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Roundtable Review – King Ramses

Original Discussion


Junahu: ok, stop this now. Ramses, let’s begin.
Rool: Okay, so for now we have no outline of our review. I guess Khold appreciates chaos?
DM: How about that playstyle section? There isn’t one. Apparently this is the new cool thing?
David: You know, I hate how everything up to down special links to Ramse’s theme. it’s already an earworm, I don’t need it in twenty tabs.
Rool: Deliberate.
Rool: Er, let’s start in a place more suited to be the start. Welcome everybody and so forth?
Junahu: I’m Junahu, that’s Rool… these other guys are here too.
DM: Guest reviewer who really isn’t in Make Your Move 😀
Agi: Agimodidious, signing in (pty)
David: Then get back into MYM. (tipsy)
Junahu: Shall we begin with something simple, like the visuals of the set?
Rool: Khold holds that the experience of a moveset is just as important as the moveset itself, so yeah, I think that’s a great idea.
DM: It’s mono-colored, and has only a few headers, and small text for move names. I think that he was going for some sort of simple layout and visual style, although the cynic in me suspects it was just rushing.
Agi: Let me actually open up Ramses in a separate tab.
Junahu: My cynic is also telling me it was rushed, presentationally. If for nothing other than a lack of adequate linespacing
David: I talked to Khold while he was making this set, everything after the specials was rushed.
Agi: Well, keep in mind what happened to Ramses midway through. Khold was working on it all day long, and then accidentally closed out of the tab he was working on it in. It literally was rushed.
DM: I’ve done that before.
Junahu: Jesus you guys, work on your sets someplace else. Like… maybe somewhere you can’t accidentally close?
Rool: That seems to happen to every Khold set.
David: Awfully convenient, ain’t it?
DM: We don’t use photoshop and don’t get the nice convenient previews and BBCode then!
Junahu: At least write the body text elsewhere. That’s a lot of text to lose y’know
Agi: I work on my movesets right here in Google Docs (tipsy) Instant saving (Y)
Rool: I copy-paste my sets into Word as a back-up every couple of moves. Also I’m careful not to accidentally X out of the screen. 😉 But back to Ramses and his rushed organization.
DM: Work ethic aside, how about we start talking about specials?
Junahu: Gotta love that Papyrus font. It’s just a tiny step up from Comic Sans
Agi: Actually, the moveset starts even before the specials. Ramses’s entrance is in itself rather special.
Rool: Visually, it’s not nearly as cohesive as most Khold sets – like his three Khold Day entries.
DM: Papyrus is supposed to be ‘Egyptian’ I’m guessing, but it’s such a common font it doesn’t really have an effect. But it is not Comic Sans, yes.
Junahu: Rargh. So, yes Agi, Ramses does enter the Brawl in a unique manner. The foe has to steal his slab first… Lunge style.
Agi: At least the opponent isn’t -forced- to take it. Those cat burglers sure are handy. That said, with all these set-up movesets we’re dealing with, Ramses is going to start the battle in quite the pickle
Junahu: Those Cat Burglers are indeed handy. It’s almost like they were edited in later.
David: Roller Coaster Tycoon certainly appreciates the setup time Ramses gives him.
DM: At least he didn’t do an Inspector Lunge and force the opponent to grab the slab or die.
Rool: I hope you guys are playing the King Ramses song in the background as you read it. Again, this is Khold – he emphasizes the experience, and the music, as he said in an article, is crucial.
Agi: I am actually listening to this(wary)
Rool: It’s actually quite enlightening as to what he’s up to in this set, I think, but we’ll get to that.
DM: I’d listen, but my headphones are broken (TIPSY)
David: Then fix them. (dhat)
Junahu: You don’t see Courage the Cowardly Dog movesets every day around here. Anyone know how that movement managed to get started?
