Posted by: phatcat203 | October 5, 2011

Thinking Thrice – The Current Situation and my Opinions on it

That's right.

As you all know, MYM has been having quite the meltdown as of late. This is due in part to absolutely nobody being able to agree on anything, whether the subject be the leadership, the Bunker, the chat, or whether people actually have opinions on any of those things. I’m one of those that apparently does NOT have an opinion on anything, at least in the chat. So, here, I’m going to comment on what -I- think about everything that is going on, and by god, you’re going to shut up and listen to me. And then stop shutting up to comment on me.

I’m gonna start off with what people seem to be discussing the most right now: The Bunker, where you’re reading this. I don’t have nearly as much to say about this as Rool and Warlord do, because I think there are some fairly simple solutions. Here they are:

1: Fuse the Stadium and the Bunker completely.

This is the simplest and most effective solution. It lets everyone keep their posting rights, making articles and the Stadium/Bunker more free and open in general. It would allow the Bunker to host everything the Stadium does, fairly, and would remove any threat of Mendez deleting the Stadium. It wouldn’t even require much work; much of what is currently on the Stadium has been posted here, for “archiving” purposes. This is the idea that I am most for.

2: Separate the Stadium and Bunker completely.

This method makes the most sense if the admins of the Bunker want to differentiate from the Stadium. As it is now, the Bunker has almost everything that the Stadium does, plus more user-created content. This makes the original Stadium serve no purpose(other than, according to Agi, “nostalgia”). Rool and Agi seem to want to have a vastly different atmosphere here from the original Stadium, and that simply cannot be accomplished by making the Bunker a clone of the Stadium. The best solution is to simply remove all Stadium-posted articles from the Bunker, either by totally deleting them or making them “invisible” to the common eye.

3: Delete the Bunker.

This is, in my opinion, by far the worst course of action, but it seems to be popular with a couple of people. It would revert things back to the old system, with only Leaders and a select few others being able to post on the Stadium. In my opinion, this would only start more arguments. I don’t recommend this in any way, and it doesn’t solve any problems, but hey, I’m not in charge.

Now, onto other matters. Namely, the Leadership. As you all know, I think the Leadership should not even exist. The only thing you can do as a Leader that you cannot do as an everyday MYMer is participate in the Kick/Shift/Pick process, which I feel is in and of itself unnecessary. You do not have to be a Leader to make sets, comment, or help others. Leadership should not be a reward given to the most active or successful members; that is a process which essentially gives power to those who most desire it. Coincidentally, those who are least fit to have power want it the most.

When it comes to the actual makeup of the Leadership, I believe the current system is extremely flawed. Giving the current Leadership the unobstructed ability to choose new members and who stays in or is kicked is a pretty poor system. Basically, it means you’re in for life unless you personally quit, opinions of the public be damned! Not only that, but with the reveal of MYM10’s KPS phase, it seems that Smady, Kupa, and Warlord reigned supreme over the decisions; they would all get on at the same time and vote to pass or deny a shift, disregarding and making moot the opinions of any other leader. This also bypassed all discussion about those particular shifts. Personally, I think the best outline for Leadership, if in fact we must have one, would be something like this: MW, Kupa/Smady, Jun/Rool, MT, LoL/n88, with a / indicating that either of those choices is viable, but not both. This creates the most diverse, yet dedicated, Leadership possible.

As to why I think the KPS system is flawed and should be abolished: Ads and other voting rules are set in place to limit the voting pool to those who have read enough sets and are dedicated enough to the contest to know what they like and why they like it. This creates a Top 50 that is representative of the common people’s tastes and interests in sets. Adjusting this list with the will of 3-5 “Leaders” creates a flawed and inaccurate showing of the people’s opinions on sets.

Now, some(mainly, the current Leaders) say that this is necessary, as a loved set may miss the list or a hated or joke set might get on because of “joke votes.” Alternatively, they say that some sets do not deserve to place as high as they did, or others should have placed higher. This implies that the opinions of the Leadership represent the opinions of every MYMer; they do not. Those are their own personal opinions, not necessarily mine or yours or the greater community’s. Just because one is active does not mean one should be able to change others’ opinions at will, which is basically what the KSP process does.

