Posted by: MarthTrinity | August 28, 2011

MT's Sunday Recap Returns

Nyoro~n? What's goin' on here?

Oh what a glorious day it is indeed my fellow hoes and bros. Upon realizing it was quite late at night and that he had yet to start the Recap, Warlord asked me if I wouldn’t mind filling in for him just this night. I couldn’t say no to the chance of reuniting with my baby the Recap so I gladly accepted this opportunity that I haven’t had in quite a while. Of course, Warlord’s been doing a spectacular job as my replacement for the Recap and I thank him greatly for doing so! Anyway, without further stalling…let’s see just how rusty ol’ MT is at recapping stuffs.

Sew! Our first new thing this week was…well hey! If it isn’t 75m by me! I almost miss recapping my own crap and quite blatantly downplaying it because it’s my own but whatever! 75m is the first and, up until barely a few hours before writing this, only MYmini entry of the week! As you probably have forgotten seeing as nobody participated, this week’s MYmini was to create a playable stage using an existing one either from Brawl or from MYM. I happened to choose one of my most hated stages in an attempt to make it a bit more fun. Playable 75m comes with many little throwbacks to the original Donkey Kong game as well as some to one of my personal old school favorites Donkey Kong ’94. This ranges from stuff such as throwing springs and barrels to having Donkey himself grab the foe in his classic murder animation from the previously mentioned Donkey Kong ’94. Needless to say nobody commented it because really, who comments minis? (Oh wait I said I would and then didn’t T_T…)

In random news on this page, JOE! posted an updated for Trainer JOE! to update the extras session with the typical quality of extras you’d expect from a JOE! set. There’s quite a bit of effort put into these so check ’em out, alrighty? I continued my comment train with comments for Klobber through Sam and Max so if you haven’t read them and your set is between those, check them out! Also on page 48 is Rool’s Comment Zone where he kindly posts comments for sets as he reads them without taking up another post in the thread unlike some inconsiderate bitch who posts “funny” quips with all of her comment walls for comments on ages old movesets. I mean uh…better late than never, yes? We also had some nice little comments by Junahu, Nick, ForwardArrow and agi on this page but I’d rather not comment on comments so much. Gets a bit Inception-y for my tastes.

Moving right along we have Goomba by n88_2004. Much like Zigzagoon, Goomba was made over the span of an afternoon and is purposefully made to simply make moveset for a character with no potential. As one may expect from Goomba, his attacks consist of little more than ramming into the foe in various ways and is fairly no-thrills in his approach to fighting the foe. However…the thing that makes Goomba actually interesting is that he’s actually focused around a long forgotten feature of Smash; the Pity Final Smash. By using his natural Goomba abilities to be flattened (and survive) Goomba “loses points” when squished and, upon losing enough “points” is granted a Pity Final Smash which allows Goomba to not be as terribly useless as he typically is. It’s a strange concept for sure but it’s one that fits the character quite well…I mean…who better to be based around pity than the epitome of the cannon fodder enemy? Rool gave this set an exceptional comment, saying it was a near perfect set that captured the character’s essence to a T…whereas Warlord felt quite the opposite. He felt the lack of aerials felt worse than Zigzagoon’s overall lack of inputs and that the set that was not conceptually underpowered but simply underpowered by the numbers which defeated some of its point and that he couldn’t get behind what he essentially felt was just a good idea with poor execution. And because I too have opinions, I said some stuff that kinda sounded like Rool’s side but overall liked the core concept even if the rest of the set felt a bit flat. Pun partially intended.

