Posted by: Junahu | November 4, 2011

Junahu Review: Tetra

And here’s another review by no-one’s favourite MYMer; Junahu

If you don’t like videos involving my face, I’ve included a quick text summary below. (Scores are relative to the MYMer’s potential and are not meant to gauge the set’s “value”)

Visual Impact 7/9

[Really nothing else that could be done, especially with the limits of BBCode. I will say though that the colour you use for the input’s title does not contrast enough, especially in comparison to the attack name’s colour]

Writing & Style 8/9

[A few moments of clever wit scattered about the moveset. I would have liked to see it a bit more, but the writing is nontheless pleasing to read]

Suitability of Detail 9/9

[It honestly caught me off guard how relevant you make every detail you include. There’s also a great level of detail on the visuals of each attack. Not a single breath was wasted, to be honest]

Brawl Relevancy 8/9

[Extremely well thought out in terms of Brawl. The sheer groundedness of the whole thing is one of its biggest charms]

Character Relevancy 8/9

[Again, very grounded and realistic. You bring across Tetra’s wiliness, intelligence and even aspects of her honor too.]

Attack Flow 8/9

[Everything comes together in creating a tricksy feel for Tetra. Cannon fire naturally supports her close range game, and her catapult naturally supports her aerial and chasing games. Even the grab has a clear and understandable purpose]

Playing Style 8/9

[Tetra has a natural feeling playstyle that can be somewhat adapted on the fly, something that is very suitable for Tetra]

Additional Work 5/9

[It has a pleasing visual look, along with a good level of detail in the playstyle section, and a set of win/taunt animations with actual thought put into them. Of course, I’m a greedy sort, so I want more, more, moar.]

Total 61/72



  1. I really did like this set. Come to think of it, why have I still not commented on any of Prof’s MYM 11 sets yet?? What a jerk I am.

    • indeed, you jerk. (WARU)

  2. Prof has been really good this contest, you should read his stuff Rool.

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