Posted by: katapultarr | October 30, 2011

Following the Lollypop – A moveset that I could never complete that you now get to see here.

Following the footsteps of Lollypop, I post something here that be something I slaved over for like, over half a year or something. Was not far from completeytion but I’m not one to want to post something that would sexually violate somebody who is very cool:

Legato Bluesummers

Legato Bluesummers is a major villain from the anime/manga series Trigun, being the right-hand man of the big bad. I won’t spoil for those who haven’t watched except that he wants the protagonist to kill him so he can psychologically scar him. This was an intention of his to do in the moveset. Legato does not fight, but rather possesses powerful mind-controlling powers that make him almost invincible; he thinks nothing of humans and awaits the world’s end. In the wonderful world of anime he is one of the most widely renown villains.

Size: 9
Weight: 10
Ground Speed: 1
Aerial Speed: 1
Jumps: 1.5
Fall Speed: 8
Traction: 8


Down Special – Tormenting Innocents

Utilizing his massive influence, Legato forces an innocent civilian to march from the background to face a random foe; if there are no enemies onstage the civilian appears at the edge of the stage. Summoning one takes 0.2 seconds and Legato is free to involve as many civilians in the brawl as he desires. Knowing the terror that is Legato, a civilian will run as far away as possible from the madman. They last for a whole minute and do not vanish if Legato is KO’ed or removed from the game.

Each civilian has a simple 10HP and take knockback regularly, but nothing special…except when they die, that is. The obligatory “guilt” felt by Legato’s enemies takes the form of 10% whenever a civilian is killed; if killed by a player they’ll take 25% instead.

Killing civilians is Legato’s main source of damage racking; he’ll preferably want the enemy to kill the civilians themselves.

Neutral Special – Ghosts of Tomorrow

Without indication of any sort, the damage Legato’s attacks inflict is cut to 1/3 but enemies who take damage from Legato in this state have it inflicted on them whenever they respawn for the rest of the match. Legato can turn this effect off and on freely. This move allows Legato to either spread damage among enemy stocks or concentrate on hitting on their current stock, which you’ll find rather important…

Side Special – Frightening Grip

Legato attempts a physical grab with both his hands, an exception to Legato’s usual attire. Enemies in Legato’s grip take 1% a second from the hold…and that’s not all. You see, Legato isn’t using his mind-control powers in any way during his hold, which means he can use them while he’s holding his victim; it’s as simple as inputting the move and it’ll take place. Legato can’t hold his enemy for very long at low damage percentages, but around 300% Legato will get quite a lot out of a helpless enemy. Re-using the input will release the enemy and inflict 5%.

Up Special – Confined Mass

Legato doesn’t usually get into untimely trouble, but should that ever happen it’d fixed in a snap…of bones and necks. Legato forces massive clumps of civilians to form at all 4 sides of the screen….ewww. The result of this horrific handywork blocks off all the stage’s blast zones, with the bottom blast zone having the mass rise to the height of the lowest part of the stage. This prevents any players from being knocked off the sides of the screen, though Legato is unable to use any of his attacks while maintaining the sanguine scene, meaning although he can recover from any distance he cannot defend himself while doing so. In the air Legato cannot use this attack again until he reaches solid ground.

Oh, and about those civilians who were kind enough to help Legato…through ‘carelessness’, they can be killed and guilt damage like that of the Down Special can be inflicted on enemies:

  • When a player stands on a mass, a civilian is killed for every 3 – 0.5 seconds depending on the player’s weight. Since Legato is a heavyweight he’ll kill a civilian every 0.5 seconds.
  • Every SBB a player moves across a mass a civilian is killed; this can stack with standing on a civilian.
  • If a player is knocked into the mass they’ll kill off a certain amount of the mass based on how heavy they were and the intensity of the knockback. Bowser being knocked back by Dedede’s F-Smash at 300% can kill off a whopping 25 civilians though this is a major case. Legato will almost never be able to exploit this case of civilian death unless he’s in a team match.
  • Any attack made by a player that makes contact with the clump will “inflict” 3X it’s usual amount on the civilians, killing one for every 10% it would have done.

Legato can’t really take advantage of the recovery’s damaging effect, it’s mostly in place to punish enemies for most of the available methods to gimp Legato.

Although this move’s primary use is in recovering, it can be used to instantly shut off the blast zones if you ever need to for some reason…


F-Smash – War’s Futility

Legato momentarily smirks: for the next 3-8 seconds that Legato stands idly without attacking, if any opponent attacks Legato manipulates that character into attacking themselves for all the damage they would have taken, this counting as Legato’s attack. If the enemy would have used a grab Legato automatically controls the grab and throws…just imagine, that’s all.

