Posted by: masterwarlord | July 17, 2011

Warlordian Sunday Recap #10

The Flying Dutchman moveset after Smady gave David his input on it

Week ten was a pretty good overall week for MYM, but almost every last drop of the material was posted towards the later half of the week, starting with my own set posted on Thursday, with the thread being largely dead up until that point. Minis barely interfered this week with only two true new ones being posted, though after last week’s mini rape the terrible mini topic seems to have been intentional on Junahu’s part. Also, Kibble came back, but that’s clearly a trivial insignificant detail.

First up is Sakurai by Nicholas1024, a token cosplay that was made to make a spam post look less spammy to try to break up a spam war between David and Khold. Excellent thinking on his part. Sakurai is a four attack moveset “cosplay” that involve generic ways to make the foe trip more, and is more spammy than Nick’s actual post.

Made in Shuzo by Katapultar transforms the stage to be about a random Japanese man instead of Wario, because Katapultar has some arbitrary fear of fat people because he was raped by one as a child. He made a bunch of new random microgames to go along with some video that said random Japanese Man is in, and considering how simplistic Micro Games are it’s not exactly a terribly large stretch to do so. Never the less, Katapultar manages to give up before the end.

Scott Pilgrim by mrtownsend826 is a token newcomer set with obscenely generic attacks for everything outside the Specials, which have a token 4 sentences of detail instead of 1, though they’re not much better. The moveset’s rushed status is proven by the fact that the moveset was originally posted with a whole 2 Specials, with the rest of it quickly being edited it in within a single hour. Also, he can spawn items. And those items he spawns are random. NEXT.

Somehow Junahu managed to find an archiving machine that was able to dig up several of the movesets Spadefox deleted in MYM 5 when he ragequit due to his emo/egotistical multiple personality disordder – Golbez, Waluigi, and Dr. Robotnik by Spadefox. Rool then went on to praise them because they resembled crap Sakurai shat out, claiming they had deep characterizations. Indeed, Golbez as a slightly more aerial Ganondorf (Even more underpowered) is definitive characterization, Waluigi uses more props than any Kupa set ever dared, and Robotnik has a playstyle that involves him being more skilled than the opponent. Unfortunately, the worst of Spade’s sets, Edgeworth, was not recovered, because the archiving machine decided to only archive half the thread for whatever reason, nor was Twilt’s self insert.

Next up comes the actual stream of movesets that started up on Thursday, started up with King Barbovor by MasterWarlord, a not so original character that is the king of Dodoria’s race and is a token episodic DBZ villain. Barbovor’s main mechanic is his ability to impale foes on his spikes and them having to actually move to get off the end of said spikes rather than having to button mash out, with Barbovor obviously having many ways to keep them there and able to pump poison into them if they’re on the end of said spikes. Other mechanics are involved such as inflating himself like a sponge and minions, but are too numerous to go into here. Kupa praised the set for it’s originality, especially among the “DBZ” characters, along with Smady, both of them liking the aspects involving the spikes the most. Smady, though, felt the set was too convoluted and wanted the set to focus more on said spikes then it did already. Despite this, he wanted the passive damage from the spikes removed, which was the main point as to why Barbovor had incentive to use them.

Posted directly after Barbovor was Dodoria by MasterWarlord, which was just a token cosplay set. The set is written in the first person and the only real reason to read it is if you’d get the various DBZ related humor, as the cosplay itself is pretty token generic DBZ crap with some prone abuse and camping thrown in – hence why Dodoria did not get a moveset and his design was stolen in order to make an OC who was capable of having one.

Posted after Dodoria were the Krillin Match-ups by MasterWarlord. The Warlord felt it was his obligatory duty to make match-ups for Krillin seeing Junahu is physically incapable of making them in order to keep up the match-up continuity among the DBZ sets. In a shockingly fitting manner, Krillin lost every single match-up, though he did get a 45/55 and a 42.5/57.5. Needless to say, Krillin’s disturbingly large lack of KO moves doesn’t bode well against characters so obscenely durable that not even the likes of random overpowered Katapultar sets can ever hope to kill them.

Posted directly after the three Warlord posts is The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha. No, this is shockingly not a mini and there’s no strings attached – the finished moveset is finally out. The Dutchman relies on bringing foes to his portal “Flies” to take them to an alternate scrolling stage dimension, where he is immune to going into helpless and can gimp them. Inside his gimping game becomes far better and he can create makeshift platforms to use his grounded attacks, his spacing moves normally used to take people into the fly doubling as gimpers. The Dutchman received overly positive reception from Warlord, Kupa, and Smady – most probably because the moveset was practically a joint production between the three of them and David, primarily Warlord and David. While they loved the unique concept of the fly, Smady found there to be a good bit of filler and questioned how much the moveset actually flowed into the fly properly, unable to fully endorse it.

Warioware Inc. by Junahu is like Katapultar’s mini, but Wario is permitted to keep his job, there are around 3x as many microgames as in Kat’s, and the one thing that will make you read his over Kat’s, there are pretty pictures for each of the microgames. Regardless of the rewards not being retarded, Junahu manages to make the stage even less competitive than the original.

David then realized that he technically had a Wario mini, regardless of there being minimal Ware involved, and decided he may as well take an automatic second place by reposting Garlic Heaven and Waluigi Prison by Davidreamcatcha. If nothing else, it being reposted proves how underdone Jun’s first person Wario writing style is.

