Posted by: darthmeanie | August 30, 2011

A Message From Beyond – Darth Meanie, Law School, and Make Your Move

Ahoy, Make Your Move! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that, but I’m in my third week of law school right now, and thought that I’d give you guys a taste of what my life has been like since this July. There are a few other things I’d like to get to too while I’m at it, but let’s just start with a personal update and a taste of what law school is like.


My entire summer has been incredibly busy, you would not believe how busy it was. Because I was accepted to UC Davis off of a waitlist and not early this year, I had about a dozen different forms and hundred things to buy, plan, and prepare for before classes began that normally I would have had months to do. My own fault for procrastinating my forms until the last possible second (although there were other problems with my transcripts that made it take longer), so I guess I had it coming.


Right now I’m living in a pretty nice apartment in Davis. Originally I was going to be living with another law student, but he got a last nanosecond admissions offer from UCLA, where he was from, so he ended up cancelling here and leaving me with a two-bedroom apartment. The good news is that we both had separate leases, so I’m not on the hook for his rent; the bad news is that because there’s an open lease for the other bedroom, someone else who’s not another law student is going to be moving in in a couple of days. I know absolutely nothing about him, so I’m a little worried about that. The last time I had a roommate he did hard drugs, would listen to rap music turned up at 3:00 AM, threatened me directly, and had the cops show up at our dorm room. So yeah, a little worried about having a roommate again. It’s been nice to have a place of my own though, and now that I actually have a place to take care of, I’ve actually started cleaning up after myself more. I’ve also been making myself meals every single day; I haven’t eaten out once since I got groceries (mostly because getting all of the food cost $370, if I’m spending that much money, I’m sure as hell eating it!) I also have blazing fast internet after the mind-bogglingly slow 300k that was my parent’s internet. Since I left my 360 and TV at home, I’ve been using it to play Team Fortress 2 when I do have free time (AND YOU BETTER ADD ME KHOLD, AGI. STEAM ID IS darth_meanie). Well, that and to watch Carnival Phantasm. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more…


Now on to the actually interesting part, what it’s like to be in law school. From everything I can tell, I’m incredibly lucky to be in the community that is UC Davis; it’s one of the most congenial and friendly law schools in the country, and has just shot up the law school rankings to become #23 in the nation, giving me a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario. Professors here stay after classes to answer questions for around half an hour or so each day as long as people have questions to ask, and so far have not tried to humiliate anyone publicly. So far. The first week was almost like law school Disneyland, where we went through an ‘intro week’ where no one called on students, learned some of the most important principles, learned about all the administrative stuff we needed to know, and got to hear from some pretty inspiring speakers.


I’m taking four different classes this semester, the exact same four classes that every other first year law student (or 1L) takes: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Legal Research & Writing. Next semester is set in stone as well: Torts, Property, Constitutional Law, and Legal Research & Writing II. My classes so far have been very interesting; we learn law by studying historical cases that set important legal precedents, and use those to learn how the law works and how to argue it. You have to be prepared for every single class though and have read all the material; at any time a professor may call on you and you HAVE to answer him. “I didn’t read the material” is a very nice way to get yourself humiliated in front of the entire class. Fortunately, unlike every movie about law school ever, I was not the first person to be called upon in class.


I was the second. I read the material though, and it went pretty smoothly. I was turned to the wrong case at the time though, and scrambled to flip to the right page just to make sure that I didn’t actually mix up the names of the plaintiff and the defendant.


My Contracts professor is the one who calls on students the most, and he has a big pile of index cards that he uses to call on students from. He actually shuffled them all in class, and had a student on the front row cut the deck. He’s actually a pretty cool guy though, he’s a pretty good lecturer and played a scene from Mad Max in class to make a point about the consequences of breaking contracts. I also really like my Criminal Law professor; he’s a former federal prosecutor and has definitely seen some crazy stuff. He’s given us some crazy hypotheticals and has been really digging into what the nature of criminal law really is. He’s also said that every student needs to go on a ride-along with the local police department as part of the class. I’ve gotten to talk to him some, and he’s a very smart guy.


