Posted by: masterwarlord | August 21, 2011

Warlordian Sunday Recap #15


Momentum in MYM seems to be picking up significantly towards the end of the contest if week fifteen is any indicator. While there were plenty of movesets as is, Joe’s gigantic six in one moveset post tops this off as one of if not –the- most active week in MYM 10 yet. Of course, the minis suffered in large part due to the very awkward mini choice of Kawasaki recipes, but that’s hardly something to complain about with so many movesets.

First up is Zoroark by Smashbot226. As one would expect, the moveset centers around Zoroark’s illusion, you selecting his guise by choosing who to guise as on the character select screen. Considering the fact that Zoroark’s guise is broken by a single attack the use of this is limited, but there is some mindgamey flow with it anyway. Just don’t get hit or else the entirety of his playstyle is flushed, pretty much. Smady gave the moveset some praise for how Smashbot played off the main mechanic along with the writing style, though felt it a lesser entry than Rocket Raccoon (Which he found to be acceptable).

On the next page are two back to back movesets, much in the style of Sandshrew and Sandslash from ages past. Unlike that case, the gap in quality between the two movesets is not nearly as large, with most who do prefer one over the other not preferring them by that large of a margin outside Warlord, who loved the second of the two posted. The first of these is Omastar by Agidius, a moveset which is admitted by Agidius himself to be more of a moveset for the animal Omastar is based off of than Omastar. Omastar has lots of mechanics to make up for a lack of aerials due to Omastar having no real reason to be in the air, and Omastar’s bubble enables him to have an impressive air-game anyway as he latches onto it from below and fires spikes from his shell down at foes below, sending them back into his goop coated stage. Warlord gave the moveset a bit of exaggerated criticism for filler, while Smady felt that the set couldn’t decide whether or not it was for a Pokemon or a real animal.

Kabutops by Kholdstare is the second of these two movesets, hence why the Sandshrew/Sandslash comparison was brought up – it’s even more eerie when this is one of the only instances where Warlord has ever loved a Khold set anywhere near as much as Sandslash. Kabutops causes rain to constantly come down onto the stage, creating a constant stream of it that drips off-stage, pulling foes not named Kabutops with it. Kabutops can better control the flow of the water by sloping the terrain, and thus better control where foes get pushed by the water – right into his clutches. If he knocks them back towards where they came, they will come into his clutches again and again and again more times than the spoonkiller will beat you with a spoon. While Warlord did indeed love it, Smady and Nicholas attacked the set for feeling that the comboish aspects of the moveset were bland and fillerish, among other minor complaints.

Kawasaki’s Kitchen Nightmares by Getocoolaid gives us 2 recipes. The first gives the foe the spicy curry effect, which several of the MYM 4 recipes already did. The second does absolutely nothing to the foe and is meant to buff a teammate, meaning if Kawasaki doesn’t go out of his way to memorize every single recipe he could end up getting this one in a 1v1 and end up screwing himself over as he buffs the foe. Excellent show, Geto.

Next up is Random Viola self role play with hidden Kawasaki recipes within by Junahu. As you can tell by the title I gave it, this mini is essentially a conversational comment like all those you’ve been seeing lately, but instead they ultimately describe the Kawasaki recipes. Good luck actually adding that one into the moveset. . .Then again, Rool rewrote all the ones that were donated back in MYM 4, so it’d work, I suppose. The actual effects include things like losing weight and a speed buff to counterbalance what is apparently a large amount of damage – 20% is somehow a sufficient reward for making such a complicated stew.

Random Ronald McDonald role play with not so well hidden Kawasaki recipes within by Katapultar is another conversational recipe that takes after Junahu’s, but this time it’s only two characters involved – Ronald and Kawasaki. For the majority of the comment they fight over who’s doing the cooking before it finally ends up as one of the shockingly more original recipes, causing foes to take flinch every 3 seconds before becoming dizzy after 10 seconds. With a mini this awkward, anyone can win, I suppose.