On the next page, the mysterious newcomer ForwardArrow returned to post another Pokemon set, this time the 5th Gen pure Ghost type, Cofagrigus. Being essentially a wicked spirit within a sarcophagus, Cofagrigus tricks foes into getting near, swallows them up and turns them into mummies. At least that’s what the Pokedex says. In the moveset, Cofagrigus is capable of producing mummy-shaped floating bandage traps with which he can capture foes with. Combining this with his Neutral Special Shadow Balls allows Cofagrigus to give evil life to these mummies, making them actively seek out the opponent whereas he can use his Up Special to ensnare the opponent within mummies -AND- the Ominous Winds he produces. Of course, as previously mentioned…he is a living sarcophagus so capturing the foe inside of him is another major goal for finishing the opponent of thanks to his grab game. Adding to the depth of Cofagrigus, the coffin Pokemon is capable of unraveling the foe slightly so that he can grab strings of bandages from them and torment them appropriately via interactions with the string. Overall reception for Cofagrigus was somewhat mixed. Being one of the first commenters, I had problems with the whole string unraveling bit, feeling that it was not only strange for the Pokemon who mummifies his victims to be UNwrapping them but also that Shadow Ball giving the mummies life was a tad strange. I was also slightly irked by the fact that the moveset is constantly spelled “Cofagrigas” throughout it despite being spelled correctly at the top. Nick had a slightly more positive comment, praising the beginning concepts but saying that the set was not only very overpowered but that the added effects on the Smashes and Aerials felt tacked on for creativity. He also felt as though this set was a step down from ForwardArrow’s previous Hoppip moveset.

Following Cofagrigus was a, gasp, moveset actually by me! Yes, I got off my lazy arse and actually managed to do a one day moveset. For a tree. Hostile Elder Oak is a random enemy from the game EarthBound who I happened to get off of the EarthBound Wiki’s random page feature. Essentially, I wanted to make a one day set again, motivated by Goomba and Zigzagoon to do so. Being a giant tree, Hostile Elder Oak is very solid but not very mobile. Because of this, opponents cannot pass through him and can actually use him as a solid platform, much like Item Tree before him. Unlike Item Tree however who was based upon…items…Hostile Elder Oak is more based upon his unique ability from the EarthBound game; randomly bursting into flames. By scattering his leaves about, Hostile Elder Oak can engulf himself in flames as a self-defense mechanism or as an offensive strategy to spread the fire across the stage. Of course, you’re a tree bursting into flames…so you’re also damaging yourself in the process causing a great risk/reward system to come into play. Do you want to ignite your foe and do some nasty damage to them while hurting yourself…or do you want to play it safe and not risk burning up? Despite this, Hostile Elder Oak went mostly ignored, a personal worst in terms of reception. The only comment it received was from ForwardArrow who claimed it was his favorite of the “potentialess sets” but that that wasn’t saying much seeing he wasn’t a fan of the other ones. He did however praise the fact that, despite Hostile Elder Oak’s playstyle being particularly deep or indepth, he did have some fun and unique interactions going for him. One day set is done in one day, can’t say I expected fanfare for a tree.

The final moveset on this page was a moveset for Evil Naruto by StreamOverlord. Essentially, Evil Naurto was a pretty standard fare newcomer set that lacked bbcoding, had a lot of generic, overpowered attacks and generally had no playstyle to it. Fairly common newcomer mistakes really although we -BELIEVE- (this may be incorrect though) that English is not StreamOverlord’s native language so I’ll certainly give him credit for having a grasp on multiple languages when I can barely speak English properly. Probably the biggest downfall with Evil Naruto however was assuming that we understand the terminology of the series as we read the moveset. I posted a rather lengthy comment about Evil Naruto on the following page giving some pro-tips (hahahahayeahright) on how StreamOverlord could improve from here and what s/he should focus on for next time around. Aside from that, Evil Naruto got no other comments. Believe it.

agi then made a post about something that apparently concerns me. I’m not entirely sure what it’s all about seeing as I wasn’t a part of the conversation that went down…but agi’s is supposed to post an article of sorts today on it. All I know is that it has something to do with leadership and democracy in some sort of mock vote that will be going down this Sun…today. While I’m here nice and warm in this random paragraph, we also had some more comments by myself, Warlord, Nick, ForwardArrow and a particularly impressive comment by Gcubedude for -ALL- six Trainer JOE! Pokemon, making him the first person to read and comment all of that massive beast of a set. ForwardArrow also totally admitted to being DM. Totally.

