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Paradox Chapter 1


“But Uka Uka, surely you must understand! It wasn’t my fault this time, you didn’t put me at the helm of this project! It was all that blasted N. Tropy! The time twisting machine belonged to-”

UKA UKA is infuriated. “SILENCE! I have had enough of your excuses, and I have had enough of you! N. Tropy was not suspecting to be attacked, and it was because of your incompetent robots that they managed to reach him. You will pay dearly for this, Cortex. . .Dearly indeed. N. Tropy was one of the most brilliant minds on this planet, and because of you, our one ticket to world domination has been wasted!”

“But, but. . .Without N. Tropy, you still need me! Brio has long since reformed, and N. Gin’s loyalties lie with me. Come, I even have a new plan already prepared! I created Crash, I can create an even better bandicoot!”

Uka Uka yells out at Cortex as he talks. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF BOTH YOU AND YOUR PLA-. . .Wait, what?”

“I just told you that I could potentially re-create Crash, seeing he was created with my very own Evolve-o-Ray. . .Not only that, but even stronger!”

“Well then why didn’t you do that in the first place?!? Come, let’s go to-“

N. GIN enters the room. “Cortex knows nothing of the evolve-o-ray. That was all Brio’s work.”

Uka Uka looks puzzled. “But hasn’t Brio turned over a new leaf?”

“Hardly. He’s been making his own preparations for world domination this entire time, to the best of my knowledge. . .The only reason he broke off from us is because of his hatred for Cortex.”

Cortex shoots a glare at N. Gin. “Since when did you keep in contact with Brio?!?”

“None of that matters. What matters is you are obsolete, Cortex. A jack of all trades. I build the best robots, mechs, and stationery, Brio makes the best potions and is most innovative, and Tropy is the only one who can even begin to comprehend the process of bending time to his will.”

Cortex gasps. “But. . .But Tropy’s dead!”

N. Gin slowly starts chuckling as he folds his arm and shakes his head. “He would have died after that beating Crash gave him, he would have. . .But with my enhancements, not only is he back, but he’s more powerful than ever before.”

N. TROPY enters the room looking largely unscathed while N. Gin continues. “That’s not a suit he’s wearing anymore. . .I’ve managed to bring all the time twisting mechanisms from his suit and turn it into a mechanical body for him.”

N. Tropy nods to N. Gin. “And I can’t thank you enough for the repairs.”. He turns to Uka Uka. “I presume my existence is enough reason for you to exterminate this vermin? If we’re bringing this “Nitrus Brio” on board, there won’t be any room for such mediocre scientists as Cortex.”

Uka Uka simply laughs in an evil fashion. “You heard them, Cortex!”. He then proceeds to cause Cortex to burst into flames. While the camera doesn’t show it for more than two seconds, it is depicted vividly in Uka Uka’s eyes as he gains a massive grin. N. Tropy observes the execution with mild disinterest while N. Gin shows a small amount of remorse.

“Now that we’ve taken out the garbage, just what exactly IS your plan, Tropy?”.

“I’m glad you asked, Uka Uka. Considering that the Power Crystals were destroyed in the explosion of the time twister machine, we’re obviously having to go onto my back-up plan. Simply put, we go into the future and recruit the most brilliant scientists available, bringing along the technology of their time, then we go into the past and unleash the technology upon the simple minded fools of that time. . .”


SPIDER MAN is seen web slinging around from building to building during the late evening. “Have to find this freak with the skull mask that’s been going around killing politicians. He’s been intelligent enough to do the murders at night, but the fact he’s only been doing one per night so systematically means he’s not the brightest. . .Come to think of it, his skull mask is supposed to be on fire somehow, wouldn’t that stick out in the middle of the night?”.

Spider Man swings past the Daily Bugle for a random obscured man in a leather jacket to watch him swing by from below. After watching him swing off into the distance, he casually enters the daily bugle with the camera only showing his back before his head bursts into flames. The camera quickly pans around to show the face of GHOST RIDER. “WHERE IS J. JONAH JAMESON?”. The people in the room simply run and scream stereotypically for him to let out an aggravated sigh.


Level 1

Play as: Ghost Rider (2)

While they are indeed actual security guards inside the Daily Bugle, the level is fittingly easy as you’d expect from a raid on such a building providing for a good first level. For enemies outside the security guards, you’ll have to settle for disgruntled employees who spill scalding coffee on you or actually put their mass paperwork to use for a productive purpose. Most of the platforming in the level comes from the fact that JJJ’s elevator is out of order, requiring you to make your way up the elevator shaft at various portions of it.


J. JONAH JAMESON is seen in his office completely oblivious to the carnage going on below, on the phone. “So what if Kingpin’s entered the race?!? The negative ad campaign practically writes itself! If he let himself get so fat, there’s no way he wouldn’t be lazy in a public office! Bother me with something more important next time or you’re fired!”. He spins his chair around to face out the window as the sound of his door being shattered sounds behind him. “Can’t you see I’m on the goddamn pho-OLY SHIT.” JJJ says this as he turns around before seeing Ghost Rider’s face. “The hell do you want from me?!?”.

Ghost Rider stares at JJJ as he walks slowly forwards. “You were already a problem influencing the people with these papers of yours, Jameson, but this is crossing the line. Running for public office? We’re not willing to tolerate the potential damage you could do there. . .”

“We?!? Clearly Kingpin must’ve put you up to this!”.

Ghost Rider reaches JJJ and picks him up by his collar. “My master is so powerful that comparing him to –Kingpin- is a huge insult. . .”

“Fine then! You’re friends with Rupert Thorne? The Penguin? Hell, maybe Tony Stark put you up to this!”.

Spider Man busts through the window of the room and knocks Ghost Rider over with a kick, freeing Jameson. “Of course, of course! How could I not see this coming?!? You’re with the most evil of them all!”

Spider Man glares at JJJ. “I’m here to save you! Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“Uuuhhhh. . .I guess skullface here wanted too much money?”

JJJ goes to take a picture before Spider Man grabs the camera with his webbing and throws it out the window for JJJ to hastily run out of the room. Ghost Rider gets up. “You do know that one of the main reasons I’m keeping Jameson specifically out of office is for your sake, right? This city needs somebody like you, and if he becomes the governor. . .”

“There are other ways to do it without –killing- him, and even if that was the case, that doesn’t excuse your killings of several other great people – you even killed Harvey Dent!”

“If only you knew, Parker, if only you knew. . .”

“Wait, how do you know my name. . .?!?”

“None of that matters. For your own good, I’m going to have to take you out of the way for now. I’ll make it quick and painless.”



Spider Man (1) Vs. Ghost Rider (1)

You may surprisingly choose either character for this battle. JJJ’s desk is solid but can be attacked and dealt knockback, meaning if you can knock your foe out the window towards the only blast zone you can just knock the desk over to the window to block them from re-entering. The computer isn’t intelligent enough to do this, though they may occasionally knock the desk out of the window after you to hit you on the way back. Keep in mind if the Brawl takes too long security guards will start joining the Brawl, hostile to both of you.


If Spider Man won Ghost Rider is struggling about bound in webbing, but if Ghost Rider won he gets caught by behind from the security guards and restrained. Spider Man attempts to run for the window from the guards in any case, but two of them manage to go block the window from him. This leaves the exit to the room unguarded, on the other hand, causing Spider Man to make a break for it, entering a slide to narrowly dodge a bullet.


