Posted by: MarthTrinity | October 16, 2011

MT’s Sunday Recap Super Kawaii Happy Fun Time #1 HD Remix

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there bitches and or hoes. This is MT and, guess what? I’ve got the Recap again! Woo! Yeah, you’re unfortunately stuck with me again…but hopefully I can make this just as fun and entertaining as I did bef-oh who am I kidding? I know damn well you all click these just in case I posted boobs as the header image or somehthing. Regardless of why you clicked this, you’re stuck now as you’ll find that your back button is now COVERED IN SCORPIONS! Ahem. Since you’re here, why don’t we discuss the first week of MYM11? Pretty exciting huh? We’re already at number eleven and it feels like just yesterday that MYM10 was closed. Crazy how time flies, hmm? Anyway…what you’re all here for (besides boobs) is obviously movesets! So let’s jump straight into that, shall we?

Our first moveset of the ENTIRE contest was…oh for fuck sake! Another goddamn crocodile Kupa?! Yes, for the 118th time we have King K.Rool, this time in his default appearance from the first game of the series. After the fairly eh reception for his captain form and the booming praise for his scientist form, Kupa returns to the place where it all started for yet another Rool remake. So what does this Rool have within the set? Well this time he’s all about getting the foe impaled on his sharp boomerang crown and then swatting it away every time it tries to fly back onto his head. Doing this, Rool can easily damage rack against the foe while leaving them entirely helpless! Couple this with raining down giant cannonballs from the sky and Rool is quite the hectic character to play! With that said, the reception for Rool was rather mixed to negative. ForwardArrow felt that the set was the epitome of flowcharts, feeling that despite a lot of his options, there would clearly be a BEST option. Phatcat also felt as though the character would generally be terribly unfun to play as -OR- against…as the grabbed player is essentially trapped for the longest time as Rool swats away his crown forever. Others, like LoL, were more positive about the set but still felt it was far too flowcharty.

Speaking of things with flow, QWOP has none. QWOP the game is an incredibly difficult game in which you must get a rather mechanically challenged man to run in the Olympics by properly pressing the Q, W, O and P keys. Needless to say you’ll fail many, many times. QWOP the moveset (by Kholdstare) tries to capture this by portraying the QWOP character as an incredibly incompetent, perhaps even mentally challenged man who has seizures and actually shits his pants for his backwards aerial. Khold however claimed it was a serious moveset entry however, repeatedly denying the fact that the set was simply a jokeset. Despite that claim, QWOP is a rather humorous moveset and certainly is worth a read. Nick however disagreed, rating it at an E-Ranking on his rankings (which claims that there’s nothing redeeming about it and that it’s not even worth reading). Others were kinder to the set, stating it wasn’t that good as a serious entry but as a joke set, it was quite funny. I still feel as though my suggestion for the set would’ve been pretty awesome; each button controls a limb and you attack by flopping into your foe at various speeds and such.

No longer newcomer Not-darth_meanie then posted his first set of the contest in Vol Opt, some random giant robot from Phantasy Star Online. Anyway, judging from the video…ForwardArrow didn’t really have a whole lot to work with seeing as the boss fight looks pretty goddamn lame admittedly (it just zaps shit and then tries to squish you). Because of this, FA had to take a few creative liberties such as including a wire to lay about the stage and-…..wait a second…wire? FA? The guy who -ADORED- Banny last contest? Hrmm…wonder if your inspiration is shining through here? That isn’t saying that Vol Opt is a copy/pasta of Banny, far from it of course. I probably wouldn’t have linked the fight if I were you though considering he doesn’t do half the stuff he does in the set in game and just makes stuff like the wire stick out a bit more. Overall though, Vol Opt got some pretty good reception with several of the head honchos giving it quite a bit of praise, namely the grab game.

Up next we had Uboa by Sir_Slash who made his MYM debut with this…interesting move. Essentially, every move is sorta random and causes the screen to flicker. It’s assumed that Uboa’s playstyle revolves around physically killing one another IRL as either the opponent dies of a seizure or the player using Uboa gets their ass beaten to death by their angry friend. Overall, Uboa got pretty negative reception, being marked down for boring attacks and the whole…ya know? Trying to murder you IRL witha  freakin’ flashing screen?