Hoppip by ForwardArrow is a moveset that involves juggling the enemy character into the air where Hoppip can assault them at his best while stacking five million status effects upon them at once. It has some degrees of actual flow, far more than most newcomer sets could hope to, but is posted by somebody with zero posts who claims to of lurked since MYM 2 and has commented quite a few sets in a very veteran like fashion. Almost everybody expects him of being Darth Meanie considering how provocative the recent articles were, though the fact Rool commented on the set himself makes him another prime suspect regardless of whether or not it was spam to get his new page.

5 Minute Move Man by Davidreamcatcha reuses that one orca picture from Moveset Preview Man from way back in the day (How did David even know about that thing?!?) and is just a horde of random inputs MYMers were forced to make in 5 minutes for the sake of competition slapped together into a moveset. The result is a hideous abomination that has the moveset spawning elephants, whipping them, using them to assault foes alongside his UFO, getting them bitten by jaws, and of course turning them into banana juice.

Chen by Tirkaro is a standard issue Tirkaro moveset with complete and utter weeaboo randomness throughout the picture spam of a moveset and approximately 128 in-jokes. The moveset makes Robo Link look like a legitimate entry, and Rool of course praised it because it was going against the man and all that – because he blatantly needed a page for his next set, which was completely and utterly trying to appeal to said man first and foremost.

Gengar by KingK.Rool is the third in Rool’s chain to complete the trio, with it being the most Warlordian of all. Gengar can indeed go invisible like his pre-evolved forms, but only for two seconds at a time. However, he is capable of hiding within shadows cast on the stage and can manipulate shadows en mass, using the invisibility to transition between the shadows without the foe knowing. Gengar also has mass duplicates to throw the foe off his trail, with a large array of moves to make the Gengars serve as distractions, among a whole assortment of wacky inputs just to avoid so much as the –THOUGHT- of filler (Outside Rool’s obligatory GTFO aerial) in the most Warlordian fashion possible. Warlord loved it while it went too far for Smady, him feeling there was too much going on at once. Both Warlord and Smady also thought that the moveset was far too similar to Pennywise, who was posted rather recently no less, to ignore. Darth Meanie also gave the moveset an overly positive comment, saying it was a lock for his super vote list.

Nobody has read Yanmega by LegendofLink yet due to the absolutely gigantic wall of movesets posted below it, though I have read enough to give you at least somewhat of a premise for the moveset. Yanmega can fly for up to 10 seconds at a time before having to recharge with absolutely godlike aerial speed, and because he’s so slow on the ground the moveset is inverted so that his smashes are only usable in the air rather than on the ground. In addition to this obscene flight, Yanmega has a move to constantly pursue foes with his godlike speed while being able to use any other attacks, and for a brief bit of lag can use his nair, Uproar, to create a hitbox over himself every 2 seconds for 6 seconds to further turn him into an invicible monster of death. Nevermind has many ridiculous range projectiles which he can easily camp with due to –always- being able to stay out of the foe’s range with his flight that makes the DBZ characters cringe in terror.

Trainer JOE! By JOE! Is unsurprisingly a self insert of the MYMer who posted it, with it being a collection of all six Pokemon he played through his Pokemon Black version with – an Emboar, a Krookodile, an Archeops, a Renuiclius, a Pansage, and an Eelektrik. The Pokemon are permanently KO’d when they’re knocked out, adding more strategy to the combinations chosen than those in other similar gigantic clusterfuck sets like the infamous Steven. The idea of the movesets is that they’re not intended to be all that interesting in and of themselves, what with how Joe insists how generic is Warlord’s favorite word (Which may very well be true), but rather how they play off of each other. It’s  a far cry from Rocket Grunt considering there’s six movesets to juggle, but each of them can play off of every single one of the others to at least –some- degree of success, regardless of some being more preferable. While Joe is obviously unable to talk about each and every single combination, he talks about a good four of them and brings up each of them at least once in these combinations. The individual roles of the movesets in bitesized soundbytes can be summarized as follows by the moveset itself: Emboar the heavyweight (Shocker), Pansage the cleric, Krookodile the juggernaut, Archeops the damage racker or “DPS”, Eelektrik the blaster, and Reuniclus the controller. Of course these hardly do justice to summarize them, but not only would I have to look over all these movesets nobody has touched, Junahu has left me to do the mini.

