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Roundtable Review – Swalot

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Swalot by SmashDaddy


Agi: Alrighty then, shall we get started?
Junahu: Our first Roundtable review… I’m a little nervous.
Agi: Same (wary)
MT: What’s there to be nervous about? It’s just a review guys ;P
Agi: Anyhow, Swalot. This is Smady’s token solo poison set of MYM11. (pty)
Junahu: Any idea why he makes these poison sets? Is it out of habit?
MT: *shrugs* I can’t imagine what’s so appealing about poison types in terms of moveset variety…
Agi: Maybe it’s not variety he’s shooting for here. You have to admit, there’s a lot of potential that can be squeezed out of a moveset for just a ball of sludge.
MT: Indeed I can. I made this ball of sludge before, remember? ;P
Junahu: Tipsy (lol I’m contributing!)
Agi: Yeah well admittedly I didn’t read Steven or whichever massive poogey joint it was back in… MYM 6 or so. I’ve always been bad about that (wary)
MT: It was solo in MYM7 (WARY) But that’s neither here nor there, this is about -SMADY’S- Swalot so don’t let me rant about my own.
Agi: Quite, quite
Rool: Heroes always arrive late!
Agi: Welcome, Rool. Maybe you can steer us back on topic (wary)
Rool: Swalot! We’re talking Daddy sets here. I don’t blame you guys for stalling (wary)
MT: Ouch ;P
Junahu: Well, we have to start somewhere. How about we address the writing style first, since that’s what we all have to suffer through.
MT: I do enjoy me some writing style…unfortunately…not Swalot’s. Sure it doesn’t have too many laughably bad lines as seen in Smady’s previous Poison types…but it’s hardly the easy read. Writing style always seems to be the biggest downside of Smady’s sets.
Agi: I… actually found Swalot’s style to be infinitely more palatable than, say, Banballow’s (wary)
Rool: I know Warlord complained more about Swalot than he did Banballow’s, for one – and that’s coming from somebody who never placed much stock on writing style. Swalot has a much simpler mechanic, though – despite all the separate-stage subtext, it’s a Dirty Bubblish absorption process and easier to envisage than Banballow’s wire/tube/vacuum shenanigans.
Junahu: As always, Smady seems to stumble over himself whenever it comes to describing any of the more complicated aspects of Swalot
MT: Which is sorta weird considering Swalot is infinitely less complex than stuff such as Banballow…
Agi: Yeah, pretty much all the mechanic comes down to is “He eats them and they fight inside his stomach.” It’s not all that complicated of an idea to express, and I think he did it well enough to understand at the very least. Maybe you should point me towards some particularly terrible lines though since I seem to have missed them.
Junahu: Ewwww, Banballow gives me stomach ulcers
Rool: I’m looking for some of my favourite lines. I think Daddy is channelling DFM a little bit in this moveset – Pegasus-era DFM, that is.
Junahu: 6_6 but Toon Gator or whatever he was called, was kinda fun, maybe.
MT: Pegasus (horror)
Rool: I loved that set! DFM’s masterpiece, no question. But more on that later. Or never.
MT: How’s about Will and Fre-*shot* ON TOPIC, SORRY, SORRY.
Rool: Here, look at this one: “Failing again, poor, cute, little, hungry Pokémon?
Agi: Oh, that’s just a bit of description. He’s CHARACTERISING Swalot here for chrissake.
MT: The commas, they do nothing! There’s a difference between characterizing a set and rambling though…nyoro~n. “When Swalot tries this kind of move made for lightweight ponies, it doesn’t end too well. Swalot tries to swipe his side of his body to pound the opponent – if actually hitting, dealing a solid 4% and a spike as he hits downwards.” This also baffles me.
Junahu: Fine fine fine fine. How about something positive then? Like how consistently Daddy organises/presents his Pokesets?
Rool: I really dig Daddy’s organizations. Thank you for bringing it up. The headers are always clean and precise in presenting character and the whole thing stinks of neatness and OCD-instigated clarity.
MT: That I can agree with. Smady’s usually quite good about having his sets readable LAYOUT wise…even if the writing doesn’t agree.
Agi: It’s rather pleasing to the eye, to be sure.
Junahu: I always believed that Pokesets should be consistent, presentation wise.
Rool: It’s not just his Pokesets, though – all of his movesets have this consistent, clean colour scheme.
Junahu: True. Though for his Pokesets it looks like he reigns himself in just a little.
Agi: We’re… kind of avoiding the topic still. You can grab organization from just a cursory glance
Junahu: Analysing the moveset itself is not my … how do I spell this word… forte?
MT: The organization is sunshine and lollipops, howsabout the meat of the set??
Rool: Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Before we start to discuss the playstyle, shall we first resume it? And Junahu, it’s forté, with the accent aigu.
