Posted by: frostare | October 23, 2011

Khold’s Communiqué – Things I Hate and Try to Avoid

Hello, Fräuleins, and welcome to another article by me, Kholdstare. In this article, I will share with you a few points on my movesetting philosophies and pet peeves about movesets now. Keep in mind, these are my thoughts at the moment. Yes, I have liked some of these sets in the past. I may have even made a few of these myself. But taking a look back due to recent comments has made me dislike them for the concept. Well, let’s dip into this.

#1 – Forcing Characters to Play Your Own Game (Lunge, Rollercoaster Tycoon, any set that forces the foe to have a ammo bank)

To me, MYM Smash is one big Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. There are hundreds of characters engaged in combat against each other, fighting to see who is the best. There are a few sets that don’t approach it like this, however, and are bent on using Smash as a gateway to take characters out of Smash and into their own games. Because of this, every character should contain their moveset to themselves and the stage only, and not directly affect the foe mechanically or drastically change the playstyle of everyone they meet to conforming to a strict strategy to even fight against them.

Enter the genre of characters that do just that. They’re not able to enter a plane of battle and hold their ground while not effecting the foes drastically and immediately. To explain what I mean by this, I’ll expound upon my examples.

Lunge always forces the foe to conform to a strict timer at the beginning of the match to do a specific task or else they die. This is the epitome of a “Press X Not to Die” moment in movesetting, and is pretty horrid now that I look back on it. Why should the mere presence of a human detective suddenly alter the mechanics of Smash? What makes him so special? Keeping it in “character”? Tacking on a mechanic like this so Lunge can fight as in-character as possible (although that could have been done by other methods; see the two “characters that can’t be made” lists). The other problem of the mechanic not showing grace to every character also applies. In my view, a mechanic should function the same way regardless of the opponent’s character choice.

Next is Rollercoaster Tycoon, unsuprisingly another Warlord moveset. Rollercoaster Tycoon is not Smash at all, and in the words of Warlord, it’s more of a mode. Then why isn’t it a fucking mode? The mere fact that it was made as a character means you want us to accept that it can and should be used in any game mode regardless of the opponents or goals. Rollercoaster Tycoon throws all regular goals out the window and makes the foe ride amusment park rides and go to the bathroom. It couldn’t be stuck in a FFA, Coin Match, or CTF without the foes having to play to his game, rather than Smash’s.

And if you give the OPPONENTS ammo banks, I hate you. One of many examples is Freaky Fred, and I’m pretty sure you’re all aware how well that went. The mere presence of a character shouldn’t magically add a mechanic to the foe and force them to dance to your music. Let the foe play the same way mechanically the way they would against any other opponent.

#2 – Having a Move Happen “Accidentally” (Hideaki Kobayakawa)

“Hideaki throws the opponent upward like in a circus act. After 10% of damage is dealt, Hideaki will proclaim “It was an accident!””

Nothing in a fight a character should do “on accident” if you inputted the move conciously and manually. As a rule, expect a player to use this move over and over again, and if the foe “accidentally” does something in their attack, it’s either not on accident or they are actually a puppet being controlled by an asshole deity (also known as you).

#3 – Having an Assist Character do the Move for You (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Sure, your character may have little potential. And sure, some other characters from the same show/game/movie may be as popular as your character, and even their friends. But please, do not have them out of the blue have another character come out to do the attack for them. This is worse than magic syndrome and even worse than props.

Take, for instance, Courage the Cowardly Dog, posted in Make Your Move 5. It’s the definition of this. Almost every single move has a character from the show do an attack. It’s not a summons character either. So if your character is for Princess Quosalina, and you have Doshi come out and do a headbutt for the FTilt, it better be named “Princess Quosalina and Doshi” or I will personally find your house and slam your keyboard on your dick.

#4 – The Hugo Genre (Hugo, Team Pedestal, Gangreen Gang)

This is more recent, and a topic of debate in the chat at least once. Yes, I liked Hugo. When it was posted. Now, I’m not, just because of something H_R said that opened my eyes: it’s all a big gang-bang. Yes, I know, you can have skill and seperate the characters and such, and that’s all fine and dandy, but unless you’re the goddamn Batman I don’t see that happening.

Imagine a Hugo set where it’s just five Ganondorfs but one has tilts, one has specials, one has smashes, one is flying around like a wizard and has aerials, and one has grab-game. They will surround the foe. And they will rape them. You can position them so the foe will repeatedly be knocked back into the others. It takes all of ten seconds to accomplish this. Basically, if a 3v1 will always result in the 1 losing (unless it’s a MYM boss set), what the hell do you think will happen if there are 5v1?

#5 – Sets that Only Function Properly in 1v1 (Most of the sets from MYM3-MYM11)

Believe it or not, we are making sets for Smash. Yeah, shocking news. And also believe it or not, Smash is a party game. It was designed to be a party fighting game. In the age of Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats, Smash came along and shook the entire fighting game industry by having everyone’s favorite characters able to fight each other… but not just that, but it was the first to allow a big fight – a Free For All.