Level 2

Play as: Spider Man (3)

While you do have to go downwards through the bugle you just went up, Spider Man can’t just waltz out the front door like Ghost Rider, leaving him to have to have to use a random fire exit and thus giving him a different level. While security guards are in slightly higher quantites than the previous level and the platforming in the elevator shafts is easier due to going downwards, those crappy employee enemies can now take pictures of you. While all it does is a half second of stun, if they run off-screen with the picture (With their terrible movement speed), you get insta KO’d. A giant red arrow will point to the enemy that has the picture of you so you don’t lose track, but if two employees get pictures of you and run in opposite directions you could very well get screwed.


DR. WILY is seen lazing about in a recliner in front of a television, asleep with some random food splattered over himself. Before long, however, EDGAR comes into the room with his dinner, causing Wily to look around wildly, startled, splattering the food over him everywhere. Wiggling his eyebrows furiously, he turns to Edgar. “HOW MANY TIMES NOW HAVE I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK?!?”.

Edgar cringes slightly, having gotten a bit of the food splattered on him as he sets down Wily’s dinner tray in his lap. “You –did- tell me to always get you your dinner on time, and you also said that any new changes to the schedule out-prioriti-“

“Do I look like I care about that? Bah, you should be able to figure these things out for yourself. Why do I even have a butler again? Why didn’t I just invent a robot to do it?”

“You did, sir. The robot cost more to fuel than I, and it also did not have the proper AI to get used to your every whim.”

“So it did, Edgar, so it did. . .You want to know what else about the robot? It didn’t give me any backtalk!”

“Sir, I am merely trying t-“

“Quiet, Edgar, there’s something on the old telly.”

The screen pans to show Wily’s crappy television. On said television DR. ROBOTNIK is walking along the street being pursued by J. Jonah Jameson and an incredibly shaky handheld video camera. “So, Robotnik, just how do you plan to catch and unmask the MENACE known as Spider Man now that you’ve publicly announced it? Gonna go with the usual with your robots or what?”.

“Now that Spider Man has been linked to that “Ghost Rider” killer, I felt that it had to be done. As for robots, the technology for AI just isn’t there yet for a task of this sheer magnitude, as the mediocre robots from the likes of Albert Wily can attest.”.

The camera cuts to Wily’s eyebrows spasming in rage before going back to the television. “That’s all well and good, Robotnik, but you’ve used robots in the past too. What’s your plan?”

“If I fully told you everything that’d ruin the surprise for Spider Man himself, Mr. Jameson, and surprise is a key element in my plan. Considering how much you say about Spider Man, I trust that you would prefer that I keep this secret rather than splurge it just so that your petty newspaper has another story.”

“Well yeah it’d be awesome if you could catch Spider Man, but I’m runnin’ a business too, here, throw me a damn bone! If you’re so intent on reforming, why not let the world in on your plan? You got something to hide too?”

Robotnik turns to face the camera angrily for it to almost smack into him before it goes back. Robotnik brings down his goggles to look at the camera with his eyes directly. “I will give you the full details of how I did it –AFTER- Spider Man is in custody, and the Daily Bugle will be the first one to know. Until then, stop trying to compromise my plan!”

Wily simply turns off his television rather than throwing something at it in a stereotypical fashion. “I can’t let Robotnik make a mockery of me like that. I’ll show him that my robots are still up to snuff even today!”
Edgar scratches his chin. “But sir, it sounds like Robotnik will be bringing his plan to fruition sooner rather than later. Can you really afford to make new robots from scratch. . .?”.

“Light’s supposed to be working on some new robots – we’ll just steal some of his blueprints, build them here, then call it a day.  . .“


Wily and Edgar are seen inside the Wily Capsule outside Light’s laboratory. Edgar looks mildly worried. “What did you bring –me- here for again, sir?”

“You will distract Light while I go to his computer and send his plans to myself. Understand?”

“And how would you propose I do that?”

“Not my job, Edgar! Just come up with something and make it fast!”. A portion of the Wily Saucer opens to drop Edgar out of it onto the ground, then Wily flies off. Edgar gets up and dusts himself off, shaking his head. “Wily may be a handful, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. . .Just keep persisting, Edgar. He can’t last much longer. . .”

Edgar goes to ring the doorbell to Light’s place before doing a slight bow. “Greetings, Dr. Light. I’m here to repair the leak from your kitchen sink.”

“Hrm? There’s a leak? I don’t believe-“

“What do you think you made that female robot butler of yours for, doctor? You can’t be bothered to deal with such trivial matters yourself.”

“True, true, but I would like to see for myself. . .”

“As you wish, let’s take a look, then.” Edgar goes into the kitchen with Light, taking a wrench out from hammerspace and hastily goes to smack open the pipe under the sink before Light enters the room. “See? It’s just as I feared. Please leave me to my work.” Light nods and goes to leave the room, Edgar pretending to work on the pipes for a few seconds after he leaves before getting up and dusting himself off again. He chuckles to himself as he goes to raid Light’s kitchen and starts making a bowl of soup. “He takes one whiff of this and he’ll be out for more than enough time for Wily to take the plans. . .Surely I’ll finally be properly appreciated after this!”



Edgar (1) Vs. Dr. Light (N. Brio clone with no monster transformation) (1)

Light suspects nothing here and will not attack until you do or until 10 seconds pass. Until then, he’ll simply patrol the stage back and forth, giving you an easy chance to trip him into a bowl of soup or set anything else up that you want. From there you can potentially take him off-stage, but considering how low his damage percentage is the sleep from the soup won’t last long meaning you won’t get an insta KO. None the less, it provides a good start to the battle, which is rather important considering you have to take Light out in 50 seconds or else you get an animation of Mega Man coming in to blow your head off.


Level 3

Play as: Dr. Wily (3)

This level largely uses enemies that would become corrupted with Roboenza in MM10 as enemies rather than the ones Wily himself has created, seeing this is Dr. Light’s lab. While enemies here are largely weak, if they get an exclamation mark above their head they’ll attempt to run off-screen and summon Mega Man, in which case that same animation from Edgar’s brawl will play as Wily loses a stock. This is rather rare, though, and the enemies will only attempt this when low on health. While you could theoretically just spam Wily’s traps as you make it through the level considering there’s no pressure to stop him, not only does the level have a 7 minute time limit, there are several sections where Wily’s Wily Saucer is needed to progress requiring you to leave any traps and minions summoned behind. Of course, that doesn’t stop Wily from abusing his remote controlled alien.


Robotnik is seen entering Daggett Industries and getting in line for a tour along with a bunch of other generic humans. His inner thoughts blatantly drown out the tour guide’s voice. “Yes, yes, just get on with it. Nobody gives a damn about most of these products, just get to the Renuyu. . .How else am I supposed to create bait that can’t be traced back to me without it?” Before long, Robotnik’s group eventually reaches a catwalk with a bunch of chemical vats full of a brown goopy substance, the tour guide announcing that it is indeed the Renuyu Robotnik is looking for. Robotnik rubs his hands together eagerly as he takes out a (Laser) gun and shoots out the security camera in the room, then proceeds to open fire on the people.


Level 4

Play as: Dr. Robotnik (1)

The goal in this level is to kill every single one of the people in the level before they get out. It’s inevitable that some of them will escape the initial screen you start on with the catwalk, but you can kill the majority of them here if you make smart use of your traps. If you want to save your traps for later, you can also simply attack the floor to destroy that part of the catwalk, considering the floor has a paltry 10 stamina, and drop the people down into the goop. The people can exit the catwalk towards 2 possible exits, and you would be wise to completely cut off one of them if possible.

Aside from that, you’ll have to go pick off the stragglers by doing some speedy platforming to catch up to them. You won’t actually lose if a person makes it to one of the entrances, but there are more and more security guards further towards them, and all security guards they reach are considered mandatory targets for you to kill.