Rool: Cartoons are all the rage these days.
David: Indeed, the last one before this was in MYM5, correct?
Agi: I think Ramses was actually the reason the movement got started.
DM: Yeah, everyone finally ran out of anime characters and had to move to cartoons since we’re all either teenagers or manchildren.
David: No, no. Le’Quack was first, than Fred than Ramses (WARY)
Junahu: With movements like this, I think everyone is trying to be the codifier for what movesets for that show/series/whatever SHOULD be like. I certainly felt like that was the case with the Pony movement. We all tried to make the definitive Pony set template.
Rool: If Khold codified this series, what are its hallmarks? What makes for a definitive Cowardly Dog template?
David: Ponies (vampire)
DM: It might be better if entire group worked together to create a general idea for what all the movesets should be like atmospherically and thematically, so they work together to create a cohesive group.
Rool: All of Fred, Le’Quack and Ramses are rather pedantic and irritating sets that mess with what the foe can do.
Junahu: Courage is a pretty out there show. It’s unnerving in a very deliberate fashion, but also surprisingly tacky in other areas. I think it’s probably the definitive horror/comedy cartoon.
David: Having them be the same general theme would be unfitting, seeing as how each villain in the show has their own style and theme.
DM: My parents didn’t have cable when cartoons were actually good. I didn’t get to watch this stuff until the SpongeBob era.
Agi: Indeed, Dave.
David: Spongebob (vampire)
DM: How about them specials? One thing that immediately jumped out to me is that they seem really weird together…
Junahu: awww, I wanted to talk about how Ramses is all 3D and shit.
DM: Actually, I gotta go now… (WARY) I wanted to talk about this stuff but you all keep rambling on other thngs.
Agi: Ah, seeya DM. But yeah, the different “plagues” or whatever don’t really mesh well… but that’s not a fault of Khold.
David: Bye, DM. (HUG)
Junahu: Dem crazy plagues. It strikes me that Ramses will mostly be just using each Special once, all in a row. Then he stops using specials until the plagues dissipate.
DM: Still, it seems interesting to see a foggy, locust filled ocean on the stage.
Rool: Obscuring the entire stage is one of Khold’s staple moves. He does different things with it in any number of movesets, most notably Sandslash.
David: Don’t forget the record player, DM. Don’t forget that record player.
Agi: Dat record player.
DM: The record player takes its cue from Flame Hyenard of all movesets…
Agi: Was anyone else… just entirely struck by the complete lack of detail on the Record Player especially? I mean, I talked to Khold about this earlier. You’re supposed to “hide” the record player but that really doesn’t work at all considering as soon as you use the move the music starts and everything (wary)
Junahu: Really? I was selfishly thinking it was a by-product of Alucard’s grab game
David: I think the record player did everything it needed to do, it doesn’t get overbearing.
Rool: The record player is problematic because it reaches into the TV and turns up its volume. I guess that’s Khold being tongue-in-cheek and saying that dammit you should play with volume, but it’s just as jarring as a moveset that theoretically shuts the device off.
Agi: The record player does everything it needs to do -except- come into the stage. It does not do that well at all.
Junahu: Come into the stage?
David: I personally enjoyed the fact that the record player turns the volume up, it creates a more psychological reason for the foe to actually come and turn it off. Well, unless they like the song of course (wary)
Agi: Come into the battlefield, whatever. It’s just randomly… there. Khold makes a big deal out of hiding it, but hiding it is absolutely impossible… at least in the current form.
