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FA Shows What He Was Doing Before He Joined- Sorin Markov

So, if you never heard, I actually made plenty of sets before I joined MYM. Mind you, they were all pretty bad, but I figured I might as well let you guys see them anyway. That, and if you see something you can salvage from here, that’d be awesome. So here’s this half-finished Sorin Markov set I made in MYM9.



Sorin Markov

Introduction: Sorin Markov is a planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering, a card game/novel series.

Sorin’s specialty is sangromancy, a type of black mana specialization which allows him to drain the lifeforce of other beings, place curses, and even has the ability to control minds.

As a character, Sorin is the second oldest planeswalker, and having seen hundreds of different planes(or mini-universes). Unlike the oldest planeswalker, Nicol Bolas, he has spent his life following his own desires and attempting enjoy himself, causing him to become detached and confident. He is constantly seeking novelty and new diversions. Despite this, he does have his obligations, such as keeping the seal on the Eldrazi in check. (Yeah, I pretty much restated what Magic Wiki did, sue me).


Size- 8

Air Speed- 7

Ground Speed- 5

Traction- 5

Attack Speed- 4

Power- 3

Weight- 1

Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, that’s a pretty sad set of stats he has for being such a powerful planeswalker. Perhaps he’s holding back or something. That said, Sorin has a few tricks up his sleeve to keep himself from becoming Ganondorf but without the weight or power.


Neutral Special: Blood Curse

Sorin reaches out one of his hands, which produces a small black orb, then crushes it in his fist. This creates a black wave about the size of Kirby, dealing 5% and low knockback. This is an unfortunately laggy attack, so what on earth is the point. For the next 7 seconds, your opponent glows a dark reddish color. If an attack hits them during this time, you heal 1%.

Now that sounds pretty pitiful doesn’t it? Even with a reverse Pichu effect Sorin’s still a joke isn’t he. The problem here is that this effect stacks. The timer is reset with each successful hit too, so if you can keep landing this, you’ll eventually be healing 5%-7% per hit. Your opponent will be practically unable to touch your damage percentage. Oh, and if you use this on a foe after a shield break, then they don’t take knockback, so you could spam it. Now that might come in handy soon, now won’t it.

Side Special: Virulent Swipe

Sorin darts forward in a similar manner to Ganondorf’s side special, but when he reaches the foe, 3 black slash marks appear over them. They then take 3% and no knockback. Okay Sorin, you can stop joking with us and show us the real move now. The good news is at least it’s fast and actually isn’t all that punishable unlike most movement attacks. Maybe this gives him some kind of combos?

Regardless, that is not the main purpose of this move. If you have healed any life from the neutral special is added on to this attack’s damage. That means if you healed 10% from the ability of Blood Curse, this deals 13% and some solid knockback. On a fast movement attack, no less. And it’s possible to heal around 30% with the Neutral Special in a normal match(we’ll get to exactly how later), turning this into some kind of monstrous KO move. The problem is it depowers back to 3% after one use, whether it hit or not, so you have to be very careful with this move.

Up Special: Nighthaze

Sorin becomes semi-transparent, and begins dashing through the air, leaving a trail of black dust behind, as seen in the picture. He moves at Captain Falcon’s run speed, and it lasts for 1 second with some heavy cool down lag. The good news is that if the opponent attacks him during this time, he takes 7% less than normal, and he can attack out of this move without ending it. He also takes no knockback or hitstun. Unfortuanetly, the lag makes this risky to use as anything other than a recovery, but there are moments when ou can use this as a sort of escape manuever if you need to escape.

Down Special: Vampire’s Bite

Sorin reaches forwards in a grabbing motion, grabbing hold of one of the opponent’s limbs. And then he rips it of AND EATS IT except not really. I hope your not disappointed. Anyway, he just bites the limb, nothing big or dramiticized, healing 4% while the opponent takes 8% and escapes in a similar way to a grab escape. There is nobody he can infinite with this so don’t try.

Now, is there a purpose to this aside from healing(and the fact that it’s a last ditch way to power up the side special)? Again, this move is better than it seems. After using it, Sorin gets a speed boost on all his attacks for the next 5 seconds. It’s not a big bonus, but it stacks in a manner similar to the neutral special, so if you really know how to deal with your opponent you can get him up to Toon Link’s attack speed. The only downside is that it wakes the opponent out of a shield break unlike the neutral special, and while it’s faster than it Sorin gets really predictable if he spams this. Know your limits.

Jab Attack: Drain Guard

Sorin holds one hand out in front of him, creating a small black and red orb, which deals 3% and miniscule upon coming into existance and nothing else. If you don’t hold A, this is basically is a lame version of Ganon’s jab. If you do, the opponent takes rapid hits of 1%(though the neutral special’s healing will just occur once every third of a second), in a manner similar to a lot of rapid jabs. The difference? It drains their shield while it hits them, even if they don’t bother to use it. This can lead to the opponent’s shield being far less durable, and sometimes it’s the only way out…

Forward Tilt: Needlebite Trap

So your opponent doesn’t want to shield, but rather dodge your attacks? Too bad, that’s not going to work. With this move, Sorin creates a small fork like object which he launches off into the background. This is all very fast, but if the opponent doesn’t dodge, they should be able to avoid it right. Yes, go ahead and not dodge. Your shield’s not going to last very long either. This attack deals a surprising 15% and solid knockback, as well as healing Sorin 5%.

The other thing to note is that it’s not called trap for no reason. If it misses the opponent, the fork like object will burrow into the ground. If they dodge within half a stage builder block of where it burrowed, the forked tentacle will jump out and stab them regardless for the same damage and knockback. You can only have two of these out at a time, otherwise they will disapear instead of burrowing.

Up Tilt: Bloody Blade

Sorin takes out his blade and jabs upwards, dealing 6% and low upwards knockback. It’s not really notable other than if the foe is under the effects of a blood curse, you heal twice as much life from this move as normal. After all, things bleed when they are stabbed. This has a fair bit of range, but it’s not all that fast so it still seems kind of useless until you speed up a bit by the down tilt or can recover damage off it.

Down Tilt: Disfigure

Sorin spreads his fingers, causing a starfish shaped scar to appear across the opponent’s face. This deals 5% plus 1% per second for the next 5 seconds. The lingering damage won’t heal until the last hit, but it does provide a little extra healing. But that’s not the main use. While the opponent is taking the lingering damage, they are slowed down a little and their attacks do less damage. In addition to this, their shield’s strength is halved during this time. You can reset the timer by hitting them with this again, but the move doesn’t have big range, has a blind spot in front of Sorin, and is kind of slow. Whiffing this can be painful, but it can also push you ahead considerably in the match.

Note: If the timer is reset, you still get the extra recovery after 5 seconds.


Looking back, I realized this set was pretty much just the original Spadefox and suffered from the same problems. But hey, maybe someone will like parts of it anyway.



  1. It’s more creative/detailed than most of the veterans’ first sets, that’s for sure.

  2. I made like 10 sets before this actually, but eh, I appreciate the complement anyway.

  3. I much preferred your Bill Nye set.

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