Robotnik is seen spilling the last of the people into the catwalk below before reaching down with a jar to scoop up some of the stuff for himself. “Excellent. Now all I need to do is find somebody to use this stuff on.” Robotnik goes to run out of the room hastily, shouting to the security guards outside. “I barely got out of that place alive! Can’t you get a less faulty catwalk?!? Go do your job and save those people!”. Robotnik stops running as the guards run towards the room as he goes into a more casual stroll. “Please, as if anybody could survive –that- much Renuyu being splurged over them.

As he walks out, he notices Matt Hagen talking to another scientist in the next room over, Hagen with a horribly disfigured face. “C’mon, doc! I need more of the stuff, just look at me! Dagett and I had a deal!”.

“After you failed to hold up your part of the bargain, we’ve decided that we shouldn’t invest any more Renuyu into you, Hagen. I’ll ha-“

Robotnik enters the room. “Dagett said no such thing! Hagen, was it? Come with me. . .”


Edgar is seen giving various tools to Wily in his lab as he asks for them, alternating between welding and screwing robots together as he works on four at once. After a very brief montage just meant to show the passing of time, Edgar steps back and takes out a piece of paper with the intended finished designs of the four Robot Masters, the camera zoomed in on it, before he takes the piece of paper down and the Robot Masters themselves are shown – SHEEP MAN, HORNET MAN, GALAXY MAN, and CONCRETE MAN. Edgar goes to show the picture to Wily. “These don’t exactly look like they’re supposed to. . .”

Wily’s eye twitches. “And? I’m on a very strict time table here, Robotnik’s plan could be put into action at any moment! If I have further need of them I can iron out the bugs later! Four robot masters should be more than enough to capture Spider Man!”

“They don’t seem tailor made for battling. . .”

“What do you expect? They were made by that bumbling Dr. Light! They were probably meant for some sort of useless practical tasks! Let’s be fair, I’ve gone through a lot of robot designs, but not even –I- designed something as stupid as a SHEEP Man.”

“What is that one even supposed to do again?”

“It generates lightning, lord knows what it was supposed to be used for, but it works. The sheep design was probably just to make it more appealing to all those brats so he could get more mainstream appeal. The people have such terrible taste in robotics. . .In any case, they’re ready for the testing. Throw the switch!”

Edgar goes over and pulls a lever in an over-dramatic fashion before electricity pulses through the wires connected to the four Robot Masters. Wily does a slight evil cackle before coming before the robot masters. “My name is Dr. Albert W. Wily, and as your programming can tell you I am your new master. While I created you, I did not come up with your original designs, so before I task you with anything else I would like to send you through. . .A little training course of sorts. Not only so that you can get used to your abilities, but so that I can become more aware of what you’re capable of. Edgar, if you please. . .”

Edgar hits a button to open up a door to another room as Wily continues. “What’s back here is largely scrap metal I’m simply too lazy to disassemble anyway, so feel free to go all out on any other robots you see back there.”

Hornet Man pokes a ridiculously exaggerated spike on the top of his head. “So you’re not the original designer of us? That’d explain why our construction is so shoddy. . .”

Wily is infuriated. “I am the best there is in the field of robotics! I was simply rushed and was unfamiliar with the design – I constructed the lot of you in a matter of hours. If you do well, I may iron out your flaws, but until then I suspect absolutely ZERO back-talk from the lot of you, less you want me to take away even more of your free will. Do I make myself clear?”

The robot masters nod before proceeding into Wily’s training course. . .


Level 5

Play as: Concrete Man, Galaxy Man, Sheep Man, Hornet Man (2)

This level has you go through specialized brief courses for each of the four Robot Masters throughout the stage, swapping control to the next one once you reach the end of one of their sections, with your damage percentage and stock carrying over to the new character. Various instructions will come up on how to get through the various parts of the level from Wily on a screen in the background, repeating at times if you take too long. Concrete Man is required to move a bunch of blocks to and fro while being attacked by enemies (If they annoy you too much just have a wrecking ball kill them for you), and after that he must form a very specifically shaped weapon to make it fit through an alcove and hit a switch. Galaxy Man has various puzzles that involve simply using his powers stolen from Gravity Man, Sheep Man must do various platforming by moving around with his clouds, and Hornet Man must fight against three nests of enemy hornets for the finale.


The four Robot Masters come through various doors after having completed their challenges to meet back up with Wily. “Bravo, bravo! You lot turned out far better than I expected considering your rushed production time. “

Concrete Man folds his arms and flaps an incredibly oversized jaw as he talks. “So does that mean you’re ready to fix us up to be how we’re supposed to be yet?”

“Not yet, not yet. We can do that the day after tomorrow. . .”

Sheep Man is inquisitive. “Why, what’s tomorrow?”

“The reason I made you on such short notice. You see, I need the four of you to track down this guy called Spider Man. . .” Wily brings up some generic footage of him on his computer, then cuts to Robotnik. “And specifically before Robotnik here springs his trap on him, or else I’ll be just be stuck in his shadow as I used to be stuck in Light’s.”

Galaxy Man tils his gigantic head questioningly. “Well if you want us to do that so badly, why don’t we just go –now-?”

“Because your AI has not been fully programmed in yet and you are too stupid to come up with a competent attack plan on your own, and I am too tired after having worked on you up until 3 AM in the morning, that’s why! Tomorrow morning I come up with a plan, then, we attack.”


Edgar is seen pacing back and forth outside Wily’s room. He eventually creaks open the door to look at Wily, seeing that he is indeed asleep. “Finally. . .“ Edgar sneaks up quietly to Wily and takes out some headphones before slowly placing them over Wily’s ears. Wily rolls over as he attempts it the first time, causing Edgar to recoil in shock, but Edgar then successfully places them. He goes to sneak out the room and slowly close the door before wiping some sweat from his brow, then regains his composure. “I remember the last time he made these putrid Robot Masters of his, they were the ones in that blasted will of his! Considering that Robotnik will probably catch Spider Man first, these robots will probably be around to stay, and seeing they don’t age, they’ll inevitably outlive me and collect Albert’s inheritance! These robots aren’t just frail little kittens, though. . .I can’t just toss them out the back door without a second thought. But why would I do that when I can have them fight amongst themselves?”

Edgar goes over to Concrete Man punching a generic punching bag. “Ah, Concrete Man. . .Something that I thought I should tell you, it’s only fair. Wily pretty much only cares about how you perform in the mission tomorrow, and he can’t afford to keep all of you around.”

Concrete Man grins. “No way that’s gonna be me! Look at how big and strong I am!”

“You may be big and strong, but Spider Man swings from building to building high up in the air where you can’t catch him, far, far above any of your cement. Sheep Man and Galaxy Man can go high up into the air to pursue him, and even Hornet Man can send some of his hornets after him. What can you do? More likely than not you’ll get left behind.”

“And whadda ya suggest I do about it, huh?”

“Why, even out the competition, of course. If you’re the only Robot Master, then Wily won’t have any choice but to use you!”

Concrete Man gets a bigger grin as he starts walking out of the room, shoving Edgar out of the way. “. . .I like the way you think , butler.”

Concrete Man shoulder charges into the next room with the other three Robot Masters into Sheep Man, with the camera cutting back to Edgar. “I didn’t think it’d be –that- easy. . .



Concrete Man (3) Vs. Galaxy Man (1), Sheep Man (1), Hornet Man (1)

You do indeed have to face all three of the Robot Masters at once, but you have 3 stocks to fight them with so you can take quite a beating before you finally go down. Your various stage control moves such as your wrecking ball come quite in handy here due to how many targets there are, and if you manage to construct your custom concrete battering weapon large enough you can potentially easily hit multiple enemies at once with it. Getting the time to properly set it up though can be difficult, and odds are if you get it one of the other robot masters will set up something of their own. Hornet Man’s hornets are often most annoying and he’s the only one of the three enemies that isn’t constantly in the air, so he’s due to go first.



