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Warlord Top 13s – Darth Meanie movesets

While I may not fully endorse Smady’s handling of Darth Meanie on the worst MYMers list, it is a completely respectable position due to how deep DM can delve into the mounds of shit to scrounge up new movesets when he needs to pretend he’s active – justifying his blatant Sakurai simplicity that this somehow characterizes his movesets more when after finishing them I have as much of an idea as to who they are as when I started. This is made far worse by the fact that Darth Meanie is actually capable of making good sets without these embarrassing approaches – as Harbinger and Videoman can testify. Honestly, even his more recent better sets are somewhat bogged down by the approach and prevented from reaching their full potential, such as Bizarro and Electivire. Considering that DM started making these sorts of movesets as a full-time job around the time he became very inactive in MYM 8, it comes across more as him just passing off his laziness as “art” than anything else. I’ve been procrastinating on this list for a long time since I “started back up” these lists with the top 13 chat leeches, as I massively regretted having to go back to re-read such repulsive movesets. Now that the topic has been brought up and the debate is flaming thanks to Smady, though, it’s an appropriate time to go into a more detailed analysis of DM to show just how low he’s sunk.

13 – Nattorei – MYM 9


Nattorei is most comparable to one certain moveset from the previous MYM for rather obvious reasons. . .Nattorei and Forretress are both movesets for what are essentially the same Pokemon who unsurprisingly do the same thing – shoot out as many spikes as possible, then force your enemy into the spikes (Rollout is literally directly taken from Forretress). While other movesets have received some praise for this today, the trap they were forcing the enemy into generally did not consist of the entirety of the stage. While Forretress had filler, it was just blatant copping out on Joe’s part due to this filler largely being mirrored inputs. Nattorei, on the other hand, manages to have massive amounts of filler while actually trying to take itself seriously, and at least Forretress’ mirrored inputs were good ones. They each one thing that the other doesn’t to separate them. . .Forretress is able to tether himself to the stage and use counter style moves to hit his enemies back with realistic momentum. While this doesn’t flow into the spikes aspect as well, Nattorei’s “unique” aspect is that he can lay out his iron barbs (Attached to him by his vines) about the stage to lay even more traps. Because he apparently needed more of those. In addition, these iron barbs are also required to be untethered for several of Nattorei’s actual direct attacks, meaning that there’s largely no point to do this in the first place as otherwise Nattorei will be unable to defend himself. These tethers also enable Nattorei to root himself to the stage and heal himself en mass to generically overpower him in an identical fashion to Abomasnow, causing Phatcat to come out of the woodworks for perhaps his most infamous balance rape comment.

12 – Saren – MYM 6


This is one of DM’s early works? Why so it is, but we are not granting movesets pity any longer because they were made earlier in MYM’s life in the new rendition of the Warlord top 10s/13s. With this moveset, not much is remembered aside from the incredibly random and unfunny meme of shotguns being more effective at close range like real ones. . .Ever wonder –why- you can’t remember anything else? That’s because there’s hardly anything to remember, as the moveset is largely just a generic display of the various tools available in the Mass Effect universe in a similar fashion to Commander Shepard, with mass awkward mechanical levitation fields scattered all around, though for even more generic purposes than in said moveset. Shepard’s mass force field pushing and pulling style moves at least had some inventive purposes in gimping enemies, while Saren’s generically push the enemy away in the most standard camping fare you’ll ever see – not that Saren has much to actually attack with from said range. While Shepard at least has some excuse for this as it is trying to encompass the most basic universal aspects of an incredibly customizable character, Saren is a specifically defined villain from the series who deserves far better treatment than this.

