Posted by: legendoflink64 | November 6, 2011

Super Awesome Tag Team Two Week Recap Special: Part 1

Somewhere under all of this candy is MYM, wondering if it wished for a little too much this Halloween.

Alright, since all attempts at recapping the past two weeks have been utterly useless, Forward Arrow and I have decided to try and split the effort here, as no one person could possibly tackle the incredible 39 movesets that have been posted the past two weeks. And so, without further adieu, lets travel back in time a bit, shall we?

First up since last recap is Octavia by ProfPeanut, a set for a background character from that My Little Pony show that’s all the rage among half the internet nowadays. Octavia makes use of her cello to create magical constructs in the shape of musical notes, which can be customized via tuning the cello for various different effects, usually changing the timing, speed, and duration of the attacks. The end goal of the set is to cruise around on her own personal note platform, bombarding the opponent with a symphony of the player’s choosing until it can use her grab to transform the closest note to the opponent into a sort of homing grab, allowing her assault to come from multiple sides. The set received a lot of praise for it’s creativity, and even Master Warlord was only able to fault it for generic aerials and some difficulty in understanding the tuning mechanic.

Soon afterward, Junahu posted the theme for the coming week’s MYMini: Temporal minihole. Basically, to make an item about time.

Almost immediately after the mini was posted, the first entry came in: The Dagger of Time by Kris121. This nifty little item not only gives you all the benefits of a short range battering item, but it also overrides your character’s specials and final smash, giving them access to new moves to control time at the cost of using up “sand tanks”, which are essentially ammo for the dagger. A pretty neat way to go with an item, hybridizing it with a cosplay. er that same day, we get another mini entry: SSB64 Cartridge by smashbot226. This item changes the stage to various retro stages in a set sequence upon being grabbed, those stages being Hyrule Castle, Peach’s Castle, and Poké Floats. Look like a lot of fun for nostalgia, that’s for sure.

The next set posted was Malcolm by Koric. Malcolm is a character  from the Unreal Tournament franchise who brings nearly all of the weapons from the popular shooter with him. He switches between them via using the down special and a specific input combination which corresponds to a particular weapon, not unlike Shang Tsung’s transformations in Mortal Kombat. Each weapon has a primary fire, alt fire, and a “weapon smash”, making for a lot of variety.  The only MYMer to comment Malcolm was Smashbot, who praised the set for the effort put in to the weapon system, but said that some of the uses of certain weapons in certain attacks felt a bit forced.

Next up is Zombie by Kholdstare. Khold pulls a pretty nice fake out with what appears to be a joke set for a generic headcrab zombie from Half-Life, before getting to the real meat of the set: the headcrab itself. The headcrab can use it’s specials to attempt to take control of the opponent for a brief period of time, leading them into the AI controlled Zombie or hazardous poison puddles. Again, Smashbot was the only one to comment this set, saying that while he liked the concept, he found the execution to be very lacking and rather boring.

We then had another mini entry: Nintendo Super Scope Devolution Gun by MarthTrinity. This super scope-esque gun fires a ray that tranforms the opponent into a MONKEY!  This completely removes their moveset, forcing them to run around until it wears off.

Following up on the earlier Batman set, we have The Penguin by BladeKnight420. The Penguin is a classic Batman villain who makes use of a weaponized umbrella to do combat. Being a gentleman, he prefers to hire thugs to do his bidding instead, who he must pay with a personal stockpile of cash. He can then harass opponents who are busy dealing with the thugs with projectiles, smoke clouds, and aerial camping thanks to his umbrella. Reception for the set was overall positive, with some praise for keeping the set very much in character, but just about everyone wished that he had a real grab game with throws.

We then had a somewhat amusing joke set: The Ganons by MasterWarlord. This set spawned out of discussion that a Hugo-style set made with Ganondorf”s moveset would still be incredibly overpowered, so MW went ahead and posted just that. Aside from garnering a few chuckles, the set was mostly ignored and the argument that spurred its creation is long finished.

Next up for mini entries we have the Time Expansion Helmet by mrtownsend826. This helmet from an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory speeds up time for the wearer, slowing everything else to  a stop as well as increasing the wearer’s speed. This effect can last anywhere from 1-15 minutes, which is a really, really long time for the foe to be frozen.

The next set added to our lineup was Jinouga by majora_787. This creature is a monster from the Monster Hunter series, which utilizes its relation with swarms of electrically charged thunderbugs to power up its moves. While the set was originally intended as a 3v1 boss set, it was found to be rather underpowered even by normal set standards, so the idea was quickly dropped. The set received some mixed reception, but was definitely cited as a great improvement from Majora’s past work.

We were then given a surprise set from from an old MYMer: Box Man by Akiak.  Box Man is an OC Robot Master who focuses around building structures out of boxes, then using them as weapons and trying to crush foes under his creations. The set was extremely well received, though it was knocked a small bit for the aerials simply being a repeat of the grounded moves.

At that point, the flood of Halloween sets began, starting with Sweeney Todd by half_silver28. Todd, being the second barber based set we’ve had this contest oddly enough, has an interesting game based around getting the foe into his barber chair, gaining their trust, then brutally murdering them with razors. The set was moderately well received with praise for doing so much with so little source material, but was still criticized for all of the filler in the set.

Daviddreamcatcha then posted The Box Ghost, a blatant parody/copy of Box Man, showing how the set could have been made for the Danny Phantom joke villain.

We then add another set to the ever growing momentum genre with Grovyle by phatcat203. Grovyle is the second form of the grass type starter Pokemon Treeko. In this set, Grovyle tries to stay in constant motion, and is capable of using all of its grounded moves during its dash. Once again, Smashbot was the only person to comment this set, liking its implementation of momentum, but wishing that it hadn’t used momentum at all.