My most interesting professor so far though would absolutely be my Legal Research & Writing professor though. I only have his class on Fridays, and there was actually a typo on where the class was going to be held on our schedules, so most of the class was in the wrong room for about half an hour. We finally figure out that we’re supposed to be on the other side of campus and get to the room we’re supposed to be in. I was one of the first people to walk in, but I was still surprised when the first words that came out of the professor’s mouth was him calling me by name. He’d already memorized the name of every single student, and he made a habit of talking directly to any student, at any time, without warning, addressing them by name. We were a small class in a big lecture hall because the law school was under renovation temporarily, and he made us all sit on the front row, and there was a big projection in the front that read, “EVERY STUDENT WHO IS LATE MUST WRITE A 10 PAGE PAPER ON THE ETHICS OF SHOWING UP ON TIME. THIS IS NOT UNDERGRAD. GROW UP.” He went on to explain that at the start of every class he would call on a random student, and that student would go with him through the material for the rest of the day, answering any questions he posed as part of the Socratic method. He went on to explain how he insisted that all male students wear a coat and tie in his class and went on and on before he finally said…

“You guys aren’t buying this, are you?”


He’d been trolling us the whole time. He then had a former student come up to vouch for the professor, they did this almost comedy routine up there where the student explained that he was honestly a pretty mediocre student, didn’t know what he was doing, and how much the professor had helped him. As he told it, at the end of his last year of law school he had no idea what he was going to do, talked to this Professor about finding a job, and was hooked up as in-house counsel for the Oakland Raiders in a week. Apparently around 75% of students get their jobs through him, even though less actually are in his class. He also said that every student had to go out to coffee or lunch with him at some time so he could get to know them better. Then he gave us all candy and dismissed us early.







So anyways, that’s been my life since I last showed up here. Boring, exciting, whatever you have to say about it, I just thought (perhaps mistakenly) that some of you might still want to know what I’ve been up to these days. So that’s that.


Now onto something a little more relevant to you guys actually, the question of “Well that’s all nice, but why the flying fuck aren’t you still in Make Your Move you ass guzzler?” And that’s a question you guys all deserve an answer to. Admittedly, I did not exit under the circumstances I would have liked to under; there were other circumstances that, while I can’t divulge all the details about, meant that I had to cut my planned exit much shorter than I originally anticipated. Y’all deserve a bit more of a good-bye than a brief pop in-pop out from the chat though, and I’d like to give it here.


My departure from Make Your Move stems from two basic things; Time and Priorities. For the past (nearly) two years, Make Your Move was quite literally the biggest part of my life. I was in the chatroom from morning til night, in the middle of undergrad lectures (and my grades did suffer for it) and making sets and talking about stuff with you guys whenever I could. And you’re all, for the most part, a pretty fun group of people that I had ended up investing a lot of time into getting to know. Giving that up has been pretty painful on my part, I’ll admit that, but it had to be done. First off, when it came to time, there’d be no way that I’d be able to keep up with comments, make movesets, and actually still get to talk to you guys about stuff in the chat, which was in many ways the most fun part of the experience of being in Make Your Move. But more importantly than that, for a long time Make Your Move was in some ways what was most important to me, and that absolutely cannot be the case in law school. There is no way I’d be able to make it if I had the chat up when I was at law school, or even during my breaks between classes if I was thinking more about movesets than cases when lectures came around. Right now, I need to absolutely make sure that my priorities stay first, and that means studying for hours upon end when I get home every day, not refreshing the thread every five minutes and keeping the chat up ‘just to see what’s up’ and suddenly wondering where the last six hours went.


Those are the two reasons that I left Make Your Move, and I’m still trying to stop thinking about absolutely everything I see in the terms of movesets. It doesn’t help with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming out and an updated version of Melty Blood getting a PC release either, or lingering regrets that I never made a moveset from Madoka, or Negima, or Heroman.


There are a couple things that have made it easier to leave though. While this may not come as quite a surprise anymore now that MasterWarlord has apparently gone fully public about it, from the end of Make Your Move 8 to the time I left, MasterWarlord had a bit of a feud against me. The reason he turned against me still eludes me, though I imagine it was a combination of the misunderstanding of how long my short-term hiatus was going to be, disdain for a few of my movesets, and disappointment that our philosophies had drifted apart and that I wasn’t his loyal acolyte that I was in Make Your Move 7. I still thought we were getting along well until around the end of Make Your Move 9 though, where Warlord finally made it clear just how much bad blood had come between us, explaining that he no longer believed I was a competent movesetter and that he would never let me join leadership again.


Now that I’ve left, of course, it seems that it’s become a full-fledged campaign against me. To be honest, I’m more amused than offended, mostly because I can’t believe that a single member of MYM would actually buy the horsecock he’s shoving down everyone’s throats, nor why he’s still respected as a leader when he throws tantrums like this; it’s not Make Your Move 5-6 anymore when Warlord was objectively the best in the contest. And I do appreciate that Rool and Smady made motions in their own ways in my support (although I have to admit, I only skimmed Rool’s, mostly because it’s not relevant to me anymore and I made the moveset literally from start to finish in an hour and a half and I know it’s crap, but I do appreciate the thought). And I would like to take this as an opportunity to apologize to Smady for how I escalated the tensions between us, although we never really got along, the way I treated you was not the way anyone should be treated, and uncharacteristic of me. I nursed a grudge against you because I felt that Warlord was giving you preferential treatment over me, especially during the MYM9 era, and I was too pig-headed to realize that you didn’t deserve that. I’m honestly impressed and a bit humbled that you chose to take the high road in this instance, and I’d like to ask for your forgiveness.