11 – Mewtwo – MYM 6


Mewtwo hardly needs any introduction – it’s overpowered state has been made infamous to the point that is the only time when the moveset is ever brought up is when passively mentioned as a stock overpowered moveset. While the moveset is indeed just generically dismissed as overpowered due to there being few movesets at the time that so blatantly just gave the finger to several other movesets (Being able to  use any and all projectiles against their users), Mewtwo is nigh unkillable due to not only his combination of weight and recovery, but his ability to turn any attempts to gimp him against foes. Aside from this, Mewtwo has screen filling attacks and moves that hit foes regardless of their location, and in combination with his projectile control can force any character to approach. Once they’re there, he doesn’t bother knocking the foe off-stage for a gimp before pursuing, no, Mewtwo wastes no time – he teleports both himself and the foe immediately off-stage to commence the slaughter with his horrifying aerials. Yes, the moveset does flow into this extremely basic playstyle to a degree regardless of massive quantities of filler, but it’s about as flowcharty as they come with the mass filler inputs having no real reason to actually be used, considering there’s so little the foe can do to resist the wrath of Mewtwo.

10 – Jellicent – MYM 9


Jellicent’s playstyle is largely about generic gimping, something that was abundant in MYM 9 and done far better many times. Aside from just generically gimping foes off-stage, part of his playstyle is generic spacing to take his foe to the edge in order to begin said gimping – it does this in a much more unfocused way than others such as Regal, Komodo Moe, and even DM’s own Hariyama, who are forced to devolve to something so simplistic because of a blatant lack of potential. Jellicent, on the other hand, is a giant water absorbent ghost. One of Jellicent’s defining characteristics is dragging enemies under the sea to their deaths, and DM started off promising by stealing the diving into the stage aspect from Cloyster to help represent that. Rather than dragging foes down into it, though, this move goes largely unmentioned again, much like in Cloyster, in favor of the dragging down being placed in generic gimping. Then again, it’s quite possible DM had no idea what character he was making a moveset for, considering DM regularly makes reference to tentacles Jellicent does not have that DM thinks are even longer than Tentacruel’s. What makes up the rest of this overly unfocused set outside gimping and forcing foes to the edge? Poison damage. Because the point of gimping, killing foes quickly before having to rack up much damage, totally mixes with stalling the foe out to slowly rack up their damage via poison.

9 – Darkrai – MYM 6


Darkrai was indeed before DM adopted most of his signature moves, as it has one of the mechanics he dreads most of anything – an ammo bank which plays off of foes who are sleeping, meaning that matches against Darkrai are severely limited in interactivity as he just combos against them while they’re asleep – not to build more damage, mind you, but to get his ammo bank higher so he can do it again and keep them asleep even longer. The moveset takes a very Spadefoxian approach as all the early moves in the moveset build up the ammo bank mechanic, when the only ones that actually USE them are at the end – the Specials. This approach leaves the early moves in the set with virtually nothing to play off of, and it’s not a Hyper Ridley or Junahu set with some big revelation at the end that makes everything click. What’s the pay-off? A generic way to spend all your mechanic units on the foe at once in a giant blast, a generic sleeper of which he already had plenty, and, of course, the infamous final move where he randomly TRANSFORMS INTO CRESSELIA. Considering that Rool passes off Jack the Ripper randomly being a vampire as all an illusion, he could certainly get away with this transformation just being all in the foe’s head, seeing he needs to rack up his nightmare fuel mechanic on the foe to make it work. . .Even if you are going to argue that, Darkrai has many moves throughout the set which do in fact –not- use nightmare fuel of any kind where he randomly grows spikes out of his body and generates a gigantic mouth in his stomach to devour foes Gluttony style.

8 – Magmortar – MYM 5


If you thought I was being harsh with early sets previously, then you’ll blow a gasket when you realize that I am in fact talking about the MYM 5 Magmortar – DM’s first moveset outside a random shitty MYM 2 one – and not the MYM 8 version. Even for a first moveset this is pretty damn terrible – ignoring the blatant lack of anything resembling intelligent design, the moveset is a prime example of Pokemon syndrome, with mass moves named after generic Pokemon attacks just because while others are just generic translations of random Pokemon moves in a desperate attempt to get creativity. I’m talking about shit like Giga Impact, Rock Slide, and THUNDERBOLT here – the placing is warranted. This managed to carry over to the MYM 8 remake –somehow- as well, as that Magmortar uses Earth Power as a highly central move. . .Keep in mind we’re only at number 8 on the list here – there’s still 7 movesets worse than DM’s first obligatory noob set.

