comes in to help and you can actually finally kill them, but a final enemy, Dark Sheik, will spawn, and will have the smash ball aura around her. . .She can use her bow and arrow final smash for an insta KO on Caeda. Fun fun.

OVER by Katapultar is a heavyweight male antagonist from Bobobo, that god-awful series Kat used to fap to. Since then, Katapultar has found much “better” anime that he only finds good because he likes to sexuality fantasize about eight year old girls, because their non-existent characters are so much more developed than heavyweight male antagonists. In any case, Over has several cannon traps which he mainly uses to gimp foes, but the main catch is that Over is perfectly vulnerable to his traps, much like Agidius’ moveset for The Kid from MYM 5. The moveset takes itself surprisingly seriously for a Katapultar moveset, though it does have a massive amount of puns relating to his name to make up for it. Smady gave the moveset generic negative commentary.

What? You’re sick of Majora? I have bad news, it’s STILL not over, Doopliss by Majora 787 and Getocoolaid assures you. The moveset blatantly has more of Geto’s mark with the writing style and more flowing playstyle than Majora’s, made especially obvious by the fact that Geto posted it. It’s rather impossible to not make the moveset flow, though, as it only has 3 specials, standards, and a nair. The goal is to copy the foe to limit them to the same inputs you have (Though they don’t get your actual moveset, so Doopliss having so few inputs is entirely pointless), and in order to hold them still long enough to do that Doopliss breaks the shields of foes with his standards. Smady gave the moveset extremely negative commentary, much like I did here.


MYmini Week #7: Oh Canada, Whatcha gonna do with it?

The classy Canadians have started a riot on account of them losing a hockey match. They are trees they won’t budge. For this week’s mini, you must make an assist trophy, minion, or fiend about rioting/protesting/historical revolutions/etc. The mini has significant room open for interpretation, and David has already posted a mini for this week that you can use as an example.


In the chat, Majora has continued to be ever present, constantly talking about sets he’s producing. This wouldn’t be that bad, if it wasn’t for Majora’s abuse of smilies that are not the xat smilies, making him appear to be a 13 year old girl. Smashbot was also perma banned with almost universal approval until being unbanned, and stopped using xat as much afterwards for obvious reasons. Sundance showed up briefly as did Clownbot, the later due to his appearance on the top 13 chat leeches list. Smady also made his own user rankings similar to MW’s rankings, but he is not ranking non veteran sets (Katapultar is a newcomer apparently) and the star scale is only 1-5, meaning 3 star tier is absolutely gigantic. Galaxy Man reigns atop this tier list, being the only moveset with 4 stars. The chat has been utterly spammed to hell with talk of Pokemon DND, with Phatcat juggling MT, Silver, MW, Twilt, and Agi all at once in a desparate attempt to get a game going. However, he seems to of gotten too many people and is getting ready to kick people that he was so adamant about getting into the game.


Klobber Vs. Doopliss – 100/0, Klobber’s favor

Aside from just generally being horrifically underpowered, Doopliss is far too easy for Klobber to pressure due to his sheer lack of inputs. The only thing Doopliss has going for him is that he has a decent recovery, but considering he’s so lightweight and he only has one aerial to defend himself from getting gimped with in the air it’s far from a redeeming quality. Doopliss’ only way of pulling off his copy move is to pressure Klobber enough to break his shield with his standards, and that just isn’t going to happen to anybody remotely competent when Doopliss has so few moves and is so easily overwhelmed by Klobber’s pressuring.

Also, just for good measure, whenever Klobber stands still he blocks Doopliss’ copy special by default.



  1. I am depressed for some reason…

  2. ….WAIT!? How the hell did you find out about my new fetish!?

  3. yes. fun fun.

  4. You’re not nearly as… ‘adorable’… as your parents tell you, MW… Just letting you know.

  5. Dat MU

  6. As a matter of fact? You’re a horrible person who is doing nothing but wasting time, space, and resources that could be used to SAVE someone else. I hope you die in a slow and unbelievably painful, humiliating way in front of everyone you care about, because unless they’re mental patients, they sure as hell don’t care about you.

  7. hemad, bro.


  8. Dear Majora 787:

    Please stop vandalizing our contest.


  9. “As a matter of fact? You’re a horrible person who is doing nothing but wasting time, space, and resources that could be used to SAVE someone else. I hope you die in a slow and unbelievably painful, humiliating way in front of everyone you care about, because unless they’re mental patients, they sure as hell don’t care about you.”

    Man, why didn’t I ever think of using this one? It’s a tried-and-true classic.

  10. Was that majora? (Hippo)

  11. For the record MW, MODOK has no Fair or Uair because his Fsmash and Usmash ARE his Fair/Uair, respectively. I like making up excuses to minimize inputs and am following in Geto’s footsteps.

  12. That’s not a good idea (HIPPO)

  13. This may be my favorite comments section of all time.

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