Edgar (1) Vs. Various Robot Masters (1 each)

The specific robot masters you face here are whoever was left alive at the end of Concrete Man’s Brawl – you aren’t required to actually win said brawl, but if you don’t KO any of the other Robot Masters you’ll leave Edgar to do all the work himself with only one stock. If you do indeed have to enter such a hopeless scenario, you are allowed to go back to Concrete Man’s Brawl to try again. If you actually won Concrete Man’s previous Brawl, then he’ll be your opponent here.


Edgar is seen painstakingly hauling Concrete Man’s gigantic body over to Wily’s garage and to his motorcycle (Which looks painfully out of place next to Wily’s various capsules and mechs), where the deactivated corpses of the other three Robot Masters lay. “I really should’ve convinced them to fight here first somehow. . .Hindsight is 20/20, though.” Edgar goes to put Concrete Man’s corpse into the sidecar of his motorcycle for it to immediately start creaking under his weight, before turning to look at the fact he still has three other Robot Masters laying on the floor. “Hindsight indeed. . .I’ll have to make four damn trips before the sun’s up if I’m expected to dump all of these into the junkyard. One thing that I do have the –fore- sight for, though. . .” Edgar goes to take out a chip from each of the robot masters before pocketing them in his coat. “They won’t be needing THOSE anymore, in the event Wily somehow finds them, they won’t remember a thing.” Edgar goes to put on his bowler hat and boards his motorcycle before opening up the garage door and revving up his motorcycle. . .


Level 6

Play as: Edgar (4)

This level requires you to go to the junkyard to dump off your current Robot Master, then back to Wily’s to pick up the next one until you’ve dumped all four. You have a time limit in the level of 10 minutes before Wily awakens and you automatically lose, and it’s doubtful you’ll lose any other way. Enemies include generic burglars and mobsters of Gotham City, as well as a couple random Megaman enemies at the junkyard itself. The Daily Bugle is in-between Wily’s place and the junkyard as well, and those propaganda insta KOs from JJJ’s employees come back with it. It doesn’t matter so much that the public knows about this as Wily, of course. . .Edgar will have to make extensive use of his motorbike here in order to make it in time, though he’ll have to get off on a regular basis to fight. The two southern dogs (Seen in Edgar’s Final Smash) also make an appearance in this level close to the junkyard, and while no longer invulnerable are very fast and will chase you relentlessly. If you don’t intend to take down their large HP, the only way to lose them is to bring them into another enemy and use it as a distraction, as the dogs, burglars/mobsters, and the robots count as different factions.

One of the Robot Masters you carry are capable of regaining consciousness regardless of them starting out in a sack on your bag. This only happens once in the level at a completely random point, but you have to put the Robot Master to sleep and stuff it back into the bag before you continue.


We stop following the Robot Masters for now to check back on Robotnik as he goes to open up a door with several locks on it before revealing a chamber with CLAYFACE inside, along with tons of other Renuyu splattered about the room randomly. Clayface runs up to smack at Robotnik on sight. “I should’ve known you weren’t with Daggett at all! Look at what you just turned me into!”

Robotnik casually presses a button on a remote control to cause two turrets to start spraying water at him, causing him to shrink back as he quickly starts melting from it. “Now now, Hagen. Did you really think I’d come up with this elaborate plan and not know how to stop you in this form?”

Clayface struggles to get up, his size having decreased slightly. He goes to pick up some of the stray Renuyu lying about the room to add it his mass. “What do you want from me then, to be some sort of cute little test subject for you? I’d rather just end it all now then go through all that!”

“Because. . .From what research I’ve done, you should be able to shapeshift. Shapeshift as much as you want, even back to your original human form, if you want! However; it’s not going to be easy. . .Without me, you won’t be able to keep a single form for longer than a matter of seconds before you’re forced to revert back to this monstrous one.”

As Robotnik talks, Clayface stares at his hand and starts turning it into various random things. When he’s finished, Clayface looks back up at Robotnik. “And just what exactly can you do to make it easier for me, huh?”

“Considering I was able to duplicate this substance in a matter of hours after getting my hands on it, I wouldn’t underestimate my ability to upgrade its’ power if I were you. I’m your best bet, considering people besides me are going to run away at the sight of you.”

“. . .Goddamn, Robotnik, goddamn. Stop making so much sense, would ya? It’s annoying. Fine, what do you want me to do so bad?”

“All you have to do is go around and terrorize a few people at the mall I just built until Spider Man shows up – you’re the bait, you see. Once he shows up, you obviously need to put up a decent fight, but you need to lose so that –I- can be the one to catch him, understand?”

“. . .And what about me, huh? Don’t I go to jail too?”

“And? You’re a damn shapeshifter. For you, getting out will be the easiest thing imaginable, and once this is all over you’ll have a clean slate what with how you’ll be entirely unrelated to this ‘clayface’ identity.”

Clayface puts his hand to his chin in thought before grinning. “I could get used to being able to do any crimes I feel like. . .”

“Good, good! But if you want to do it as more than a one time thing, you’ll have to work with me. . .Now then, you obviously can’t go on the street to get to my mall, considering how you’d get caught by Spider Man long before you ever got there. So instead. . .” Robotnik uncovers a manhole in the chamber. “You’ll be taking the sewers.”

“Going in class I see. . .” Clayface starts heading for the manhole before stopping. “Hey wait a second, you just showed me what water does to this crazy body of mine. No way I’m going through a damn sewer.”

Robotnik rolls his eyes. “Fine, you big baby, if you really want to, I’ll hold your hand. . .”


Level 7

Play as: Dr. Robotnik, Clayface (3)

What SM is complete without an arbitrary sewer level? Enemies are largely generic Mario ones due to said sewer setting along with the occasional Zubat, Trubbish, or Grimer. Due to Clayface’s sluggish speed and terrible jumping prowess, shapeshifting into enemies can be an excellent way to make it through the level faster and get past the platforming segments. Considering the fact that the water in the level is Brawl water for Robotnik (Though it deals 10% per second) while it’s insta death for Clayface, you might think Clayface is severely handicapped here, but Robotnik is ill equipped for the larger enemy encounters found in the level with his trappish nature while the enemies will oftentimes mindlessly charge into Clayface’s mass.


We cut back to Wily frantically searching about his base, flinging screws, hunks of metal, and paper every which way. He eventually pulls on the two sides of his hair in frustration. “DAMMIT EDGAR LOOK HARDER! THEY’VE GOT TO BE HERE SOMEWHERE!”

Edgar goes to put everything back in place that Wily threw about at random, unable to keep up with Wily due to not wanting to lose his dignified posture. “We’ve already searched the entirety of the place twice now, sir. What makes you think they’re going to magically show up this time? It’s not like we can just locate them with the push of a button. . .”

Wily freezes in place before slowly turning around to face Edgar, then bursting into a smile. “Edgar, you’re a genius!” He bursts out into laughter before running off to his computer. “Clearly Light must have installed some sort of tracker into his Robot Master designs! We should be able to track them from here!” Edgar’s eye twitches as Wily clicks away at his computer. “Indeed! They’re at the city junk yard. And I have you to thank for all this Edgar!” Edgar has a look on his face that just begs for somebody to shoot him as he gets dragged out the door by Wily. ”I should’ve just poisoned his soup this morning. . .