MT: Rool and his fancypants computer with accents ;P
Agi: French is so confusing and awesome
Rool: Stop slacking off, you knuckleheads!
MT: I wanted to start the set itself though…*pout*
Junahu: Anyone else find it a little annoying how the foe de-gunks themselves by STANDING STILL?
MT: The Bowser Jr Effect?? He did that too, no?
Rool: All de-gunking effects feel obtuse to me. Make them run around, make them stand still – it`s just whatever is most convenient to the playstyle at the time. It feels forced to me almost however they do it.
Junahu: Indeed. I’ve always felt that the only decent way to rid yourself of gunk, is to spread it around… like you’re wiping it off your feet or something.
Agi: …they do? (hippo) *checks*
MT:I know that when I’m covered in gunk, I get a towel. And Scope.
Agi: Well, there’s the thing where you can wash yourself off with water or something…
Rool: I wanted to resume the playstyle first for those review readers who skipped the set (CRS)
MT: Oh yeah, gut juice is water in this set, no?? And why should we Recap it for those who passed on it, their fault 😛
Junahu: Resume? Review?
Rool: Uh, summarize? Would you rather go with… synopsize?
Junahu: Review would have the same meaning in this context
Rool: Review would have an ambiguous double meaning.
Junahu: I like double meanings 😛
Rool: Daddy, however, does not! His movesets try to make absolutely everything clear for the reader, down to the finest nuances of the playstyle.
Junahu: Ok ok, then lets  go do something with the playstyle section now.
MT: Erm….except in writing style Rool…
Rool: I did say “try”. 😉
MT: ;P
Junahu: So, what’s this playstyle about then? He gunks em up and eats em?
Agi: Basically, Swalot tries to swallow the opponent and then fight them inside of his own body. He creates his own blast zone. It’s pretty nifty.
MT: Reminds me of that Big Poe boss from Four Swords…
Junahu: Well, can’t really say it’s out of character. Though the fact it’s called SWALOT kind of writes itself.
Agi: Reminds me of the frog from Yoshi’s Island actually.
MT: Prince Froggy was bitchin. But yeah, it’s in character…but since when can Swalot turn them into mini versions of themselves?
Rool: Daddy does take some creative license right from the start when he conjures up this cavernous space inside of Swalot. He seems to see him as a stomach on legs (which I don’t disagree with).
Junahu: And here I wanted some sexy vore action, with his stomach crushing the foe in its juices (YUM)… No wait, what am I saying? That’s not a knockback KO, I instantly hate it.
Agi: Well, Swalot… and a lot of Pokemon/anime things come to think of it, pretty much is a stomach on not-really-legs.
Rool: That’s a good enough point, MT – but I think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt here. We hardly want a Ganondorf writhing around inside Swalot at full size – he’s not an anaconda or something.
Junahu: Make Swalot’s volume increase with what he eats. Like how Kirby looks all stuffed when he swallows his foe.
MT: Actually, I believe that’d be adorable seeing them bop and punch at his pudgey body from the inside. Maybe I have a weird sense of “adorable.”
Agi: That’d kind of take away from the whole stomach acid mechanic Smady has going on though
Junahu: Well, I admit you’d have to redesign the playstyle somewhat, though nothing outside the stomach really changes. Swalot’s normal game is pretty interchangeable
Rool: He does that and the stomach ceases to be a stage – and Daddy does so many things with the stomach as a stage, no?
MT: Playstyle before character? Hmph…
Rool: Remember who we’re dealing with here! Let’s be courteous and go along with Daddy’s priorities for now.
Agi: Character feeds playstyle. Playstyle defines character.
MT: Fair enough…but Swalot’s hardly a size changing wizard.
Rool: Swalot’s playstyle seems very hungry, then, agi.
Junahu: I found it a trifle odd how objects and gunk and whatnot, don’t exist until Swalot pukes them up… but then he can eat them again and… suddenly, they exist in his stomach.
Agi: Er… they were nestled in the glands before? Or something? (wary)
Rool: There are a few ways to nitpick – we can pick at logic, or we can pick at balance. I think Daddy would prefer us to address the playstyle
Junahu: I want to pick at noses.
Rool: I can’t help you then.
MT:Well that doesn’t mean to disregard logic and such…I believe it’s rather unfair to give a free pass for playstyle’s sake but that’s just me. Carry on. And cheers for the spelling fixes agi ;P
Agi: Wary
Rool: So what do you say to the way Daddy gives every move a double purpose? They have one effect when used on an external foe, and another when used on a devoured foe.
Junahu: Well, I kind of like a duality of purpose, but that’s because a lot of my older movesets had that in spades.
MT: I’m typically annoyed by the “But wait, there’s more!” approach even though I’m often guilty of it myself…
