Posted by: forwardarrow | November 3, 2011

Forward Arrow Awkwardly does an Audio Review of: Death

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. Great audio review, FA! I should elaborate on some of the design you found problematic.

    The balance was always going to be skewed in Death’s favour due to him naturally being a heavyweight and aerial at the same time. I feel like with stuff like the chain stamina, you could probably balance him so that an opponent can escape a cage without totally screwing over Death’s playstyle.

    I took most of what Death does in this moveset from his boss fights. That’s the sickles, portals, the down air and the chains. Two of the smashes are straight ports, while the forward smash is an interpretation of a move where he just spams sickles. And yeah, he does indeed throw his scythe away and use it to bounce around his chain cage [in Portait of Ruin, I believe], which is why I did that despite it seeming a OOC. Hopefully that explains some of my choices.

    Very fun to listen to and I will definitely take some lessons from your read-through, which did make me realise a couple of things about my writing style.

  2. So… still want a Rool review on that, Daddy, or would you rather I wait for your next set (Pumpkinhead?)?

  3. I’ll tell you when I have posted Pumpkinhead.

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