We cut back to Clayface and Robotnik in the sewers together, with Robotnik suddenly coming to an abrupt halt. “This is where we’re going to enter, and the part where I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you. I take it you’ve gained enough experience from your fellow sludge down here?”

Robotnik chuckles as Clayface squints before stomping a nearby Grimer. “You –better- be able to keep your word. . .” Clayface proceeds to smack off the manhole and grab a nearby pillar to pull himself out of before going to enter Robotnikmart. Once inside, Clayface smacks his fists together as he walks deeper into the mall. “Target practice. . .” Clayface goes to extend out his mass to flood a clothing mini-store in the mall before grabbing a random woman and using her as a hostage King Kong style. Robotnik hastily runs past the area. “Dear lord, who can stop this horrific monster?!? Spider Man, where are you?!?”


Level 8

Play as: Clayface (2)

You fight Robotnik’s various security robots from the more modern games due to how blatantly out of place his classic robots would look here. The quantity of enemies can become quite overwhelming at points, but if you actually do kill the various random citizens in the mall they’ll drop food for you to recover your health – and there are a LOT of random citizens to kill. At the end of the level, you’ll have to attack enemies as you go up an escalator as they rapidly try to knock you down. After you make it to the top, you’ll have one final battle. . .But all the enemies will have to approach up the escalator to you, letting you destroy them as they try to make their way up with some nice clay balls. Of course, you get to here Robotnik’s pre-recorded commentary on the mall the whole way through the level, much like with Robotnik’s theme park in Sonic Colors.


We cut back to Wily and Edgar at the Gotham junkyard, Edgar having to regularly interrupt himself from digging around to dust himself off, causing him to dig in an overly slow manner. Wily eyes a gigantic circular magnet at the end of a crane move over to a pile of trash and pick it up before dropping it in a crusher. “That could’ve been them, dammit! Search faster!”


Level 9

Play as: Dr. Wily, Edgar (3)

This level is not one straightforward sidescroller, and you instead start in a room with 4 “doors”. Each of these leads to an individual segment you must get past to save the Robot Master at the end, at which point a door back to the start will spawn. All of the various random Megaman enemies are here to oppose you from when you encountered the junkyard in Edgar’s level, alongside the Trubbishes from the sewers and, of course, the dreaded Garbodors.

Once you find Sheep Man, his trash block will be immediately picked up by the magnet, at which point you have to ride the top of it over to the crusher conveyor belt, fighting enemies on top the whole time, then chase after him down the conveyor belt before he gets crushed while enemies get in the way.

Once you get to the end of Hornet Man’s segment, you’ll find him in a traditional car crusher and have to deal enough damage to the crusher to destroy it before it crushes Hornet Man, getting attacked all the while.

Galaxy Man is located at the top of a gigantic mountain of trash, and enemies will not only attack you from above, running up the slope causes the trash you’re running on to get shot down behind you, causing you to actually lose ground (Though the mountain will get slightly shorter). Garbodors are particularly common here, and will roll down the side of the trash mountain as powerful hitboxes (Knocking trash down with them along the way) before using their suction garb game to pull you back down the side. They are also capable of creating their pitfall traps from the Garbodor moveset out of trash, and it blends in perfectly here – you have to observe the Garbodors to see them do it.

Concrete Man’s section is small in size, around as wide as Mario Circuit. Concrete Man has been disassembled here, and you must pick up his four limbs, torso, and head separately. 6 Trubbishes have ahold of his parts, and you must hunt them all down to get them back. The problem is there is a never ending amount of Trubbishes and they can juggle the parts amongst themselves, and they can hide inside small piles of trash. If you attempt to walk up against a pile of trash, you’ll simply walk over it, but if you dash into it you’ll actually enter it (Albeit at 30% of your regular dash speed and taking 5% per second while inside). The Trubbishes do love to hide inside these places, so you’ll inevitably have to chase in after them eventually.


Wily is seen united with his four Robot Masters, finishing his reassembling Concrete Man as the camera fades in. However, he is still angry as he stares at their dull and lifeless bodies. “To think that I go out of my way to find them here, and yet they’ve all lost their memory chips so I –still- can’t compete with Robotnik yet. It probably would’ve been faster to freaking rebuild the damn things from scratch. . .”

Edgar shakes his head and takes off his bowler hat. “I am deeply sorry for your loss, sir.” Suddenly, a Garbodor pops out from a pile of trash behind Edgar, knocking him to the ground and causing the memory chips in his coat to pop out. Edgar takes out his umbrella and hastily goes to beat the Garbodor into submission with it back into the pile of trash. Wily observes the whole thing and hastily goes to pick up the chips before pointing forward angrily at Edgar. “You! You did this! I knew I shouldn’t of just gotten a robot butler like Light!”

Edgar, not having realized that he dropped the chips until now, almost falls over out of sheer shock. “You. . .You don’t understand, sir! You see, all I was planning to do was-“

“Save it, Edgar. Let’s let the robots talk for themselves!”

Knowing that Concrete Man’s testimony will doom him, Edgar goes to make a break for it while Wily goes to put the four chips back into the four Robot Masters. “Get that butler! He’s the one that tried to kill all of you and wasted far too much of my time!” Edgar attempts to board his motorcycle, but is cut off by a lightning zap from Sheep Man, causing it to explode and Edgar to hastily run away from it. He then proceeds to get his ass zapped, causing him to hold it and run around in pain. About ready to give up hope, he looks into the distance to see Spider Man swinging from rooftop to rooftop and into a parade. Edgar yells out to him, but Spider Man cannot hear. In the meanwhile, Concrete Man catches up to Edgar and knocks him to the ground before going to do a Warlordian stomp to the head, but Wily whizzes past Concrete Man in his capsule. “Forget the butler, we don’t have time! You’ll get your chance for vengeance later. . .”

Concrete Man glares down at Wily before going on with the other Robot Masters. “You try to trick me like that again, and I don’t care what master Wily says. I’m gonna go outta my way to hunt you down and kill you.”

Cutting back to the Robot Masters and Wily zooming along, Wily turns to Galaxy Man, who is using his legs to run. “What are you doing running like that?!? Use your actual damn specialty! You’re the only one who’s fast enough to catch up to him. Enter flight mode, then stall him long enough for the rest of us to catch up!”

Galaxy Man nods before retreacting his limbs and torso into his body, becoming a generic UFO with eyes. “I’ll prove to you that I’m the best of the Robot Masters, Wily!”

Concrete Man chuckles. “Master Wily knows all you can do is stall cause you’re so weak. When I get there I’ll beat that Spider Man into a bloody pulp!”

Sheep Man rolls his eyes. “The last thing we need is to be fighting against each other –again-. We can’t lose sight of our goal now, or else Wily will probably just put us back to the scrapyard.”

Wily nods. “See? Sheep Man here has the best AI. And to think Edgar questioned your design. . .”

The screen cuts to Galaxy Man finally catching up to Spider Man in the parade, whizzing past his side and cutting off a small piece of his costume like a sawblade. Galaxy Man lets his momentum continue carrying him forward as he turns around and extends out his limbs. “Wherever you’re going, WE’RE the bigger threat, so you’d best stop running away unless you’re just a coward!”.



Galaxy Man (1) Vs. Spider Man (Infinite)

The goal of this match is to simply survive for 2 minutes so that the rest of the Robot Masters can catch up. The battle takes place on David’s Scaffold Scuffle stage, meaning that recovery is actually relevant, and Galaxy Man’s naturally incredibly campy playstyle lends itself well to simply surviving against Spider Man. The various Spider Man villians prefer to attack Spider Man rather than Galaxy Man, so if you’re lucky enough for one to show up the match can also become somewhat easier.


