Posted by: hyperridley | September 29, 2011

Top 10 Most Controversial Movesets

Hyper_Ridley Presents


Also known as “internet drama”, controversy is something that every internet community has to put up with.  Usually it’s because of specific individuals, but here in MYM we treat movesets like books or movies, and there’s bound to be some that spark some heated debate.  Here’s what I think are the ten movesets that have led to some of the most memorable arguing.



The first MYM winner to cause some discord.  Kawasaki won MYM4 by a considerable margin after riding an enormous hype train following its extremely well-received posting.  In fact, it really wasn’t much of a surprise to see it win considering there effectively no major detractors of the set in the first place.  That all changed when everyone found out that yes, if you all super-vote a moveset it’s gonna win.  Suddenly there was an outcry of “Kawasaki was overhyped!” and various other sayings, along with others coming to defend the fact that everyone DID like Kawasaki before he won!  So basically, Kawasaki proved who’s a hipster in MYM and who isn’t (h).  Oh yeah, and this set causes several MYMers to finally voice their hate of “insert adjective here” headers”.  That instantly gets this a spot on the list.

These days Kawasaki enjoys being remembered fondly, if only for his nostalgia value.  He even had a MYMini dedicated to him many MYMs later, showing that there is something worthwhile in the moveset after all, and ultimately keeping him from sinking deeper into the depths of this list.



Another MYM4 set that everyone loved initially but didn’t love as much once it placed in the top 10.  Surprise, super voting a set means it’s going to do better!  More or less it was the same scenario as Kawasaki, except for one key change; this is the set that got Spade to post his famous “Big 3” rant.  Suddenly, there was fighting over this “Big 3” and if they really deserved the high placings!  Interestingly, the Big 3 themselves were divided on the issue; Warlord was adamant on the big 3 earning their top 10 monopoly, whereas Kibble and Rool were a little more embarrassed to be on the receiving end of popularity-bias accusations.  The set itself isn’t really remembered much today, but the “Big 3 Scandal” did leave a sore spot for a while.



You have no idea of how sick I am of posting this image

The most blatant reason this set is on the list: It’s the only top 10 placer to be outright disowned by its creator, aka me.  Sure, Kawasaki and the Halberd Crew may have had some disapproval of their placings, but their authors were quick to defend the merits of their own set.  Poor Spadefox was essentially tossed out a car window once I realized the major flaws in my own moveset.  Heck, Spadefox himself hates his own moveset, as seen in this comic.  Naturally, all of the peeps who voted for the moveset tried to justify their vote, with Junahu continuing to defend the set to this day.  In MYMX Spadefox finally redeemed himself to his own author by receiving a boss moveset, but this only led to EVEN MORE DRAMA, as half of the minis posted after him specifically attacked it and said author while proving that they didn’t even read the original set all that closely to begin with.  Keep in mind that Junahu, his primary defender, was among these, only adding fuel to the fire.

Of course, the amount of people who actively fight over this set’s worth generally amounts to HR and Junahu and nobody else, keeping this thing from being any “higher” on the list.



Anyone who was around for MYM4 can guess the main reason this set is on the list: It’s one of 2 movesets to be officially disqualified from a top 50 vote (discounting those noobs who post sets after the deadline) due to missing nearly every possible input in order to make him play literally like he was in Megaman 9.  While this in itself is controversial enough, towards the end of MYM4 a small movement emerged to try and get voting rights for the set, resulting in some debate in the thread over how “unsmash” we’re willing to allow sets to be in MYM.  Granted, the debate didn’t last too long, and in a future MYM Junahu would post Megaman 10 Protoman with the same concept which was much better received…still, you can still feel the tension with what this set stands for, considering the reception of a much more recent set…



Warlord and Rool arguing over the set

As one of DM’s 2 infamous Pokesets in MYM9, it’s no secret how unpopular and generally poorly-regarded this critter is.  However, nobody predicted just how much Warlord in particular hated this set, ranking it as DM’s absolute worse set ever, claiming it essentially failed in every aspect of movesetting.  This was posted right in the middle of some MYM drama concerning Smash Daddy’s “worst MYMers” list, so suffice to say bashing poor Crustle was like throwing gasoline into a fire.  It got to the point where K.Rool even made a full article on the Stadium for the sole purpose of trying to find some redeemable qualities in this moveset, resulting in even more arguing with Warlord for a time.  While Crustle’s initial posting wasn’t any different than most other unpopular movesets, it quickly earned its place on the list for being brought up in the wrong place at the wrong time.



This is Megaman 9: Part 2: The Movie.  Classic Sonic and Tails were Legend of Link’s attempt to recreate the control scheme and gameplay of the set’s namesake.  The experiment resulted in a set with rather ho-hum reception on the surface, with even Junahu, lover of experimentation, criticizing the way it was handled.  To really see why this set is so much higher than the original unsmash moveset, you’ve had to have been in the chat.  An epic war was waged between Warlord with his detail Nazis (plus his general Hyper_Ridley) and Khold, King of Trolls.  What started as a simple comment on how HR doesn’t “get” the set resulted in a furious slew of insults thrown back and forth over whether or not hating this moveset was equivalent to hating fun in MYM, a resurrection of the “unsmash” debate, and other things that nobody could bother to remember as the entire chat slowly got dragged into the madness.  The fact that this set could spark such a battle simply for reminding us of a previous controversy seals its place on the list, though you could argue that Megaman 9 is the truly more controversial set for creating such permanent scars in the first place.