Naturally, Smash sifted the ones who enjoyed FFAs more than 1v1s from the competitive ones who preferred fighting mano y mano. And we are the product of that, simply because Smashboards was set up to cater towards the tournament folk. We all grew up on here, and we all let the tournament folk’s views soak into our conciousness.

So the widespread movesetting philosophy is to design it for 1v1 first, and worry about (or in many cases, not give a shit) about other situations later. But what about the ones who enjoy FFAs MORE than 1v1s? They’re left out in the cold, because reading all the sets that only function in 1v1, or play the way they were intended in 1v1 makes them sad. Where’s the love for FFAs?

I think movesets should cater towards FFA and team play as well. I’m trying to shift towards that, but because it’s habit I forget. So, I urge you, the readers, to consider this and all my other points, and at least try it out. And if I don’t like your set, it may violate one of these rules of mine.

Thanks for reading!



  1. You hate UMvC3 Phoenix Wright then =(

  2. Pretty cool to see someone outright state what they like/dislike in a moveset like this, and I’m glad someone else agrees with me on the main problem with the Hugo genre (h).

    I don’t really think anyone ignores FFAs per se, it’s just that it’s nearly impossible to actually balance a moveset specifically for them, and the mode that needs specific balance is 1v1 (and 2v2, but generally if they’re balanced for 1v1 they’re fine for the other modes anyway). I can’t speak for everyone, but I try to specify what happens to “lock-on” moves in FFA battles so that they at least make sense for players of that mode.

  3. you should probably balance for 2v2 Delfino Island first, since that is the mode with the most variables in it (competitively speaking). You have to take in account how various mechanics and situations can influence one another. And you can actually make moves that SUIT teamwork, rather than some flatpack moveset that works better on its own in the corner like a spoilt child.
    And don’t forget, if you design for 1v1 first, you end up with mechanics like Swalot’s stomach or Lunge’s victims, mechanics that end up breaking their own backs when ported to any other mode.

    The main factor in being good in Timed FFA (the actual canon mode of Brawl), is KO power and the size/penetration of your hitboxes.
    Being good in Stock FFA however, emphasises staying power, and the ability to stay out of the fight (speed, weight, ability to poke, and ability to waste time).
    Being good in BOTH FFA modes, that’s what I hope to see a moveset achieve. I think Batman comes deliriously close to achieving just that.

  4. Lunge isn’t a moveset I’d want in any real game anyway so nyah!

    As for Swalot, Dutchman’s seperate-stage-thing did work in FFAs, so I take that more as as flaw of Swalot than anything about MYM as a whole

  5. If I remember correctly, the Fly became a lot less viable in FFA, since you had to force everyone in at once.
    And if Swalot’s inner stage mechanic was simplified, it wouldn’t need to hog up the screen, and it’d become so much better for FFA. The concept itself is beautiful for FFA, but it’s executed in a way that puts 1v1 first

  6. The Fly worked in FFA games because if only one person was sent in they were shot out of it like a projectile after a period of time, so it allowed Dutchman to remove an annoying opponent from the game for a bit to give himself some breathing room. Not the exact same function, but it did serve a function (chew)

  7. Though that’s kind of a problem. What defines the Dutchman from a gameplay/visual-personality perspective, is that crazy free-falling fly section. And it’s virtually impossible to see outside of 1v1.
    That’d be like having the funnest mini-game ever in Mario Party, but only allowing you to play it when playing with 3 CPUs.

  8. Do you derive entertainment from mindlessly deriding someone when only a select few will appreciate it? Do you think it makes you better than them?

    I don’t make long blog posts telling other people about how much my vagina bleeds over somebody who doesn’t love me. Unlike you. If I were to make a blog post, it would outline the positive aspects of someone, actually making something constructive for the outside people to see. In case you haven’t noticed, these kind of blog posts only make us as a group look bad.

    When I do insult people, I usually have a good reason (such as they made themselves look like idiots) or I’m blatantly trolling. You’re complaining about people long dead, or dying. On the official blog of MYM. That’s sending the message: “The leadership wants to piss on dead people’s graves.” It doesn’t look very good.
    Sure, you have the right to negative free speech. It still makes you look like an asshole. For instance, people don’t admire the Westboro Baptist Church (except Fred Phelps’ followers, who are the ones doing the shit-throwing in the first place). When people drive by and see them picketing dead soldiers’ funerals, they don’t like the WBC. Do you really want to be the one who people that drive by say, “Wow, that guy’s an asshole.”

  9. @Junahu: Valid point, and now you’ve gotten me having deep inner thoughts on the philosophies of 1v1 vs FFA balance (tipsy)

  10. The article’s name is “Things I Hate and try to Avoid,” not “MYMers I Hate and try to Avoid,” Warlord. Just thought I’d point that out.

  11. That was Smady’s article, not mine. Mine was attacking a single MYMer. This may as well be just attacking me.

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