Agi: I thought it was… nifty, but a bit sketchy. He kind of implies that the opponent has no idea what’s going on outside of the body. Okay, their attention is going to be focused inside Swalot, but still, it’s one camera angle.
Rool: I do believe that the camera zooms in on the stage-within-Swalot while they’re there.
Agi: Thereby depriving everyone else in the battle from being able to fight?
Junahu: It shouldn’t zoom in quite so much. Maybe just to the point where Swalot fills half of the screen?
Rool: In FFAs – although he uses ambiguous language there – Swalot does not function so effectively unless he devours EVERYONE. Public enemy #1 in FFAs, clearly.
MT: If I remember correctly…he edited that in after ProfPeanut pointed it out. Probably why it seems a bit confusing.
Junahu: Movesets that don’t account well for FFA annoy me. On that subject… Krillin kind of annoys me.
Rool: Krillin has a tendency to do that, no? It’s fitting! (VAMPIRE)
Junahu: Oh you (TIPSY). Anything can be glazed over with a positive attitude.
Rool: Indeed. Sid’s Toys has a deliberately grotesque playstyle and writing style.
MT: Eep. I have to go for now. Want to carry on without me and I’ll join in again later?Just going to eat o3o Beeeeeearrrbeee.
Agi: How long is “For now” (wary) Ah, fair enough. Carry on, MT (chew)
Junahu: I think I’ll use the facilities while I have this chance.
Rool: See? We’re human beings too!
Junahu: Ew, you’re keeping that line in?
Agi: (vampire)
Rool: I’m trying to think from the perspective of somebody expecting… you know, professionalism.
Agi: And… not doing very well reading this then I take it. Wow already four pages and very little discussion. (crs)
MT: And…here again. With noms.
Agi: Aaand being forced off again. (hippo) Going to see if the tablet can handle Google Docs. Iff not, carry on without me (wary) Or don’t
Rool: Sweet baby jesus!
Junahu: Gimme some of those noms. And some of that sweet baby.
Rool: No, Junahu! That’s MY infant saviour!
Junahu: Crunch! mmmm, caramel center.
MT: This is vaguely weird, even for me.
Rool: At least it’s loosely relevant to Swalot. We might just be speaking in code!
Junahu: Perhaps some manner of topic while we wait on Agi? How about dem status effect tilts?
MT: That’s…not really an Encore by the way. That’s just clapping. It seems more along the lines of “Attract.”
Rool: Speaking of Encore, I really despise effects like that. “The foe is forced to walk toward Swalot out of hatred” or whatnot – it’s a direct override of the player’s control because of how the character reacts. It’s silly and unintuitive and increasingly common.
Junahu: Smady said he was somewhat inspired by how I make Pokemon moves work. But, looking at these tilts, I don’t think he quite ‘got it’.
MT: Indeed. I remember you complaining about that in Rainbow Dash, Rool. And yeah, an Encore would be them repeating the same action or whatever again…not “taunting” them into coming close.
Junahu: I should probably mention (just pre-empting a rebuttal) that Clefable did similar status effects, but Clefable is magical and crazy and whimsical. (and it was from MYM6)
MT: Unlike Swalot.
Rool: Not sure that’ll fly, Junahu… you have to squint a bit to make it work. But another topic: Swalot’s game pre-devouring. What do we think of his playstyle while trying to eat the foe?
Agi: It… pretty much boils down to just shooting out a lot of gunk, doesn’t it? Pinning them down with a gunk shot, poison gas/gastro acid to damage rack…
Junahu: Swalot seems awfully active for a Pokemon that Smady is trying to show as a gourmand.
Rool: Gourmands are not necessarily lazy XD
Agi: I guess you could consider all the poison “seasoning” for this gourmand.
Junahu: Truuuuuue. But I want more or his “gentle appearance”. I want his appearances to be deceiving. Give me some deceit.
Rool: Two attacks named “Yawn” isn’t enough for you?? We’ve got the illusionof the lazy, dignified gourmand – and the reality of the merciless predator.
Junahu: True, though the idea I think was supposed to be that prey wanders too close to Swalot, because he doesn’t seems to pose a threat. Having him hurl up a playground of sweaty slime is too active for my tastes.
MT: I’m sorta bias seeing as I had my own version of this guy who was a bit less active and a bit more “stand around and let the foe come to you so you can gobble them down.”
Agi: How did that work?
MT: Well he sorta puked up lines of goo and then slurped it all up opponents and all when they stepped in it.
Rool: It really shows what Daddy emphasizes, of course – interactivity. He wants to give the player more options, maximal options. He wants every move to be in its right place.
Junahu: hmm… I wonder where Swalot’s signature Stockpile, Swallow and Spitup went. Just looking at the set right now, he advertises Acid spray as his signature attack.
Rool: Stockpile is the DAir… and a bit of an afterthought.
