Posted by: darthmeanie | September 10, 2011

A Message From Beyond – Roommates and Networking

So I wasn’t exactly planning on doing two updates back-to-back, but a lot of stuff happened in the past week, so I thought I’d share. And it’s the last day of the contest, so it might be appropriate or something, I’m not really sure. Maybe the last day is the worst day to do this, who cares?


So, last weekend I went back home to see my parents, and spent some good time with my friends. I have a friend who is seriously thinking about law school and studying for the LSAT right now; he’s smart and has good grades to, so there’s a seriously good chance he might end up getting into my school too. That would be pretty awesome, so we promised to room together if he does and decides to attend here. I don’t really need to explain how much I’d like to be able to do that.


And on the subject of roommates, I just met my new one. He’s also thirty-three years old with no college degree and works at Costco. That sounds a lot harsher than it actually is, he apparently had something mess up when he was finishing up his undergraduate, and right now he wouldn’t have a better job lined up even if he did get his degree. So yeah. He’s extremely quiet and keeps to himself though, to the point that I’m never quite sure if he’s actually here or not unless I actually see him, which is more or less exactly what I would want out of a roommate after my last one made my life a living hell for three months.


Classes are going well; the law school building has been undergoing some serious renovations at the beginning of the year, but the classrooms are officially usable now, so I don’t have to walk all around campus to my classes any more; in fact, all four are in the exact same room every day. Professors are also starting to take the training wheels off as far as the Socratic method goes; I think some of them were just waiting on full seating charts to call on us, but now we’re getting into some much deeper discussions in class. Which is good, because learning how to do that is a huge part of becoming a lawyer.


Finally, this Thursday I drove down to Sacramento for a reception with some alumni. All the 1L’s were encouraged to go, as the entire event was basically there to help us start networking. The event started with a tour of the State Capitol, which I blew off like a boss because it started thirty minutes after my class and it would have been physically impossible to make it in time, and because I’d already been officially recognized on the Assembly floor by my Assemblymember and had a chance to pet a kangaroo in the Senate. No way that tour was going to show me anything I hadn’t seen before.


I did pop in the office I used to intern in last semester, but Thursday is actually the end of the session for the legislature, so they were basically trying to iron out every controversial issue at the last second in there before they took a recess. I’d be surprised if they got out at midnight.


The reception was pretty awesome, there was some good free food and I got to talk to some lawyers who were doing some interesting things; legislative analysis, power development, tax lawyers and the like. There wasn’t anything that was really amazing that I saw, but it’s good to get an idea and start talking with people There’s a real community at my law school and the alumni are super friendly, which is a huge advantage.


So that’s what I’ve been up to this last week; I just thought I’d share that all with you. On other subjects, I can’t wait until October, because more information and trailers have started trickling in for Fate/Zero and it looks to be every bit as epic as I ever dreamed and has a big budget backing it up. As far as Make Your Move goes, I did see that pony fever has apparently crept its way into the community. I’d mock you all for it, but I watched all eighty or so episodes of CardCaptor Sakura and both movies, so I have no legs to stand on there. And at least the little girl shows you guys watch are western, not Japanese. That, and I’m fairly certain that if I watched it, I’d love it too.


I also saw that ‘democratic experiment’ Agi wrote up about on the Stadium here, and I absolutely wanted to agree with everything he said, I just never had the balls to put it up on the stadium. Democratic elections and an open-door on the back room have been things I’ve spoken about to other leaders for a long time, and I think they’d be key to making the leadership effective again, instead of just a body that has little more ‘responsibility’ than getting extra votes that they can cast after everyone else casts their own. That said Junahu, I hate both vote manipulation systems with my entire heart; I’d never want to return to the old Top 40 system. And I’m still a little bitter than Nanoha missed Top 50.


So anyways, here’s a good-bye to MYMX then, my last Make Your Move. Kinda sad, but I’m also kinda glad that Make Your Move seems to be absolutely thriving without me. Shine on you crazy movesetters. Shine on.


And no, I’m not going to make a tacky last second moveset for Phoenix Wright or She-Hulk or some other hero like that and be all cute. Not gonna.




  1. Also, you guys can tell me whatever happened in Make Your Move this year that was cool or what the top movesets are this contest or your favorite newcomers or why I’m definitely ForwardArrow or whatever.

  2. Vlad Plasmius is the top moveset… in my heart. (A)

  3. Smash Daddy confirmed that I’m you, so I think we no longer have a conflict with that.

    Also, good to see your doing well. I miss having you around, but I can understand why you left and I hope you do well in law school.

  4. I thought it was obvious I was SirKibble. Think about it, did you ever see us both in the same place at the same time?

  5. That’s what I like about my DM alt. His logic is always so perfect. Not that I don’t enjoy being ForwardArrow, SmashBrosMike, Iron Thorn, and all the others too, but DM is definitely one of my favorite alts. Or am I an alt of him? Hmm… Perhaps a question only he could answer…

  6. I think we all need to stop talking to ourself, it’s unhealthy

  7. I am Ppl in disguise

  8. Which Way Is The Direction To The Movesets Of The Making Competition??

  9. “And no, I’m not going to make a tacky last second moveset for Phoenix Wright or She-Hulk or some other hero like that and be all cute.”


  10. Wow, I was waiting for someone to figure that out.

    Good job Rool.

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