kitsuneko345 then returned from the dead with a moveset for Rapunzel from that one Disney movie that doesn’t really look like a Disney movie and sorta looks like it’s trying to be Pixar or DreamWorks. Phew, that movie title is a mouthful. Anyway, Rapunzel, as one would expect from her, focuses on her hair. And boy does she have a whole goddamn lot of it. It also makes use of a frying pan which…I assume I’d have to have seen the move in order to get that. It also uses feet as measurement, a thing we haven’t seen since the Mario and Sonic Guy days of lore. Reception for Rapunzel was pretty decent with the most common complaints being about how the writing style was quite poor at times and filled with grammar errors. The set was praised however for it’s nifty interactions with Rapunzel’s hair and her other moves.

n88 then decided to post a set he made in an hour and a half for Boom Boom, a random Mario enemy from SMB3 who randomly returns in that new SMB game for the 3DS. Regardless, Boom Boom doesn’t exactly have oodles of potential…but hey! He’s a momentum character. Which means he’s Burter. But seriously, Boom Boom can go from the air to a dash (much like Rainbow Dash and Victini before him) without skipping a beat and can also increase his dashing speed via his Dash Attack. Given what he had to work with (which is a character who can move side to side, jump and occasionally fly for short periods of time), n88 did a pretty good job of portraying the character…especially within an hour and a half. And his efforts were recognized by several people praising it for being a solid set despite not really bringing anything new to the table.

Following Boom Boom came Marvin the Martian by Personwhoisn’tawareofhowbigaSmartBombexplosionis. No seriously. Smart Bomb explosions are freakin huge guys. Just tellin’ y’all that so you know. Joking aside, Marvin’s one of the very few Looney Tunes characters to actually get a moveset for himself and it comes with pretty much everything you’d expect from everyone’s favorite little green man such as Instant Martians, his Disintegrator (which unlike Daffy’s doesn’t actually disintergrate) and his faithful Martian dog. And…then you have random kicks in the aerials. Wanted to get that set out asap Dave? ;P Joking aside once more, Marvin received pretty good reception. Some people felt that some of the props (while suitable for a Looney Tunes character) felt a bit too gimmicky. Warlord however has ranked it as his highest placing set of the contest so far at a 6 on his rating scale.

BlackFox then returned to MYM and went straight off the “WTF?” meters by posting a moveset for Venustoise, some random conglomeration of Venusaur and Blastoise from some episode of the anime. Alriiiiight…? Strangely, Venustoise, like Boom Boom, is a momentum based character revolving around shell antics that plays DEFENSIVELY as opposed to Boom Boom’s more offensive nature. He’s also got a ton of random moves from both Pokemon typings which managed to gather some complaints about Pokemon Syndrome despite it being a mish-mash of two Pokemon. Unfortunately, Venustoise’s shell antics are a bit give and take; while it may keep him from getting damage, a clever opponent will try and send you rocketing off the siide of the stage while hiding in your shell! Overall reception for Venustoise was fairly positive with HR claiming it’d be a rather fun set to actually play as but raising questions about the set’s balance. There were also a few complaints that the set didn’t really do much new at all despite being very good for only his second set.

Speaking of Pokemon, how’s about a Poison Type? Yes, SmashDaddy continues his trend of making pure Poison Type Pokemon with 3rd Gen’s Swalot (who I made waaaaaaay back in MYM7, yay). Anyway, Swalot is the Poison Bag Pokemon with a big hunger…so it only makes sense for Swalot to revolve around poison…and eating…ya know? In a somewhat similar fashion to The Flying Dutchman’s Fly, Swalot can eat his opponents and force them to fight against him from the inside in a magnified Swalot’s Gut mini-stage. Swalot also has many other things typical of Smady’s poison types including but not limited to poisonous gases and various sticky fluids and such. Reception for Swalot was rather mixed. MasterWarlord said he prefered it to Muk but felt that it had some of the worst writing of any of Smady’s sets, even worse than Muk himself. LoL stated that the set was rather unique in terms of eating the opponent but that the rest of the set felt rather bland and boring compared to that.

Ashley by Chaos Swordsman was posted next and was instantly received with a sort of minor controversy for being essentially the same moveset posted last contest…but with like…two different throws or something. Once again, the moveset is written in first person (which I once again find rather weird seeing as Ashley isn’t really all that interesting of a character to be reading her own set…) although it does have some interesting changes. The Forward Smash for example essentially giving the foe another hitbox is something that wasn’t part of the original set…in fact, quite a bit of it has been changed if memory serves. So yay for changing stuff. Akiak (who randomly returned out of nowhere) praised the set greatly and even said he’d be very surprised if he didn’t end up voting for it. Mostly though…it got rather ignored.