Rool: Oh, it’s crucial for his moveset to have the volume up, definitely. I just think that the way he encourages it is more of a joke than anything.
Junahu: Ahah, I get it now! Khold doesn’t describe how it comes into the battle, because that makes it even harder for the foe to know where it is… on a meta-level.
Rool: That’s some cunning stuff right there.
Rool: I don’t much like the in-game side effect of the music, the increased tripping and random shaking-head-in-frustration, but I don’t suppose there’s any need for me to go on THAT tangent again. This moveset does it quite a few times, with its curses.
David: The head shaking actually hails from the show, the tripping is there for no apparent reason.
Rool: Shaking one’s head does not hail from anywhere. (D)
Junahu: (NO) <- it hails from shaking one’s head.
Junahu: Aaaaanyhow.
David: Well excuse me, I’ve never shaken my head before (dhat)
Rool: By the way, the water seems like a really negligible advantage. And locusts buzzing around underwater? What, do they transform into krill?
Agi: Magic locusts. (vampire)
Junahu: Into Krill-in.
David: Ramses has a 0/100 matchup with Wailord, since he just eats the krill.
Junahu: 10 happy little Krillins, swimming in the sea.
Rool: Although… Ramses’s FAir homes in on the foe, and three of his other aerials are mobility options (that tend to move the foe as well), so I suppose if he’s got a fog going he’s pretty dominant at that point.
Junahu: Ramses certainly does have that “you don’t know what the crap he’s doing” edge to him.
Rool: Also, I’ve discovered Ramses KO Method #1.
Junahu: Do tell!
Rool: UAir forces him and the foe to rise up a platform. Underwater, with increased jumps and reduced fall speed, that can probably be chained to take the foe right off the top of the screen, provided they’re higher than Ramses to begin with.
Agi: Well, that’s pretty nifty. (hmm)
Junahu: So, something Khold mentioned in the article he made yesterday, was how movesets should try to work in a FreeForAll situation. Do any of you feel Ramses achieves this?
Rool: Ramses is ideal there.
David: Ramses would actually be very interesting in a FFA situation, forcing foes to play hot potato with the slab.
Agi: Free for all in here is going to be the opponents fighting each other to control the slab.
Junahu: Absolutely. The fighting to possess the slab is exactly what Ramses should be about, in Brawl.
Rool: And it also solves his KO problem, since foes are all too willing to murder one another for it. All he has to do is stay alive.
Agi: I’m still not entirely convinced about the slab mechanic. Doesn’t Ramses want the slab back? In a free for all situation like you just mentioned, it seems like he’d just kinda chill in the background and watch everyone else kill each other.
Junahu: Well, he’d certainly still use his plagues to assault the other combatants.
Rool:  He’s biding his time a bit. Once everybody is dead, from plague or competition, he strolls in and gets his slab back.
Agi: Fair enough. Actually, let me go check something. Does the slab disappear when Ramses is KOed, an an FFA?
David: It’s all very fitting for Ramses, he’s constantly plaguing the foes, who serve as Courage, Eustace and Muriel. They’re fighting over the slab for different reasons while Ramses is just sending plagues right at them.
Rool: “cleanses any status effects after two seconds” < Don’t most of Ramses’s effects fade after two seconds or so anyway?
Junahu: Shhhh, that’s the trick. Warlordian players who read the set will just want the slab back because the set says so.
Rool: That’s as cunning as a fox that’s just been made professor of cunning at Oxford University.
Agi: Plorf is the professor of Fecal Studies at the University of PPL. (chew)
David: The evil Plorfessor! (shock)
Junahu: laaaame.
Rool: Tomb is an interesting attack. Ramses hollows out the ground and can hide in it either his record player, his slab, or the foe himself. Let’s think about what this means for FFA.