7 – Luvia – MYM 9


Luvia is the epitome of DM’s movesetting with in-smash appeal. Specials should not be special by actually being special, you see, but rather by having everything else so bad that the Specials look good. Luvia has some very legitimate promise starting out as you read the specials, which have some actual legitimate synergy between them, but after that point there is literally no reason to continue reading the moveset considering the rest is literally stuff you’d expect Sakurai to come up with – a shame cosplays weren’t invented at the time of this moveset’s writing, no? Perhaps most in-excusable for this moveset is the fact the grab-game is generic what with the actual character relying on them so heavily, and the moveset frames these generic throws as if they’re an integral part of the moveset somehow in the writing style, even placing the grab-game directly after the Specials.

6 – Secret Apprentice – MYM 8


While DM dabbled in elementary ammo bank mechanics in Darkrai, this was before he was truly enlightened in MYMing. This is MYM 8, after his successful MYM 7 career and after Hariyama and Magmortar remix (99%) were already finished and after he had a long history of despising ammo bank mechanics. The Apprentice’s ammo bank is a recharging one like Axel Gear’s which serves no other purpose than as an awkward limitation for balance purposes to prevent his rushdown from going too crazy, due to being unable to find a way to balance the moveset otherwise. The actual moveset itself is largely a mess of generic inputs with filler making up the entirety of the moveset. Somehow with all this lack of flow DM felt he needed even more inputs and gave the moveset perhaps the most un-justified Special Smashes ever. . .Considering the moveset was so rushed, though, DM realized he still had throws to do and tossed them out the window. Who cares if he was the single biggest advocator of no throws, everybody’s doing it, right? Regardless of the other movesets on this list being worse, this is in the top 3 most notable movesets in DM’s career – it marks a massive turning point for him that lead to his abrupt and painful downfall.

5 – Archer – MYM 8


It’s really quite difficult to differentiate Archer from Apprentice considering they’re both so horribly generic with a refusal to have any moves acknowledge the existence of others, and Archer doesn’t have anything in it that makes DM a hypocrite. How is it worse? Because it has twice as much filler as Apprentice by giving Archer a weapon switching mechanic that is essentially a complete transformation. Considering DM couldn’t handle one Archer moveset, it was a pretty damn big mistake to attempt to make two. Sitting through Cutesy is pointless enough considering the mechanic is the entirety of the moveset, but Archer is a massive chore to read the whole way through, having no ideas whatsoever to bring to the table in almost double the regular amount of inputs of a regular set. There’s some flow into, uuuhhhh, generic camping, by putting up a shield and using Pit-style controllable arrows to hit foes, but Archer is largely the generic rushdown you’d expect. DM passes this off with the versatility defense rather than the in-smash one, giving Archer all the options of being able to play like a Brawl character or camp in a laughably inferior manner to the MYM cast.

4 – Saber – MYM 7


The biggest antagonist to this moveset is –MarthTrinity- of all people, who very rarely attacks a moveset beyond the initial comment. It’s just that offensively bad. The premise of Saber is simplistic due to her having so little potential – she’s largely a clone of Marth who wants to hit with the tip of her sword for a sweetspot hitbox. Her moves however have wind hitboxes in them that push foes into the exact spacing needed for said hitboxes to connect, removing the only playstyle of a –Sakurai- set and causing it to play itself. Considering Saber’s sword is constantly invisible, she pretty much has to rely on this automatic spacing seeing she doesn’t even know where the sweetspot is most of the time, as if the moveset wasn’t played by itself enough already. Seeing you’re so into this sort of thing and the character is so generic, couldn’t you have the wind hitboxes set up for attacks aside from the ones she’s already using, DM? Considering the sword is invisible you might have some actual potential for mindgames in there as you either push or pull them about, but no, the moveset plays itself automatically even more-so than Mewtwo somehow.

