Posted by: agidius | October 23, 2011

Agi and MT’s Bunkerrific Sunday Recap Episode 2

Or suffer my curse

Well hey there, and welcome to another exciting episode of The Sunday Recap! The name’s Agi, and I’m going to be guest hosting with MT tonight. Sew, this was another exciting week for MYM, with a grand total of 19 (!) movesets! What makes this even more exciting is that a lot of these movesets were made due to one movement or another… we had three whole movements represented this week. Wow. And to think that I spent all this time reading Homestuck. Anyhow, I can’t ramble nearly as well as MT can so I’m gonna cut to the chase on this one and resume where last week left off, smack dab in the middle of the Courage movement.

King Ramses by Kholdstare was edited in after last week’s recap was finalized and such so he wasn’t covered then… which is a shame really since this is a pretty nifty moveset! Ramses, as some MYMers traumatized childhoods surely know, hails from the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode “King Ramses’s Curse.” Now, the thing about this episode is that apparently it is absolutely terrifying or something. I don’t really see it but I guess it’s just something you had to see when you were younger. Anyhow, Ramses has this slab. And he wants you to return it. Or some really bad stuff is going to happen, like floods and locust swarms and really annoying and repetitive music. Khold’s moveset pretty much focuses on that. Basically, it’s a psychological battle. Ramses doesn’t even appear until the opponent grabs the slab, which can definitely lead to some heart attacks in unsuspecting players. While the slab is the source of Ramses’s power and such, the opponent will actually want to hold onto it… it protects them from all the curses he’s throwing around, and does some healing to boot! Overall, Ramses was pretty well received, but there were some negative comparisons to HR’s old Spadefox moveset what with all the status effects being thrown around everywhere.

Continuing on the Courage movement, Daviddreamcatcha posted a moveset for Freaky Fred. Apparently he’s some Sweeney Todd-style crazy barber or something. I dunno. He’s got what just might be the most contrived mechanic I’ve ever seen in a moveset though, and that’s saying something. Freaky Fred tries to FREAK OUT an opponent as he goes through the match. The opponent starts with a certain number of FREAK points and various FREAKY moves will FREAK OUT the opponent causing them to lose FREAK POINTS. When they lose all their FREAK POINTS, they really FREAK OUT and start running uncontrollably and such. Freaky Fred wasn’t received very well; most of his comments started by pointing out how tacky the FREAK OUT mechanic was.

And then DiamondFox reposted Junahu’s moveset for Gruntilda.

Oh boy, MYMini! For our first Mini entry this week, Katapultar posted Ronald McDonal- wait, he didn’t? Nope, Konata Izumi is a cosplay for RWB’s MYM 1.0 moveset of the same name. Interestingly enough, Kat opted to have Konata keep her entire original set of specials, just with some fancy-schmancy reorganization techniques to make it look all nifty and such. Konata also has Kat’s famous collapse boxes popularized by his Suzu moveset… don’t click on them unless you’re in the mood for reading thousands of extra words.

Every Loop from Sonic Ever may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of characters in need of a moveset, but doggone it that’s what MYM 1 was all about. Junahu made a cosplay for this… bit of architecture for his entry in this week’s mini. ELSE reads almost like a parody of some of MYM’s developing tropes. Goop and momentum in particular are picked apart and analyzed.

And now, for something completely different! After MYM got stickied again by Gatlin, Koric posted a moveset for Rulue, some midriff-baring chick from a Japanese game of some sort which probably has a cult following. She also has a weight of 6.3. Mark that down, folks. Rulue is a highly technical set, meaning that it has a lot of specific detail that someone with a P.H.D. in Smash mechanics would get a lot out of. There’s a bunch of hidden techniques in the moveset, amidst all the kicks and punches, mainly focusing on, what else? Combos. Rulue is interesting in that it appears to be written as an analysis of a character already in Brawl, and what that character is capable of. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Or too little.

