Posted by: agidius | August 28, 2011

Agi's Democratic Experiment

Democratic Experiment

Alright, let’s get this started! To avoid any confusion, I’m going to explain things a bit. There are two voting “booths,” if you will, and you can vote up to five times in each. The first one, the public one, is right here. Due to the nature of Polldaddy, it’s probably going to get heavily vandalized with troll votes. As such, the Polldaddy will not count towards the final results.

The second booth consists of the Private Messages sent to me, agidius. Not MT or KRool as it has been for past contests’ voting. All votes are strictly confidential, and all votes will be counted. The results from this booth will determine the winners. You are only eligible to vote if you have accumulated points in Smady’s User Rankings this contest. For convenience’s sake, if you are on the list of candidates, you are on the list of voters.

Voting begins NOW, and ends next Sunday, the 4th of September.



  1. Apparently Monkey is more relevant than me.

  2. It’s only letting me choose one…

  3. ^

    Remake the poll.

  4. ^ He’s just angry that LoL has two votes and he has none (hehe)

  5. Becaus people would waste their single votes on me when the entire point of this is a handful of people wanting to get LoL in over Smady.

  6. Poll has been fixed. Votes reset, multiple selections allowed. Sorry about that.

  7. I’ve never looked forward so much to losing an election.

  8. “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”–Plato

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