MT: Acid Spray really isn’t a signature move…He’s the Poison Bag Pokemon, Poison Gas or whatever should be his signature move.
Agi: I think it’s reasonable that Smady interpreted Swalot as just a living stomach. Stomachs… aren’t known for gas, but acid.
Junahu: My stomach is known to be gassy (SMIRK)
Rool: Daddy extends Swalot’s stomach in a way when he lets him spew whatever exists inside of it – and some stuff mystically conjured on the spot – onto the stage. It’s like how Muk and Garbodor essentially spread themselves about the stage to fight. It’s very interesting to see the parallels between the three (and probably Weezing, which I never did read)
MT: Maybe it’s just me but…a lot of these Poison types seem rather…samey. Weezing was the most out there of them, sort of off by himself whereas Garbodor, Swalot and Muk seem sorta liek extensions of each other.
Rool: Personally, MT, I find that he differentiates them in some really interesting ways (Garbodor emphasizing sifting through junk, Muk emphasizing sludging up the game, and Swalot emphasizing devouring). They all have similarities in how they control the stage, but they branch off after that.
Junahu: Another tangent from me here, and a bit of a in-smash complaint, but it irks me when an inhaling move is put on a grab, and not Neutral Special.
Rool: Also I love Garbodor (FLIP)
MT: No arguements on Garbodor…Muk’s the bad one in my eyes. And yes, I can sorta see why that would bug you Junahu considering Dedede and such share that trend.
Junahu: Muk’s the one with psychic powers over platforms, isn’t he?
MT: Muk’s the one with Parkinson’s ;P
Rool: Yeah, he does kinda drag the stage about… but hey, I forgive little blips and bloops for the sake of the larger picture. And so let us move to the larger picture of Swalot: the stage-within-stomach.
MT: Erm…I’d probably be more interested in the “Stage Within A Stage” thing if Dutchman didn’t exist the contest right before this one…
Rool: Dutchman also had attacks with dual purpose once you took to the alternate stage – but Swalot has attacks that do two different things at once. I think he’d be really interesting against two foes, actually, because he’d be fighting both the enemy without and the enemy within with the same attacks in two different ways.
Junahu: I guess it’s kind of cool how introverted it is, compared to Brawl’s natural extroversion. But then again, pretty much every moveset is overly introverted anyhow. Many sets are just interested in what they can do, and what rules they can force on the fight.
Rool: Very true, Junahu, which is why I dig a set like Victini or Edgar, which is obsessed with the state of the foe in a more extroverted way.
Agi: Personally I think there’s a bit TOO much attention focused on the foe’s state right now. Just take a look at a set like King K Rool… throughout half of the battle, the foe can’t even fight back properly.
MT: King K Ombo’s Revenge….
Junahu: Another tangential complaint, but I felt that Swalot’s skin being porous enough to absorb gunk he walks over doesn’t mesh too well with how thick I felt Swalot’s skin actually is. This is a Pokemon who’s stomach acid can digest anything except its own stomach.
Rool: Reverse osmosis.
MT: Well technically he’s supposed to secrete the poisons from himself…not absorb it.
Agi: Pokedex entries are known to be unreliable. You could probably handwave the absorption as a fatness mechanic like Gangreen Gang.
Rool: First time I’ve heard about it. I based all of the Eeveelutions exclusively off of their Pokedex entries. (WARY)
MT: Pokedex entries are some of the best material for sets, despite how goofy they may seem when one thinks of the “in game mechanics.”
Junahu: Sometimes the Pokedex lies, but that tells you even more about the Pokemon. Like Farfetch’d for example.
Rool: While we’re talking Pokedex, does this really feel like a Pokemon set to you guys? I feel like it might get too abstract, in the vein of Landlos or Omastar, for a Pokemon.
Agi: @ Unreliable Pokedex
Agi: Well, y’know, Smady was shooting for the abstract here. He flat out said that he was trying to take the Pokemon of Swalot more “literally”.
Junahu: Swalot has a bottom blastzone in his stomach? How arbitrary
Rool: I think Warlord raised that point and it was ascertained that it’s actually just an acid pit that you could drown in?
Junahu: Well that is odd, because it clearly says “blastzone”
Agi: Drown in, or be digested in? =P It’s just a matter of what the writer says it is I guess.
Rool: There is indeed ambiguity regarding whether Swalot has a blastzone inside him… but I suppose one could argue that if you fall any deeper you go into Swalot’s intestines, and then there is no escape.
Junahu: Drowning is still subject to drowning mechanics, so there would still be a gameplay difference. The idea was supposed to be (I assume) that Swalot’s KOs are all from drowning the foe.
