Posted by: The Stadium | October 5, 2011

Makings of a Moveset: Galaxy Man

Hey there MYM. Before I start the article proper, I’d like to thank the people that helped me get here via their comments and feedback, and in particular Smash Daddy for previewing and helping me to improve about half of my MYMX sets.

Anyway, this series (assuming it gets that far) of articles is basically going to focus on a move set, and ask the author about it in detail, how various ideas came together, etc. (I chose one of my own sets this time for convenience, obviously. :P) So, onto the actual move set.

How did this moveset start?

The basic idea that eventually evolved into Galaxy Man was the rotating gravity in the side special. I wanted a set to play around with gravity manipulation, and the reason I eventually chose Galaxy Man over Gravity Man was simply due to more familiarity, as well as somewhat more potential.

In a nutshell, what’s the basic concept of the set?

Galaxy Man is a camper combined with a strong gimping game. With his projectiles he can create a pretty good wall of damage in just about any direction pretty quickly, and he has plenty of tools to bounce them around, keeping them onstage and a present threat while adding still more.

What parts of the set are you particularly proud of?

My favorite part in Galaxy Man would have to be his various gravity wells for spinning around his projectiles. Basically, you can curve projectiles around by using a gravity well, and if you put multiple ones in the same spot, the pull becomes strong enough to cause them to orbit. With normal projectiles this is really fun, but not much deadlier than your typical trap. However, his laser is a very fast projectile that doesn’t disappear on hit, and so can easily rack up a lot of damage (up to 30% or so) if you set it up right. Similarly, there’s repulsers you can place to curve your projectiles away, and the great thing is that these work on opponents to, making them useful for camping and gimping and playing really well into Galaxy Man’s game as a whole.

Another part I really enjoy is the grab game. It’s simple, intuitive, and amazingly useful. Basically, you freeze any projectiles and opponents in a decent sized circle around Galaxy Man, and you can move them about, rotate the field, let them continue on their former paths (after being moved and rotated, that is), or simply send an energy shockwave through the field to send them all shooting out in new directions. It’s really my start to doing unconventional grab games (more so than Spider-Man), and I think it turned out nicely.

If you were to remake the set, what would you change?

I think the main thing I’d change if I were to do it over again was to just spend some more time actually working on the set. The side special and down special are really just badly explained, and a couple of the aerials veer a bit into random creativity. Basically I just think taking another look at the set and perhaps getting it previewed would have ironed out a few of the rough spots and helped the set’s reception a good deal. Perhaps change the control reversing aerial into one that applied a sort of metal box effect to increase the opponent’s weight, fall speed, and power, but reduce their mobility (making them an easier target for both your camping and gimping games.)

Overall, how do you feel about the set?

It’s probably my best set at the moment, and as its placing showed, a really good one. This set was probably the most rushed of any of my MYMX sets, but it still has hands down the most original ideas I’ve ever put into a single set. Also, if you’ve been keeping track, it introduces a couple of trends for me, both good and bad. For example, I regularly use aimable projectiles, and still enjoy the idea of bouncing more and more of them around the stage to overwhelm the opponent, but on the flip side it also has a couple of minion attacks that don’t quite fit, which is something I tend to fall into with other sets.

So there you have it. My thoughts on Galaxy Man. Any other questions you’d like me to add for future articles of this type? Suggestions, critique, curses regarding the article itself? Who and what move set should I pick next? Tell me what you think.


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