Level 10

Play as: Spider Man (4)

The fact that Spider Man has been made out to be the antagonist this whole time makes it shocking that the game finally shifts and has you play as him rather than against him., but yes, you’re finally playing somebody not evil again. In this level, your goal is to simply make it past all the floats and balloons along the way, with the balloons being those from the Scaffold Scuffle stage. Of course, JJJ’s reporters are the primary enemies against Spider Man, but marching bands and people on the floats and what have you are hazards of sorts, being hitboxes regardless of not actively attacking you.

More importantly, you encounter all four of the Robot Masters and Wily in this incredibly long scrolling stage. Not all at once, mind you – all of them have varying degrees of crap they can set up, and they’ve set up camp on top of various floats that you’ll have to get past. Galaxy Man is first, while Wily is at the end, having turned the (My Little Pony) float he’s taken over into a defensive fortress. Thankfully, you do not have to actually fight them as you pass by their floats, but they’ll try their damndest to make you. They’re generally too stupid to pursue you too far away from their float, but keeping in mind the floats scroll towards the end of the level if you spend too much time fighting reporters you’ll have to deal with them again sooner than later. Of particular note is while Hornet Man himself won’t pursue you, his army of hornets will pursue you endlessly, so you’re pretty much forced to destroy his hives. Besides, it lets you eat some honey to restore some HP, no? Or rather, it would, if the level didn’t have a 10 minute time limit.


We cut to JJJ’s office, where the parade can be seen passing by outside. Miss Brant comes in. “Mr. Jameson, there’s some people here to see you. They say it’s important.”

“Important schimportant! Everybody says they’re important to the point that nobody’s important! The only thing that’s important is catching Spider Man!”.

A voice is heard from outside the room. “Well then, you’ll be pleased to know that that’s what we’re here to see you about.” The owner of the voice, N. BRIO, enters the room, followed by Tropy.

Tropy comes forward to JJJ’s desk. “One of the most brilliant scientific minds of this time, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, is supposedly hunting down this supposed ‘spider’ man. But he wouldn’t even tell you his plan. Wouldn’t it prove us scientifically superior if we told you our plan now, -and- beat Robotnik to the punch to catch him?”

Jameson laughs in Tropy’s face, so much so that his cigar falls out of his mouth and he has to catch it. “Oh? And what’re you gonna do to prove to me you’re better than Robotnik with that cheap costume of yours and that midget partner of yours?”

Tropy angrily bangs his fork down onto the ground, causing JJJ to say half of what he just did backwards. He comes out of it halfway through and looks weirded out at Tropy for Tropy to fold his arms and nod down at JJJ. “Will you please take this seriously, now? If you don’t, we might just have to take this story to another paper. . .”

JJJ hastily goes to get a note and pen. “Alright alright, I get it! Just gimme your perfect plan and-“ Spider man whooses past the window, followed by Dr. Wily in his capsule, then shortly after his four Robot Masters (-Concrete Man, who cannot fly past the window, and Hornet Man flutters after them very slowly a good while after the others). JJJ hastily goes to look out the window. “Now THAT guy knows what he’s talking about! No fancy schmany plans, just cutting the crap and getting to the point!”.

JJJ goes back inside to rush for his camera and starts snapping photos frantically as Tropy and Brio also go to look. Brio turns to Tropy. “And just who the hell is that? I thought we decided only Robotnik was good enough!”

“Oh, I definitely recognize him. . .Dr. Albert W. Wily. It seems the records of this time don’t do him enough credit. Come, we’ll have to convince him, too, that we are superior scientists and get him to join us.

Tropy bangs his fork into the ground and teleports down onto the ground outside the building, while Brio simply turns on his jetpack and chases after them much more directly. “Maybe N. Gin –isn’t- the best at creating mechs. . .And what better way to convince this guy to join us then show our science is superior to his?

N. Brio goes directly after Wily, but is blocked off by Hornet Man. “Stop in the name of Wily!” N. Tropy meets a similar fate as he attempts to ram his way past Concrete Man, who is blocking his path, only to get swatted away by the oversized Robot Master.



N. Brio, N. Tropy (2) Vs. Concrete Man (1), Hornet Man (1)

This is another brawl on the Scaffold Scuffle stage, and you have to play both characters one after the other rather than getting a computer ally to help you. There’s nothing else here to really change things from a standard brawl, although JJJ’s reporters are present in the match (Albeit without insta KOs, considering neither party is doing anything particularly wrong and is not named Spider Man).


Spider Man seems to of lost Wily and his goons as he swings into Robotnikmart, largely thanks to N. Tropy and N. Brio. He comes through a window rather than using the door to literally swing straight into Clayface’s face, but rather than dealing damage his feet just starts getting enveloped by Clayface. “Spider Man, eh? Glad you could finally make it. Something keep ya?”

“Trust me, you were the last thing I wanted to deal with today.”

“Awwww. . .Poor baby have a rough day? Suck it. I’ll bet you anything mine was far worse.”

Clayface goes to more fully envelop Spider Man, grabbing his torso with his hands and pulling him in, but Spider Man shoots out some webbing onto the wall and pull himself out of Clayface’s grip and to the wall with it. “Aren’t you just all sunshine and rainbows! Why are you even attacking these innocent people? You’ve been here for a while and you don’t have anything to show for it.”

“Do I look like I could use money with this body?!? If you haven’t figured out, I was forced into this, and I’m gonna be the least of your problems today.”

“Forced by who? Why? Maybe I could-“

“Just shut up okay?!? It’s my only chance to become human again, and he won’t like it if he sees me just makin’ idle chit chat with the likes of you!” Clayface angrily goes to grab a person and throws them down a floor, Spider Man having to go out of his way to swing down and catch them. Clayface predicts this and uses Spider Man’s arbitrary heroism to his advantage, generating a giant clay ball and throwing it down on Spider Man to pin him. He proceeds to jump down to plop on top of Spider Man. . .



Spider Man (2) Vs. Clayface (2)

You may again pick either character for this battle. Clayface starts out with 50% damage already dealt to Spider Man as he slams down onto him at the start for unavoidable damage, but there’s a fountain on the far side of the stage that if Clayface is knocked into, he’ll suffer an instant death. Spider Man can camp by the fountain if he wants, but Clayface has enough tools to camp more effectively and can actually get some set-up going.


The fight is seen still going on without much of a clear winner, with Spider Man getting in far more “hits”, but for far more limited effect. While Spider Man dodges around almost everything Clayface throws at him, he suddenly goes to do a spinning smack all around himself to catch Spider Man and knock him away. Clayface chuckles as he goes to approach Spider Man again, Robotnik comes forth in his Eggpod with the extension found in Chemical Plant Zone, but instead of generic acid inside of the container is now some yellow substance that looks suspiciously like Renuyu. “That’ll be quite enough, you vile beast. I’m here to put both of you down for the count!”

Clayface turns around and throws his hands up into the air and pleads in the most sarcastic way possible. “Oh no, mighty Dr. Robotnik, please, I don’t want to have to be a criminal if it means I have to fight YOU!”

“Well then, you probably shouldn’t have invaded my specific property then, should you?”

Robotnik goes to extend out the container of Renuyu from his Eggpod out towards Clayface for Clayface to look weirded out. “. . .Wait, how am I supposed to play dead when you hit me with that again? That won’t hurt me at all. . .”

Robotnik chuckles. “Oh Hagen, this isn’t just simple Renuyu. . .I promised I’d upgrade it, and I came through with that promise. Just stand still so I can give you your reward. . .”

