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Moveset Graveyard: LoL Edition!

There really hasn’t been a proper one of these in quite a while, and I have a set fragment floating around, so I figured I’d give it a go. So what character are we going to look at today? Well, with Khold’s posting of his Headcrab set, I figured that this would be appropriate:

Gordon Freeman

Must... Resist.... Full-Life Consequences..... Joke

For the few of you not in the know, Gordon Freeman is the silent theoretical physicist protagonist of the Half-Life series by Valve Software. The first Half-Life is said to have revolutionized toe first-person shooter genre, and its sequel is often ranked among the greatest games of all time. Making a moveset for a fist person shooter protagonist is no easy task, especially one with as much clout as Gordon Freeman. As you can see by the existence of this article, I most certainly did not succeed. So, here’s what I managed to come up with before giving up.

Grab: Gravity Gun

Pressing the grab button causes Gordon to pull out the Gravity Gun (AKA Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator, AKA the coolest weapon ever) and aim it in whatever direction you point the C-stick. A dim glow will emit from the end of the gun for as long as you hold the grab button. The gun will pull anything it is pointed at within a 2 battlefield platform range toward it with a strength ranging from that of the wind from Kirby’s Dream Land stage while the object is at maximum range to that of Kirby’s own suction at point blank range, including items and non-beam projectiles, such as Link’s boomerang, Samus’s missiles, or even Mario’s fireballs. The Gun can only pull in one object at a time, and when one is pulled within 0.5 battlefield platforms of Gordon it is grabbed by the Gravity Gun and hovers in front of it. Players grabbed this way act like they are in a normal grab and can still escape by mashing buttons.

Gordon does not have traditional throws, and can move about at his normal walk speed, use certain other moves, and jump while holding the Gravity Gun out, though he can’t dash or double jump. Instead, when the grab button is released while holding an object with the Gravity Gun, the device releases a pulse of energy that launches the held object in the direction that you are aiming the gun. The object if launched with enough force to KO thrown opponents around 200% if fired from the center of a stage like Final Destination, but that number can vary depending on stage position and the angle of the shot. Thrown opponents take 10% damage, and thrown items and projectiles have all of their normal properties and damage when thrown. Simply pressing the A button or shielding while holding something causes it to be dropped in front of Gordon. Opponents dropped this way are dropped into the tumble state and can tech upon impact with the ground if they time it correctly.

If you double tap the grab button , Gordon will pull out the gravity gun and immediately fire off a pulse in the direction of the nearest opponent/projectile/minion/etc., immediately “punting” the object away without drawing it in or aiming if it is within one battlefield platform of the gun, though the damage and knockback are reduced at any distance past point blank range, only dealing half damage and knockback at maximum range. The Gravity Gun can fire twice per second once it is out, allowing you to quickly deflect projectiles coming you way, though a poorly timed pulse will leave you open.

The Gravity Gun is absolutely central to combatting your opponents, as it allows the player to force the opponent to go where you want them to go, or to take the fight to the opponent at range. by launching items directly at the opponent. Many of Gordon’s moves can also be affected by proper usage of the gravity gun.


Neutral  Special: MK3A2 Grenade

Gordon draws and pulls the pin on cylindrical grenade in a manner very similar to Snake. At that point, he can throw the grenade like a normal item. Unlike Snake’s grenades though, the detonation timer will not begin until it is dropped or thrown. Once thrown, a blinking red light and chirping noise begin and speed up as the grenade nears its detonation four seconds later, making it clear to everyone playing exactly how long the grenade has left. Due to the grenades’ shape, they don’t bounce much, and instead tend to roll along surfaces in a manner similar to a barrel. Because of this, if Gordon throws the grenade downward while standing on the ground, instead of uselessly throwing at the ground at his feet, he performs a simple underhand toss and rolls the grenade a short distance in front of him, perfect for quickly snatching it up with the gravity gun, or leaving it as an explosive trap. Gordon can have up to three grenades out at any one time, meaning that while the long timer on the grenades means that the opponent can easily dodge them, when the Gravity Gun gets involved, things become much more interesting. Upon detonation, the explosion is the size of a Bob-Omb’s and deals 14% damage with upward knockback that KO’s around 140%, making them extremely dangerous to be around.

The gravity gun allows you to aim the grenades in any direction, and also allows you to “cook” the grenades in a manner similar to Snake and time the explosions. You can also simply punt the  grenade away once it’s on the ground, causing it to roll along the ground a good distance.

Side Special: Jump Pack

Gordon’s  utilizes his HEV Suit’s jump pack for a quick burst of forward momentum. This launches him in a very low forward arc that covers a distance of  2 battlefield platforms on level ground, moving at about Fox’s dash speed during the jump. This move can be used while Gordon is using the Gravity Gun, and you can still use any of your aerial’s and specials during the jump. Overall a very simple move, but opens up a lot of approach and retreat options , and allows Gordon some measure of air control to supplement his rather poor control normally.