Agi: If I remember correctly, the drowning timer doesn’t refresh in the acid. If anything, the time allowed without dy- you know what I can’t phrase it right but you know what I mean bah.
Rool: Hey, folks, we’re pushing 4000 words. Shall we zoom out to final, general impressions?
Junahu: But I’m having such fun here.
Agi: Those 4000 words include our massive confusion on trying to figure out how this works as well as our name headers (wary)
Rool: Massive confusion on trying to figure out how this works is quite relevant as criticism, no? In any case, maybe our attempts to sort it out has been helpful to somebody in the same pickle. In fact, I think that one of our goals here should be to help people to appreciate a moveset in a new light. And with a Daddy set, one way to do that is to sort out what exactly is going on to begin with.
MT: Aww…we’re done already? Nya.
Rool: We could always do another one tomorrow.
MT: Batman’s out tomorrow, my mind will be elsewhere ;P
Rool: I have a solution. We, uh, kill the Batman.
Junahu: Ta daaaah. It’s… maaagic.
Rool: Shall I offer my final impressions first, then?
Junahu: Agreeeeeed
Rool: But then you have to do it too, Junahu. Why not? I will!
Junahu: This is getting memetic up in this shitter yo.
Agi: I’ll be posting mine right after dinner (wary)
Rool: So much talk of dinner during a Swalot review.
MT: Om nom nom…
Rool: Generally I find Swalot to be a quintessential Daddy set –
Junahu: Personally, I much prefer Swalot to a set like Banballow. Swalot is still fixated on a single aspect of himself, but at least it’s the RIGHT aspect this time, unlike random tubing monster. I have plenty of complaints towards Swalot, but they are at least defineable, again, unlike Banballow, which still vexes me with its intimidating incomprehensibility.
Rool: What I most admire here – because there’s plenty I can see to quibble about, as this review has gone to show – is how intensely Daddy can intertwine his concepts. Or maybe densely is a better word. Even more than Warlord, who tends to have his sets amble off in a couple of directions as you go along, Daddy makes everything hang together as though it were superglued. And yet he keeps the playstyle essentially open-ended. What was that he said? Simple attacks, complex playstyle? Or maybe it was complex moves, simple playstyle? I don’t remember which. Probably they both apply.
Junahu: Honey, you seem to be talking to yourself again. You and your conversations with yourself. It’s adorable.
Baloo: I, for one, am glad he does that.
Rool: Wait, that’s not how Baloo spoke
Baloo: Oh yeah? We’ll see about that!
Rool: So, MT? Final impressions?
MT: Oh boy. My turn? Hrmm…well as I said before, I’m a tad bias seeing I’ve done my own version of this little guy but I’ll try and judge it without my bias. I wasn’t -THAT- in love with the set. I wouldn’t say it’s bad but…admittedly, sans Weezing…I’ve never been a huge fan of Smady’s “Pure Poison Type” line ups. Swalot’s probably lower on the tier list…it’s not as good as Garbodor but it’s nowhere near Muk level. The writing style really puts me off which is quite surprising considering this set generally has much less out there ideas than N.Tropy that I really, really enjoyed. Overall…it’s not bad but it’s not that good either. Fairly middleground IMO. Sorry Smads =’(
Junahu: MT sure loves her talking, huh?
Baloo: Quiet, you.
Junahu: Wait, that’s not how Baloo spoke
Baloo: oh yeah? we’ll see about that!
MT:I love oral speaking. The only kind of speaking…er…lame joke. Not sure if I’m trying to be in character or not. Rawr. Sex and drugs and sugar.
Junahu: Big finish from Agi?
Rool: Everything’s been building up to this. His impression had better be delightful :@
Agi: Yeah, yeah, build up the tension so I can’t possibly deliver (D)
Agi: All in all, I really enjoyed Swalot! He was an interesting take on a fledgling genre – the whole “stage within a stage” concept is one I can see becoming fairly popular… and this time, a stage within a character no less! I did have some real difficulties envisioning the moveset – as I’ve said earlier, the camera view is going to screw over at least one person. Either the opponent can hardly see themselves in the stage within Swalot, or the camera zooms in so much that Swalot can hardly see the large-scale stage himself, or BOTH of them can see equally well… in which case Swalot loses the mindgamey ability to throw the opponent out where he wanted without them knowing! There’s a lot to be loved in this moveset though and it’s definitely worth a read.
Rool: Alrighty, folks, that brings our first-ever roundtable review to an end. Hope you found it enlightening, Daddy – and everyone else, too.
Junahu: We laughed, we cried. And maybe we even learned something too.
Agi: Just maybe. /cynical
Junahu: But we put so much ‘effort’ into this. Smady’s just gotta appreciate it for that (TIPSY)

