Posted by: frostare | November 7, 2011

Khold’s Communiqué – Character Bias and Voting

Okay, so recent heated discussion, mainly in the form of jabs from Warlord at me, has been over the topic of “character bias”. He claims I like and vote for sets based off of their character alone. Well I am going to show you why this is not the case, but it plays a big factor in voting. I’m also going to give you my thoughts on voting itself.

I’ll say first off that I do tend to like sets based off of if they’re for characters I: a. recognize and b. like. This is why I got into MYM in the first place. I didn’t come because, “Hey, I want to read/make some original movesets with flowing and creative attacks!” I came because I wanted to both make and read sets for characters I liked. If the set is then good as a moveset I tend to like it more.

“Fun” is the second factor in why I like movesets. Fun cannot be measured by science. What everyone enjoys the most is different, and you can see that in their movesets. Warlord loves grabbing, so pretty much all of his movesets have grab games as interesting, if not more, as the specials. I imagine what the character would be like in Brawl, and if I would legitimately enjoy playing as them.

For me, the most fun comes from simple, down-to-earth characters that you just want to beat the shit out of people with. Creative, fun effects also are good, and moves where the character builds up (whether it be building up flames like Axel or literally building like with Concrete Man) are great. Something that you would enjoy using with friends, real life people you would play with right there are really good.

Basically, I just want the moveset to be an enjoyable experience. I want to be able to pick my favorite character and have fun playing as them, enjoying the experience and savoring the victory, letting me brag that, “I beat you with (insert favorite character here)!”

When the moveset doesn’t do what I would imagine them doing or ruins their character (AKA is OOC) or just doesn’t look fun, I won’t enjoy it. See how much I hated Portal Man. If a character looks too difficult to use, I might not like it. This isn’t always the case, because if the playstyle looks like one big beautiful painting that flows and fits together and revels in its complexity, as in it’s something that I imagine the gods of Smash using, I might enjoy it. If a moveset is much of the same that we’ve seen, I might not enjoy it.

Going back to character bias, yeah, I vote for sets whom I know and love as characters. Who wouldn’t want to be beating on the foe with a ReDead, or Rainbow Dash, or Cloud of Darkness? If you don’t like my view, please, just respect it. I ask that you don’t claim it to be wrong, or brand me as a heretic. We shouldn’t take this contest so seriously. It’s a bloody fucking moveset contest. We’ve gotten too competitive, and lately we’ve been lunging at each other’s throats. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be the one to say this. But I simply feed off what is there. I have nothing else to do. Eliminate the fire, and I won’t pour gasoline on it.

Now, as for voting. Warlord, please, LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP. I say that not out of anger, but desperation. Not everyone has to vote based off of the science of movesets. Sure, if everyone starts voting based off of character bias that could be a problem. But aren’t there only, what, TWO PEOPLE at the maximum that even somewhat do this? It’s not that big of a deal. And guess what, most of the time it’s for sets that are good anyway. Sets that are on your voting list. A few points off won’t matter, but so what? They won’t decide the fate of the contest. Back when being in the top 50 meant more than it does now, this would have been more of an issue. But can we please just admit we’re more of a family and should be nicer to each other for a change? I’m going to start being more mellow. Nobody should care what other people’s votes are. They’re your personal votes. That’s YOUR OPINION. That’s what YOU like. They’re your favorites, not the set-in-stone best, because really, moveset judging isn’t science. It’s opinion.

That is all. Hope it clears some things up about me.



  1. I don’t see how wanting to like a moveset for a character you know and like is in any way character bias. Character bias to me has always been liking or disliking a moveset for its character in spite of the design of the moveset itself.

  2. Agreed with DM here. Also, I’d have to say that a few points can indeed be a big deal in MYM, in the past two contests the top 2 finishers were separated by less than a weak vote.

  3. I wonder who gave that one WV to the Pyro then. Even though you claimed to have hated it and even said you’d have made a new set purely BECAUSE you hated the set.

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