Deciding he wanted to make more use of his Smash World Forums account than to post a single moveset, we got Princess Bubblegum by mrtownsend826. While the moveset has less random item spawning, the numbers are laughably off, with 5 second laggy attacks and attacks that stun for 10 seconds. David, who literally faps to the character due to his obsession with Adventure Time, came in to give a ridiculously long comment on the moveset that had far more thought put into it than the actual moveset. Aside from generic newcomer advice and calling her OOC for being a ravenous cannibal in the set, David gave many specific suggestions on what he could’ve done with Bubblegum that was far better than anything the random newcomer thought of. Said suggestions involved her using her hair as a sticky tether of sorts.

Wakka by Half_Silver28 was then posted on the next page, a moveset that’s been in the works for an absurd period of time. Wakka mainly attempts to play Ganondorf style tennis matches with the foe in which they reflect their projectiles back and forth, though Wakka can put elements and status effects on them to either lay traps on the stage or hamper the foe’s movement to force them to actually participate. Warlord found the set decent, finding there to be some halfway decent justification for the filler, while Smady disliked the moveset due to Silver not doing it in the exact way he envisioned it, feeling it misrepresented the character and wasted lots of potential for a far better set, but thought it was decent as is.

Aidan of Aenander by Chris Lionheart is one of Lionheart’s signature original characters that we haven’t seen since the dark ages of MYM, complete with an overly long backstory. Among the character’s overly long backstory, he is a bard among other things, which plays into his moveset by enabling him to play notes to give himself various buffs to his attacks. The buffs can give him a wide range of benefits, causing Lionheart to present the set as versatile. Hyper Ridley, the sole commenter, liked the set and the character and felt the versatility, god forbid, actually worked.

Wakka by MasterWarlord is a cosplay repost of Uncle Sam from the previous week, mocking the line in FFX where Wakka refers to an entire city being blown up dramatically as “happy festival fireworks”. If he’s not completely and utterly retarded, he’s a goddamn sadist, that’s for sure.

Teferi by LegendofLink was randomly posted too late on far anybody to feasibly comment it this week in time for the recap, much less when most people were struggling to give the other movesets sufficient commentary. Teferi is from Magic the Gathering, much like Sarkhan, Lol’s only other half decent non Pokemon moveset, so perhaps it has –some- promise. Having read the specials, I can tell you that Teferi has the ability to go non-existent for up to 2 seconds in the middle of any action so long as he’s not in stun, use a reverse version of Espeon’s Future Sight on himself, causing a duplicate of himself to spawn and do everything he does a second after he does, as well as generate copies in front of himself and this duplicate that do the exact same thing as you and said duplicate do. Yes, if you managed to count properly, that’s up to 4 duplicates at once, but any of them being hit adds damage to Teferi’s counter. . .However, Teferi’s ability to go non-existent causes all his duplicates to shift out as well, having particularly interesting applications with the delay the main duplicate has in attacking so it’s not perfectly synched to him.


MYmini Week #11: Comment! Dood!

Junahu seems to of gotten the hint after week 9’s mini raping of movesets to keep the minis the hell out of the way, considering how week 10 was intentionally made to keep minis minimal and how week 11 has no real minis at all – you will be voting on who does the best overall commenting during this week. If you want to get particularly competitive due to having already commented everything you can, you can comment on comments, spitting in their faces and revealing how incorrect they are. Just don’t get us locked please.


In the chat, Kibble came back, albeit a few days later then scheduled. When he did indeed come back, he seemed incredibly distant and almost constantly afk to the point of it being impossible to have any legitimate form of conversation with him, him being too busy enjoying his Mormonism and listening to random rock music that he was unable to listen to for the last 2 years due to it being deemed satanic. More importantly, the first moveset he intends to make is for Pichu, his iconic xat avatar.

Aside from that, random mab lib style “hypotheticals” games occurred in late night xat due to everybody being overly bored, more mafia was played, and Lionheart had an increase in activity, presumably due to finding MYM more relevant to his interests for now what with him putting actual effort into a moveset and all. David also became obsessed with some random online game where crappy youtube songs play every 5 seconds, is literally ENTIRELY luck based, and you are dead for every 9/10 turns or so. Perhaps even more importantly than Kibble coming back, Phatcat seems to of finally gone on his vacation, starting today, thank the sweet baby Jesus. . .Errrr, the virgin Mary.


The Flying Dutchman Vs. Wakka – 65/35, Dutchman’s favor 

Wakka’s recovery is absolute garbage, leaving the Dutchman easily able to just push him off-stage with his spacers for the kill, much less the fly. The Dutchman is also able to float over the parts of ground Wakka turns into hazards, meaning that this will backfire on him more often than it works in his favor, Wakka having to spike the Dutchman into it to get much benefit. The Dutchman has minimal desire to play Blitzball against Wakka, and if he is ever seriously threatened he can just use his ranged attacks to deflect the blitzball long before it ever comes close enough to pose a legitimate threat to him. If Wakka can catch the Dutchman on the ground, he’s actually worse in close ranged cobat than he is, and considering the Dutchman can make much better use of set-up time and will constantly be pushing Wakka away he’ll have to do most of the approaching. While the Dutchman is unlikely to play Blitzball against Wakka, Wakka’s Blitzballs can still be of some use to aid his approach, considering the ridiculous amount of them he can have out and how easy it is to make them. Wakka also can block many of the Dutchman’s ranged moves with his dsmash while the Dutchman can’t do the same, but the Dutchman is able to go through it by manipulating his fire trap or attempting to grab Wakka with his usmash anyway, meaning abusing it will only go so far and will just give the Dutchman too much set-up time.



  1. The recap of Warlord’s Wakka made me uncontrollably lol.

  2. HAPPY festival fireworks, god dammit.


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