Posted by: TWILT | October 4, 2011

TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview #8 — KingK.Rool

Hey and welcome back to the return of the MYMer interviews. Yeah, for those who don’t know, I’m officially back into MYM. Main reason I left in the first place was because I kinda grew tired of making movesets for a while and I didn’t really like the idea of being a chat leech. After seeing how many awesome friends I have here in MYM though…man, I’ve been missing out. I just want to say that I’m glad to be apart of this community for so long and I’m glad to have met each and every single one of you (yes, even you Warlord ;)). Expect not only more interviews, but actual *gasp* movesets from me too! Will they be any good? Haha, who knows?

Anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s the return of the MYMer interviews with one of the most iconic MYMers, my Canadian bro, give it up for KingK.Rool! Enjoy!

What do you consider your best moveset and why?

I could talk about MY movesets for hours. I need to do a Warlordian-style self-ranking to sort my own thoughts out on this. Prior to MYM 8 – during my “first wave”, or in other words, back when I was 100% active and not only 23% or something like that – I’d say that my best sets were probably Romero or Kamek. I think I’m a bit biased regarding the former. How often do I make movesets for characters I really like?

Not often, that’s how often.

And Kamek still has one of my most graceful ideas – swell up the foe’s hurtbox so attacks with small hitboxes are more effective – I’ve ever come up with, and when you overlay the pitched-combat aspect he had going, it’s one of my most creative movesets. Fitting for the brainy Kamek to have a creative moveset, too.

Since then I’ve made Skeleton, Tutankoopa and Gastly all pretty much in the same style – low detail, simple effects, driven by a single overriding concept (but not a mechanic) – and I love all three. Haunter is more of a return to my “first wave” style and Gengar is a graffiti moveset. My next set will return to the style of those three, because that’s what I’m happiest making at this point.

What are your favorite Make Your Move movesets not by yourself and why?

I talk about movesets I like so often that this question feels redundant. I need to update my overall top ten – I don’t think Viola would land the top spot anymore. Of course, to do that I’d need to reread a ton of stuff and that seems like too much effort, too little payoff. I like to go contest-by-contest, so right now I’m pretty high on Garbodor, Wukong and Vlad Plasmius.

What do you look for in a moveset?

Haha, again, this is stuff that I talk about waaaay too often. I look for creativity, of course. That takes many forms and many styles, and I try to appreciate them all, from the Warlordian/Smadic ideal of interconnectivity and explicit flow to the unhinged parodic streams-of-consciousness tirkaro makes.

If you want to boil it right down, what most appeals to me is a playstyle that can’t be divided from a character – when you can say something about the character’s playstyle and it sounds like you could just be talking about the character themselves and what they’re like. I always try to zoom out to this sort of vantage point at the very end of my playstyle sections, as I’m sure everybody’s noticed by now.

Where do you get inspiration for movesets?

I don’t really plan movesets, usually. Sometimes I won’t be in the mood to make movesets or do ANYTHING MYM-related for weeks, months. Then one day I start thinking “man, it’d be cool to make a moveset”, and I think about who I could make one for. I riffle through characters in my head. Once I find one that I think really has some solid potential, I brainstorm, which can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple of days. I did some serious brainstorming for Gengar, thinking it through every which way in my head, especially when I came to his aerials and realized that I had more inputs than I was used to working with (shadow inputs, all throws, plus shield special) and was starting to run out of ideas. It was just a temporary roadblock, though; I managed to come up with some stuff I’m pretty proud of.

But for a set like Tutankoopa, I basically decided I was going to make him, sat down and just started making him. I often come up with ideas as I go along. I don’t map out my inputs before I start writing the moveset proper, and I don’t make inputs out of order. Throws are always last. Usually the whole writing process takes three hours or so, so you could say that ALL my movesets are three-hour sets.

How often do you cut movesets?

Nowadays? Never. Since I make them all at one go, without planning or announcing them, there’s never any need to cut them. Back in the olden days, I was pretty well-known for making plans I never followed up on. Jimmy T, Orca, and so on. Zant I eventually caught up with!

How did you discover Make Your Move and why do you continue to create movesets for it?

Saw the original when it first came out. Actually, my main interest in Smashboards was always moveset-making. My first post was a specials-only moveset for Orca in the thread that announced SSB3. Throughout the speculation period before it came out, I was always making and reading movesets. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I didn’t join earlier than MYM 3. Probably because I could think of no interesting non-video game characters to make movesets for, and actual video game characters didn’t seem to be the point in the first MYM.

And why I’m still making movesets now… I suppose it’s a creative outlet. I’ve dabbled in various creative outlets, but this one is a bit of a constant, something I can return to at times, challenge myself with, test myself. Plus, I really enjoy those three hours I spend writing the moveset. I’ve always liked creative writing.

What can you tell us about you in real life? Do you have any interesting quirks or trivia about yourself to tell us?

Real life? Butbut… my shroud of mystery!

Last night I had a dream that I went to meet up with Silver, MT and Junahu in real life. They were just chilling in this sort of cozy beachhouse or something – it seemed downright Caribbean. I went in and walked right past them, knowing they wouldn’t recognize me and feeling a little bit abashed to present myself. Eventually I came back around and sat down with them, but they didn’t really acknowledge me… Junahu was pontificating about something or other, and he really seemed to know what he was talking about! He was a bit balding, with a wide goatee and a massive head. He had the proportions of a Homer Simpson, and just a tiny trace of a British accent. They eventually noticed me and realized who I was, but nobody seemed too surprised and after a while we just went to an arcade or something. And then I woke up.

