Posted by: TWILT | October 13, 2011

TWILTHERO’s MYMer Interview Remix: Smash Daddy

Y'know, Smady always reminded of Dudley for some reason...Yeah, I'm probably alone on this.

And welcome to a very special (not really) edition of the MYMer Interviews! Yeah, this is something I’d like to call a “Redoverview.” Basically, I’m reinterviewing people that have already been interviewed after a long while. This case was a special request from SmashDaddy (and I was more than happy to do it). If I have interviewed you and you were unsatisfied with it for whatever reason, just let me know and I’ll consider a redoverview.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about the one and only, Smash Daddy. In general, I think he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s helpful, and he actually helped got me into some of my favorite videos games now (Persona, Ace Attorney, etc.) More on him, there has been some controversial stuff involving him in the past. Do know this though; without him, MYM wouldn’t be the same as it is now. For that, I think he’s an awesome guy, and he has my full respect. Anyway, welcome to the first MYMer Interview remix! Here we go! (Yeah, I’m really bad as this, I know.)

1. Since the last time you were interviewed, has your favourite set (of yours or someone else) changed?

You know, looking back at my old interview, it strikes me immediately just how much my opinions have changed since. Raiden? Cutesy Beau? These are not anywhere near the top of my favourites list for my own sets or everything else. I can appreciate the Make Your Move 5 nostalgia and characterisation of those two movesets, but I feel like I’ve come to appreciate characterisation more in playstyle, and playstyles themselves to be a lot more fun and that being the strong point of a good set instead. It’s hard to pin down, though, what are my favourites.

In terms of my own sets, it’s between Mr. Banbollow, Dr. N. Tropy and Jeice. Mr. Banbollow was a controversial set – which is really what I’ve always made and it was intended to make a statement, being as Warlordian as humanly possible. I was able to milk absolutely everything out of not just the character, but just the idea of a flamethrower cord. Tropy is basically just a really fun time mechanic set, but I really do love the way he goes about it – stopping and starting to change the pace of the match is greatly in-character and unique. Jeice is my best DragonBall Z set, arguably the only one with critical acclaim behind it. Like Banbollow, I squeezed all I could out of him, but it’s more just the feeling of cowardice or arrogant persistence to the point of death that I like about Jeice.

My favourite sets in general… it’s a tough one, to be honest. I can tell you that from last contest, I really loved Barbovor, Gamzee and Portal Man despite their flaws. All of those were easily my personal favourites, mostly just because of the characters they pulled off and how they each were executed. Going by my vote list, I’d also have some more obvious ones at the top, to the point that they aren’t even worth mentioning. Kupa and Nick probably came out tops last contest for me, if that means anything. I generally try to take a wider amount of inspiration these days as well, due to how many more sets I’ve read.

2. What type of video gamer are you? (Example: an RPG gamer, fighter game, etc.)

I try to diversify quite a bit with the games I play. I generally work in shifts from one genre to another, though, so right now I’m really into Gears of War 3, while in a week-or-so I may have moved on to an old Role-Playing Game or something. I generally can adapt really well except in the case of, and this is pretty ironic, fighting games, which I am far too impatient to ever get good at. The only other exception is RTS games, which are equally as frustrating, especially when tied down in bizarrely meta flowcharts. But yeah, I still enjoy those kinds of games, just not at a competent level of play. I’d say my overall favourite genre is probably Role-Playing Games, though, simply because of how strong an impression they can leave on you if the story is carried across well enough. Nowadays, though, it’s mostly stuff like Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2 and random gems I find that leave a lasting impression.

3. Why are you so British?

As my Dad is a Canadian, I am actually called out on sounding like an American all the time. Just today, in fact, I had about upwards of five people telling me how American I sounded and a few people even admitting they had always thought I was some kind of immigrant. So that a lot of people in Make Your Move apparently think I’m some kind of super British guy is pretty funny to me, and I’m sure my accent carries across as English enough, just not in the midst of extremely English accents in the nation itself. That and I am somewhat of a die-hard nationalist at heart, so I somewhat like being a symbol for my country in the community.

That, and I ate a lot of tea and crumpets as a child.

4. How does it feel to have once stop being a leader, yet became one once again (in MYM 9 I believe)?

It was refreshing to be on the outside looking in for once, especially when I had been so heavily-criticized in leadership in Make Your Move 7. Coming into 8, I was very sour about that experience and did tend to take that out on the current leadership a lot, so I can empathise with a few of the disgruntled Bunker crowd who feel like they’ve been left out. For me, I eventually found that my bitterness was mostly insular and that I had a lot more I wanted to give to the contest. Believe me, it was really horrible for me in my outside-of-internet life in Make Your Move 7, even going into the contest after a bit, making it even more overwhelming of an experience for me, being on both ends of all these hateful rants and speeches in the chat. I’m thankful that you all stuck with me through that, as I definitely lost a lot of friends around that time.