We then ha-……what? Clownbot posted a moveset? Good God, I’m actually in shock. Shock and awe. I’d get out the cake we bought for Clownbot’s First Moveset but I guess it was eaten a year or so back by Ocon while he was one one of his binge drinking sessions. Joking aside, Clownbot made a set for Party Pete from Regular Show, a random one shot character who had a bizarre love of partying and Radicola. He loves it so much in fact that he becomes godlike before he drinks too much and ultimately explodes. Which is, appropriately enough, part of the moveset! Party Pete has to drink Radicola in order to keep his partying up…but if you drink too much…Pete will actually explode and die. This essentially puts you on a time limit for how long your “party” can go on for. Overall, Party Pete was met with…well, the same goddamn reaction -I- had; people confused as fuck that Clownbot actually made a moveset. Seriously. It’s strange that he’s not just in the chat now but actually contributing. You should feel proud of yourself Clownbot; you proved a whole bunch of people wrong.

And I’m back. Rawr. To start off this second half of the Sunday Recap we have the Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord. The Gangreen Gang, as expected is another one of those Hugo-styled movesets in which each member of the gang is controlled via different button inputs and typically have quite a few ways to attack in tandem. Ace, being the leader and all, typically is used for ordering around the others whereas Billy for instance is used for the Grab Game. Furthermore, the gang has a whole section of moves that they can only use while grouped up and with certain members of the group available. Overall reception for the Gangreen Gang was fairly good with most people praising it as the best Hugo moveset since the original. With that said though, some other people (HR for example) seem to be tiring of the Hugo-style sets as they devolve into nothing more than a massive gangbang.

We then had n88’s -SECOND- moveset of the week, Dark Star from the third Mario and Luigi game…and he’s one of those sets that’s written in a unique order and -DOESN’T- have a playstyle section exclusively to confuse anyone and everyone who reads it. Anyway, from what  I gather about Dark Star, he’s got a lot of nifty tools to help him out including bombs that act as mini-counters, large holes in the ground that give him infinite flight and make the foe loop around the stage, a grab that lets him pull stuff towards him or richochet around the stage like a pinball as well as a set of Special Smashes to make up for his lack of aerials. Rool was pretty much the only one to comment it in great depth and actually praised n88 for making him think hard about what he was actually attempting to do there, ultimately calling it a set that is “very disorienting” but “not to cover up a lack of substance.”

Kris121 then returned from beyond the grave in order to post a moveset for (what I assume is an LoL character), Rumble. Rumble appears to be some strange little dwarf alien in a giant mech suit (although his backstory and such is entirely not there) and, as such, fights with a wide variety of weapons and such. Rumble’s playstyle doesn’t really amount to much outside of rack up damage and then ko via Up Throw unfortunately…but it’s a big step up from his previous moveset which, if I remember correctly, was One Man Band ages ago. Rumble was, for the most part, fairly ignored except for Zook who complained about the lack of any sort of explaination of who the hell Rumble is…but otherwise felt the set was pretty decent.

I then posted the first MYmini entry for the week, Joe Head Joe,  a random boss from the Playstation 1 cult-classic,  Skullmonkeys. Essentially,  Joe Head Joe is a hyper-realistic human face which acts as the body for a giant Skullmonkey. Considering he doesn’t do much in game and considering he’s surprisingly easy to beat (despite how much of a pain in the ass Skullmonkeys is to beat without cheat codes…), Joe Head Joe is a fairly simplistic Smash Bros. boss who has a small pool of moves and overall shouldn’t be much of a challenge to beat. HR also knew who the boss was so I failed at being a hipster.

Captain Crunch…er…Crom Cruach by ProfPeanut. This one actually is fairly hipster-ish, at least to me as I had to look it up as I wrote this. Anyway, Crom Cruach is some giant polygon Celtic deity snake or something like that. Anyway, the fight consists mostly of battling on top of the giant snake while avoiding being eaten by him and attacking his body in between dodging him. Something that jumped out at me was the fact that the writing style here is quite exceptional. It’s rather understandable why Junahu picked this mini to be this week’s winner.

We then had the Kobold Clan by Zook. Consisting of four little lizard-esque guys and their leader, Trapper, this moveset revolves around…guess what? Traps. Shocking, no? Of course, Trapper, being the trapper that he is, has ways of forcing the foe into his traps and is mostly about limiting the foe’s movements or keeping them limited to where he wants them. He also, as previously mentioned, has four other kobolds to assist him as well as a giant dragon who will attempt to murder Trapper, his kobold crew and anyone else who happens to be in his way when he rains fiery death down upon the stage. Overall reception for this set was fairly good; Warlord praised it for having the other kobolds there immediately to defend him, allowing Trapper to justify having so many traps. He did however complain that the other kobolds were largely out doing whatever they want instead of working as a single unit.