Feeling particularly trolly one day, Junahu created THIS moveset of epic proportions, an entirely original character complete with a full backstory, precise stats bordering on frame-data, and the most complex special mechanic of any moveset ever!  The mechanic in particular is what causes so much of the controversy around the set.  Many of Cutesy’s biggest detractors argue that they simply cannot hope to stay focused on actually reading the moveset itself when they can barely wrap their head around the life cycles of her petals, and when they DO force themselves to skip to the meat of the set they find that there isn’t much in the moves outside of the mechanic to make them worth reading.  On the other hand, supporters of Cutesy state that the mechanic IS what makes her attacks interesting and that the entire point of the moves being simple otherwise is so that you don’t have to remember additional complexity on top of the petal mechanic.

Cutesy was posted during a period of transition in MYM.  It was when people were starting to not discount sets that weren’t teeming with creativity and detail, and as the set had massive detail on one hand and simple attacks on the other, this lead to both sides finding reasons to attack and simultaneously defend it.  Had she been posted at any other time there probably would have been a much more “uniform” reaction to her.



Female human character turned into a male furry. Totally not a Spade alt

This is the other officially disqualified set from a top 50, but context surrounding it makes it much more infamous.  Nature was posted by Spade on an alt account right around the end of MYM5; this means it was also after his already controversial departure from the community.  While movesets posted on alt accounts have generally been ok, we usually are told who made the set anyways, the alt account being a part of the presentation like with the Prince of All Cosmos.  Nature, on the other hand, was basically made so Spade could still post sets without having to face us after what he did, and to top it off, he voted for Nature in the top 50…and it got on.  Yes, that’s right, Spade is the one and only person who’s successfully cheated a MYM contest.

When Nature’s true poster was discovered, the leadership made a decisive decision to not only take Nature off the top 50, but Spade’s entire collection of MYM5 sets (or what he didn’t take down) was symbolically DQ’d as well; the sole survivor being Acid Seaforce for being a 2-man joint set and the other author not being “in” on the whole scandal.  Thankfully, this has been currently the last time the leadership has had to exercise any major use of its power.



Jecht is by all-accounts a rather unmemorable set on its own.  It had some cool ideas, most people felt the ideas could have been implemented better, it had a few other pros and cons.  See, nothing harmful about the set itself.  In fact, it wasn’t for the fact that a veteran posted it, the set would have probably gone mostly ignored save for a few comments on how to improve it.  Then Kat said this:

“I’ve decided to abandon concepts and playstyle, though I’ll still try to give the characters a playstyle that fits their character, but I won’t focus on it too much”

This one statement at the end, this one thing Kat said about his intentions with the moveset, unleashed a shit-storm the likes of which haven’t been seen since, well, the number 1 set on its list did its thing.  Nearly 2 entire pages following its posting were arguing over the merits of this philosophy, and how Kat’s personal opinion was gonna bring about the end of civilization itself.  Oh, and there may or may-not have been some actual critique of the moveset itself in there too.  Keep in mind, this was just in the thread itself; there was even more MYM warfare going on in the chatroom.



The original controversial moveset, and by far the closest to a full-blown real-life controversy at that.  Smashbro is an OC posted in MYM2 that even for those standards wasn’t all that liked.  Yea, that’s pretty bad.  But hey, there’s like 100+ movesets in the contest, we can just ignore it and move on, right?  WRONG!  Enter the top 50, the very first top 50 ever in MYM history.  The anticipation, the excitement, the- WHAT DO YOU MEAN SMASH BROS IS ON THE TOP 50?

Yes, Smashbro was also the very first top 50 placement to cause a community outcry.  But it wasn’t just because of the set’s quality, it was because the set exploited the voting system as the author got a bunch of his friends to make Smashboards accounts for the sole purpose of voting for this moveset.  Since there weren’t any real rules for the voting process, the community had no choice but to accept this stain on the top 50.

Think about just what this set’s done to MYM.  It was because of this set that we have restrictions on who can vote.  It’s because of this set that we have the picks/kicks/shifts system in place.  It’s because of this set that we created a more organized leadership.  The community, together, said that they want a competition with integrity.  No more cheating.  No more non-deserving winners.  If anything, it was because of this drive to maintain a respectable atmosphere in MYM that allowed for it to become a true community in the first place.  For proof of this, see the MYM group on facebook; this controversy was actually mentioned not too long ago.



  1. I wasn’t expecting to see my name here. I forgot about the Halberd Crew. :#

    No surprise to see some of these here. Smashbro caused so much of a negative vibe throughout the contests–a very deserving number 1. Overall, this was an entertaining read.

  2. I just noticed you forgot Raiden. Seriously how is he not on here, it’s a 2nd place set that everyone hates?

    *is late by about 2 and a half months*

  3. Kawasaki won MYM4 and everyone hated it by the next month. It’s not that rare for that era.

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