3 – Mario and Luigi – MYM 7


Mario and Luigi are easily the most overrated moveset of DM’s, considering their following never truly died down after they placed top 10 while Mewtwo became a massive train wreck very shortly after the end of MYM 6. The meat of the actual moveset is largely the most blatant of interactions you will ever find, with Mario largely being fodder for Luigi as he plucks him out of the ground, scoops him up and throws him into the air, among other things. All this amounts up to is letting the brothers combo with some very, -very- forced flow. . .Then you reach the end of the moveset where a treasure trove of actually creative looking interactions are revealed, much in the same fashion as Nurse Joy! Unlike Nurse Joy, these interactions have almost no point whatsoever and are completely forced creativity, contrasting with the combo-based nature of the rest of the moveset like a black man in the white house.

2 – Tatari – MYM 8


Tatari is largely just as pointlessly generic as Archer or Apprentice, DM’s other abominations from MYM 8, but he has one key difference that is somehow supposed to pass as his focus – he has the ability to transform into the enemy character. Aside from being able to do this, if he leaves the form he is able to summon a minion to perform any single attack he landed while in the form. . .And that’s it. The rest of the moveset doesn’t play off of this at all. Unlike Tac, the rest of the moveset is entirely treated as if it’s meant to be played without copying the foe in any way, but this copying is treated as the centerpiece and main attraction of the moveset. How this completely unrelated moveset is supposed to benefit lord knows, but DM insists that it somehow can when it would in fact mesh with any Brawl character just as well. Not like Dedede needs his Down or Neutral Specials anyway, right? What is supposed to differentiate him from a Brawl character comes across as forced uncreative creativity, and he fails at being TAC due to having no ways to actually benefit from copying the enemy when reverting back to a generic brawl character.

1 – Crustle – MYM 9


Crustle is the one DM set that can be proven to be rushed above any other, posted alongside Jellicent, whom DM had been planning for a couple days, who were both posted only but a couple days after Jellicent. That, and the fact that it was rushed out to be in time for a failed 5th gen Pokeset movement. So what makes Crustle so much worse than the fellow members of DM’s unholy MYM 9 trinity? The moveset largely plays like Sandshrew in that it’s focused on digging and generic stealth rock traps – a pokemon with a giant rock on his back far larger than he is focuses on digging. Sure, Crustle can break said rock on his back, but that’s just the thing – the only real benefit this rock provides to Crustle is some extra weight, meaning Crustle will indeed ultimately want to break it when he doesn’t want it and that the rock plays an incredibly minor role in the moveset when it’s the only remotable notable thing about the character. Crustle seems like one of the most obvious characters to play with a constantly solid upper body that Item Tree/Lapras introduced and barely capitalized on, but the only thing Crustle wants to do with the rock in this moveset is just be rid of the damn thing so that it can do far more interesting generic digging/trapping. Considering Crustle is largely a defensive Pokemon, him using Shell Smash is a horrible idea, as it robs him of his only advantage and his offensive stats are still mediocre after the boost. When translated into actual logic, Crustle is a tiny little bug that has pretty much nothing going for him – he NEEDS the protection that giant rock on his back provides. I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be smashed ever, but not only does DM ignore the blatant potential of the rock, he goes out of his way to do away with it immediately.



  1. Do you derive entertainment from mindlessly deriding someone when only a select few will appreciate it? Do you think it makes you better than them?

  2. Well then, Khold, let’s see your non mindless deriding of somebody for your own top 13 list.

  3. IMO, Apprentice and Jellicent were DM’s worst. Apprentice just felt like it was an excuse to make ZOMGEPIC specials without much thought placed into the overall moveset, and Jellicent has his infamous OOC issues.

    Luvia I felt was decent. She was basically the ultimate “throwable items” character (which means she’s Jun’s version of Wakka lol) and her throws I remember had some playstyle signifigance. A lot of her moveset did come off as fillerish though, I’ll admit.

    I think I’m one of the few people who read Archer, and I will say that he had something regarding clashing hitboxes that was kinda cool, but I do agree that he seemed like he was trying to force “versatality”

  4. I don’t make long blog posts telling other people about how much my vagina bleeds over somebody who doesn’t love me. Unlike you. If I were to make a blog post, it would outline the positive aspects of someone, actually making something constructive for the outside people to see. In case you haven’t noticed, these kind of blog posts only make us as a group look bad.

  5. Also I don’t consider this to be as offensive as that OTHER recent list, as this is about the movesets and not the author.