Regardless of being on a new page, Zigzagoon by Junahu continues the absolutely enormous chain of Pokesets started by Yanmega with all of Joe’s sets in the middle. Zigzagoon was actually short enough for me to read it in its entirety regardless of nobody commenting it – this is largely due to how massively the moveset cheats out on inputs due to how insanely rushed the moveset is. The moveset relies largely on zigging and sagging through the foreground and background to dodges enemies as Zigzagoon generates throwing items to throw at the enemy, stealing them from the enemy if they ever pick them up. The moveset has an awkward control scheme with simple presses of A and B making up the inputs, with them only varying based off the current state Zigzagoon is in, along with inputs for if you press both buttons at the same time, echoing Mario and Luigi from all the way back in MYM 7. This absolutely rushed moveset was made on a dare for Nicholas to do one of his generic minion sets for a Goomba, which he seems to of chickened out on, surprisingly, considering how many Mario minions he’s made. While the concept of the set is fascinating, I am obviously enraged at the moveset’s tiny quantity of inputs.

Potato + Eggplant + Hot Sauce by ForwardArrow is a recipe that turns the soup into a trap – because Kawasaki didn’t already spend all his time trying to get the foe into the soup in the first place, he has to do it again now. Considering that “ForwardArrow” has been lurking since MYM 2, this is hardly surprising.



And now for the only part you actually read the recap for – the mini, seeing Junahu is too lazy to actually post it on a new page. In this case however, it was indeed posted on the new page due to Junahu once again forgetting that he had to do a new mini. While this mini could theoretically have something to do with Final Destination, it can have something to do with any stage you so please. Upon selecting your stage (Existing stages only, though you can use a stage from a previous MYM entry in addition to those from the game), you must assort a handful of button inputs for a player to use to control the stage – they cannot win, with their goal simply being to cause chaos for the normal Brawlers and most probably to be jerks. You can only manipulate the existing hazards of the stage or create entirely new ones if you prefer, or somewhat of a mixture, depending on how determined you are to keep the flavor of the original stage in-tact.


In the chat this week, aside from mass “speculation” over who ForwardArrow is, David confirmed that he was in fact a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and proceeded to spam the chat with it alongside Khold. This displeased the mighty Tirkaro, who is far too classy for such pony spam what with his constant weeaboo spam. Phatcat was equally annoyed at both of them, and proceeded to spam the chat with his beloved Pokemon and literal Arcanine fetish. Not much actually –notable- happened in the chat outside increased Rool sightings due to him having posted his moveset, with the most notable thing happening just this Saturday. . .LegendofLink is finally back from “Butt” Scouts for the summer and has full computer access – his internet access was largely relegated to his phone for the past period, though he still had computer access to type out all of his movesets over the Summer.