Junahu: I wanna bury my friend so that he pops out at an opportune moment to molest my foe.
Rool: Ramses has no friends!
David: Those foes better be Donna and M. Trinity (dhat)
Junahu: MY friend, not his. Pay attention to my personal pronouns.
Rool: I mean it, though. Who would ever want to fight on a team with Ramses?
David: Uuuuh…an undead, perhaps. Dutchman or Romero come to mind.
Junahu: Wailord, Ludicolo
Rool: Yes, let’s bury Wailord so that he can attack the foe by surprise and molest them.
Junahu: XD
Agi: We’ve seen pits before in MYM, of course. What makes Ramses’s pit different from Sloth’s? Or Golem’s?
David: No, no. Let’s bury VALOZARG.
Rool: I dig the idea of burying a fake slab.
Junahu: Bury a Smash Ball. Watch everyone scramble to control that area.
Agi: That seems like it’d be more trouble than it’s worth
Rool: Ramses has plenty of curses to stack onto the foe and while they’re scrambling about like a beheaded chicken, he just puts up a fog, produces a fake slab, buries it… easy peasy.
Junahu: Then part of that other thing… what’s it called? It comes in three pieces..
Agi: The Dragoon.
Junahu: Yes, bury a Dragoon piece.
Rool: Are you guys still listening to the song? I really hope you are.
Agi: It’s over.
Rool: Start it again.
Rool: And again.
Agi: D=
Rool: This is what it’s like to fight against Ramses. That’s why nobody would ever want to be on his team. And that is, if you ask me, Ramses KO Method #2, and his primary KO method, which is so quintessentially Kholdian that I can’t believe I didn’t get it right away.
Agi: Just pressuring the opponent – that is, the player themselves – to stop playing? Suicide to end their own suffering?
Junahu: Audio as a means of assault? That’s crazy enough to be the best thing ever.
Rool: Literally force them into jumping off a cliff to get out of the match. The plagues tend to drive people mad.
David: Kholdian is an actual term now? (wary)
Agi: Trolling at its finest.
Rool: Because what are status effects? What are curses? They’re limitations. They prevent the player from playing Brawl as they would otherwise. Above all, they’re irritating.
David: No, no. Status effects and curses are a miserable little pile of secrets. (DHAT)
Junahu: (DHAT)
Rool: And eventually the frustration of false slabs, of being shoved around in midair, of being buried with no apparent intent to KO, and most of all of listening to that song will get to the foe and they end their own misery.
Junahu: Is THAT why the entire intro text links to the song?
Rool: I reckon so.
Agi: I obviously can’t imagine that working in a competitive situation, but in casual Brawl it’s just crazy enough to work.
Rool: agi… are you listening to the song? Are you still listening to it?? There is no escape! (FLIP)
David: Now imagine the psychological aspect if the song continued playing after the match ended, in the menu screens and the like.
Rool: Besides, Khold is designing for casual. 😉
Discord: I could learn a lot from this moveset… (HMM)
Rool: Back in a jiffy.
Princess Celestia: *banishes Discord to the moon, magic kindergarten and turns him into stone AT THE SAME TIME*
Princess Quosalina: *uses Doshi as an FTilt*
Princess Luna: The fun has been Doubled!
David: Okay, enough of the roleplaying.
Agi: Indeed. Well, these things tend to come in threes. What is Ramses third KO method? (Hmm)
Junahu: *shrugs* hugs and goodwill?
David: Is it ever said if Ramses can use his up tilt on mummified foes?
Junahu: I’d imagine you can. If it’s enough to make a normal foe come hither, then a mummified foe should be no hassle.
Agi: The mummification blocks curses, no? I’m not sure if this should be considered a curse.
Junahu:  Drat! And curses!
Dan Backslide: Confound these curses! They drive me to drink!
Agi: …also, just noticed this. It’s just a little technical bug, but… ten locusts for a swarm? That’s more like a piddling annoyance.
Junahu:  10 actual hitboxes. The swarm probably contains 100s of harmless insect sprites.