U-Smash – Worthless March

Legato takes control of every summon/minion/AT/fiend/sentient item on the stage, including civilians; everything under Legato’s control can induce “guilt” damage to enemies when they die.

At no charge, all of Legato’s victims merely stay in place, but when charged for 2 seconds Legato’s victims walk at snail’s pace to the nearest ledge to commit suicide, something civilians do almost instantaneously due to trying to get away as far as possible from Legato. But why stop at suicide? If Legato wants to put all his victims out of commission B can be used to force them into unconsciousness for 45 seconds. Either that, or Legato can make his victims attack the enemies by using A; typical victims will act the same way they usually would when doing this.
When ordered to attack the players, civilians will move barbarically towards them at Ike’s dash speed. When within grab range, a civilian will reach out with both hands to choke the player. This only inflicts a mere 0.5% per second and can be escaped at 1/4 grab difficulty, but this rises when more civilians ambush a player.

Legato will control his victims for as long as he stands in place, though he is vulnerable while doing so. He exits the attack by shielding out of it.


N-air – Successive Doom
This move is an invisible counter much like the usual Marth Down Special. Enemies who attack Legato during the counter succeed in doing so, but immediately afterwards

F-air – Beyond the Grave

This move is an invisible counter much like the usual Marth Down Special. Enemies who attack Legato during the counter succeed in doing so, but almost too successfuly; by Legato’s hand their attack is forced beyond limits with 3X it’s usual power. The downside to this is that victim suffers 1/4 of the damage their attack did and 2 seconds of end lag added onto the move..every time they try to use the same move. This move is designed to tweak the power of the enemy’s move so it kills Legato unexpectedly and discourages enemies from using that move, for it can benefit Legato greatly.

B-air – New Mindframe

This move is an invisible counter much like the usual Marth Down Special. Enemies who attack Legato during the counter succeed in doing so…but until Legato attacks again the move the enemy used against Legato will always be used by the enemy before the attack they want to use. Since Legato’s attacks have no animation this is a great move to screw your enemy over.

U-air – The Best Option

This move is an invisible counter much like the usual Marth Down Special. Enemies who attack Legato during the counter succeed in doing so…not. Legato prevents the enemy from fully attacking him in the first place and forces the attack onto the enemy…

Grab – Forced Destruction

Legato attempts to impose his will on the nearest victim; there is no way for them to know that they’re going to be attacked by Legato unless one pays attention to their animation, which has changed to indicate slight signs of struggling. It takes Legato 2 seconds to get a grip on his chosen target and once he does there is no way for the enemy to dodge it; the only way to stop Legato’s control at all is to knock him out of it. Luckily even if they are grabbed it’s extremely easy for victims escape with no harm; Legato’s throws require his victims to be at extremely high damage percentages to work. Due to it’s psychological nature Legato’s grab is able to work against enemies who cannot usually be grabbed.

Since Legato doesn’t have to do anything physical during his “throws” he enters the background for their entire duration. This is especially useful in FFAs considering their effects…

Pummel – Act of Horror

Legato forces his enemy to use their own pummel against themselves for a shocking visual. Enemies with non-damaging, mechanic boosting pummels or who don’t have pummels instead mutilate themselves for 3% based on how ‘strong’ they are. While the enemy is mutilating themselves one can see Legato smirk at their agony.

If Legato’s enemy is at 999% when he uses his Pummel that character is KO’ed.

F-throw – Forced Limbo

Legato gains total control over his enemy until they break free of the grab. Legato’s victim is conscious during their helplessness, meaning they can take “guilt” damage and are capable of attacking teammates. If a controlled player damages another player they take 1/4 of the damage they inflicted, or all the damage if the attacked KO’ed; this applies for exact opposite, with players taking guilt damage in the same way if they attack the controlled player. It doesn’t help that if they KO the controlled player they take an additional 1/4 damage based on the total damage the controlled victim had, making that player ripe for the next takeover.

While taking control of a player is good and all, Legato can’t hold onto players long enough to be able to fully utilize them; a character at 400% will only remain controlled for around 3 seconds without button mashing. Legato needs to get victims to absurdly high damage percentages to be able to fully control them; that said, if he uses this move on a player with 999% he’ll be able to take control of them forever, which essentially counts as a stock loss on their part. It especially helps that the player who KOs Legato’s puppet will take an ungodly 249.75%.

B-throw – Twisted Tactics

Legato forces the enemy’s body into a painful twisted position; this keeps the victim in place as a “wall” with constant Super Amour for 2X grab difficulty.