DiamondFox post?! Oh lawdy, that must mean…oh Christ, massive Warlord set ahoy! Sid’s Toys, based obviously upon the random mutilated toys belonging to Sid in the original Toy Story movie, act very much like previous Warlordian set, Rocket Executive Hugo. Unlike Hugo however, who was ko’d via killing Hugo himself, Sid’s Toys can only be defeated by ko’ing all five toys. The toys included are the five most recognizeable toys, Roller Bob, Hand in the Box, Legs, Ducky and, of course, Babyface, the horrible crab/baby crossbreed that would scare the living Christ out of anyone who came across that thing for real. Based around momentum, each character within the set has their own unique inputs and their own distinct role on the team while also working in unison to protect one another. For example, Legs can quite easily move the other toys around the stage. Essentially, like in the movie, each toy has their own role that they do best and must work together to accomplish the goal of beating the opponent, sometimes going as far as to pull off “rescue missions” to save a toy who may have attempted a suicide ko on the opponent. Overall reception for Sid’s Toys was unsurprisingly good for a Warlord set…but it wasn’t without its complaints. Some felt that the set was rather overpowered due to the ko requiments and just the sheer overwhelming nature of fighting five characters at once. Others felt that some of the moves were hard to actually picture. Rool was probably harshest on the set, saying it was quite difficult to read due to stuffy writing style feeling that Legs in particular was incomprehensible. He called it a “crazy set” overall and felt that it seemed much more like a set for Sid himself using his toys against the foe (seeing as they’re actually -NICE- toys in the movie and not heavyweight male antagonists as the set may lead you to believe).

Following directly behind Sid’s Toys was Team Pedestal by phatcat203 who…also happens to be a Hugo-styled set. Based upon the main character’s team from a Pokemon fanfiction, Team Pedestal consists of six members; Duskull, Luxray, Breloom, Altaria, Krabby and Camerupt. Unlike Hugo and Sid’s Toys however, Team Pedestal is much easier to defeat. Taking out three of the team’s Pokemon will count as a stock lost for the team…as well eliminating Duskull. Like Sid’s Toys and Hugo however, each Pokemon on the team has their own unique functions. Ike the Luxray for example is in charge of the team’s grab game, grabbing the foe on reaction when they make sudden movements. Other Pokemon, such as Zarek the Krabby, are particularly useless at first glance but, because of the relationship it has with the Altaria, attacking/knocking out Zarek will get you the full attention of Alice’s aerial game. Konstantin, (the Duskull) can also be used to transport the other members around the stage by using his Shadow Sneak ability. The overall goal for Team Pedestal seems to be versatility as they can play defensively or offensively depending on the player or the situation. With that said, much like Sid’s Toys, the members of the team will want to be looking out for one another much more than with Hugo or Sid’s Toys seeing as three of them biting the dust means they’re losing a stock and leaving their teammates vulnerable. Overall reception for Team Pedestal has been rather mixed…well, it’s only really gotten one comment period. ForwardArrow felt that some of the interactions and concepts were cool but that the set felt detached and lacked in flow saying that he couldn’t say it was a great set but that he could appreciate the effort put forth on it.

Moving right along we had Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree by Nick. Very similar in concept to Rool’s controversial Caterpie set from back in the day, Caterpie revolves around setting up traps and such so that he can survive his evolution into Metapod…and further survive that evolution into Butterfree. As a Caterpie, the little bug type mostly wants to abuse its String Shot attacks to set up sticky weblines to keep the opponent away from him so he can evolve into a Metapod. As Metapod…you better hope you set up properly as a Caterpie as you’re just going to be sitting there until you evolve into…Butterfree! Yes, the part Rool’s set was missing finally comes to creation here. Overall, Butterfree is about status effects that it can blow around using its Whirlwind move much like how Hoppip used a very similar concept not too long ago. The only comment Caterpie and Co got was by myself…and it happened to be quiet negative at that. I personally felt that Caterpie’s gameplay really was quite dull and uninspired, even compared to Rool’s Caterpie and that his moves just felt poorly recycled from modified Spiderman concepts. Butterfree didn’t fair much better in my eyes being a character who seemingly just wants to coat the foe in status effects and let them suffer from it.

We then had a bunch of comments posted from myself, Nick, Kupa and ForwardArrow as well as another random one post newcomer named Haylstorm.