The screen flickers, and Moon Child. That’s right, Sir_Slash is back with his second moveset. For those of you who have played/beaten Majora’s Mask, you may or may not recognize these little kids. They’re the ones who demanded you give all your hard-earned masks to them in order to play hide-and-seek. Each and every move in Moon Child’s set has him pull out a new mask and wear it to varying effect, ranging from the fairly straightforward swipe of the Captain’s Hat to the alluring pull of the Great Fairy’s Mask. Moon Child was considered a step up from Uboa, but most commenters felt that the mask mechanic was underdeveloped and that a lot more potential could have been squeezed out of it.

So apparently Arkham City was released this week, or at least, that’s what every advertisement ever is telling me. It’s also the reason we have a moveset for Batman this week, made by BladeKnight420. Batman’s moveset is very much a tribute to the character, filled to the brim with all sorts of tricks and gadgets and martial artistry you’d expect. And then… the Bat Credit Card. Despite this bit of silliness, the moveset is a strong one. Batman has a number of moves which can disable the opponent in some way or another, after which he can lasso them up and drag them to the top blast zone, much like stringing them up on a gargoyle in Arkham Asylum. Batman was well-received in particular by Junahu, who declared that Batman came deliriously close to achieving the state of being able to fight equally well in FFA and 1v1.

Happy Khold day, errybody! Or at least that’s what I would have said had you asked back on Monday, when Khold posted a grand total of three movesets! The theme for this movement? Knights.

Knight Man, the first knight, takes full advantage of the ten seconds of screen time he has in Mega Man 6. Brandishing a shield in front of his body, Knight Man is able to deter most forms of frontal assault easily. He demonstrates a strong sense of chivalry throughout the moveset, refusing even to grab the foe due to finding it discourteous. He also uses shield attacks similarly to Link from Twilight Princess to momentarily stun his opponent before smacking them upside the head with a heavy flail. Knight Man was the middle ground set in terms of reception, raising concerns about the lack of elaboration with the shield and flail mechanics but getting compliments for having what was deemed “concealed depth.”

Escavalier, the second knight, is a jouster at heart. Which means he has a movement speed of 8. Despite having only like a base stat of 20 for speed. Many of the comments addressed this OOC characteristic and the fact that beyond the Twineedle move (in which Escavalier can attack the foe again instantly after hitting them with his lance) there wasn’t a whole lot to the moveset. Sorry, Khold.

Darknu- I mean PHANTOM was the final moveset on this year’s Khold day, and generally agreed to be the best of the three. In addition to an incredibly sexy organization, Phantom has a number of attacks which keep him true to his DS appearances, right down to  a Neutral Special which sends the opponent back to their spawn platform. He can make the stage dark and shuffle the opponent around to the edge of the platform, and set his sword aflame so his enemies are forced to come close if they want to see anything at all.

Nyoro~n. Cheers for the massive amount of help there agi, I probably would’ve gone bonkers doing the whole Recap myself after work today. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is MT back at the wheel and we’ll be continuing this Recap with a brand spankin’ new flyinfilipino moveset; Kimiko! Being the only Xiaolin Showdown main character to not have a moveset for themselves, Kimiko finally gets a moveset this time around…four contests after Clay was first posted. The name of Kimiko’s game at an initial glance appears to be one crazy projectile spammer, what with flaming explosive birds that discourage shielding, swarms of bugs that constantly put pressure on your foe as well as the Tangle Web Comb to immobilize them entirely as well as two projectile based Smash moves. This doesn’t mean however that Kimiko is a slouch when it comes to close range combat. No, instead FF decided to give her tools to excel in any situation, calling upon the player’s sense of judgement to use the right tools for the right situation. Overall reception for Kimiko was quite positive with Smady calling it quite possibly FF’s best set to date!

We then had an absolute metric buttload (yes that’s an actual measurement…or at least it is now) of comments for various sets. Good job staying on top of those comments guys! More than I can say about myself…hrmm…

Oh hey, how about this for a surprise; Spadefox returned to MYM, posting an official apology on the Bunker as well as making an appearance in chat -AND- creating an IRC for us. He hasn’t been around too much as of late but hey, it’s good to see him back no?