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of…. ROUNDTABLE REVIEW 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!





MT: The hell?! You guys did a sign off without me?! D:






~ “The foe now finds themselves inside of Swalot’s body themselves”


  1. Thanks for the review.

    One thing I think I ought to clear up is this “not getting it” business on Junahu’s apparently branded Pokemon set making. Garbodor and Swalot both have neutral specials entirely based on their Pokedex entries. Garbodor’s thing is secreting an extremely foul gas from his mouth and fingertips, which is why Garbodor’s neutral special is the former and a later input makes similar use of the fingertips.

    Likewise, Swalot’s entries all talk about him finishing off opponents by secreting acid… it seemed pretty obvious what to do. I just feel it’s kind of silly, because of these moves, to tell me to go read the Pokedex entry, when that’s the very first thing I did. Stuff like Encore is also part of Swalot’s move pool… if not a taunt, how else could it possibly work?

    That said, I can definitely see the merit behind a lot of the complaints. The set was a little rushed – though not Muk-level of rushing, it was probably enough to hurt the writing style. Admittedly, it’s also disappointing to hear Junahu compare this to Banbollow, which he utterly loathes. I remember Junahu say he actually liked this set when he first read it.

    Though yeah, I did learn some things from Swalot’s reception. Not so much this review, as interesting as the discussion was, but I’m still grateful that you guys made this.

  2. Problem with discussions like this, is that any sense of time is lost in the write-up. 5 minute stretches of waiting or pausing are missed, making it look like we’re darting about from topic to topic

    Swalot’s acid spray is mentioned in three pokedex entries, two of which tell me that it’s secreted from his mustache. Absolutely every entry mentions his eating. Grab is not the best place to put his signature inhalation: players coming off the back of Kirby (or any inhaler) will express confusion as to why the eating Pokemon is doing nothing but throwing up.
    That’s the reality of Brawl players, you’re dealing with chaff just as frequently as you are wheat. Truly brilliant design can account for the latter while compensating for the former.

    Encore on Swalot works in the sense that the foe thinks so little of Swalot, that they believe their current action is working, and thus keep doing it. No encore, outside of being performed by actual magic/psychic pokemon, should actually force the foe to repeat an action.
    Encore also works from a gourmand perspect: “Encore! More food!”. It helps that both gourmand and encore are words of French origin.