Agi: Personally I’d prefer it if such a detail was included in the set but yeah that makes sense.
David: Now you’re just assuming things, Jun.
Junahu: I assume the logical. It’s how any sane game would do it.
Rool: Is the slab a throwing item? I think I missed that part…
Agi: It is. I think it’s rather weak though.
Rool: Can we bait the foe to chase Ramses off-stage while they’re holding a slab and a Flash Flood is active, then use a DAir or two to push them down beyond the line they can successfully recover from? Especially if we’ve stacked a movement-impeding curse or two on them?
Agi: Or… wait. Khold mentioned it was basically Bonsly in the chat (wary)
Junahu: Bonsly is heavy.
Agi: Quite.
Junahu:  Why is the slab heavy?
David: Isn’t it an ancient piece of metal or something? It would be pretty heavy, though you never see Eustace struggling to lift it in the episode, despite his age.
Rool: I’m suggesting Ramses KO Method #3 here.
Junahu:  And we’re totally ignoring you (TIPSY)
Rool: I like Bonsly. I like the Dojo update in which Sakurai showed Bonsly. I want a Bonsly moveset.
David: I liked the Lips Stick and Smashville updates, if only to savour Nsider’s delicious rage at Lip and Nook being unplayable.
Rool: Actually, Courage and Eustace do a good job of FLINGING the slab like Olympic athletes. What Khold says outside of the moveset proper is to be taken with a spoonful of salt.
Junahu: David likes lipstick :O
Agi: Strength in the Courage universe is rather inconsistent.
David: Do you prefer me with lipstick on, Jun? (a)
Junahu:  Then so is weight.
David: Well, Eustace can hoist a giant deer-hunting bazooka over his shoulder with little to no effort, so it can be assumed that he’s just Superman.
Rool: This roundtable is torturous.
Junahu:  I’m so sorry, Rool. We’re not done yet.
David: I made it that way just for you. (vampire)
Rool: It’s not your fault. It’s this damn music. The moveset is torturous to read too.
Agi: The man in gauze, the man in gauze, King RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMSSEEEEEES
DM: That took far less time than I could have possibly anticipated.
David: *He’s no Santa CLAAAAAAAAAUS
Agi: It’s over again. Can I leave it off this time? …and are those actually the lyrics to the song?
Rool: Did you get the idea yet? Did you get the point Khold is drilling into our heads? (SMIRK)
Junahu:  You couldn’t have heard it enough, if you don’t know the lyrics yet.
Rool: I wonder how the Ramses main puts up with it. Earplugs, presumably. He comes prepared, just like Eustace.
Agi: The second part is muffled (crs)
DM: I would suppose they’re like internet trolls, they feed off the pain. Knowing that it’s making the opponent suffering makes suffering through it that less painful.
Junahu:  He sings along with it.
Rool: So, anything else we want to address? DM, perhaps, since you weren’t here for that middle bit?
Agi: Could you pass off the incomplete organization as a stylistic choice? (wary)
Rool: Always.
Junahu: (D) Now that’s just outright lying.
DM: I’m not sure what I missed. I do think that he struggles incredibly for kills, the only thing that struck out to me was forcing he opponent to approach him and then using the down air.
Rool: We riddled that one out. 😉 The one you mention was Ramses KO Method #3.
David: The organization was rushed, I have already stated this.
DM: Here’s another thing that I wanted to point out that seemed strange to me, the Forward Tilt. It turns healing into damage to discourage the opponent from holding the slab, right? But isn’t the opponent holding the slab to protect them from Ramses kinda the entire point?
David: I changed the song, Rool. Do you hate me now? (wary)
Agi: …yeah, it kinda does contradict itself there.
Rool: Did you get the picture, Dave? Your answer decides everything.
DM: He shouldn’t be discouraging the opponent from having the slab, he should be encouraging them to hold it and then try to take it elseways.