U-throw – “Suicide”

Legato forces his enemy to mutilate themselves in a more gruesome manner; from here any attack can be inputted and Legato will make his enemy use the attack for the appropriate input whether they be on the ground or in the air. Luckily for the victim they only take 1/4 of the damage/hitstun/knockback/additional effects from the chosen attack of their unintentional masochism. This move serves as Legato’s only real direct KO option and works better on victims with powerful moves.

D-throw – Circulation Destroyer

Legato cuts the enemy’s brain circulation to force them into their downed state; this takes 2 seconds to execute and the enemy can escape per usual. If it works the victim is forced to stay in their downed state with 3X grab difficulty that cannot be mashed out of. Legato can’t affect the unconscious enemy with any of his moves but he can make another character kill them with their physical moves, which will inflict the unavoidable 25% of “guilt” to the character who scored the KO. Being unconscious, the enemy does not suffer damage from civilians dying, but when they regain consciousness they take 1.2X the total damage they would have taken from the ‘guilt’ if they were conscious.

This move’s main use lies in keeping an enemy out of the game, allowing Legato to attend to other matters. In a 1v1 he can in fact use this to mine civilians while his enemy is down, which is probably his best option against enemies with low damage percentage.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about this attack is that Legato can use this to effectively OHKO any character offstage, though there’s little chance anyone will be a victim of this.


Standard – Telepathic Dominance

All characters/traps/minions/whatever aside from Legato and his allies take an unavoidable 1% per 0.5 seconds that passes by. Despite having good range and no lag it’s a poor damage racker; so poor that Legato can use this to control the damage of civilians so they become fragile enough to be broken by simple attacks.

Dash Attack – Unamed

Legato’s Dash doesn’t have him run; he merely walks at a leisurely pace. His Dash Attack has him stop like he usually would, but he’ll stay in place for 1 seconds. If Legato is struck by a melee attack during the first 0.8 seconds he stands he’ll cancel the enemy’s attack and push them back 1.4 SBBs.

F-tilt – Futile Toys

Legato makes every enemy turn around, they not being able turn around again for 1.5 seconds. Having ‘forced’ the enemy to turn, if the enemy would KO with an attack that was used during the turning or the 1.5 second duration, Legato steals the KO from them. Additionally the attack is capable of damaging teammates regardless of whether friendly fire is on or not. To prevent this move from being cheap Legato is unable to move for the time enemies can’t turn, leaving him in a slight state of vulnerability.

U-tilt – 0_0

Random interaction move with the Down Special that makes civilians walk to Legato while the input is held. They automatically stop within a SBB of him.

D-tilt – Tomorrow’s Sin

Legato bends down while saying “Kill me…” with a cold smile on his face. From here on Legato cannot do anything at all until he’s KO’ed, but when that happens the offender takes damage equal to their current amount plus 1/10th of that for every character they have KO’ed during the match.

To make sure enemies DO end up KOing Legato, certain attacks can be used out of the D-tilt and cycled through. They also gain buffs to them as follows:

  • Down Special:  Legato will summon civilians twice as quickly.
  • Up Special:  Civilians die thrice as easily; when Legato uses this attack out of the D-tilt he has complete Super Amour to any attack that will not immediately KO him, requiring enemies to damage rack him for a while before he actually dies and the clump goes.
  • U-Smash:  Legato can immediately control his victims, who move a tad quicker.

Final Smash – Potential of Others

Because Legato has few attacks of his own, he’ll be relying on a character he’s controlled to break open the Smash Ball for him. When Legato activates the Final Smash he briefly acquires a disturbing dark aura; if there’s an opponent in Legato’s line of sight they’ll be controlled under the same conditions as the F-throw. Control over the victim lasts for 6 seconds, however the controlled player has the Smash Aura, meaning Legato can use his victim’s Final Smash. When he does this any healing or stock gains by the victim are given to Legato, and they’re forced to commit suicide for an instant KO the moment the Final Smash ends.

Lets see…ummmm. When you have a project in the bunker for so long and know not of what to do to it, you realize that it will never be complete, as sexy as this guy was. When I mentioned him in the chat I was kinda surprised that people knew about his anime despite it not being obscure; I just thought the only animes people in MYM cared about were FMA, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and now Puella Magi Madoka Magica…..maybe not so much for the last one though…but yeahs. It was a bit of trouble trying to figure out what to do with this guy. Also, Make Your Move has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY too many villains, they composing most of the movesetting world when Pokemon and Megamen aren’t. 



  1. You lack a DSmash. Just saying.

  2. And a DAir. Yet you have a DThrow.

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