If it really DOES become a problem, the original top 50 could be shown to the general public and a revote could be done, either on the top 50 as a whole or only on certain sets. This still allows for changes, but gives the power of those changes to the people, instead of the Leadership, meaning those who voted get the say on what they wanted on the Top 50 and where they wanted it.

As to matters of the chat: I do not believe that chat moderators should be simply given to the Leadership. For one, not all Leaders are routinely active in the chat, or paying attention to it when they are there. See: Nick, Smady, Warlord, Kupa. Nick and Kupa rarely come into the chat, and even more rarely stay for longer than thirty minutes at a time. Smady and Warlord often go AFK for up to hours at a time, leaving the chat completely unmoderated.

Another point is that Leaders do in fact have bias, and individual bias often overlaps. Example: If Warlord bans someone, Smady and Kupa are less likely to unban them than MT or Junahu would be. My proposal is to base the chat moderators off of overall chat activity and responsibility with power. Perhaps a vote could be given – most chat-goers know who they want to have power over them. Personally, I would prefer MW, MT, Junahu, Rool, n88, and maybe LoL, if he ups his activity. Again, that’s just my personal opinion. Silver could be a candidate, but he often abuses his moderating powers. Fix that, and he’d be fine.

I’ve probably missed a few points here; if you think I have and are interested to hear my views on them, mention it in the comments and I’ll respond to you.



  1. I especially like the part about our three solutions.

  2. I’d certainly say to fuse the Bunker and Stadium. . . yes MW and Rool can both have adminship, it’s not like MW goes deleting stuff or anything. I posted my thoughts on the shift system on Rool’s “A Defense” article, but I agree that it either needs to be drastically changed or abolished altogether. the Ad and moveset requirements for voting thin out the uninformed voters and alt accounts. But I do not think we should get rid of the leadership: they still should exist as active members who post movesets and comments, and guide newcomers. They need to LEAD, they are called LEADERS for a reason. To mention LoL’s article, newcomers DO need the leadership to provide an example to look up to. The community cannot be relied on to do that consistently.

    As for modship, mods should in fact be the most active chatters instead of simply given to all leaders (Nick is never here as you say, why does he get modship?). Far be it from me to recommend myself, but I’d recommend MT, MW, Nate, Junahu for modship. And the only reason I abuse my modship when I happen to be modded is because I know I’ll lose it at any second (HIPPO).

    Also, I like the picture (TIPSY)

  3. Well, in my opinion, the Leadership doesn’t really NEED to exist. For one thing, I’d say a good amount of newcomers don’t even realize one exists, as they don’t read all the way down the OP. There’s nothing to indicate the presence of a Leadership outside the OP, after all.

    And members of the community can take it upon themselves to help out others – it is NOT a requirement of the Leadership to do this. In the current leadership, only Smady does it, and that’s not out of a feel of obligation, I don’t think.

  4. Problem with adminship, is that admins can demote/erase admins. I suspect Rool and MW will have trust issues, especially right now.

    Still, we’d very much like to have all of the Stadium’s authors come over, so we can properly attrubute their articles to them

  5. “Leadership should not be a reward given to the most active or successful members; that is a process which essentially gives power to those who most desire it. Coincidentally, those who are least fit to have power want it the most.”

    So are you really saying that the only people fit to have power are the inactive failures? Because that’s what the above implies, and I don’t see how that statement can even pretend to be logical.

  6. Actually, no, I’m not saying that at all, and I’ve no idea how you got that idea. I’m saying that leadership shouldn’t be automatically handed out to those who are active, for the sheer reason that they’re active. You have to look into whether the person is actually FIT to lead others, and you have to ask WHY they’re active. If a person is being active solely to get into leadership, they are not fit in any way to be a leader. The person also needs to be dedicated to the actual community, not just the contest. A leader who isn’t on good terms with their “subjects” isn’t going to work out well for anyone.

    Overall, look at the Presidency of the United States. Is it freely handed out to the most active congressman, or simply picked by somebody already in power? No. Could you imagine it if was? Yeah, that would horrible, and that’s the system MYM uses right now. Except in the MYM system, leaders are there for life unless they quit. Woo. And no, this isn’t about Obama, so please don’t bring up IRL politics here.

    To sum it up, I’m saying that power should in no way be a reward simply given to those who make the most movesets or comment the most sets. That’s inherently flawed and essentially allows anyone the Leadership doesn’t hate to become a leader, regardless of intentions.

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