Posted by: Junahu | October 19, 2011

Junahu Review: Batman

I’ll get used to this reviewing business yet!

If you don’t like videos involving my face, I’ve included a quick text summary below. (Scores are relative to the MYMer’s potential and are not meant to gauge the set’s “value”)

Visual Impact 5/9

[could certainly be a lot more expressive visually, though it’s by no means “bad”. It was still very cleanly presented]

Writing & Style 7/9

[no problems at all with reading the moveset, everything made sense on the first read. Could have been tweaked a little to better suit Batman’s personality]

Suitability of Detail 8/9

[this set has a very careful balance of detail, telling the reader everything they need to know, but without bogging them down in superfluous details. The interactions and flow between moves was implied rather than outright stated, another plus]

Brawl Relevancy 8/9

[everything here makes sense from a Smash Bros perspective, from his attacks, right down to his movement. Bat Lasso still sounds a little awkward to me though]

Character Relevancy 7/9

[Batman’s gadgets seem to be a little too central to how he plays, and players might find themselves spamming them even in situations where Batman himself would not. Beyond that, the moveset is beautifully characterised]

Attack Flow 7/9

[every attack works together towards Batman’s goals in the fight, or at least helps support his fighting style. Interactions are based on the flow of the match itself, which is awesome. Some of the attacks were a little hard to place in the big picture though, seemingly being there to fill the input.]

Playing Style 8/9

[A very cool, very flowing playstyle based around driving fear into the opposing player before fighting them head on. The set also has quite a few neat tricks when the match has more than 2 players. In fact, it seems like the more hectic the fight, the more Batman can take advantage of it.]

Additional Work 3/9

[I’d like to see more effort to sell the moveset/character to the reader. I know it’s Batman, and everyone knows Batman, but it’s still important to show how enthusiastic you are for making a moveset for him. No Extras, and the Bat-Creditcard Final Smash made me sad]

Total 53/72



  1. I’m surprised at how much you liked this movement for what he does in FFAs so much, as I wasn’t even thinking about them that much when I made the set. I can sort of see what you and the others mean about the other Batman incarnations being repped somewhat hurting the characterization of the grimdark one, and I didn’t think people would take the FS so seriously.

  2. Accidentally hit submit button.

    Anyway, it was a very very helpful review, Junahu. I tried to implement some more character into Penguin’s writing, and if you liked Batman for his FFA aspects, you should be pleased to know that Penguin has an extensive focus on them.

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