  6. Khold, you really need to make up your mind about whether negative commentry should be allowed or we should all be silenced, considering how much you were backing me up when I did the curbstomp comment on Lionheart’s Aidan.

    It is generally much easier to define what makes a moveset bad rather than what makes one good, and can be talked about in far greater detail. There’s only so much you really want to listen to somebody gush about something – negative reviews tend to be the entertaining ones, otherwise we wouldn’t have people like Nostalgia Critic constantly going out of their way to find bad material to review.

    Ignoring my right to free negative speech, DM really had this coming when he left for his law College – a couple months in advance before he was even in it, mind you – being so uncaring that he left a perfectly good moveset’s corpse out to rot that I had to reanimate.

    Random people who come into the thread to glance around generally don’t look at the Stadium – if they do, they’re in the Xat also the majority of the time, and these lists are exclusively for said Xat users. If you’re commenting on how small of a target audience that is, then might I point out that the movesets we’re making have an equally small target audience? There’s an incredibly small handful of people left that actually read movesets.

  7. I only agreed with you because Lionheart was a total bitch about the whole commentary. You and Smady are really kicking people who can’t/aren’t going to respond, which works out for you because nobody can call you out on your bullshit- oh wait, people other than the people you’ve been insulted took up for them! Gasp! It looks like instead of gaining a following around this like a high school drama queen who has mindless minions to agree with them, you instead pissed off a lot of people.

    When I do insult people, I usually have a good reason (such as they made themselves look like idiots) or I’m blatantly trolling. You’re complaining about people long dead, or dying. On the official blog of MYM. That’s sending the message: “The leadership wants to piss on dead people’s graves.” It doesn’t look very good.

    Sure, you have the right to negative free speech. It still makes you look like an asshole. For instance, people don’t admire the Westboro Baptist Church (except Fred Phelps’ followers, who are the ones doing the shit-throwing in the first place). When people drive by and see them picketing dead soldiers’ funerals, they don’t like the WBC. Do you really want to be the one who people that drive by say, “Wow, that guy’s an asshole.”

    No, you are not the Nostalgia Critic, or the AVGN, or Yahtzee. They know that those people are doing it for satire or laughs. People who don’t know you think that this is the position of everyone in MYM. They think we’re assholes.

    And lastly, you can’t define what makes a moveset good or bad. That’s subjective opinion. In fact, these lists are all just what YOU think makes a good moveset or not. And do not try and get that argument started again.

  8. Would you mind telling me -how- this list is such bull-shit? HR demonstrated how to actually reason out why he disliked some of what I said about the sets/the placings, while you are here just bitching in a very general fashion about negativity. Oh right, that’s because that’s all you’re capable of doing because you are in fact –not- one of the handful of people who reads movesets. You regularly come into the chat and say you generically liked a set after it was posted, then later claim to have never read it come voting time.

    If you haven’t noticed, DM’s corpse is still pretty damn fresh. He has a moveset in this very MYM, a rarity among the “veterans”, two if you count Vlad. He has just recently left us for his law school, two months in advance before he was actually going to be attending, mind you. This list is intended to be in direct response to his leaving – Smady proposed me making it both directly when DM left and when I revived the lists in general with top 13 chat leeches, it was just ultimately a slightly delayed response. Khold, you’re pretty much saying that your comments to Spadefox as he left were criminal.

    Ignoring that, I suppose we shouldn’t talk about old movesets at all, then? Since that’s apparently just digging up graves. Let’s not only forget Jason Voorhees and Crustle, let’s put the likes of Dark Bowser, Zant, and Sandslash to rest as well.

    Well then, if opinions don’t matter, I guess nobody should comment movesets then either, seeing nobody wants to hear those opinions. Seeing nobody is going to tell you their opinions on movesets you post, guess there’s no real reason to post them, either. May as well just keep them locked away on your hard drive.

  9. Go ahead and make your top 13 worst Lionheart sets, Khold. It’s blatantly obvious that you enjoy trolling me. But, hey, atleast I do -something- which definitely puts me a step ahead of you.

