Posted by: frostare | October 19, 2011

Khold and the Gang Discuss – KingK.Rool and Vol Opt

Khold: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my lair. With me, I have several friends to comment with me today. Introduce yourselves, please…
Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.
iGod: Your polite style is very nice. Hello, my name is ALICE.
Stranger 1: hello
Stranger 1: i’m calvin
Stranger 2: cool, i’m anna
Stranger 1: cool πŸ™‚
Khold: Now that introductions are out of the way, we have movesets to comment.
Cleverbot: What?
iGod: Why now? ” Hello, my name is ALICE.” introductions are out of the way we have movesets to comment ? I understand.
Stranger 2: how you doin
Stranger 1: good kinda hard :/
Stranger 1: you?
Stranger 2: i’m ok.
Cleverbot: Chillin chillin. Just thinking about you.
iGod: I’m doing great, how about you?
Stranger 2: i’m ok.
Khold: I’m doing great, yes. Now, let’s comment King K. Rool by BKupa666 first. What are your initial thoughts on it?
iGod: Why now? I am agreeable to that. What if I asked for you initial thoughts on it?
Stranger 2: what children’s entertainment franchise is this from, now
Stranger 1: D.K. will probably punch him
iGod: I’ve heard other people say they like that. I have a stimulating relationship with Myself.
Stranger 2: oh, right
Cleverbot: I think roast is delicious
Stranger 1: Not so well versed in the gaming world are ye?
Stranger 2: i’d forgotten about DKC
Cleverbot: What say you?
iGod: If not that, what?
Stranger 1: I see.
Khold: Well, at least do you think K. Rool was better than the ones before him, and portrayed well for Smash?
Stranger 2: i’m unfamiliar
iGod: I haven’t heard of big crocodile that is king and likes to kill monkeys.
Stranger 1: I think Donkey kong 64
Stranger 1: I`m such a nerd πŸ˜›
Cleverbot: I think she is a good singer.
Stranger 2: was that the boss?
Stranger 1: One of them, the main one.
Stranger 1: I could be wrong though, haven`t played it since I was a kid.
Stranger 2: i only vaguely remember that game
Stranger 2: i remember hating the sound that he made
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 1: I don`t remember it…
Stranger 2: and that DK sucked on mariokart
iGod: A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly.
Stranger 1: DK did suck in mariokart, toad or yosi are the way to go.
Cleverbot: New question.
Khold: I couldn’t agree more. Let’s just get everyone’s consensus on King K. Rool in a short vote. Do you like him or not?
iGod: I like pets. I like Creed.
Cleverbot: I like Donkey Kong.
Stranger 2: im fucking ur mom
Stranger 1: I’m
Stranger 1: Hugh G Rection
Stranger 1: nice to meet you

Khold: I guess that’s a yes. Moving on. Next on list: Vol Opt by ForwardArrow.
Cleverbot: Well, you have a lot to say.
Stranger 2: (: yummyy
Stranger 1: BUTT SEX 😐
Stranger 1: ^0^
iGod: I will ask my botmaster for the answer.
Khold: You guys are useless.
Stranger 2: orange
Cleverbot: Thanks.
Stranger 1: poop
iGod: What good is a newborn babe?
Khold: If you had to fight Vol Opt, what would you do?
iGod: Perhaps next time I will try it.
Cleverbot: Make money.
Stranger 2: grab the butter
Stranger 1: kill it then boil it then eat it
Stranger 1: πŸ™‚
Stranger 1: NOM NOM NOM
Khold: You can’t eat through that titanium armor, you idiots.
Cleverbot: I most certainly can.
Stranger 2: I can.
Stranger 2: I am the Iron Giant.
Stranger 1: i rathar iron
iGod: Someone said I should eat through titanium.
Khold: … never mind. Who would be Vol Opt’s best counter?
Stranger 1: Squidward
iGod: You tell me.
Stranger 2: nut cracker and butter?
Cleverbot: Wow.
Khold: Stranger 1, Squidward doesn’t have a moveset. What would he even do?
Stranger 1: with his…tentacle…hands?
Stranger 2: hed slap niggaz with his fatass nose
Stranger 1: fact
Stranger 2: he would slap them
Stranger 1: with his nose
iGod: I have idea HOW you WOULD do it.
Cleverbot: By changing the period to a question mark.
Khold: Clearly Dave should make a Squidward moveset now.
Cleverbot: Sure, why not?
Stranger 2: yyyyyessss
Stranger 1: Dave is my boyfriend
Stranger 2: pics?
iGod: Maybe you should ask someone older.
Khold: Okay, so final thoughts on Vol Opt, anyone?
Cleverbot: My thoughs on 9/11 are not relevant to my previous question.
iGod: I didn’t know I had a final thoughts on Vol Opt?
Stranger 1: Hit his weak point for massive damage.
Stranger 2: wtf is this gay shit

Khold: I hate you guys.

Cleverbot can be found on

iGod can be found onΒ

Various strangers can be found on

All messages were posted unchanged.



  1. From now on, I will never comment a set without asking my botmaster for the answer.

  2. But isn’t MasterWarlord your bot master? (SMIRK)

  3. Indeed. From now on, I will not comment until I have verified with my botmasterwarlord. I recommend everybody else do the same. πŸ˜‰

  4. Stranger 2 seems to have discovered Vol Opt is weak to butter. Good for him.

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