Posted by: Junahu | October 11, 2011

Junahu Review: Boom Boom

Join me on an overly long, kinda crappy blind video review.

By ‘blind’ I mean that I didn’t even so much as look at the moveset in question, before starting to record this video. You’re looking at my raw, unfiltered first impressions here. How daring!

Please pardon the gratuitous audio desync, my rambling, and the fact it’s well over an hour long.

If you don’t like videos involving my face, I’ve included a quick text summary below. (Scores are relative to the MYMer’s potential and are not meant to gauge the set’s “value”)


Visual Impact 6/9

[Business as usual for n88, the presentation is very consistant and, let’s be honest, good. Though I would enjoy seeing something new once in a while]

Writing & Style 6/9

[Very few problems in reading through, though a lack of proofreading damaged the reading flow somewhat]

Suitability of Detail 7/9

[Leans much more towards less detail than other movesets, which I of course appreciate. But at some points, a missing detail turns out to be a vital one]

Brawl Relevancy 7/9

[nothing egregiously out-of-smash in this moveset, though a fair number of the inputs felt like they were in the wrong places]

Character Relevancy 6/9

[Boom Boom certainly works from a character perspective, though the focus on momentum seems to take away from the other aspects of Boom Boom’s character]

Attack Flow 7/9

[Moves flow together in the traditional sense, and there are some reasonable interactions in there too. Some moves however, felt like their actions didn’t match their effects.]

Playing Style 6/9

[Personally, Boom Boom feels a little too focused on his momentum and needs more attention payed to how he can switch up his style mid-match. You interpretted his appearance in SMB3 in a very literal way, which is both good and bad]

Additional Work 6/9

[I would feel bad giving a low score here, since Boom Boom is a 1.5 hour moveset, you put as much work into it as you could have.]

Total 51/72



  1. Awesome read, Junahu. There’s one passage in particular I really loved. I hope I’ll be able to find it again when I’m working on my next set. 😉

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