    That said, I don’t like the idea of blatantly attempting to offend a MYMer’s past works and work ethic, especially via blogposts like these. It’s simply in poor taste. Is this contest about what someone did in MYM2-8? Not at all.

  10. Apprentice and Crustle are probably DM’s worst. Apprentice was as HR calls it, all about trying to be as flashy as possible with the organisation, and trying to use this snazzy organisation and really generic overpowered moves to make the moveset seem “cool” in the same way a Transformers film is “cool.” This is probably the best example of him going gaga for “characterisation” as well. Crustle is the exact opposite in terms of characterisation, but just as bland and pointless.

    Though I would say that Jellicent could probably be lower on the list, and forgiving it based on a really simplistic playstyle is giving said playstyle too much credit when the set is still overly OOC and has a lot of the same logical fallacies that Crustle has. Though yeah, Jellicent isn’t as outwardly obvious in terms of concepts as Crustle is. It’d be like making a Camerupt set that ignores his humps and makes him stampede generically – it’s just really silly as a mistake.

    Great list, though. Very good analysis and you make strong points for all of the placements. And I wouldn’t say it’s so much kicking DM when he’s down, as celebrating his sets’ badness. There are plenty of infamous ones, so people can’t have been totally shocked by the list.

  11. As a matter of fact, I do read movesets. I don’t know where you got the idea that I don’t. As for opinions, I’m all for people expressing their opinions. I just hate it when you post shit like this and try to act like your opinion is the only that matters, and that your opinion is the “correct” opinion. You always act like anyone who thinks otherwise is a criminal.

    And Jesus Christ, Chris, give it a rest already. I don’t care about you. Why the hell would I make a list about you?

    And on that note, Warlord, are you really so insecure that you must make these lists in the first place?

  12. MW, даже вы не можете не суметь заметить как оно в плохом вкусе для того чтобы вывесить верхние 13 derriding одно MYMer’ s работает, почти прямо после других верхняя часть 13 которая оправляется на MYMers вообще. Потребность вас и папаа огромного успеха действительно вытянуть назад на это одном и reassess что точно она вы даже хотела достигнуть здесь. oh, и ваша фактическая статья довольно неповреждена. Даже если подпорки завальцовки терпят неудачу, я себя сделал экземпляр

  13. The thing about these lists is that they’re not really analytical or even-handed or interesting. They’re dismissive. A barrage of insults can be funny when they’re a little bit tongue-in-cheek or about unimportant things. These moveset articles aren’t really entertaining at all – they’re just you once again parading your biases as absolute truths.

    DM did something different with his movesets after VideoMan.EXE, and it wasn’t because he had forgotten how to make movesets the “real” way. It was because he wanted to push the boundaries of the reader’s proactivity and make sets that did not force any moves in linear ways (by which I mean, “this attack is good because of this and this and this”). He didn’t always do it compellingly, sure, but to act as if he failed because he made his sets this way is nonsense.

    That said, Crustle and Jellicent had serious logical flaws and are quite easily his worst movesets. He admitted as much himself.

  14. MYM should be a celebration of different approaches to the challenge (we all start with two things: a character and a platform), not an attempt to narrow it down to one “correct” approach.

  15. So telling you why I think the movesets are so bad doesn’t count as analytical? Yes, it’s not entertaining to you because you like every moveset ever made and defend the likes of Saber among other DM movesets that are universally hated. I suppose because my opinion differs from yours that reduces the entirety of this article to mud slinging.

    I also cannot make articles like this without babying the facts down to make everything happy happy joy joy without “presenting my opinions as fact”, apparently.

    You do know that these approaches directly clash against each other, right? Opinions on these approaches are as needed as opinions on the movesets themselves.

  16. It would be analytical if you were bringing up specific passages, logically explaining why you view parts as inconsistent, and building up an argument. It’s not analytical to spam the words “blatantly”, “forced” and “generic”. In a paragraph like Crustle’s, you get at some good points because you’re looking at specifics and talking about something quantifiable: character. In one like Mario&Luigi’s, you’re just flaunting the fact that your expectations of how combos and flow work are limited and don’t take kindly to being defied.

    “I also cannot make articles like this without babying the facts down to make everything happy happy joy joy without “presenting my opinions as fact”, apparently.”