What’s the inspiration for your username?

It’s 2005. I’m 14. I want a fairly neat name but don’t really care what it is, since I don’t plan to use this account too much (and with good reason; I only had about 300 posts in three years before I joined MYM). King K. Rool is a pretty cool villain, I reason. He’s generically crazy. I didn’t know you could put spaces in your name. Hence… KingK.Rool.

Who do you consider your closest friend in MYM?

That’s a bummer of a question right there! I don’t have a bestest bud in MYM because of my long absences (yeah, right, I’ll keep telling myself that) and because of my crabby disposition (there we go). Most people in MYM I like if only because it feels like we’ve been through so much together – I mean, it’s been, like, three years! But I think I’m on pretty good terms with just about everyone (and that’s not meant to lump “everyone” into a generic mass – a lot of those connections are pretty specific). A big MYM get-together would be groovy and I’d feel pretty comfortable meeting you all face-to-face.

There are a few people that have kept me sticking around over time, though. For various reasons. Warlord is one of them (emphasis on the various reasons). Junahu is another.

Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Uh, I dunno. I go way back with the Gastly line, actually. In Silver I wanted so badly to have a Gastly as my starter that I caught one as soon as I got to Sprout Tower and ditched my actual starter so that Gastly would be it, practically speaking.

What is your favorite video game of all time?

I don’t like video games (CRS)

Seriously, as far as MYMers go, I’m on the outer fringe in terms of how many video games I play. It’s mostly a nostalgia thing for me. And for the sake of nostalgia, it’s all about the N64. Mario Kart 64, Paper Mario 64, Super Smash Bros 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Kirby and the Crystal Shards. Mario Kart in particular is something I still like to pop in now and then.

Why’d you quit being a leader in MYM 8?

In Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, the title character – a great general in Rome – is offered the title of emperor, even though he has no real claim to it. He turns it down and says that one of the actual sons of the emperor should have the title, and later on he gets repaid for it by basically having his family killed and his name dragged through the mud. He turned it down partially because of his love for the law, but also because of a sort of quirky arrogance – a sense that he’s above the whole thing, that he has the power and right to choose for himself.

So I’d say that my stepping down was a sort of smirking arrogance and pride, and a false humility. It’s the easiest thing in the world to sanctimoniously step away from leadership. It helps that I never really liked “leading”, and also that I was losing interest in MYM generally around that time. Getting out of leadership was like throwing off shackles. Suddenly I was free to take as many hiatuses as I wanted. To criticize whatever I pleased without being a hypocrite. To play the rebel against The Man. It was one of my better choices, even if it was driven by ego.

Why’d you post Skeleton under the alt “Axx O Nn”?

For a start, I was really curious as to how my set would be received without the name attached.

But also, Kamek was my “last” set. I said that many times. But Axx o Nn had never made a set before. I didn’t really try to to disguise my movesetting “voice” – as Warlord said, it was pretty obvious in reading the playstyle section alone – so the fact that the account was doomed made Skeleton feel very appropriate. It was my non-Halloween Halloween set. MYM 8 is my lost contest, and also the slowest, most depressing contest, so in retrospect it was a good call.

So what’s it like being a Canadian?

I used to see Canada as a bit of a joke – a ridiculously middle-brow, privileged, silly place with a lot of goofy people and highfalutin’ naive ideals – but although I still don’t think too much of a lot of the people and their priorities (I mean, are our national pastimes really hockey and beer? Give me Russia with its soccer and vodka any day), I’ve softened a bit on the country itself. The values, the landscape, the culture, such as it is. And we’re hardier than the damn Americans – our winters are much worse, after all.

There’s one more thing. Here I am in Taiwan, walking down the busy street with a couple of other white guys, drawing stares and points as usual. Some older Taiwanese guys are sitting in front of this little store, eating their noodles and whatnot. When they see us, they seem surprised and shout “American?” They’re not quite looking angry, but their tone is definitely on the rough side. We sort of hesitantly say “No, no, Canada”, hoping they’d understand us (our Mandarin being limited to “xiexie”, meaning thank you, which would not really be appropriate in this context). As soon as they heard that, they all threw their arms up with big smiles on their faces, crying, “Ah, Chanada!” and giving us very enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Any chance of bringing back Marshmellow goo? 😉

What an outdated question! Marshmallow Goo is a real relic. I no longer feel the need to test you guys. 😉

How did you get your name, “Vote Guru” in the chat?

From tallying votes for a long time! I think it was emergency who came up with the title. It seemed appropriate and for a couple of contests it was mine alone. Now whoever tallies the votes is called “vote guru”. (CRS)

Any movesets for the future?

If I told you, they wouldn’t happen.

What would your last meal be?

Meal? Pffft. If I’m going to my death, give me a bottle of rum to take the sting off and keep me in a good mood in my last minutes. If you insist on food, maybe something kinda biblical and poignant… some crackers? Moss? Or is that pagan? Well, you get the idea.



  1. Well done Rool. Well done. (CLAP)

  2. Great stuff, TWILT and Rool. To me the most interesting things in this article are Rool’s responses to the questions of what he looks for in a moveset and how he gets his inspiration.

    (On a completely different topic wtf is Marshmallow Goo.)

  3. Don’t forget about potentially interviewing me! I’m sure you all want to know about who I am, even if it happens wayyy later on. Awesome to have these things back.

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