SirSlash then returned for the second time this week with a moveset for Len Kagamine, another vocaloid blatantly inferior to Rin Kagamine (his sister). Fortunately, this moveset does make use of Len’s superior sister throughout the set, mostly to attack in tandem with Len or to manually adjust his speak volume and location. “Speaker volume?! The hell is that?!” you ask incredibly loudly. “STFU it’s 2:00am!” I reply. But seriously, Len has a bunch of attacks that are directly based around the volume of the speaker he spawns with…and the easiest way to manage that speaker is by forcing your sister to adjust its volume and to move it around during the battle. Len also has a whole bunch of attacks based around controlling Rin (all of his Smashes and most of his Aerials do) in order to make the process a little easier. Reception for Len was fairly poor with most people feeling that there was quite a bit of filler and redundant inputs within the set and that it could’ve been condensed better to add more relevant attacks and such.

ProfPeanut then posted a MYmini for Yahtzee, everyone’s favorite smarmy videogame reviewer! In this little mini, Yahtzee fights by summoning his Imp minions, messing with the foe’s controls creating items and just generally insulting everyone with an onslaught of verbal abuse. It’s rather true to “character” for the most part and it’s quite the entertaining read…although it needs less punctuation so that I can imagine reading it in Yahtzee’s voice as one big run on sentence.

n88 then decided to go and post another set, this one for Kanden from Metroid Prime Hunters. Why n88 decided to make a set for this forgettable Hunter and not the badass Space Pirate who could cut himself in half and have his legs double as a turret is beyond me but whatever. A Warlordian character at heart apparently, this set has quite a few grab-based attacks and is generally a rather heavy hitter. So how does a giant, fairly slow character land these powerful moves? Why, with his Volt Driver of course! Yes, with his Neutral Special projectile, Kanden is capable of creating a homing energy ball of electricity that slowly pursues the foe…forcing them to run into your waiting arms or get stunned to the point where they can’t escape either. Throw in some good ol’ fashion stage raping and you’ve got all the fixin’s for a Warlordian baddie. Reception for Kanden was fairly decent, Smady claimed it was fairly ho-hum but that, like all of n88’s sets, it was so well crafted that it was hard to find fault with it really.

Nick then posted a series of four sets for Mega Man Zero bad guys starting with Fefnir. Fefnir, like General Grevious last contest, is capable of using his two cannons in order to use two tilts/Smashes at once. He also has an ammo ban-WAIT! DON’T LEAVE! I’M NOT DONE YET! Ahem, like I was saying…he’s able to use his tilts and Smashes at the same time in order to really rain down chaos upon opponents. Fefnir is essentially the definition of  overkill, essentially revolving around launching an onslaught of fire attacks against the foe then waiting for your energy to restore. His playstyle really portrays him as a character who’s crazy good in short bursts but is forced to fall back when his energy stores run low.

Second of the four is Harpuia, the leader of the bunch, you know him well he’s finally back-…er…wrong group, sorry. Anyway, Harpuia wins…some sort of award for having the most complex way of saying the simplest thing. Essentially, Harpuia’s attacks have positive and negative charge and deal less or more damage depending on the opponent’s charge. It also attracts and repels opponents appropriately depending on the charge. Harpuia is also a momentum based character which clearly means he’s actually Burter in disguise. Joking aside, Harpuia is certainly one of those characters who has to build momentum (and electrical charge) and keep it going or else be thrown entirely off his game and be left vulnerable.

Phantom is the third member of the four, the second character named Phantom this week and the only character of the group of four to actually have a complete grab game. Spooky, no? Phantom seems to be a liiittle bit late to the party; clones and darkness/invisibility stuff was last contest dude. Joking aside once more, Phantom revolves around more than just MYMX’s leftovers, he also has quite a bit to do with shield breaking with moves such as windmill shurikens to tear apart your opponent’s shield and keep them held in place.