Clayface looks at the container suspiciously as it comes over his head before deciding to jump back. He let his hand be hit by it for it to slightly dissolve then fuse with the reunuyu Robotnik poured out of his container. Clayface glares at Robotnik as he regrows his hand. “Shoulda known better than to trust you, eggface.”

“That you should’ve, -CLAYFACE-. Ohohoho! See? I can come up with elementary school level insults as well! In any case, how do you like it? I’ve already got a patent pending. I call it. . .The Egg Yolk. All it needed was a bit of food coloring, and now nobody will make the comparison!”

Spider Man goes over to Clayface and leans against the wall. “It would seem to me that your ‘only’ way to become human wasn’t such a great idea after all. You ready to teach this fatso a lesson?”

Clayface grins before going to grab the end of Spider Men’s webbing, then swinging him towards Robotnik. “Never been so ready in my life!”



Boss Stamina: 700

Play as: Clayface, Spider Man (4)

The arena largely resembles the actual boss fight against this boss in Sonic 2, with one main platform for the player in the middle with 2 pits on either side. These “pits” are not just pits, though, but rather fountains overrunning with Egg Yolk. Contact with them is instant death for Clayface, and deals 25% per second to Spider Man while function as Brawl Water that drowns him 3x as fast. Robotnik’s size isn’t exaggerated here, meaning he’s not that large of a target when you take into account how huge Clayface is. Robotnik patrols the walkable Final Destination sized portion of the stage back and forth at Ganon’s walk speed when not attacking a Ganon off the ground, and he’s not intelligent enough to hover over Clayface. Robotnik –is- slowed by Clayface’s mass and can be dealt knockback by his throws, but otherwise reacts to him like a standard boss.


Refuel: Robotnik hovers over either a pile of egg yolk, renuyu, one of his fountains, or Clayface himself, then extends out a wire from his container directly downwards to refuel, taking 2 seconds to fully do so. If he hovers over a puddle of yolk/renuyu, he’ll get rid of it fully. If it was Clayface, he’ll decrease his mass by 20% while dealing 15% to him, though will deal no hitstun to him and Clayface will be able to move away. . .Very, very slowly. Obviously shooting out Egg Yolk will force Robotnik to refuel eventually.

Yolk Shot: Robotnik goes to one side of the arena and sends out 5 Kirby sized balls of yolk a platform apart from each other in lobbing arcs, creating a Kirby sized yolk puddle upon landing. These deal 10% on contact and decrease Clayface’s size by 5%.

Yolk Dump: Robotnik extends out his container with a wire directly over your head before dumping all of it out on top of you. If it misses you, it creates a puddle 1.5x as wide as Bowser. This deals 25% and decreases Clayface’s mass by 30%. If this hits Spider Man, it will cause him to get covered in yolk and cause him to be a viable target for Robotnik’s refuel attack and trap on contact with any other yolk on the ground. He can get out of the yolk after 15 seconds of not coming into contact with it, but contact with any yolk whatsoever will cause the timer to be renewed. Note that Clayface –can- potentially override yolk with Renuyu, but will have to dump more renuyu into it than he would otherwise to make a puddle, and the size of his clay ball will very rapidly decrease as it goes over yolk. So yes, while Clayface dies much faster, he can actually do anything about the stage becoming covered with yolk.

Yolk Spray: Robotnik shoots the yolk in the container out the wire he normally uses to absorb it, grabbing it in his hands and aiming it like a hose. Contact with it does 5% per second but no flinching, and will decrease Clayface’s size by 3% per second. If Spider Man stays in the stream for 3 seconds, he’ll get covered in yolk like in Yolk Dump. Robotnik will keep shooting for 4.5-7 seconds at random. Wherever Robotnik shoots will get covered in yolk puddles, so while you could easily avoid the attack by running across the stage, if you want minimal yolk to get on-stage you’ll have to settle for rolling back and forth en mass.

Egg Minions: Robotnik brings in some of his security drones of the mall to aid him in an incredibly spammable attack. The minions can become covered in yolk in an identical fashion to Spider Man from the yolk dump attack, and this will double their stamina, make them drip yolk puddles wherever they go, cause their attacks to decrease Clayface’s mass, -and- make them viable targets for Robotnik to refuel on. Robotnik will sometimes specifically go to dump his yolk on a minion rather than you, but only when they’re close to you, providing for some decent mindgames. This makes the minions a large target to be killed before they can become covered in yolk, especially if you’re playing Clayface.

Yolk Blades: Robotnik presses a button on his remote control, demonstrating the superior shapeshifting power of his Renuyu by having every individual puddle generate a blade the size of Link’s sword before it slashes down, dealing 8% and decent knockback. If there are connected puddles, one blade shows up for every Kirby width in said puddle. The blades will home in on you in their small range, so if standing in the middle of a large puddle you could potentially get hit by up to 3 blades. Blades will also come out of the fountain, enemies covered in yolk, and even Spider Man himself if he’s covered in it.

Yolk Saw: Robotnik presses a button, causing a saw made of the yolk to come out of the fountain and go across the battlefield. While initially Kirby’s size and dealing 6% and meager knockback, every Kirby’s worth of Renuyu the saw absorbs causes it to add Kirby’s size to its’ mass and 6% to its power. The move ends with the saw going into the opposite fountain it started in. This behaves much like Clayface’s clay ball in how it can absorb Clayface’s Reunuyu, but it will decrease in size rapidly as it does so.

Yolk Tentacle: Robotnik again generically presses a button, causing the nearest yolk to you to sprout a tentacle in an attempt to grab you. If successful, you will have to escape at double grab difficulty as you get pulled back in to wherever this was. Considerng that the fountains can do this, this can mean insta death, and if a yolk covered enemy grabs you they’ll go to drag you to a fountain afterwards. The tentacle can extend out infinitely and moves at Mario’s dash speed, but you –can- start attempting to escape from it the moment it grabs you, not having to wait for it to react to the source.

Attacks added at 25% health:

Eggman: Robotnik presses a rapid series of buttons, causing a Spider Man made of yolk to come up from the fountain. While he has bad AI, he is incredibly aggressive and will come up in your face, either confusing the real yolk covered Spider Man as to which he is or decreasing Clayface’s size with every hit. Eggman starts with 50% damage and can take damage, and going back into the fountain will insta KO him. All of Eggman’s webbing attacks are treated as yolk, with any missed webbing falling to the ground and creating yolk puddles.


Robotnik is seen frantically pressing buttons on his machine before it explodes into a million pieces, causing Robotnik to get shot into one of the yolk fountains before the container full of yolk falls on his head and cracks open, causing a giant glob of yolk to fall onto his head, KOing him and causing him to fall over backwards into the fountain. Clayface looks most satisfied with his victory, but has no time to savor it as Tropy and Brio enter the room followed by JJJ and his reporters. JJJ points forward. “See?!? I told you that he’d be working together with this monster! What’ll we call him. . .”

A disgruntled employee shrugs. “Well. . .Spider Man, Sandman, Batman, might as well have some consisten-“

“CLAYFACE! THAT’S IT! Clayface – the real face behind Spiderman, I can see it now!”

Brio takes out a pair of potions as he steps forward. “Allow us to show you how –real- science is done. . .”

Spiderman puts his hands on his hips. “I just took out two of these mad scientists all by myself, what makes you think-“

Tropy looks annoyed. “No, you took out one – we were the ones who took Wily off your trail so that –we- could be the ones do the honors. . .” The annoyed expression turns into a grin.