    See, you just said that they’re facts! You ARE presenting your opinions as facts!

    “You do know that these approaches directly clash against each other, right? Opinions on these approaches are as needed as opinions on the movesets themselves.”

    They only clash if we assume that there has to be a correct one.

  17. >Universally hated
    Just so you know, I like some of the movesets people smear nowadays, such as Secret Apprentice. I played Force Unleashed so I was one of the only ones who actually liked the moveset, since I could appreciate the moves he used.

    What I’m really asking is, what is the POINT of telling us how bad these past sets are? What does it matter that DM’s first Magmortar set was bad? It’s not like we’re being asked to vote for them now. Answer that, Warlord.

  18. I assumed that I could in the very least assume a concrete definition of flow as fact – moves coming together to aid each other for an actual goal. Mario and Luigi’s interactions have nothing to do with the comboing that makes up the rest of the set, and have nothing to do with each other. It’s not like the moveset is going for a terribly in-smash angle considering the zany level of the core concept itself, and with Mario being Luigi’s butt monkey rather than visa versa it’s not going for characterization either. If anything, the moveset seemed to be trying to appeal to a Warlordian audience, in which case I should fucking hope I can judge it by my own standards. You’re asking me to look at these movesets like some retard fresh out of the SSB4 thread. You’re asking me to be politically correct about everything I say and start anything remotely controversial with “in my opinion” when that should really go without saying.

    I do in fact find movesets that go with these in-smash approaches repulsive for reasons that are common knoweledge to all, and do indeed spit upon movesets that go in this direction unless they accidentally fulfill multiple goals along the way. You do know that you’re perfectly capable of making articles too, as well as Junahu who is still a leader, right? Junahu made an article where he presented Falcon Punch as the best move ever made, which was pushing his opinions on people far more directly than an article such as this.

    Yes, Khold, and I played Donkey Kong Country 2 – I still thought Kaptain K. Ombo was shit. The point of this article in particular was to give DM an insult in retalition for his leaving 2 months in advance, and I did indeed enjoy getting to take a shot at a moveset I feel is as overrated as Mario and Luigi that I would never get to make otherwise.

  19. It doesn’t go without saying when coming from you. You are defined by your belittling of opinions contrary to your own. You are defined by exaggeration about sets you dislike. You are defined by short, propagandistic sentences and phrases that serve not so much as to get your opinion out there as to give voice to your illogical hate. I’m not talking about political correctness.

    In fact, I’m not talking about that at all! I’m talking about respecting alternate methods instead of spitting on them. If you don’t like them, fine. But there’s no need to reiterate your dislike of them over and over again. And certainly no call to spit upon those who disagree with it.

  20. Well then I presume everything that everybody ever says can be taken as fact then. Rool, did you know the sky is red? You have an overly positive view on sets while i have an overly negative one, of course it’s going to seem like I’m exaggerating the badness of sets to you while it seems like you’re going to exaggerate the goodness of them to me. You are perfectly entitled to go make an article like Crustle.

    You’ve also broken your own rules by claiming that my hate is “illogical”, considering that I believe your love of Crustle is just as “illogical”. Opinions opinions indeed.

    Obviously I would prefer to influence people to agree with my opinions. Based off the fact you just made an article of your own to defend Crustle in response to this article, it seems you would as well. Now that everybody has been given equal talking time the people can decide on things as they wish.

  21. The sky is red at the end of the day when the sun goes down.

  22. I didn’t defend Crustle! I never used the words good or bad, or even like or dislike. All this evaluating and ranking and voting takes the attention away from the sets and their contents and shifts it to our own obsessive ideas of what a moveset should be. It’s a shortcut, I suppose, but it’s not a good thing. It’s discouraging, senseless, frustrating and arbitrary.

    I don’t have equal talking time anymore, though. Back in MYM 7 I was there to balance out with you. Now I’m not as active and you get all the time on the podium, and your opinions are more destructive and absolute. Now you’re even writing the recaps! I mean, how did that happen?

    (and yes I am aware that it’s my own fault that I’m not as active and that I therefore have no right to complain and so on and so forth)

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