The final member of the team is Leviathan who I believe we last saw when Lionheart made her waaaaay back in the day. Regardless, Leviathan is based around ice based traps as well as a mechanic that involves water constantly rising and falling on the stage. Essentially, Leviathan must time her cycles to lay out all her ice traps while the water is up and then attack the foe relentlessly before the water drains out…otherwise she’s forced to flee herself! The general gist of the playstyle at the end implies that Leviathan is about pelting the foe with ice traps and then encasing them in a block of ice and floating them off the top of the stage…but implies that there are other methods for winning as Leviathan. I can see at least one other way…can you? Unfortunately for Nick, none of the four movesets got comments and thus don’t really have any reception at all.

n88 then posted an in-your-face moveset directed at Dave for Maxwell from the game Scribblenauts. Essentially each input is a letter and you’re encouraged to type up whatever you want to aid you in battle. Sweet deal. Now to summon Jesus riding a motorcycle while wearing an octopus…

Majora then posted his third moveset of the contest, Deviljho, some giant random lizard thingy from the Monster Hunter games. Deviljho (which I didn’t preview, sorry again Majora!) revolves greatly around his little rage mechanic. Seeing Deviljho is a sort of instinct-based, rabid beast, Deviljho must use his biting attacks to hold off his hunger. Deviljho must also be cautious of his tail which can be torn off if it receives too much damage rendering him fairly handicapped and a good deal lighter. Deviljho also features a good deal of stage raping, using certain moves to reduce the platforms of the stage down in sections. Overall reception for Deviljho was non-existent because nobody commented it. Majora claims it’s his best moveset however so you may want to give it a look just to see if he’s correct.

Clownbot then confirmed the Rapture by posting -ANOTHER- moveset, this one for Shelmet on October 21, 2011. Seeing I’m still here, I guess I’ll be seeing y’all in hell! Anyway, Shelmet revolves considerably around vomiting up sticky acid that clings to the foe and forces them to roll around to get rid of it…which ends up spreading it around the stage and making everything worse for everyone! Darn you Shelmet! Yeah, he does a whole lot of poisoning…heck, it’s in pretty much every move in the entire moveset! He poisons you or he spreads the poison or he poisons himself or he coats his shell in poison….goodness, there’s a bloody lot of poisoning going on here! Overall reception for Shelmet was pretty good, pretty much everyone considered it a vast improvement over Party Pete and, once again, most everyone was simply happy to see that Party Pete wasn’t just a random one time thing.

ForwardArrow then posted a MYmini for Phaaze, yes, we had a moveset for an ENTIRE BLOODY PLANET in MYM1. Anyway, Phaaze is ungodly huge and…basically drips Phazon on the stage, summons Phazon Metroids and causes itself to become the stage! Oh. And it explodes. Did I mention it explodes? Cause it does.

Phatcat then finally decided to post one of the movesets he had finished a while ago, Bass.EXE. Bass has a lot of what you’d expect from Bass, including a ton of projectiles and his signature Hell’s Rolling…although it DOES lack Bass’ signature Life Aura for whatever reason. Bass also has to be careful about abusing the power of Gospel. Using it too much leads to some very annoying potential secondary effects that could easily screw up your entire game. The downside of a computer program using the power of computer viruses I suppose. Bass.EXE hasn’t gotten any comments yet and thus has gotten no real reception. Quite a few people however were simply glad to see PC actually post it seeing as though there was a while back there where he was debating even bothering to post it…

Finally, I posted a MYmini for Whismur, that adorable little third gen pink bunny thing that screams at goddamn everything. Essentially, Whismur freaks the fuck out if you attack it and attacks with all sorts of sound-based moves such as Hyper Voice and Echoed Voice. It also has one of my most insanely awkward writing styles ever. Because I fucking could.

And so…yeah, that’s it for this Recap! I’d like to thank agi once again for doing a huge chunk of this one for me! I’ll leave some room here for him in case he wants to say some closing words as well. But yeah, 19 movesets this week and a metric buttload of comments means it was a pretty good week, no? Hope everyone keeps up the amazing work and hopefully I can bloody catch up so long as work doesn’t work me to madness again. Regardless, that’s all for this week…as always, I’m MT.

Hope you enjoyed~<3

MT out!



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