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the move’s effect in Pokemon, is the only way to make it work in Brawl. Or even that it should be in Brawl to begin with. Many Pokemon moves say something about a Pokemon’s personality, not their fighting style.
    THAT’S my brand.

    I already said my opinion of Swalot is a billion mega-tonnes higher than that of Banballow, and perhaps even higher than Mr Mime.

  3. By follicles, I took it to mean his black rhombuses that could be construed as made out of some kind of hair, mostly because shooting acid from your moustache never occurred to me and doesn’t make much sense. I’m thinking the Pokedex is purposefully vague here. The grab game was very purposefully put on its input because the grab is generally not the first move newcomers will go to, furthe enhancing the sense that Swalot’s playstyle is centred solely around his bread-and-butter, mostly non-threatening and introverted specials.

    Personally I feel like, if in the Pokemon’s move pool, it’s fairly important and says something worthwhile about them. I felt like it would be a cop out to leave that out. I interpreted Encore entirely differently from you, it seems, as I saw Encore as simply egging on the opponent, similar to a taunt, causing them to approach you and considering you a non-threat simultaneously. I don’t think this is too far detached from what it actually does in the games either.

    To be honest, I’m happy that I’ve apparently found a style here that is somewhat original, and I actually feel this helped Swalot if anything [just the execution of it was off]. I’m glad you liked the set, though, Junahu, it simply felt like you had nearly nothing positive to say in the roundtable. [Truth be told, Rool was so negative and unprofessional about my sets at several points that I almost regretted requesting a review.]

  4. That’s a pretty out-there interpretation of follicles, you shouldn’t make up anatomy just because you don’t want a mustache gun. Reminds me of Garbodor, and his “funnel” (i.e. structural metal cable)
    Swalot’s mustache reminds me of certain sea dwelling predators, which lure prey in with a gangly appendage coated in a sticky nuitritous secretion

    As Rool says, it takes the player out of the game, when their character does something of their own accord, such as “getting mad” when the player himself is quite calm. Ideally, you could have kept at the various goopy gunky aspects of Swalot, bogging the foe down with so much weight, that the opposing player gets frustrated.
    Bah, I’m starting to see how hypocritical I’m being. I instantly regret replacing Clefable’s up-air with Encore. Screw “pokemon syndrome”, Strength was an awesome quirky move.

    [Reviews change their form based on what and who is being reviewed. You’re professional enough in your work to know what you do well, so there’s little need to dwell on those parts. Being positive will not help your personal progression as an MYMer, unlike with a relative newcomer, who might not yet know what he does well.]

  5. The point is that Swalot has plenty of different interpretations if you use your imagination, personalising some aspects of his design goes with the theme of having your own personal connection to the Pokemon itself. Taking everything the Pokedex says as absolute fact when it’s trying to be vague like this is defeating the very purpose. So while you have your own way of seeing it and that’s cool, I grow wary of you telling me how I should make Pokemon sets.

    There are plenty of random, tacky things that sets have done that make as much sense as Encore, and the move is such a small and simple part of Swalot as a whole that I don’t understand why you’re being so anal about its execution. It’s meant to be an extremely short, forced approach and that’s the entire point of the move, the opponent is barely out of player control for long. And this is all gameplay stuff, I thought your problem was thematic.

    On Rool, I initially found his comments to be insulting, now I see them as more confusingly vague. They’re rife with double meaning and inferring that my sets are questionable, then immediately shutting down when it comes to explaining himself. It seems like a defence mechanism.

  6. Fair enough, I’ll admit that Follicles may just be referring to pores again.

    Gameplay and themes tie in together very closely, to the point where a gameplay quirk can have a disasterous effect on a theme.
    A momentary loss of control of the player, is easy to see as mystic wizardry on the part of Swalot. We only have your word that Swalot is using Encore, rather than Taunt after all. And the player won’t even have your word, they’ll just see Swalot being magic.
    Why does he even need the move? To force an approach? Seems excessive, given everything else he has.

    I wouldn’t normally reply so much in the comments, but I consider it a course of ‘after-care’ to guide the reviewee through any complaints they’re taking issue with.

  7. I don’t know about that, man – I took a few digs at your writing style, but that’s neither news nor meant with any intent to offend, and I apologize if they did. It wasn’t at all my intention to infer anything about your sets, which you know I am typically a big fan of, and we really do need to have a chat if that’s the way you saw it.

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