Posted by: forwardarrow | November 7, 2011

Super Awesome Tag Team Two Week Recap Special: Part 2

So now that you’ve all read LL’s half of the recap you’re probably thinking “oh god was there even more this week”. Yes, oh my god was there. This has been quite possibly the craziest day in MYM history, sets flying everywhere and THREE movements being done in one day. Yes it was totally ridiculous and also awesome. So I, FA, am going to take you through the second half of Halloween day and the aftermath, hopefully it will be a fun ride.

Continuing this ridiculous Halloween week, we have arrived at the Duck Twacy movement. Yes, that thing was finished… though a surprising number of the group are missing, most notably Neon Noodle being demoted to a STICKER of all things. Mind you, it’s an impressive feat that this many sets were done based off 2 seconds of screen time for each character, even if, at least according to Master Warlord, the quality of them is somewhat questionable.

Starting off this movement we have Mouse Man by King K. Rool. Mouse Man is apparently a combo heavyweight, which I’m sure you wish were left behind in MYM6 to rot. Fortunately, he has a lot of unique aspects to his game, with how he can duck into his various holes and smash foes into cartoon pancakes. He can even mash them into the shape of a ball and use them as a projectile. Like most of the sets here, very few people commented it, with Warlord saying the set was beyond overpowered but the Free For All implications were very enjoyable. DM also enjoyed the set, thinking it had hidden depths, though he agreed the stuff that could be done with Mouse Holes was “beyond unfair”.

Next up we have Snake Eyes, who appears as a fiend. He fights largely by rolling the dice he has for eyes and shooting a Tommy Gun. The dice only damage him unless they land on snake eyes(dice term, not the mobster) and pretty much kill everyone in the match. You can also steal his Tommy Gun if you so desire by attacking him when he fires it.

After Snake Eyes we have 88 Teeth by n88_2004. How fitting. Anyway, 88 Teeth uses his piano key teeth as an odd sort of projectile, or he can play them like a piano. He builds up to a crescendo every 6 seconds, after which he can use much more powerful versions of his regular smashes. As usual nobody has read the set because it was posted in a gigantic wall of sets, except Warlord, Rool, and Smashbot. Rool and Smashbot enjoyed the set quite a bit, praising it as in character and fitting to the cartoon. Warlord felt the set was decent but could have been expanded on a lot more than it was.

Then SUDDENLY instead of Hammerhead we get J. Jonah Jameson, that character from Spiderman that Dave absolutely loves for some reason. JJJ here tries to get pictures of the foe performing heinous crimes to call in some cops, who attempt to handcuff them. He also flips desks and calls in a whole staff of employees he has stationed in the background. Sound weird to you? Well this IS a normal human in charge of a newspaper stand, what do you honestly expect him to do? Anyway, overall JJJ was quite well liked, though some people felt the writing style got in the way of actually understanding the set.

Next up we have Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha, yet another Duck Twacy set. Pussycat Puss is probably the most mobster like of the Twacy sets, with his ability to summon a car and various gangsters to help him out in battle. He’s also full of cartoon props which you’d probably come to expect since he’s a cartoon set. Overall, Warlord liked him the most out of all the Twacy sets, and Rool enjoyed it quite a bit as well. They both felt the aerials were incredibly forced, however.

Next up we have Double Header by BKupa, yet ANOTHER Twacy set. Seriously, shocking how many of these things were actually made. Anyway Double Header is based largely around stretching his two halves to cover a large portion of the stage, while throwing baseball projectiles at the foe. He also features a metric ton of puns and props, and Batman guest stars in the Down Special instead of actually getting a moveset. Warlord did not enjoy the set for the traps and ridiculously proppy nature of the set, while Rool actually thought it was enjoyable regardless of it’s tackiness, and thinks it might grow on him. Yes, nobody else actually read these sets yet, I’m fairly sure.

Picklepuss was ended up being an extra as well, being a minion to the other Twacy villains. He basically squirts pickle juice everywhere and uses a gun. And if you think Picklepuss got it bad, you haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Smady swears he will make Pumpkinhead, but we don’t currently know when that’s going to happen.

Neon Noodle was done by K. Rool… as a sticker. Rool isn’t even really sure what stickers even do, so he just made it give +10 Stamina to Twacy villains. Yeah, suffice to say Picklepuss and Snake Eyes can call themselves lucky. Funny thing is this was the gangster who everyone thought had the most potential. So much for that.

Wolf Man is yet another of those Duck Twacy gangsters that I’m pretty sure you’re tired of by now, this time by King K. Rool again. Anyway, Wolf Man uses momentum and a shot gun, as well as slobbering all over the stage. He’s a very unsophisticated sort of gangster, Rool strongly believes that he’s just a wolf thrown in a suit. Anyway Warlord initially said the set was absolute garbage, then they had a big argument about it and Warlord eventually decided Wolf Man was actually decent. Yes for once a Rool/Warlord argument actually got somewhere, apparently. Dave also thought the set was fun, though he thought the drool was a bit OoC.

Flat Top is the final gangster actually to get a moveset, once again being by King K. Rool. Anyway, Flat Top uses a gun(a trademark of the Twacy villains it seems) as well as fighter jets to camp the foe. Anyway Warlord actually liked this set quite a bit, thinking it was tacky but otherwise fairly enjoyable and a nice variation on the camper genre. Again, Warlord and Rool were basically the only ones to comment these things, so yeah there was no other reception for this guy.