David: Why would someone who constantly wants the foe to return the slab want them to hold it? I got the picture, Rool. (WARY)
Agi: …versatility? (smirk)
DM: It’s not a question of what he wants them to do, it’s a question of what it’s purpose is in the moveset! The slab is a defense against Ramses!
Rool: You use that tilt in a fog, the foe has no idea why they’re suddenly taking damage. If anything, they’ll figure that if they hold onto the slab, the curse will wear off faster (which, as we’ve ascertained, is not truly the case).
Junahu:  :O DM just said he hates characterisation and all it stands for! Run! Abandon Roundtable! (sarcasm)
Agi: But doesn’t holding onto the slab prevent curses to begin with? At least, that’s the implication
David: Suddenly, MW has a valid argument against Two-Face!
Agi: FTilt seems like a curse which somehow penetrates the anti-curse protection of the slab.
DM: Exactly. You do have a point with that Rool, but with the lack of any sort of playstyle section, I’m inclined to take the move at face value for what it does rather than as an extremely roundabout way to keep the opponent holding the slab.
Rool: This lack-of-a-playstyle thing is good for me. It lets me read what I want.
David: Blatantly, Khold will steal everything we’ve said and put it into the playstyle section.
Junahu:  I bet Warlord will take credit for that.
DM: It’s baffling to me that this somehow became the new craze all the cool kids are doing. I don’t have a problem with it itself, but I never would have guessed ‘no playstyle section’ becoming a pattern.
Agi: I’m probably just a terrible person, but I personally prefer jumping to read the playstyle section first before I read the moveset so I have an idea of what to look out for.
Rool: In recent contests I sometimes skip playstyle sections anyway.
David: You must hate Jun sets, Agi.
Agi: The last Junahu moveset I read was Nurse Joy (chew)
DM: Well, so many movesets stick all of their playstyle in the individual moves nowadays anyways. I’m not like Junahu who likes to put a Shamalayan twist at the end of every other moveset, but I try to keep more of the playstyle implied until the playstyle section itself.
Junahu:  Go read more recent stuff you charlatan.
David: Like Linebeck (vampire) *SVs*
Agi: (swt)
David: Do you love me now, Jun?
Junahu:  I adore you, you psychopathic little imp.
Rool: “Achomplished”?
Junahu: Like a chain chomp, he has achomplished his goals.
Agi: Yeah I’m going to turn off the Ramses music now. This is just unbearable
David: I changed it to “The Life I Lead” 15 minutes ago. (TIPSY)
DM: I actually have been reading some sets recently by the way (WARY) Just nothing after the first twenty or so from MYMX.
Agi: And are we just not discussing Ramses anymore? Are we done?
Rool: You guys have given up on his music. You’re admitted defeat, and so Khold’s playstyle works. I think we’re ready for final impressions.
Junahu:  I never started your banal little music game.
David: How pleasant is the life I lead… (CD)
DM: The only winning move is not to play.
Junahu:  And I win.
Rool: In Brawl, you won’t have that option. (D)
DM: Also, if the slab is heavy like Bonsly, which you said earlier… Doesn’t that mean that the easiest way for Ramses to get a KO is by THROWING HIS SLAB AT THE ENEMY?
David: He’d have to steal it from the foe first.
Junahu: My Brawl is hacked, so I’ll replace the music with something more enjoyable.
Agi: The Bonsly thing is not in the set, so it gets a pass, I guess
DM: Khold said it, and the slab probably can be thrown. Whether it’s heavy as a bonsly doesn’t even really matter that much, since even a thrown Poke Ball is a good KO weapon and would be more reliable than anything else Ramses has, and I think we can assume it’s at least a medium weight item for throwing.
Rool: Junahu, I will come to your house, take your Brawl, and smash it with a hammer.
David: And so I pat them on the head and send them off to bed, how lovely is the life I lead… (cd)
Junahu:  God, I hate thrown Pokeballs. They ALWAYS KO me.
Agi: True…And this particular thrown item just comes right back to Ramses if it ends up offstage.
Rool: I see it as a lightweight throwing item, in the vein of a… er… Junahu, help me out. Smoke Ball?
Agi: A fan?
Junahu:  (HEHE) I just imagined Ramses playing fetch with the foe and his slab. *throws slab* “return the slaaaab!”
Rool: I reckon it’s hollow anyway.
David: Ramses would make a great LeQuack partner, just have LeQuack use dthrow and have him toss the slab.
Agi: Why on earth would it be hollow? XD
Rool: Ramses is a cheap dimestore villain, clearly. Like a cigar-store Indian.