So then, I’d like it if I’m able to make these sort of updates a few times this year, and give you guys an idea of what my life is about. Of course, I’m assuming that any of you care about me anymore or that I have any relevance to you whatsoever. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL NOW ROOL! If I get the opportunity again, or something really interesting happens that I absolutely have to share with you guys about, I might come back here. Just because I’ve broken off with the community completely doesn’t mean I want to break off with the people in it. I’d just become a chat leech, but the point of this is for me to stop wasting my time, not waste more of it. You’re cool guys and all. And if something absolutely awesome happens to any of you, you guys can actually E-MAIL me at (ZOMG, YOU KNOW MY LAST NAME NOW)




Oh, and one last thing. I understand there’s a newcomer going around by the name of ‘ForwardArrow’. Some of you, I’m also given to understand, have been speculating if he is me. Well the answer is…


Bah. Why would I spoil perfectly good speculation like that?



  1. I love you DM. So much.

  2. You’re older than me…


    A good counter-argument would be more exciting! A shame it turned out to be a prank…


    Whoa, wait, how do I feel?

    Anyway, glad to hear from you, man – glad everything’s going nicely – impressed with your adaptation to making your own food and hoping I can make as smooth a transition shortly – and slightly bemused by your backhand acknowledgement of ForwardArrow.

    Also, YOUR Crustle may have been crap, but “mine” has a pretty deep playstyle, I reckon!

  4. Oh hey, it’s that guy! You narrowly avoided ponies.
    You seem to be avoiding all the mistakes I made as a student, so kudos to you. Keep it up!

    But, $370 for food!? Well la di da Mr “I get $12 of fancy lawyer food every day”. My food budget was $200, and that was plenty.

  5. You left me without saying goodbye… (cry2)

  6. It’s good to hear from you. That’s an understatement, actually; you left a venerable hole in the contest. I would complain about this article being mostly off-topic for the stadium, but it’s better than dumping it all in the chat where no one could see it, or, God forbid, posting a blog on Smash World Forums. (shock)

    I forgave you a time ago for the rivalry. I certainly never attempted to mend our relationship, I’m sorry for fanning the flames: I acted very self-righteously. I’d also like to thank you for admonishing the situation at the end of MYM9. People were harping on about how the role I suggested for you was “out of pity,” but as anyone can plainly see here, you were far too busy to participate in the contest, let alone in leadership.

    It is indeed great to hear how you’re doing, but mostly I’m glad you cleared up that you were busy before going to college. I feel that’s the main reason for the animosity toward you felt by more than just Warlord (who you are a very harsh to here), mostly out of disappointment of you leaving. I can see that turning around if you make more articles like this and I don’t think that is how people honestly feel about you. Hope to read more of these, DM.

  7. It’s a shame I never got to know you. You seem like a great guy and fun to have talked to if I had considered joining MYM earlier. It’s great to see a veteran stopping in, even if I never had the pleasure of knowing you. Good luck in law school, and in your life after that as well.

  8. Very nice to know what you’ve been up to, Meanie. It means a lot just to know that you’re still thinking of us even with all these new obligations and responsibilities. To be honest, I don’t play TF2 very much anymore, but I’ll be sure to get you registered on Steam nonetheless. Keep us posted, and good luck, Ryan! (yes, we Steam folks know your first name, too. (tipsy))

  9. Hey DM!

    It’s good to hear from you. I’ve been kind of out of the MYM loop for a while, but I did notice that you’d disappeared and wondered what was up. I know exactly how you feel about college taking priority over MYM; this community was a big deal for me early on during my undergrad, but I just kept getting busier and busier and other things in life popped up which caused me to drift in and out a couple of times. And I know *exactly* how you feel about constantly thinking of things in terms of movesets, even though I’d sworn I was done with it. Boy, I miss college. I’m done with undergrad but I still don’t really know what I want to do with my life. (though that’s a personal problem)

    Anywho, you’re a really cool dude and I wish you the best of luck in law school. I’m sure we can expect great things out of you.

    Also, your last name is Darth? (smirk)

  10. “Keep us posted, and good luck, Ryan! (yes, we Steam folks know your first name, too. (tipsy))”

    Me and DM share a first name? (PTY)

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