Posted by: n88 | October 10, 2011

Nate’s Article – My Little Attempt at a Moderate Proposal, Which Will Surely Be Hated

Yes, it’s another article about this fun little predicament we’ve got on our hands. Yes, I’m sure a few of you are tired to death of reading about this, but I figured I ought to say my piece. What harm can it possibly do besides bring the fiery wrath of everyone who disagrees with me down on my head?

I’m not going to bother introducing the two viewpoints here, since I’m sure we’re all familiar with them by now. Instead, I’ll move right into a hypothetical solution that we could all be equally (dis)satisfied with. Instead of describing it to you using words (I’ve got enough writing to do already, thank you very much), I’m going to provide you with this handy little chart, which can be viewed at a larger size in a separate tab:

Obviously, this is just putting an idea out there. I’m open to quibbles, complaints, nitpicks, page-long arguments, and the like. Just one thing to keep in mind; neither the conservative side nor the liberal side is going to give up and go away. There needs to be some level of compromise, or we’re just going to be bitching at each other forever, which would be terribly annoying.



  1. No.

  2. I’m assuming the self-elected house would probably be chosen first? Anyway, I think it’s a decent idea, but some things would need ironing out. Otherwise, I think we’re probably just setting ourselves up for a permanent schism in the leadership.

    I’m interested to see what the others–a few in particular–have to say about this?

  3. It’s an interesting suggestion – one that doesn’t pretend that we’re all going to come to a happy-happy mutual conclusion as to how the leadership should function. It’s well and truly a compromise.

    But my main concern with it is the division it implies within the leaders themselves; three of the people’s choices vs three of the old guard, and that’s all there is to it. I’d like to see the self-elected group championing overlooked newcomers and leave the big names, like Warlord, to be elected by democratic process – but that doesn’t seem likely, which means that it’d be left to the people to choose fresh faces… which may or may not happen.

    It’s also unabashedly political, and seems like it’d suggest intrigue and machinations and all that other stuff n’ nonsense we want to avoid in MYM.

    With that said, if everybody got into the right mindset, it’d encourage healthy competition and activity. If everybody got into the wrong mindset, it’d encourage the two sides to be constantly trying to undo one another. I’d be willing to try it, but I doubt the more conservative “other party” would – that’s why they’re conservative. 😉

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