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Warlordian Sunday Recap #12

That’s one hell of a product placement. . .

Week twelve of MYM 10 brought us three movesets and next to no minis – a whole two of them, to be precise. The week had Smady finally catch up on his commenting and Nick continue to make tiny dents in the massive amount of comments he has left to do. As far as the three movesets, we have a very Warlordian moveset from Smady, a ridiculously controversial moveset by LegendofLink that channels caterpie and Doopliss, and Kibble’s first moveset in two years. Based off the kind of person you are, there’s something here for everybody to hate. We even got two reposts, one of MT’s random bug thing by David for Dr. Wily’s eyebrows due to raging about MT not picking Wily on his Capcom roster, and one of Strike Man disguised as Banbollow to poke fun at the lack of baseball in the actual set.

The first of the two minis is Galacta Knight by FlyinFilipino, a cosplay moveset. Galacta Knight has a generic energy beam, a generic multi hit melee attack, can generate a brief lingering fire hitbox, and Meta Knight’s dimensional cape as his recovery. The closest thing we get to flow is using the beam and melee attack to pressure into the fire “trap”, making the moveset about on par conceptually with David’s original Dutchman moveset.

Mr. Banbollow by SmashDaddy, a B-Horror movie style villain from the insanely obscure game Illbleed, was posted after backfiring pagespam. The moveset revolves around Banbollow’s flamethrower, though surprisingly less so around the actual part that shoots fire and more-so about the wire that attaches said part to the canister. As fire is pumped through the wire, it forms large clumps which can hit foes, and he can poke leaks in the wire, spawn bubbles out of said leaks, and stomp on it to force the flame to travel in a different direction. Banbollow does this as he fights the foe head-on, keeping him aggressive in a similar manner to Cairne regardless of there being so much he can do to play with his wire. The moveset was praised by Kupa and Warlord for all of the things that could be done with the wire, logical interactions abounding, while Geto gave it massive praise without giving much of any actual reason for doing so. Warlord dissed the moveset for characterization regardless of loving it, more blatantly so with a repost of Strike Man as Banbollow, and David and Junahu gave similar critique in xat, Junahu also jabbing at the set in his comment for Sonic and Tails.

After re-discovering that he could not use xat and make movesets at the same time, we were given Thor by SirKibble. This is not only an original character in the sense that it is an avatar for Kibble’s longtime chat persona, but also due to an ever present Castform that tags along with Thor the Pichu. The moveset largely revolves around the team-up between them, with Castform for the most part acting as an old fashioned mechanic booster that directly improves each individual move when fighting alongside Thor. Rool, who came out of his cave for the occasion, didn’t really praise the moveset in particular and simply stated that Kibble had changed little from before, the only praise for the actual set he was able to come up with being an unintentional interaction. Kupa gave the moveset some praise for blow while disliking the fact it was so bland. Hyper_Ridley liked it a lot and felt it was good at zoning, and even disagreed with a common criticism for the set in that Castform having to be called out was bad due to him being able to use it to re-call Castform when separated. Warlord did not feel the moveset had any flow and was very bland, accusing the other commenters of sugar coating.

After being deleted at the top of Smady’s page, Fatty Whale by MarthTrinity, an assist trophy and the only other mini this week. Fatty Whale functions almost exactly as he does in-game, albeit without his moves where he transverses the stage due to Brawl stages not working as his arena. He does, however, leap at the stage from behind, blow enemies off the top of the screen with water, then cause mass rocks to fly down at foes. He also has random death animation in-tact to play when he leaves, regardless of him not actually dying.

Classic Sonic and Tails by LegendofLink is an extremely experimental moveset to the point it needs a tag at the start, much like the warning label tacked on to the start of Roller Coaster Tycoon to turn back if you posses sanity. The moveset has a grand total of ten inputs, seven of which are actual traditional ones while three of them are just giving unique properties to default actions of characters such as jumping. The goal of the moveset is to directly transition Sonic and Tails from the source material of their original games into Brawl, playing –LITERALLY- exactly as they do in-game. The moveset’s playstyle boils down to getting momentum by. . .Running, I guess, seeing you’re given no other way to do it, then colliding into the foe to knock them into the other member of the duo, who does the exact same thing. Repeat ad nauseam. Warlord despised the set not only for the lack of inputs, playstyle, and originality, but specifically hated what the moveset was trying to do and thought it failed at even that, what with LoL being on the fence by putting in Sonic’s shields from Sonic 3 because the moveset was in dire lack of not only creativity, but any substance at all. Warlord placed it at the absolute bottom of his rankings. Junahu praised the moveset for having the balls to experiment in such a fashion, though agreed with Warlord to a small extent that if he was going to do it he should’ve gone all the way and removed the Shield Specials, among other small nitpicks, such as no Final Smash.


MYmini #13: Like a BOSS!

This mini requires you to give an existing moveset, whether or not it’s from MYM 10, into a 3v1 boss moveset. What you’re actually posting is the list of changes typically found in the boss section of sets that actually include it, and a summary of how to play the character as a boss if you feel so inclined. While you of course need to be creative if you have any desire to win, do your best to make the moveset’s existing 1v1 playstyle work along with whatever changes to make. In other words, don’t change the foundations of the actual moveset.


In the xat this week, one of the more memorable events was a MYM philosophy discussion with Rool against Smady/Warlord as per usual, made more-so by Kibble actually being present. The discussion involved things such as Rool insisting that MYM as we know it will be destroyed by SSB4 hype, not supported, and the more actual philosophical part of him insisting the playstyle summaries were un-needed and were entirely masturbatory. Rool says this regardless of his playstyle summaries being among the most-needed of any MYMers, leading this MYMer to think that he intends to abandon all of the core concepts of movesetting entirely at some point. Other than that, David randomly revived the Nintendo Theme Park user group and PTA started up before dropped off again in activity. This drop-off was largely due to MT randomly deciding to attend EVO in Vegas and watch an 8 year old rape the competitive MvC3 scene.


Mr. Banbollow Vs. Classic Sonic and Tails – 100/0, Banbollow’s favor 

Sonic and Tails’ ridiculous lack of inputs immediately makes them painfully predictable and easy to punish for any character, and despite what they might look like at a glance the duo aren’t complete and utter rushdown. Their ideal set-up (Which they will always attempt due to being 100% flowchart and having literally no alternatives) is to corner Banbollow between the two of them then build up momentum and smack the foe between each other like a pinball. Banbollow needs no set-up before he can begin pressuring  regardless of appreciating it, and is going to be using his flamethrower to push the closer of the two into the farther before they can separate. The fire shield can provide some aid for Sonic here against Banbollow’s best move to actually pressure foes, but Banbollow still has an entire moveset that doesn’t rely on fire and he only needs to land one hit to take it out. The only other thing the duo have against them is Tails’ absurdly good recovery, making it far too good for Banbollow’s ledge hogging game to really work all that well. Banbollow can’t kill Tails, but he has an easy answer none the less by containing Tails in a bubble or grabbing him with a dthrow – which is just as good as disabling him entirely, really, seeing he can’t build any momentum. If Banbollow somehow struggles  to do this to Tails, he can just let them surround him then just use move likes his fsmash and some of his aerials to hit both sides of them fine, leaving Sonic alone and vulnerable to be finished off.



  1. Dark Bowser’s my favorite boss set so far. He’s actually more creative with it than all the ones that came after him, and the whole concept was integrated part of the moveset.

  2. >moveset below Doopliss not by Majora

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

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