SirKibble then posted a MYmini entry for the final boss of Chameleon Twist which unfortunately wasn’t hipster enough seeing that I was actually planning on making another mini entry this week (seeing my first sorta sucked) for this same exact character. Weird, I know. Anyway, this ghost boss is pretty bitching seeing that he can transform from a derpy pile of chairs and shit into a goddamn GHOST RACECAR THAT SHOOTS WHITE ORBS OF DEATH. But yeah, the boss was represented pretty darn well here and it’s amazing to see Chameleon Twist actually represented anywhere in MYM.

Not-darth_meanie then decided he wanted to be darth_meanie again and posted a moveset for Kyubey from that Madoka anime that DM fapped to. This weird little Digimon revolves around being goddamn adorable for half of its moveset and then making a contract with the foe and violently raping the fuck out of their Soul Gem for the other half with his crazy other form. Essentially, he’s a super lightweight who has to force the opponent to play by his terms in order to actually defeat them…as he can damage rack but he can’t really do a whole lot to finish the foe outside causing their Soul Gem dealy to pop like a cherry. Overall reception for the set was fairly positive with the most common complaints being that the set was quite overpowered and would be rather unapproachable for newcomers.

MDA then posted a moveset that nobody noticed at all because it had no image and it had no BBC at all.

Majora then posted a moveset for a sort of OC; his Sceptile from his playthrough of Pokemon Ruby. This Sceptile revolves mostly around Leaf Blade, using the animation from Pokemon Ruby as the actual attack animation throughout. Majora also decided to take advantage of Sceptile’s advantage in jungle-based combat by letting him sprout up trees that he can hide in or cut down to his advantage. Sceptile also has the ability to root himself to the ground when things get a bit too chaotic in order to hold his ground and restore his life. Reception for Sceptile was fairly decent, Dave praised it as “decent” which is better than he’d say about Majora’s other movesets.

Junahu then showed us that he too can be a hipster by posting a MYmini for a random Pharaoh  from some Popeye game for the Game Boy…why exactly Popeye has to fight a pharaoh, I have no idea. But he apparently fights by vomiting fireballs everywhere. He vomits up a whole lot of fire actually. For some reason, Junahu didn’t even give himself credit for this when he picked the winner…don’t be so modest Junahu!

Passing by Ramses since he was edited in after the buzzer we have Le’Quack by MasterWarlord, a moveset for the fiendish French fowl from Courage the Cowardly Dog. Being one of the few reocurring bad guys from the series, Le’Quack fortunately had more than just one appearance to draw from. Primarily, Le’Quack makes use of his hot air balloon and also the ability to hypnotize his opponents. As one would expect from a Warlordian set, it’s of course filled with lots of interactions and flow and such. Unfortunately…nobody’s actually really commented this one seeing as it was only posted last night.

And finally we have Farfetch’d by LegendofLink. Farfetch’d comes with what is actually two movesets, one based around Swords Dance, the other based around Agility. The Agility moveset revolves more around his duck attributes and his wings whereas his Swords Dance stance revolves around usage of his leek to attack foes with. Mastering both and knowing when to use either one is really the way to master Farfetch’d. Overall reception for Farfetch’d has been pertty darn good so far, what with Junahu stating he adores the set.

And yeah. Took me all Sunday but the Recap is finally complete! Quite the busy first week for MYM11, huh? We’ve got some quality sets already and a great stream of comments, so keep up the awesome work everyone!

Maybe I’ll edit some more stuff in here later but…for now…

I hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



  1. Let’s all hate on K. Rool because he’s a crocodile, eh?

    You know what? I’m sick of the million Pokemon we get every contest. I’m not going to read or comment any more of those. Ha.

  2. As Nintendo has shown us, people clearly care about Tikis more than crocodiles.

    (And if you’re serious, I was obviously joking and seriously wouldn’t care/mind if you made every single one of your sets for kremlings).

  3. The ‘Ha’ was intended to convey the joking nature of my post.

    *works on Tiki set*

  4. *Not hipster enough*

    Majora knew who my mini was, too. Curse you people and your vast knowledge of unappreciated games. I do find it funny you were going to do the same boss, though. 😛

  5. Chameleon Twist is insanely awesome. I never GOT to that boss, since I was a stupid little kid who didn’t know how to play video games, but I rented Chameleon Twist a few times.

    All I remember is the ridiculously weird stage select screen.

  6. The one where you could beat the game in four stages if you wished? And yes, I rented CT all the time as a kid, finally picked it up used for $5 at a used games store. The Candy World was by far the hardest…with the easiest boss strangely.

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