Gengar Vs. Kabutops – 30/70, Kabutops’ favor 

Gengar will want to keep his duplicates that he intends to distract Kabutops with in the air, as otherwise Kabutops’ Boiling Water will enable him to instantly hit all of the duplicates at once. Not only does Boiling Water do this, it also hits Gengar if he’s in shadow, severely complicated matters for him. Granted, if Kabutops makes a slope to properly combo Gengar there will inevitably be a safe portion of the stage for him to go to, but it undoubtedely will be small and unconnected to Kabutops’ current position, preventing him from being able to sneak up on Kabutops through shadows. Gengar is largely reduced to a much more simplistic style here largely because of Kabutops’ Boiling Water, simply setting up miniboss nair Gengars as he simply camps Kabutops en mass with Shadow Balls. Granted, Gengar’s mobility is good enough and when combined with his invisibility, however brief, he’s still a decent escape artist, but his predictability is reduced to far too shallow of a level for his mindgames to really be at their height. If Gengar intends to actually use melee attacks on Kabutops while invisible, he’ll find it practically impossible to keep track of his position for the overly precise spacing needed due to the water constantly pushing him to where he doesn’t want to go. Gengar’s best shot is ultimately to create a large enough stream of Shadow Balls that stick around for a long time with Will-O-Wisps, but even if Gengar wins this uphill battle of set-up this doesn’t last forever. . .Though in the least it makes it far easier to prepare the next session of it and makes it far easier to make miniboss Gengars be large and threatening. Gengar can also potentially add to his aerial Gengar distractions by placing grounded Gengars on stairs, so his options are open enough for the match-up to be somewhat feasible. Gengar just loathes above all else the fact that once Kabutops gets Gengar down that he’s not going to escape any time soon.



  1. Just a little tidbit, the four examples listed at the end also have each pokemon shown twice in different positions on each team (chew)

    but good recap dood

  2. *Witty joke about my name not being Nicholas*

    And no, I haven’t chickened out, but every now and then, life rudely interferes with my moveset-making. Goomba will go up shortly after I get back from church.

  3. No way ForwardArrow is DM. Impossible, inconceivable, unthinkable. At first I was suspecting Warlord, now I think it could just be Khold. (hmm)

  4. I’ve read 2 JOE sets so far, Reshiram and Zekrom.


  5. I don’t get it…

  6. (hippo) @ HR

  7. Yeah, I might as well tell you all now…

    I’m FowardArrow.

  8. *ForwardArrow

    Sorry, really late at night.

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  10. Sorry for tricking you guys and pretending like I was DM. I am the real ForwardArrow.

  11. I’m ForwardArrow

  12. I’m ForwardArrow!

    (It’s spelled “Spartacus” but nice job on beating me to the reference)

  13. I am also ForwardArrow!

  14. I am BackwardsSparrow! Oh wait

  15. I was bored last night, so I typed up my post as a little experiment to see how you guys would react. And I’ve got to say, while the reaction wasn’t exactly expected… It did not disappoint.

    Great work, guys. xD

  16. I am MDA (TIPSY)

  17. No, this is Patrick

  18. Damn straight you’re MDA.

    *is really an alt of Mendez*

  19. We are all alts of Mendez. He created us to fulfill all his creative pursuits. We represent different emotions and stages of his life. And yet at any moment, he has the power to make it as though we never existed at all… I’m…feeling…faint…

  20. Dear lord, I don’t even want to know what I’M supposed to represent in his life (HIPPO)

  21. *I’D suppose to be representing

  22. While on the subject of alts, I have someone in the family on Smashboards who is using the same IP address. I wish to register separately so I can participate in Make Your Move, but Smashboards thinks I am trying to make an alt. How would I go about getting to be a part of Make Your Move if this is the case? I already have a moveset done and I am anxiously waiting to post it.

    (If I get no responses, I will repost at the next recap. I would really like to get this figured out)

  23. I think you need to PM a mod to ask them to allow you to make an account. If you can just make another account without anything actually stopping you in the process, do so, then explain what’s going on if a mod asks about your IP.

  24. Alright. Its not allowing me to make an account, so I’ll just get my brother to shoot the mods a PM. Thanks.

  25. Long comment section, or longest comment section?

  26. I think just long.

  27. Hm, PMed a mod and they said to post it in the Forum Support section, but I’m getting no response. Oh well, maybe I’ll make anything moveset while I wait.

  28. If it’s the IP that’s your problem, register on a different computer, say, at the library, on a laptop at a cafe, or at a friend’s house.

  29. Thanks, but as you can see we worked it out. Looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of Mismagius!

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