Posted by: Spadefox | October 19, 2011

An apology to the MYM community

Hello, everyone.

My name is Joel (or .joel, on SWF). Most of you will remember me with the nick “Spadefox”, which is also the nick of my wordpress account, apparently. You might be asking yourself “Why is that old geezer posting on our blog?”. Well, the answer is that I have to get something off of my chest that has been chewing on me for a long time.

I have left MYM in MYM5 with very bad blood. I popped back in with a single moveset in one of the following contests, but MYM5 was pretty much when it was over. Several years have passed since then, and I had a lot of time to think and come to a lot of conclusions.

I left, back then, saying that I felt betrayed by the MYM community, and that my work as a leader and reviewer was underappreciated. Granted, I still feel that this at least partly was true – there have been a few users that actually did hurt me quite a lot, and I didn’t get along well with many people due to my rather bold personality. I don’t know if I have changed in this regard… but I want to say that, whatever I said to you back then – it holds no longer weight. If I hurt you, I apologize. It was a very desperate time for me back then; the company I worked at went bankrupt, thus I lost my job. I had depressions and all that jazz. I had quarrels with many friends, not only in the MYM community.

Now… the words are not even the worst part about what I did. It’s that I lied and cheated on all of you in that last contest I participated in. Apparently it only somewhat recently came to light that I cheated in MYM5. It is true that the Horiin-account was an alt, under which I posted the moveset Nature. It is true that I have used it to vote for some movesets that I had created under my real account. Thus, it is true that I rigged the outcome of the contest. It was only 1 vote, but it was apparently a decisive one, as that one was what sealed the deal for the winner. This, I also apologize for. I guess my anger and hatred for what I thought to be a community that hated me for virtually nothing took over me when I decided that was a good idea. I didn’t know that my second vote would actually alter the outcome so heavily. I now know better – the right course of action should’ve been not coming back altogether, or doing it honestly.

So, to wrap it up:

I am very sorry about what I did. I read up on the posts that made me quit. Today, I would laugh at them. I guess that just proves how brash and hot-headed I was back then. Or maybe it was just my whole real life pretty much breaking into pieces all around me. It was a terrible time for me. I did terrible things to you, the MYM community, out of which I saw many as friends, and still see a few as friends.

So, I specifically want to apologize to those close friends of mine that, despite my misdeeds, never denounced me regardless, like King K. Rool, Hyper_Ridley, or dancingfrogman. I am so sorry.

I also want to apologize to the leadership people that had to deal with my cheating. I know MasterWarlord took my departure very badly, so I also want to apologize to him and hope we can bury that bad blood between us.

Smash Daddy told me that most of you guys don’t have any ill feelings towards me anymore, and I really am happy that most of you have forgiven me. I hope that those who didn’t will understand and forgive me after this article, and that the future will be one of many good movesets.

Now, as a last thing – does this blog post mean Spadefox is back in business? I have to be frank… I don’t know. I have been missing making movesets, and I would love to come back, but I don’t know if I can ever reach the decency I had back then. So if I do get back to writing up ‘sets… don’t expect extremely high quality. But I will try my best.

Thank you for reading this and putting up with my antics.





  1. 11 likes? Hot damn! What do I have to do to get that many, join the circus?

    And although I’ve said it in the chat and in the thread, third time’s the charm: welcome back, Spade!

    • Yes. Yes you have to join the circus.

      Thanks for the welcoming!

  2. Test, test. Is this working? Good article, Spade

  3. Why forgive this guy? He cheated to win and insulted MYM. You guys SUCK.

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