DM: Because Rool will do anything to justify the set fitting his own paradigm
Agi: It’d be more expensive to hollow out a stone than to leave it intact.
David: I don’t think Ramses would know how to hollow out a stone, regardless.
Lightning:  ~Paradigm change!~
Rool: I want to go into final impressions nowabouts. (and who said anything about hollowing it out? it’s just made of plastic)
DM: Even if it’s made of plastic, if a Poke Ball has that much force thrown, a slab is going to have at least as much.
Junahu: Shush, It’s brawl, weight has no relationship to the knockback strength of item when thrown. Party balls are fucking heavy, and they do barely anything.
Rool: See also: Wario’s motorbike.
DM: Thrown home run bats (TIPSY)
DM: Well, those items aren’t thrown nearly as forcefully..
Rool: So then. Who wants to start us off on final impressions?
DM: I think that the concept of him struggling with the opponent over the slab, and trying to stop it from protecting him is really one of the cooler ideas that Kholdstare has had, and he has a lot of cool ideas. The set is pretty rushed though, and he never leverages these curses and his playstyle into something really rewarding. And like I said, I really dislike those moves that affect the opponent holding the tablet with curses as it completely destroys the rules the slab set up.
David: The slab is easily the best part of the moveset, and is very cleverly implemented without seeming too tacky in the progress. It ends up making a lot of tense for the character without becoming tacky. The record player is also very cleverly implemented, and adds a psychological depth to Ramses.
Junahu:  Personally, I only like Ramses on a meta-level. I can’t stand some of the things it forces on the foe, but that really seems to have been the point of it.
DM: I can definitely see where you’re coming from there Junahu, but I agree with you on the whole tacky forced curse effects. I guess that’s just part of Courage the Cowardly Dog, but I really don’t like these kinds of moves that force the character to do something that the player themselves don’t want to do.
Agi: I came into this set seeing it as a random amalgamation of tacky status effects and missing details which really dragged down the experience. By the end of the review, though, I think I’ve come to a greater appreciation of the psychological battle Ramses wages with the opponent. Overall, this moveset really requires a lot to be read into it, but it’s definitely worth the effort.
Rool: If we regard this as a playstyle of frustration – of needling and pressuring without any direct way of inflicting real damage – I find it both fitting and interesting. Some of the things Khold wants Ramses to do are impossibly unless we break the fourth wall, but nevertheless, we find that it’s not only a unique playstyle that’s being fleshed out here through some pretty basic building blocks, it’s a real journey of discovery to figure out how it all fits – an experience, and as we aaaall know, Khold prizes a moveset as an experience. And also as a chance to troll Brawl and its players.
DM: But it could have been more, couldn’t it have? I think that the whole playstyle could have made those ridiculous, annoying aspects into something that fit together much better than the moveset does as written.
David: tl;dr Rool babbles and David nods his head in agreement without understanding a word he said.
Junahu:  In summary, it’s Khold. He made a set.
Agi: He made FOUR sets this week. (clap)
DM: It is without a doubt a very Kholdstare moveset.
Rool: It’s quintessential. Man, I dig that word.
Agi: It is indeed composed of five essences
Junahu:  I prefer “emblematic” things.
DM: You love any word that lets you feel artsy Rool.
Rool: Don’t dare impugn me honour, boy! /Barbossa
David: “me”? Are you a pirate no- BARBOSSA (SHOCK)
Rool: The best pirate of all times. What say you, Junahu?
DM: Barbossa moveset, do it.
Agi: Excellent, I predicted exactly the number of lines we’d need
David: We need a Jack set first (wary)
DM: Have we ever done a set for a main character before doing the more interesting villain?
Junahu: Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.
Rool: Well, don’t let’s turn this into xat. Let’s wrap it up here. Hope you got something out of the review, folks. Or alternately, hope you agree with me now on everything.
Junahu: (VAMP)
David: Jack is played as an antihero, therefore, he’s a lot more interesting. (WARY)
DM: Rool always hopes people agree with him. They never do.
Rool: I’ll never give up! (CRY2)
Fluttershy: yay~