Down Special: Hopper Mine

Gordon produces a mine about 2/3 the width of Kirby and places it on the ground in front of him (or just drops it if he’s in the air). Once on the ground, the mine takes one second to arm itself. During this time, it can be picked up and thrown like a normal item, dealing 7% damage with moderate forward knockback on hit,though it doesn’t fly very far when thrown. The mine has to spend the entirety of that one second on the ground to arm itself, and picking it up resets the timer. Once it finally arms itself, it digs its three “legs” into the ground and holds itself there until it is triggered. If an opponent comes within half a battlefield platform of the mine, it uses its legs to leap one Ganondorf into the into the air, detonating on contact with the first thing it hits, whether it is the ground or an opponent. The hoppers are also capable of hopping in the general direction of whoever triggered them, covering up to half a battlefield platform of space in the opponent’s direction once triggered. The explosion is rather large, covering a whole battlefield platform in diameter, and deals 16% damage with upward knockback KO-ing around 120%. Hopper mines are extremely durable, and nothing short of an additional explosive will set them off prematurely. In addition, once they have been placed, it can be uprooted with the Gravity Gun and moved elsewhere, but it takes about half of a second to uproot it, leaving Gordon open in the meantime.  Gordon can only place one mine on the stage at a time.

Due to the nature of the mines, even if an opponent were to trigger one, they are still quite likely to be able to dodge it. However, it becomes far easier to hit the opponent with a hopper when your other tools come into the equation. If you manage to nab an opponent with the Gravity Gun, you can shoot them right  into the mine, or if you really want to be sure they don’t DI out of the way, you can Grab them, use your side special to jet over to the mine, drop them right on top of it and shield the ensuing blast.

Up Special: Tau Cannon

Using this move causes Gordon to pull out the Tau Cannon (pictured above) and fire it in whichever direction you point the control stick. It fires a small beam of negatively charged Tau particles (read: sci-fi laser), moving at the speed of Fox’s lasers, dealing 4% damage and flinching knockback, overall rather unimpressive. The real use of this attack comes when you charge the beam.  The Tau Cannon can be charged for up to two seconds, automatically firing at full charge. During this time, you can move around in a similar manner to when you are holding the Gravity Gun. At full charge, the Tau Cannon fires a beam twice the length of the uncharged beam, dealing 20% damage with powerful knockback, capable of KO-ing around 120%. The long charge time really only makes even partially charged shots useful as a followup to launching the opponent with the Gravity Gun. There is another useful property of the charge shot, however. Tau particles have a lot of kinetic force behind them, not only knocking opponents back a lot when hit by the beam, but also launching Gordon back a good distance due to recoil. At full charge, the Tau Cannon will launch Gordon two battlefield platforms away in the opposite direction from where you fired the gun. Due to the end lag on a fully charged blast and Gordon’s moderately fast fall speed, he can’t stall long in the air with this move, losing altitude with each shot. This, combined with the side special constitutes Gordon’s recovery, which is serviceable and versatile, though not very powerful.

Standard Attacks

Jab: Crowbar  Swing

The Crowbar is Gordon Freeman’s signature weapon, and his go-to choice for close range defense. Pressing the A button causes Gordon to draw his crowbar and swing it in front of him, dealing 5% damage with light forward knockback. If you hold the A button, Gordon will continue to swing the crowbar at a rate of two swings per second, allowing you to walk forwards and backwards while doing so. Walking forward may allow you to combo a few hits at low damages, but the main point is applying some sort of close range pressure, being able to retreat while covering yourself or to push the opponent toward a grenade or mine. This is especially useful because the startup on this jab is much quicker than pulling out the Gravity Gun.

Forward Tilt: USP Match

Grodon draws his basic sidearm and fires. Each bullet deals 2% damage with flinching knockback at closer ranges, though the bullets stop dealing hitstun altogether at longer ranges (past one battlefield platform), preventing the gun from being used for easy gimps. The pistol has a rather quick fire rate, capable of firing just as fast as  Fox’s lasers. Like most forward tilts, the gun can be aimed both up and down, up to a 45˚ angle in either direction. This allows you to use the pistol for an easy followup to tossing the opponent away with the Gravity Gun.


And that’s as far as I managed to get. Why did I stop? I ended up coming to the conclusion that the set was turning out to be far too similar to Snake, and that as awesome as the Gravity Gun is as a mechanic, it wouldn’t be enough to carry the set by itself, and I would end up with a generic camper/trapper playstyle if I focused too much on the guns. The set also runs into concerns about forcing the use of the c-stick, which is impossible on wiimote control schemes.  As much as I wish that this could have gone somewhere, it’s probably for the best that it didn’t. Maybe one of you guys out there can take this and make something worthy of the game represented here, that would be almost as satisfying for me as be able to finish the set myself.

Until next time,

LoL out.



  1. Looks like you did what had to be done, LoL.

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