Posted by: majora787 | October 12, 2011

Majora’s Mishaps – Swinub (MYM2)

Well, my first submission to MYM was in the 3rd contest. We all know that as Skull Kid. However, while I was lurking through MYM2, there were two submissions I had made.  The first was a set called Guardian 787, who was touched up for MYM3 much later.

The second submission, on the other hand, was never finished like Guardian 787 was. It was an atrocity with minimal detail, no damage, and less than half of the required inputs. This atrocity was…

Swinub. What I am about to show you is my first writing in general. It is not spellchecked, it is not edited, it is not tweaked, it is not balanced. It is in its atrocious original form. Hell, what you are about to see isn’t really even Swinub. It’s something… worse.


A: Roll
Swinny rolls himself along the ground quickly with short range ad low knockback.

Up tilt: Headbutt
Swinb hops up and headbutts his opponent for low damage and knockback.

Side tilt: Tacle
Swinub jumps at hs opponent with fury and hits them for low damage and mediun knockback.

Down tilt: Rapid spin
Swinub curls up and spins on the floor doing low damage and knockback to whoever touches him.


B: Ice Beam
Swinub lets out a weak Ic beam shot that is like fox’s laser special. stuns and does no knockback, but freezes on contact

Up B: Blizzard
Swinny uses his fur as a glider thing as a cold icy wind blows him upwards. No damage, but freezes on contact.

Side B: Take Down
Swinub tackles his opponent violently going a short distance and smacking into their shins with fury.

Down B: Earthquake
Swinub becomes enraged as the ground around him shakes. Anyone on the ground near Swinub gets buried and takes a lot of damage.



  1. Smacking into their shins WITH FURY? Sounds terrifying!

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