My leadership starting at the end of Make Your Move 8 has been markedly different from my leadership starting in Make Your Move 6. I think by now I’ve actually been in leadership longer than I had been before, and I’m no longer approaching it with this kind of, “I need to do this to stay in” mentality that was my downfall before. Now I take a lot more pride in my movesets and try to use my position to make the contest a better place – who knows how successfully I’m doing that, but the point is to try. I’ve enjoyed my current tenure in leadership immensely and in fact that time in general in Make Your Move has been far more fulfilling than it was before. I hope that I’ve been a more positive influence for the contest and all the guys in the community, and that I’m not the same obnoxious asshole I once was… he is due for his monthly visit any day now.

5. What would you say your least favourite moveset of yours would be?

It’s a hard question and one that I probably find even harder than finding a set that I like above all others, as there are more sets lying around the same level of horribleness, at the lowest level, then there are sets at a similarly high level. Sets which I found truly offensive last contest was stuff like Meowth, Doopliss and Ditto to name a few. Meowth was at least somewhat humorous, though it’s undeniably an absolutely diabolical moveset. Doopliss and Ditto make me very uneasy even reading them, with how pants-on-head stupid I find the very concept of them.

This is actually building up to my own sets, don’t worry. I just needed to get out there what exactly I find bad in a moveset. It’s pretty hard to pick apart my own sets, as I do feel like they all have some redeeming qualities to them, but especially going farther back, some of them have not aged well. Not including my super early sets, my least favourites are probably just my most rushed ones, Muk and Jack the Ripper. These sets still aren’t that bad and I feel like both have gotten just a torrent of hatred from a couple of people, but what really disappoints me about them both is that, due to rushing, they weren’t given nearly enough time to develop well. Auron is probably the one time I’ll do that kind of experiment, unless I have a completely different spin to put on top of it, so I’m alright with it. Sorry, Junahu, but you’re literally the only person who likes that moveset. Even Rool hates it!

6. Why didn’t you meet tirk that one time?

I wanted to, but we changed itinerary during the trip and didn’t visit New York’s Chinatown like we had planned to, due to visiting Washington DC’s version. I did have some time in which to go down there and when I was just in my hotel room, but I would have been in a lot of trouble if I got caught [people on this trip were being watched extremely closely]. Also, that trip exhausted me – I am not fit in any sense, and having to walk through snow and blizzards in New York City for ten hours a day, three days straight, really killed me. By the time I’d come to the Chinatown meeting day, it was the penultimate day of the trip and I was dying, so I really needed that spare hour to just recuperate in my room, rather than gallivanting off to see Tirk, as cool as that would be. I don’t regret it for all of those reasons, though I am sad to have not been able to meet Tirk. It would have been cool.

7. Speaking more on that, is there any MYMer you would like to meet in real life?

Anyone, really, would be a really cool experience and I don’t have anyone in particular I’d like to meet. To be honest, I’d probably prefer meeting up with the lesser-known MYMers and getting to know them better. Considering I largely can’t pick-and-choose where I go and am so unlikely to visit the United States again, where most of the community lives, I can hardly be picky about which MYMers I can visit either. With some of my best friends in the community, I’m not sure if they could really live up to that in real life and we’d probably both just end up being really awkward. I’d be up for some mass meet-up at some stage later on, which is probably the best thing to do, because I feel like – aside from just random tournaments – individual meet-ups can only be so fun. Having a lot of MYMers in one place could lead to all sorts of hilarity.

8. Who is your biggest inspiration for MYMing?

Back in the days of old, this was an easy question to answer – my “top five most influential sets” list was just that and I generally tried not to take from contemporary sets, due to not wanting to appear like I was “ripping off” another set. With this kind of mentality, I’d pretty much only make sets if I had a completely original idea like I did for Von Kaiser and Weezing, partly contributing to my super slow set output. That was then, and this is now, so I’m again finding it hard to even pick out anyone in particular. Largely I take my style from a combination of about five or six famous set makers – the ones you’d expect – and try to combine them in interesting ways, which is why I’m probably not one to have too much of an identifiable style.

I’m breaking that trend now with my set output growing so much, but I still feel like there isn’t a huge personality connected to my sets like some people, so really I take huge inspiration in all of my sets. For example, on Swalot, I took inspiration from Omastar in terms of thinking about a Pokémon more realistically, while I also took inspiration from sets like Diglett for their literal interpretation of the move pool, being that Swalot only uses moves from his pool and in ways that interpret their meaning for him individually.