Finally this night we had yet -ANOTHER- one post newcomer posting a moveset, HollowKnight. Like ForwardArrow, this newcomer also decided to make a Pokemon moveset; Mismagius. Mismagius, being the witch-like Ghost type it is seemingly revolves around some nasty tricks it can use including the ability to become a duplicate of the opponent, conceal itself within smoke, blow the smoke around with Ominous Wind and even swap around its oppponent’s controls. Essentially, Mismagius seems to play a lot like the other Ghost types posted this contest by doing things like creating duplicates to try and confuse the foe with in order to make up for its otherwise poor attack. Of course, Mismagius is a bit deeper than just disabling moves and stuff like that…it can also shuffle the swapped moves around to constantly keep the opponent unsure of just what move they’re actually using. Mismagius has gotten zero comments as of now so it doesn’t have any reception. Aww.

N. Oxide by DiamondFox is a completely unique moveset in that it requires you to fight on a specific stage. He camps with various TNT crates and Brio breakers in a way that’s been unseen before, and his stage even scrolls with his Final Smash! Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of most of the inputs in the set, but it still qualifies because Sonic and Tails did.

Moving right along, we had MYmini entries by Khold and tirk with the first parodying MYM’s love of ponies and the latter parodying some of MYM’s love of discussing MvC3 in the chat.

Finally, we had a very late entry for last week’s MYmini, Mario Circuit by kitsuneko345. Essentially, the player takes control of annoying ol’ Toad as he zips around the circuit grabbing items and trying to smash into people with his car. There’s a good bit of Mario Kart fanservice here, mostly in the items. I’m acknowledging it kits so pretty it up! ;P


MYmini #17: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU….. <- Click here for M.Trinity nudes! Just kidding, it’s a mini! Tricked you bastards mwuahahaha!



Evil Naruto vs Caterpie

Haha! Were expecting Sid’s Toys vs. Team Pedestal weren’t you? Well I haven’t read those two yet so if you want your precious match-up it has to be for two sets I actually read. Alright, so as soon as the fight begins, Caterpie will probably be starting with his set-up game if he knows what’s good for him. Unfortunately…Evil Naruto isn’t gonna be letting you do that Star Fox and will probably be approaching you from the air. The sad fact is, Evil Naruto’s aerials are going to tear through your weblines like a hot knife through Plorf and will probably power through your weblines with his forward air. Binding him to the stage with your string shot is your best chance her as Evil Naruto’s ground game is less insane than his aerials…but even then you’re going to be in trouble. To make things even worse for little Caterpie, Evil Naruto’s Down Special travels underground meaning that even with weblines blocking his approach, he can still attack you from below without even being near! IF you somehow manage to evolve into Metapod, you may very well be done with. You see, Evil Naruto will have no doubt powered through your defenses by this point and will be breathing down your metaphorical neck while you lay prone for four seconds. This is, unfortunately, about the time that you’ll be eating a down air to the face which will probably kill Metapod with ease.

If…and I do mean if…Metapod evolves into Butterfree, the little butterfly can still pull off a victory. While Evil Naruto may have an insane air game, you’re near untouchable while in the air and can pepper him with your various powders to keep him out of your face. Rage Powder is not particularly recommended against Evil Naruto as he could easily catch you with a vertically thrown Windmill Shuriken or any of his downright scary aerials (or even the kick after his recovery!). In short, winning a battle against Evil Naruto is NOT an easy task for Caterpie. While starting off small and weak and defending yourself may work against others, Evil Naruto just has the tools, the damage and the range to beast through your defenses and ruin you. Sorry Caterpie, you’re toast.


And so the Recap comes to a close. T’was a fairly tame weak but it was certainly exciting to be back in control of the Recap, even if it was for just one week. As (formerly) always, I’m your host MT.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Actually, I loved Sid’s Toys! Maybe I should be less deliberately ambiguous in my comments of quasi-frontrunners…

  2. While I was eagerly hoping I would get some more comments on Mismagius, it was fine with me. Hopefully people will get around to it later. (Btw, Mismagius was a one-day Poke set)

    Overall, I heard great things from my brother about Sid’s Toys but have yet to read it myself. Hopefully I’ll have time to go about and read some of the sets posted recently so I can gain more of an idea of what to improve in the future. Once I get about to it, I’ll see about posting a large collections of comments. Most will probably be uninformed and not very useful, but it will give me a starting place in the community.

    I seem to be cursed with a lack of inspiration for any sets not of the Pokemon variety. Hopefully I can pull some ideas together that have a little more variety in the series department. To the WordMobile!

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