  2. I love listening to Roundtable Reviews; they’re so……informative. (no sarcasm intended)

  3. I love that you love listening.

  4. After actually reading the review, I found it quite amusing. It was interesting to see what you all took away from Ramses, what flaws you felt it had and pointing out a lot of the things I never would have noticed myself. It was a lot of fun. That and some of the stuff was hilarious (HIDE WAILORD WITH RAMSES’ DOWN SMASH) and I liked some of the unique applications you found for his attacks, such as hiding a fake slab.

    Oh, and am I the only one who actually kind of LIKES Ramses’ music? I have no idea why, honestly, I just do.

    Edit: In hindsight, this review is one of the worst things I have ever had the displeasure of reading and I should not have endorsed this.

  5. Thanks guys. I love you (HUG)

  6. Why does DM come across as far, far more competent than the rest of you in this article?

    • “Competent”? Man, we’re discussing a moveset here, not selling real estate!

    • If we were selling real estate, though, you all know you’d buy from me. (cool)

  7. Because you are willfully ignoring Rool’s competance? Or perhaps it’s because only DM addressed the concerns that matter to you?
    Or maybe you don’t like the conclusions the rest of us came to? Maybe you just like DM more?

    There are many explanations for your preference/thinly veiled insult. Our incompetance is not one of them.

    • “Veiled”? Man, that veil of his is not only thin enough to see through, I think it’s got magnifying properties!

  8. Awww, you really do love me Warlord :3

  9. Incompetence is always an explanation. It’s just not a very likely one in this case. That said, I do sympathize with DM’s concerns – but things like throwing the tablet as a KO method can be fixed in a single sentence. You may as well complain that an attack does 46% damage when all that happened was that the author’s aim was a little off on the numpad.

    Something I never was able to squeeze into the roundtable was how… weird it is for Ramses, some sort of desert god or whatever, has a primary KO method in which he abuses water physics. But again, that’s more of a fault on Cartoon Network’s part.

    • “Can be fixed in a single sentence”? Man, the term “number crunching” exists for a reason! 😉

    • Number crunching is your thing. I’m not about to infringe copyright (tipsy)

  10. Competent ≠ spamming and passing it off as a review.

    • Khold certainly seems satisfied with the review.

  11. I’m not so much talking about him addressing my concerns so much as the lack of detail being a way to re-interpret the set Rool wants it to be when it’s blatantly not, and him being the only one to call Rool out on it.

    • You give Khold too little credit. I might give him too much. Who knows? And who cares?

      I sort of waved off the last point about the slab as a throwing item (and Junahu provided a good rejoinder to that one), but other than that I think the playstyle of Ramses that I’m imagining isn’t at all far from what Khold intended. Can you give me counter-examples that prove me wrong? Does my reading of the moveset not hold up in some way?

  12. The thing I found most awkward was how you were making a point of bringing up the other Ramses KO methods, yet kept going on about how he has a playstyle centering around annoying the enemy so much that they’re going to suicide to end it. It’s not a creepypasta set – people just won’t play the game if they theoretically hated the theme so bloody much. Ramses can power himself up by cursing the foe before using his KO moves, and needs no backwards logic IRL suicide song to do it.

  13. “people just won’t play the game if they theoretically hated the theme so bloody much.”

    Who’s going to stop playing just because of one character that nobody would pick anyway? Only a troll would think of picking such a nightmarish character! It’s a good thing this moveset wasn’t made by somebody who likes trolling or I might just suspect that was deliberate… oh, wait.

    “Ramses can power himself up by cursing the foe before using his KO moves”

    >Ramses’s KO moves

  14. Actually looking back at it to go fetch the direct move for you, it’s nair. It doesn’t list knockback properties, no, and 4% +2% per curse is pretty weak, yes. Number crunching. If he can’t kill via knockback, what’s even the point of dealing damage to them in the first place? You’re pretty much entirely demoting his game to keep away.

    An actual game does in fact not have five thousand characters – Ramses would actually get picked on occasion, and god have mercy on your soul if you’re a casual and you pick your interpretation of the moveset. That and, y’know, just about anything in MYM could be implemented before TV volume override, nevermind how FA just listened to it for around 30 minutes non-stop with no complaints. . .

  15. … Did Warlord just argue FOR feasibility, intuitivity and player enjoyment?

    We must dance the dance of joy!

  16. This roundtable would have been fitting for Garbodor, lets say.

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