In terms of concepts, I borrowed heavily from The Fly from The Flying Dutchman, and somewhat from Dirty Bubble’s main concept of keeping foes inside of you as well. The playstyle is what’s mostly entirely unique about it, which was always my strong point anyway, as I was able to create a truly original mesh of ideas. Though I’m sure if I actually sat down and thought about it hard, I’d come up with another ten or so sets that inspired me on Swalot’s playstyle as well.

9. Do you find it tough to participate in MYM in a different timezone from everyone else?

At times, it sucks, but it has its advantages. I’m not sure how much I’d like sticking around for the entire night with everyone in the chatroom, to be honest, as I get kind of tired of the place after a whole afternoon inside it anyway. It’s nice to have a reason to slink back and for once, not be at the centre of everything in Make Your Move. I log on and sometimes stuff has actually happened while I’ve been gone, which is, in a way, refreshing. I feel like if I was on all hours of the day, I’d get quite bored with it and probably log off at some point anyway, or just sit depressed in the chat and do nothing productive. So yeah, it has its downsides as well – like missing out on actually cool stuff – but I’m happy with how things are.

10. Which fictional character (from video game, movie, comic, etc.) do you feel you are more like?

This is kind of awkward to even consider. I don’t want to sound pretentious, as I’m sure I’m pretty delusional about my status in Make Your Move and wouldn’t want to analyse myself too heavily either. I suppose if I would pick one recent example, it would be Clayton Carmine from Gears of War 3. Largely regarded as a comic relief character, and even is hinted at dying halfway through the game through mindgames of having a similar-looking stand-in get slaughtered. However, at the end of the last act, he comes back and kicks ass, of course then being shot down by the “last boss,” as it were. As the game comes to an end, it again hints of his death, before he steps into frame, picks up his helmet and puts it back on, casually motioning over to a whole platoon of soldiers.

I’ve been down-and-out so many times in this contest, but always been able to work my way through it and I’d hope that, if anything, this is one of the enduring things that people will remember about me. Members of the community get very highly-strung about their image or how they appear to others, but with enough guts and determination, you can work your way to the top of the community, and that’s what I really love about this place.

11. Are you happy with this redoverview, you dense ****? 😐

Oh, definitely. This has been a fun interview and hasn’t made me feel uncomfortable in the least. The last one wasn’t really your fault either, Twilt, and I’m very thankful that you were willing to give me another shot at one. You’re doing a good job with these.

12. Any set plans you have for the future?

I’m afraid I may have to be just as mysterious as Rool was here, seeing as revealing my plans generally leads to them not happening. Though that was all a rather long time ago, when I announced sets like Mr. L and so on, I still stick by my policy of only revealing if it’s guaranteed to come out. Otherwise, it just ends up disappointing people. I’ll give you some clues, though: a couple of jesters, a sports athlete and a ghost. Two of these should be easily identifiable to those of whom I’ve spoken about the sets in question.

13. Sundance Question: What was up with Raiden?

Duder, you don’t want to know.



  1. Oh hey, I take offense at Ditto being “pants on head stupid”.
    Yes, it’s rediculous as a Submission and simplistic as a Character Moveset. But as a concept? Come now, this is exactly what Ditto would be like in a Smash Brothers game; a localised random character select that switches every stock. Call it a bad, insulting moveset, but don’t argue that the concept is wrong, because it’s clearly, stupendously correct.

    And I will find a way to convey just how much I can’t stand Banballow, if it takes the rest of my life.
    We will sit down, over tea, and I will shout at you until you admit that this is not a magnum opus, but rather a parody moveset, and functionally a bit shit. And then we can move on with our lives, and you can make much better movesets, like Swalot.

  2. It’s half because of that idea of creating a “random” button solely from the character, but also because it’s a remix of what I’d consider a gem of a moveset posted in the interim period between contests. That first one actually was able to squeeze a lot out of the concept.

  3. I agree, it squeezed a lot out… in the same way a sweaty arse will push out a ton of shit. That Ditto… doesn’t… work. Even conceptually, even theoretically, it’s completely disfunctional.

  4. I take offense at the use of the phrase “pants-on-head stupid.” I should be able to wear my pants wherever I want without having my intelligence questioned for it. @_@

    I liked this interview. Good work Twilt, and Smady.

  5. Ditto is completely dysfunctional! He is completely separate from every other Pokemon! I feel like Banbollow being somewhat of a parody is somewhat fitting considering the game he comes from. In the least, I’m really glad we’ve finally come to understand what we disagree on here. 😛

  6. I greatly enjoy the term “pants-on-head stupid.”

  7. Not only is Doopliss pants-on-head stupid, his creators generally likes licking windows and running headfirst into walls.

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