Ending our small reprieve before the Halloween madness really picks up speed is Pachirisu by Getocoolaid. Pachirisu is another pokemon, this time a small electric squirrel. The pokemon is especially playful, and almost dances around the opponent, pestering them with weak attacks until it can manage to pull of a much more powerful electric attack. Overall reception for the set was mixed, with Smashbot criticizing  the set’s weakness while Katapultar praised the set’s character and organization, which fit perfectly with a cheerful squirrel.

The next set posted was Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley. Firebrand is a demon from the Ghosts and Goblins series who is also making a playable appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In this set it focuses on its aerial mobility and poking/harassing the opponent until it can land the KO. Firebrand received some praise for a fun harassment game, but was found to be lacking in the aerials, which is kind of bad for an aerial based character.

In a rather surprising turn of events, the next set posted was Fright Knight by darth meanie. Fright Knight is a villain from Danny Phantom, and is the spirit of Halloween. The set revolves around control of Fright Knight’s sword in a manner similar to Ramses’ tablet, except that the only way to easily KO Fright Knight is through sealing the sword back in his a pumpkin. Once the Knight has the sword, he can summon a large storm that creates skeletal minions to fight alongside him while also making him immune to vertical  KO’s. Overall reception for the set was extremely positive, with lots of praise for the unique gameplay that the sword presents. It was also the first set of the contest to earn 7 stars in Master Warlord’s rankings.

Next we have Copycat by Junahu. The set for the pokemon NPC starts out innocuous enough, with her Clefairy  doll attacking with her can following her around with some degree of controlability, but gets steadily creepier until the ghastly reveal in the final smash, explaining the strange supernatural powers of the doll in a way reminiscent of a creepypasta. The set received quite a bit of praise for its impressive writing, though some felt that the set itself suffered for it.

After some moveset shuffling that happened later on, Hammerhead by MasterWarlord ended up traveling back in time to end up at this point in the contest. The set was orphaned from the rest of the Duck Twacy movement for reasons unknown. Hammerhead is pretty simple character wise, as he’s just a cartoon character with a literal hammer head for a head. The set itself focuses on digging pits and slamming the opponent down into them, eventually KOing them by pounding them through the stage itself. This set had some rather polarizing reception, with some praising it for the creativity of the KO method, while others tore it apart for the weirdness of how it all worked and the awkwardness of the implied animations.

Next up in the Halloween madness we have Dr. Facilier by smashbot226. The (not so good) Doctor is the main villain of The Princess and the Frog, a recent Disney animated film. Facilier is a combo character, focusing on using his shadow to perform intricate strings of attacks. The set got a lot of praise for not falling into typical combo character traps, but was criticized for not utilizing the signature grab game which transforms the opponent into a frog.

Now we come to a flurry of movesets for Castlevania  monsters, starting with Giant Bat by Junahu. The bat plays like you would expect a bat to, blowing foes around and up into the air where they are most vulnerable. It can also separate into a bunch of minibats for some moves. The bats are easily KO’d, but are great for getting the foe where you want them. The set received one comment from DM, praising it for it’s unique aerial juggling game, which he wishes he saw more of in MYM.

Following that, we have Medusa by Junahu. The set plays like a hunter playing with its prey, messing with their head in the middle of her relentless assault.  Again, the sole commenter was DM, who said that he didn’t quite get all of the things Medusa was implying in the playstyle, and that it could use some clarification.

The third set in the Junahu storm is Mummy Men. The set consists of two identical characters that must both be KO’d to be defeated. One is CPU controlled, and rather dull at that, while the other is player controlled. Their goal is to literally entomb the foe, trapping them to make it easier to eventually crush them with chunks of stone. DM’s comment on the set raised some questions about some awkward inputs, but he otherwise enjoyed the concept even if an unhelpful AI ally could get a bit too annoying. FA also commented this moveset (well, duh /sarcasm) and while he enjoyed the concept as well, he found the second mummy to be pointless.

The fourth of Junahu’s sets in this series is _____. That is not a typo, but the name of the set, as the monster in it has no name. _____ is huge, and can only be dealt hitstun if you hit his upper body, and even then only his head is dealt full hitstun. He then revolves around punishing the opponent’s jumps to hit him. DM very much enjoyed the mechanic and the implementation of special smashes, but criticizes some confusion on aerial inputs (which was later cleared up by Junahu). FA on the other hand, did not like the set, as he felt it to lack flow and was too simplistic, though he acknowledges that it probably isn’t his kind of set.

The last moveset posted in the Castlevania rush was Death by Smash Daddy, not Junahu. Death is a recurring boss in his home series, and in smash he carries his contempt for the living into a contempt for all things solid. He is a strictly aerial character, wanting to dominate the foe from above, and has a good bit of prone abuse to help him do it, as well as hitbox shifting portals to extend his range and control. DM had a lot of nitpicks with this set, but overall enjoyed how it fit into the rest of Junahu’s Castlevania sets, and applauded Smady on being able to change up his writing style for the occasion.


Well, this concludes the first half of the recap of the past two weeks. You can expect to see Forward Arrow’s half of the recap soon, where we shall reminisce about Duck Twacy, JJJ and many more.



  1. Correction: Octavia’s grab DOESN’T turn every note on screen into a grab, just the one closest to an opponent it hasn’t hit. They’d all hit (or miss) the foe at the same time because of their speed otherwise, which would negate the point and just empty you of your stage control.

    • Ah, my bad there. I just misread that part of the set then. (wary)

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