N. Tropy, N. Brio (2) Vs. Spider Man (1), Clayface (1)

JJJ’s reporters are present and while they can’t insta KO, they largely aim for Spider Man for anything else, so this battle can actually be somewhat easy. Robotnik’s minions sometimes still attack in rare cases, hostile to all, as well as the yolk saw from the boss fight randomly going across the field every 45 seconds or so. Considering Clayface’s sluggishness and how both enemies are always out while you only control one character at a time, even the universally hostile hazards are generally beneficial to you.


Spider Man is already pinned to the ground by Brio’s slime when the cutscene starts, with Clayface trying to make a break for it despite his size. Spider Man yells out after him. “Thanks for all the help!”

“Hey, this is a matter of survival! You have any idea how many damn tests they’ll probably run on me if they catch me?!?”

Tropy simply pounds his pitchfork to cause Clayface to run backwards to them as he says all the same speech reversed. Brio chuckles. “Not a bad proposal. Clayface, was it? You are mooooooost. . .-Interesting-. . .I specialize in making monstrosities like you.”

Clayface groans. “If Robotnik did all this, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. . .”

JJJ laughs maniacally as he goes to go up to Spider Man and take off his mask. “Finally! After all this time, we’ll finally learn this menace’s identity! Who could it be? Bruce Wayne? Norman Osborn? Hell, he could be Andrew Garfield!”. JJJ pauses. “Naaaaahhhh. . .What I –do- know is that whoever would work with somebody like Spider Man on a day to day basis is BOUND to be evil! What connections could come up from this unveiling?”

Spiderman sighs. “Why don’t you go find out for yourself, boss?”

JJJ goes to unmask Spider Man before leaping back in shock. “Parker?!? YOU’RE SPIDER MAN?!? Well I’ll be damned. . .THAT’S why you were slacking off so much!”

“After all this time, the gears never started turning in your head when I got you all those pictures of Spider Man and nobody else could? I’d think this would be less shocking. . .”

“You’re right! And you want to know what else is less shocking?”




We cut to a generic jail, where Spider Man and Clayface have been pit in jail cells opposite one another. Clayface is seen up against the bars of the cell, looking out through them and watching people pass this way and that. “Oh c’mon. Are we really –that- high security prisoners? I just need to be left alone in here all by myself for one damn second. . .”. Suddenly, the pair of officers who were currently overseeing them leave the room to swap shifts with another pair. Clayface hastily takes this chance to shapeshift into another officer. “You gotta let me out, man! The sludge monster broke out and threw me in here! Get me outta here so I can show you where he is!”

The cop shrugs Clayface off. “Please. This is a high security facility, pal, we’ve been warned about what you’re capable of.”

“Why don’t you come say that to my face?” Clayface shapeshifts back to his regular form before extending out his arm through the bars to grab the officer and bring him to the bars. He mugs him with his other arm to easily KO him before just turning into a puddle of ooze and going under the door before reforming, hastily grabbing the other officer and muffling him before punching him down as well.

He goes to grab the keys off one of the officers before going to free Spider Man. “Why didn’t you just do that in the first place?”

“If you hadn’t figured out they were supposed to actually fall for that first trick. I’d much rather snuck out of here than having the whole world immediately know I’d escaped.”

Ghost Rider extends his head outside his cell in the distance. “If you’re gonna fight your way out, how’s about a little back up, then?”

Clayface grins. “Oh, I’ve heard of you, heh heh. . .You’ll be an excellent addition to our little team.”

Clayface goes to walk over to Ghost Rider’s cell with the keys, but Spider Man hastily gets in the way. “That guy’s a murderer. You were just forced to do what you did. We don’t have to associate with him, and we already-“

Ghost Rider interrupts. “Have a good history together. Don’t you see now why JJJ needed to go? If you’d just let me take the blame none of this would’ve happened.”

Spider Man sighs as Clayface goes to open Ghost Rider’s cell before Clayface puts a hand on Spiderman’s shoulder. “Look, if it makes ya feel better, I’m not exactly a guy of that high of morals myself. You can pin this murderer’s escape on me. Personally, I’m more concerned with the fact we get outta here alive, y’know? If you –really- want to maybe we can take him out after we get outta here. . .”

“Fine, fine!”. Spider Man turns to Ghost Rider. “Just don’t kill anybody, alright?”

Ghost Rider nods. “I killed those other people for a reason. I’m not just some psychopath.”

“We’ll see about that. . .”


Level 11

Play as: Spider Man, Clayface, Ghost Rider (3)

This is a level flooded with enemies – the fact that the other prisoners use this as an excuse for a full out prison break doesn’t help matters. While some enemies from the background will randomly break out of their cages, these enemies can potentially free all their allies if you don’t stop them. . .But in some cases, letting them do so is the best thing you can do, seeing the prisoners and the cops are hostile to one another. With one particularly large amount of cops at the end, this is almost required. Clayface largely has to do actual fighting to make it through the level, while Spiderman can attempt to swing over it thanks to the level’s ceiling and Ghost Rider can attempt to blaze past large portions of stage on his bike. . .Though this will oftentimes end up with him hitting an attack head on.


We see Tropy, Brio, Robotnik, Wily, and the Robot Masters all gathered together outside the jail, with Robotnik scratching his chin in thought. “While I do dislike having to share my power with so many other scientists, this –does- seem like the most realistic way to take over the world, with your time traveling abilities it’s definitely hard to say no.”

Wily folds his arms. “Yes, I agree that it’s in all our best interests to join forces. . .But will you stop coming off as so ‘superior’? You came to finish off Spider Man after we had already weakened him!”

Hornet Man chuckles. “Well yeah, they are kinda superior when you didn’t even design us and haven’t even put in the effort to make our designs how they’re supposed t-“


Brio and Robotnik burst out into laughter, the former commenting on it. “You can’t even program the AI to obey you!”

“I only had a matter of hours to put in this AI because I had to catch Spider Man! I can do much better, and I will show you once you let me join you!”

Tropy extends out a hand to shake. “Consider yourself a member of our order, then. Now then. . .Now that we’ve recruited you, we best move on to the next phase of our plan. . .”

Tropy goes to slam down his tuning fork, but Robotnik hastily points over to the jail and to Spider Man, Clayface, and Ghost Rider running out of it while being chased by the cops. Wily runs for his capsule, but Tropy puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “All they were was the game we were hunting for sport, and we’ve already had our fun and determined who’s the best. Let them go. Once we’re done tampering with the time stream, they might not even exist.”

Suddenly, a massive blast occurs that blows out the fire on Ghost Rider’s skull, blows Spider Man right past Robotnik’s head, and causes Clayface to explode occurs. The creature responsible for the blast teleports in shortly after as his shadow can be seen through the dust, then as the smoke clears MEWTWO turns around to face the group of evil doctors.

Tropy stares at Mewtwo in awe while Brio rapidly waves his hand in his face. “GETUSOUTOFHEREGETUSOUTGETUSOUTOUTOUTOUTOUT”

Tropy hastily shakes his head before slamming his tuning fork down again, teleporting the group of scientists away just before Mewtwo launches another explosion to leave a gigantic crater where they once stood.


N. Tropy by Smash Daddy (MYM 10)

Spider Man by Nicholas1024 (MYM 10)

Ghost Rider by Kholdstare (MYM 10)

Dr. Wily by UserShadow7989 (MYM 6)

Edgar by Bkupa666 (MYM 10)

Dr. Robotnik by dancingfrogman (MYM 4)

Sheep Man by Agidius (MYM 7)

Hornet Man by Agidius (MYM 6)

Galaxy Man by Nicholas1024 (MYM 10)

Concrete Man by Nicholas1024 (MYM 10)

Clayface by MasterWarlord (MYM 10)

N. Brio by MasterWarlord (MYM 9)

Mewtwo by Darth Meanie and JOE! (MYM 6)


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