Last up was Rubberhead, the only villain who didn’t appear in the initial batch but randomly shows up and erases Duck Twacy later. He was done by n88 as a cosplay, in which he pretty much tries to erase the foe, which KOs them. And now we can say every single gangster has something that was made for them, except Pumpkinhead and Noodle. No, a sticker that doesn’t even work right does not even count as an extra.

So, with Duck Twacy finally done we move on to Jack Skellington, by Prof Peanut. Jack wants to knock the foe off the top of the screen with his more powerful attacks, while scaring them around with his other moves, ideally into the air. Prof also makes a jab at Freaky Fred, proving that even newcomers will agree that freak points is a really stupid mechanic. I’m pretty sure absolutely nobody has read this set yet, which is a shame. Come on guys, we want to encourage Prof, he’s awesome.

Next up we have the Cereal Mascots movement, which was apparently started by Sundance by we all know it’s another Dave movement. Unfortunately only 3 of the 5 ended up being finished, but MT and Sundance swear they’ll be posted at a later date.

Starting off the cereal mascots movement is Count Chocula by Davidreamcatcha. Chocula basically tries to turn the foe into a Chocolate statue with his grab, as well as having them slip around on various substances he places all over the stage. Warlord was the only person who read the set, and pretty much said the set is to Antonidas what Rainbow Dash is to Burter. In other words, he did not like it.

After that someday we might get Frankenberry and Boo Berry, god knows if we ever actually do. But then we have Fruit Brute by Clownbot, yes this seriously is 3 Clownbot sets in a contest. Shocking, I know. Anyway Fruit Brute utilizes his trademark cereal a fair bit, pouring it around to mark his territory, as well as eating it to buff himself. He can also bite foes to transform them into Werewolves, and abuse their newfound state by giving them flees or asserting dominance. Warlord liked the set the most out of Clownbot’s work so far for it’s more unique concepts, and Smashbot just hated it.

And finishing out the cereal mascot movement we have… *sigh*, Fruity Yummy Mummy by ForwardArrow. The Mummy here ties the opponent to him, and then force feeds them cereal. Then he makes them vomit it all over the place and pours acid all over the foe. Clearly FA was high when he made this thing. Overall reception for Yummy Mummy is non-existent, except for the fact that the sets creator disowned it almost immediately after it was created and told everyone not to read it. Seriously guys, don’t even bother.

After that atrocity, we get Jukebox Jaw a bit late for the movement. Anyway Jukebox here attempts to play music and attack in sync with the music, which he can also rewind or slow down/speed up. Anyway, Warlord felt that Jukebox would always want to play speeded up and felt the set suffered for that, though Rool felt this could instead be used for mindgame purposes.

Up next we have DOR-15 by Kits, a set for a villain from Meet the Robinsons. DOR-15 is an extremely tiny little robot who can make a gazillion duplicates of itself, and then knock foes down a line once it sets up. It can also fly for a ridiculous amount of time to set up these duplicates. Warlord felt the set relied way too much on one single hit and the stalling portion of the game was boring. Akiak liked it though he felt the writing style made it appear more complex than it was.

After that we have another ForwardArrow set that is not nearly as godawful as Yummy Mummy, Gatstaf Shepherd. Anyway Gatstaf Shepherd basically creates a bunch of sheep and tries to break the foes shield before transforming into a wolf, who hides amongst the sheep and takes advantage of the foes lack of a shield caused by the previous form. Warlord hated the set and basically said every aspect of it besides the Up Special in wolf form was terrible. 20 lashes with a whip for me, I suppose.

We’re coming to the close of Halloween day, and Rool decided to bring out the big gun in Lucio Fulci, another zombie movie director. Fulci is a lot less about controlling his zombies than Romero, instead his zombies are far more powerful and trying to kill him and the foe. Fulci is obviously better at fighting them than the foe, and has some ways to manipulate them as well by spreading the foes gore all over the stage or scaring them off with fire. Warlord did not like the set because he felt Fulci’s only method of KOing was through suicide, and Smashbot found it incredibly proppy and magic syndrome heavy. FA liked the set, but is still not sure exactly how much or what he does and doesn’t like about it.

Capping off this completely absurd day we have Duck Twacy‘s piggybank, by Junahu. Yeah I’m pretty sure absolutely nobody saw that one coming. Anyway, the Piggybank operates on an ammo bank, horror of horrors, but it’s a bank what do you expect? It can make piles of money, weight the foe down with money and even lay money piles around the stage. Smashbot is apparently convinced it’s a momentum character that tries to hide this fact and as such terrible. Not gonna go question that logic.

So yeah it’s been a crazy week hasn’t it. I’m sorry I don’t have the remaining sets (Chaos 0, New Destroyman, Garrick and Fire Snake) up yet, I’ll put them up tomorrow I swear. Anyway, thanks LL for doing your half of the recap, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to fulfill my part yet.



  1. >it’s a momentum character that tries to hide this fact and as such terrible

    Never said it was terrible, even if it’s not exactly good. Just that Piggybank is a prime example of how you can tack on momentum mechanics to ANYONE and make it work if you focus on that mechanic. And no, adding an arbitrary ammo bank system does not discount that. Just wait until you see my Wolf Man statement (hippo)

  2. I wanna see your Wolf Man statement! But I hope you read my chat with MW first.

  3. Oh, never mind. You already posted it. I really need to make an article clearing up some misconceptions about this tricky word “momentum”.

  4. When you do that Rool, I have a few things to say on that issue as well. In fact, I still take offense to the characterization of ‘SUBARU’ as a momentum character because I don’t think that that was really the focus of the character at any point, and really diffuses what I had intended. Let’s talk about this at some point.

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